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  1. trumpurethra

    Facebook bans far right, deemd "hate spreaders".

    Who gives a fock about facebook? Or any social media for that matter? If you use this stuff for anything other than marketing your own business you are either homo or female. That is all.
  2. trumpurethra

    Assange arrested...........will he be extradited to U.S.?

    He what? You're like the guy in that movie with mel gibson and Julia Roberts lol.
  3. trumpurethra

    Assange arrested...........will he be extradited to U.S.?

    Hes a fockin wackjob whos entire existence is the internet.
  4. Spoken as someone who rarely gets puzzy and when he does, its nasty puzzy.
  5. trumpurethra

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, da, Duh....love that opening jingle.
  6. trumpurethra

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    Are you saying 55 is old?
  7. trumpurethra

    NBA playoff ratings down big...

    Players must be kneeling during the anthem. Seriously, Houston looks legit this year. The beard is playing like kobe right now, butter on a roll. GS will probably win it but I think that GS/Houston series is going 7. Man I really miss when my lakers were good. I sure focking hope we get somebody this summer. Don't care if it's AD, Kyrie, KD, Kawhai, Klay, or Butler. Just land at least one of them please!
  8. trumpurethra

    Assange arrested...........will he be extradited to U.S.?

    Ahhhhh yes, the king of the tin foil hat club. So do you guys worship this guy? Do you have a shrine for him somewhere that you pray to?
  9. trumpurethra

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    As with most things, truth somewhere in the middle. Two young, sexy people with a bunch of money using a bunch of drugs. I am certain she was sucking other c0ck and he was banging other broads, mixed with copious amounts of drugs, which lead to all this. Doesn't excuse his behavior, been there myself, never laid my hands on a woman. No matter how f0cked up I was or the situation got. So he needs to answer for that. But she also shares some blame as well.
  10. Lol you guys kill me.
  11. trumpurethra

    So, 'DeadNaming' is a thing

    Is this guy famous? Is he legit or just another dumazz on youtube?
  12. trumpurethra

    So, 'DeadNaming' is a thing

    Dude you need to get laid. Props tho.
  13. This the cute one right? Yo bro, cute girls can say whatever the fock they want. Still be line of dudes a mile long waiting to fock them. It is how the world works. You know what I find tragic? The fact some on here are supposedly men (I do wonder about a lot of you) and are all worked up over petty he said/she said stuff.
  14. A lot of people choose isolation because they feel wronged. It is their choice to be that way. I wouldn't be happy that way but I can empathize with ray here. I am currently actively dating. I meet women out in bars, at the gym, at the store, and online. I would say I have a decent sample size to draw a conclusion from. A lot of women, especially attractive ones, have a tendency to approach romance as a transaction. The old saying goes, reason why women in pornos suck c0ck so enthusiastically is because they getting paid to do so lol. Now not saying all women do this or that I would be so jaded as to chose isolation myself. Just saying I can empathize with ray. Where I would differ is I understand that we are all flawed, all people, men and women, black or white, tall or short, attractive or unattractive, etc....all of us are a mess. I take it as a given all people are duplicitous, irrational, and unstable. I assume that going in and chose to want to partake in that anyway. And I love it. See I understand where ray is coming from but my advice to him would be not to isolate or give up. My opinion would be jump in the pool and swim with the sharks. Just don't commit unless you really want to and are ok with a potential heartbreak. Enjoy yourself and be responsible(wear a condom). And yes, the real thing is FAR superior to any porno or game. JMTC
  15. Look I get it, some dudes come unhinged after a divorce and I feel bad for them. Some women do too. It's not my way, never been "head over heels" since I was a little kid. Got heart broke at 14 or 15, been nothin but tricks and hoes since. But I know people do get caught up in their SO. Not judging them per se. Just saying no matter how bad your heart broke it don't excuse behavior like "grab 'em by the puzzy because I can" is all.