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  1. trumpurethra

    Putin: Western liberalism "eating itself"

    Fock this tool. When I grew up Russia was the enemy. Now he wears a MAGA hat and is Trumps buddy. They can both go fock themselves. Go build another Chernobyl you fockstain commie.
  2. When I grew up my family felt the news was terrible. I was raised thinking the news was nothing but negative. That has carried over into adulthood and I watch almost none. I read ESPN, Raider and Laker stuff, and I scan Business Insider (decent site as it is just a headline and a couple paragraphs). Only reason I include BI is so I have sh!t to talk about on sales calls, just in case I run into one "of those types". You know, the dipsh!ts that just want to talk about news. I know it is everywhere nowadays, I still don't care. Honestly it bores me to tears. I don't have a facebook or a twitter, haven't watched fox or cnn in so long I can't remember. Only time I see it now is at the gym and I ain't listening to it. Anyway, this place is probably the most news readin mofo's I know of so figured I'd ask.
  3. trumpurethra

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    This sh!t was all over on tv's at the gym yesterday. Don't know who this cat is but he definitely needs to fry. I don't listen to the tv's while working out, got headphones on. So I can't say for sure but I didn't notice any show alleging Trump involved other than a member of his cabinet let this guy off the hook before. Not surprising since I am sure Trump is buddy buddy with this loser. And to the trumptards here claiming trump is not involved or fighting this guy or some white knight bullsh!t, go fock a tree. You're being disingenuous and willfully ignorant. This is a man who not only groped women without their consent but bragged about it after. Think about that, have any of you groped a woman against her will? What am I saying, you probably did. Which is why he is your hero. Trump is scum, so is this cat. At best trump is a misogynist and was around where this troll was fondling young girls and did nothing about it. And I wouldn't put it past a scum like trump to grope them himself.
  4. trumpurethra

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    So basically it is as I suspected, a bunch of crazy idiots in southern states. It seems every current abortion law in the USA is pretty common sense. No one can go walk in to clinic anywhere in the country and get a late term abortion. The option is only available in medical emergency. This is just more of the loonies getting people riled up. Thank god I live in Cali. Don't know how you all do it living in these backwards azz states.
  5. trumpurethra

    Iran downs US drone

    We are going to war. It will be planned to start just before the election for maximum political effect, just like bush. Gotta rile up the loonies and a caravan wasn't quite enough lol.
  6. trumpurethra

    *** Official *** NBA 2019 / 2020 thread

    Yeah baby yeah, AD and bron! We are finally legit again. Longest Laker drought in my lifetime is finally over. God its great being a Lakers fan.
  7. trumpurethra

    Is anyone living a better life than Rob Gronkowski?

    Nope he is living the dream. Good for him. Any of the haters above or just punk azz beothces full of hate and envy.
  8. trumpurethra

    I hope Trump doesn't invite the Raptors to his house

    Lol most of the athletes turn him down anyway. And don't kid yourself, he loves it that they do turn him down. Says something about him and people who like him.
  9. trumpurethra

    Drain the swamp...

    Got to thinking about one of the oompa loompas campaign promises. The other one didn't require any work on his part because IMHO, America is already great. But anyway, I digress... He did promise to "drain the swamp" as they say. Root out all the career politicians and uber wealthy businessmen and lobbyists and wall street hedge fund types, et, etc, etc out of DC. My impression of what he implied was he was going to get guys and gals in there that would better represent us, the average joe. So I did a quick google and pulled up wiki of his cabinet. I was shocked to see it full of exactly the thing he said he was going to get rid of, career politicians, lobbyists and wall street scumbags. So I wonder, when exactly is the swamp gonna be drained?
  10. trumpurethra

    NFL looking to go 18 games ?

    Hope so. I'd take either, more regular season or more playoff games. NFL and NBA only thing on TV worth a sh!t really.
  11. trumpurethra

    Cleveland Browns- Most overhyped sports team in my lifetime

    Hype yes. Most hype ever? Nah, happens every year. Especially when a qb has a decent rookie campaign, like Mayfield did. They could do some damage in that division. Pitts and Balt seem vulnerable and the bengals are the bungles again. Who knows, they could win it.
  12. trumpurethra

    NBA Finals

    And just like that the raptors championship hopes go poof. Lol KD coming back Wednesday. He gonna destroy them.
  13. trumpurethra

    I Drink Out Of The Botle

    hahahaha…..have not encountered this one myself but would definitely be a reason to stop seeing a chick. would fall under one of the reasons for losing a girls number already on my list, don't be a judgy cuunt.
  14. trumpurethra


    It is now summer time. People come out the house and start hanging out. So got to thinking about this. Do you like your and do they like you? Got some cool ones. Mexican dude 2 doors down and the hidu across the street pretty good buddies. Got a millennial couple next door, get the impression he kind of idolizes me but he kind of a doosh. Reminds me of lester burnham from American beauty. Can't confirm if he lusts after high school chicks but his wife definitely owns his balls. They drive his and hers volvos. Couple of the other dudes on the block come by for a beer and shoot the breeze once in awhile. I keep a cooler with beer on ice in the garage and back yard this time of year. Anyway, none of the women on the block care for me far as I can tell. The millennial wife next door and my daughter are becoming friends. Daughter told me she has made a couple judgy comments about me. Understandable really and don't give a fock. I'm not quite gran torino eastwood but I'm definitely not mr rogers either. So, what say yous?
  15. trumpurethra

    Can your wife do simple tasks by herself?

    Why do you do it then? I don't get it. You all got kids right? GTFO the marriage. Life too short for BS. Had a chick over for bbq yesterday (34d). She a cutie, banged her a few times, been cool so far. Anyway, got some good ribeyes and beer. We were chillin in the back yard listening to some tunes and I was grilling. Things were going well. She tells me she likes her steak well done, no pink in it. I like mine bloody of course. So obviously mines done first and hers still cooking. I sit down with my steak and start grubbing and she gets all pizzy. She all bent outta shape I didn't serve the steaks at same time. She stomps around and bangs sh!t on the table acting like a spoiled brat. Well being the man I am I ignore her and enjoy my steak and ice cold beer. Weathers nice, beers on ice, and this is a good fockin steak. No way I'm letting this chooch fock that up. Besides I always find when you engage them at this point it never goes well. So ignore is the way to go. So she cools off, eats her food then we chill in the back yard. Then we go inside and I fock the sh!t out her. Afterwards I get up and tell her I have to get up early for work, need to take her home. She seems a bit shocked and huffs a bit but gathers herself to go. Yep, will be losing that number for sure. At this point in life I don't tolerate sh!t man. Don't see why any guy does.