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  1. parrot

    PPP Loan

    They are interest-bearing at 1%. I assume that is the bank's cut. And even if you eventually get full forgiveness on the loan principle, the vig is running from day 1 so there will be some interest to be paid.
  2. parrot

    PPP Loan

    We got $420k for a 60 person payroll. 60 ish employees x 160 hours per month = 9,600 man hours per month. 9,600 x 2.5 months = 24,000 total man hours. $420,000/24,000 = $17.50 per hour on average inclusive of all bennies. Not hard at all.
  3. parrot

    PPP Loan

    I just received the proceeds of our second loan. Our bank has heard - not sure how officially - that funding will run out some time today.
  4. parrot

    PPP Loan

    We were going to apply for the PPP for both entities regardless. It was just a matter of which bank or banks we were going to use.
  5. parrot

    PPP Loan

    None called us, but we used two different banks for ours and it was funny how different their standards were. Our main bank wanted tax returns and some other stuff that wasn't required as we understood it, so we talked to one of the other banks we do business with and they were like "Oh no, we don't need any of that . Show us your W-3 and a statement for your employee health insurance and you are good to go." So I went back to our first bank with that and suddenly they didn't need near as much info. We threw the second bank a bone with our S-corp loan, though it was a lot smaller.
  6. parrot

    PPP Loan

    We got $420k for our C-corp and $50k for our S-corp. It was a little unnerving how easy it was to get that kind of money.
  7. parrot

    PPP Loan

    They might get their funds if their banker isn't clear on the rules or is counting on them when certifying the number. Where they could get into trouble is when it comes time for loan forgiveness and their "payroll" doesn't qualify.
  8. parrot

    PPP Loan

    This is correct. https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/2020-04/PPP--IFRN FINAL_0.pdf
  9. Then he b!tched after the game about the Jones hit saying it should have called for a suspension, when Allen was the one leading with this head trying to get first down. It's like he's applying to be the third Harbaugh brother.
  10. parrot

    September 11th

    One thing about posting here for a while, it's about impossible to see anything and honestly say "that's the stupidest thing I ever read" even when you have a solid contender like that link.
  11. parrot

    Antonio Brown signs with Patriots

    Yeah, this makes sense. Bill had only been coaching in the NFL in one capacity or another for around 20 years at that point. I'm sure it's the first time he saw something wonky happen with the rules. Perfectly logical.
  12. parrot

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    I did not know that. I feel like Garrett Dillahunt could do a hell of a Manson.
  13. parrot

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    If anyone watched Justified, that's Dewey Crowe.
  14. parrot

    Antonio Brown signs with Patriots

    It's been all downhill since scumbag Eli refused to play for the team that drafted him.
  15. parrot

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    This, except he spelled "Peaky Blinders" wrong.