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  1. trumpurethra

    Ekeler or Conner?

    First difficult choice I've faced in awhile. Been switching them out all week. Time to sh!t or get off the pot. Which way should I go?
  2. trumpurethra


    Don't you trumptards get it? People are the reason for EVERYTHING. People are everything, they are the only thing that matters. Nothing else in life is near as important as people. Not money, not technology, not gadgets, not pets, none of it matters without people. We are the only reason for anything. If you get along better with your cat and dog or on your computer than you do with actual people you need to seek help.
  3. trumpurethra


    Trust, we have long since passed this point. I was in back in early 90's and 75% of the people enlisted didn't want to be there. Always has been and always will be a last hope for most who sign up. The military is not something any sane person aspires to. And it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with hard work for sh!tty pay.
  4. trumpurethra


    What difference does it make what color our skin is? White, black, yellow, green, red, who gives a sh!t? What would you do if you had a kid who fell in love with someone of another race? Or what would you do if you had a kid who fell in love with someone of another race and the same sex?
  5. trumpurethra

    Is Trump calling out his GOP challenger over an affair?

    Lol ude tweets and whines all the time. He like a teenage girl on her period.
  6. trumpurethra

    Female Wage Gap Monopoly

    Yep this guy ain't has puzzy since it was wrapped around his neck and he all mad about it. Boohooo, the wimmens are getting more than me. It's unfair! Lol snowflake.
  7. trumpurethra


    Oh sh!t, the end is near. The liberals and coloreds are out to get me. Someone send help please! Lol snowflakes.
  8. trumpurethra

    Bill Maher is right...

    Bill Maher is a misogynistic, pretentious, arrogant, insufferable azzhole. I agree with most of his politics and find him funny in small doses but definitely the kind of dude I would want to punch in the face if I was around him more than 5 mins.
  9. trumpurethra

    Media conspiracy...

    I don't watch the news, don't watch much TV period outside of NFL and NBA. I don't use any social media. I am rarely on the internet other than morning browse with my coffee. And even then I don't read much news or politics. Been that way my whole life actually. Was raised in a house that didn't watch much news, always taught news is nothing but negative and don't ever discuss politics and religion. So I am old school and out of touch I suppose and I don't really care tbh. But the conspiracy stuff does intrigue me. I don't think 9/11 was an inside job, don't think the Clintons killed people, don't believe the Russians hacked the election, and don't believe kennedy was killed by the mob or Cubans or whoever the wingnuts say. It's more like the fact that people believe it and what makes them believe it intrigues me. I am a people person. Like to know what makes them tick I guess. I know you all some tinfoil hat wearing mofos around here so help me understand. Help me understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of the great media conspiracy. Try and use some facts if you can help it. Some actual tangible evidence and examples.
  10. You know, numerous bankruptcies, failed developments and casinos, focking up daddies biz, yada, yada, yada. Really his only successful venture was the tv show. So what would he have done with his degree from the esteemed trump university if he didn't have daddies bankroll? Would he be... A schmuck on the car lot? A manager at Walmart? In jail for assault/rape? (This my vote given the fact he can't get a woman to have sex with him voluntarily and if he didn't have money it would be his only option. Plus he has a history.) So what say you?
  11. trumptard : angry, miserable, lonely, likely virgin, blame everyone but themselves, filled with regret, probably fat and ugly, usually live in moms basement
  12. trumpurethra

    Student Loan Forgiveness?

    Can I declare bankruptcy on my loans for trump university lol. Seriously though, just wind back the bankruptcy code and let these kids declare bankruptcy on the loans. Used to be able to do that few years back. Banks lobbied politicians and had it changed. Biggest issue was doctors and lawyer types running up huge balances and the wiping them out. Going on to earn upper six figures, middle finger to the man. Just bring the law back and tweak it a bit so doctors and lawyers can't discharge. problem solved. Oh and to the trumptard above, US government owns about 90% of the student loan debt. Bought out al the private debt about 10 years ago and privates don't even loan anymore I believe.
  13. trumpurethra

    What drugs do you use to get by?

    Creatine and caffeine before the gym Coffee in the morning (2-3 cups) Diet soda Beer after work almost daily. Usually have friends over or am out. I like beer. Occasionally (every few months) let 'er rip and have the hard stuff. Usually tequila as it is my favorite and usually get sloppy. Occasionally have some refer. Mostly edibles as I don't want smoke in my lungs but will toke up with a friend once in awhile. Don't use the hard stuff anymore, not since my first kid was born. Other night went on a date and offered me some blow. Turned it down. She was cute but a coont. Very gossipy and judgy. I focked her and ghosted her. She been texting me past few days lol.
  14. Would she be.... 1) a high dollar escort 2) a porn actress 3) a reality tv/social media "influencer"; i.e a softcore porn actress 4) slobbin my knob 5) both 1 and 4 above
  15. trumpurethra

    Putin: Western liberalism "eating itself"

    Fock this tool. When I grew up Russia was the enemy. Now he wears a MAGA hat and is Trumps buddy. They can both go fock themselves. Go build another Chernobyl you fockstain commie.