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  1. trumpurethra

    Should Polygamy be legal?

    Don’t know why any dude wanna get married once let alone multiple wives. Fock that sh1t. Gotta be able to kick em to the curb when the nagging reaches the critical level. But I’m not gonna stand in the way of someone who wants multiple wives. Seems like nothing but a pain in the azz to me but each his own.
  2. trumpurethra

    Universal health care

    Will it work here? We need to do something but not sure this is it. I was in the military, medical sucked and no one wanted to go. Everyone knows the VA sucks. Has to be a solution between that and what we currently have.
  3. trumpurethra

    Is this still america?

    Still don’t get it do you. You holding a rally in the woods out back lol.
  4. trumpurethra

    Is this still america?

    Oh no here come the brown people again. Lol you trumptards are too much. Did the caravan unleash murderers and rapists? Did that caravan even make it here? Like I said before trumptards all homos and virgins. Figures you idiots complain about hot half naked women. Rest of us normal folks saw hot chicks shaking their assets and enjoyed it. You fools worry about their skin color. Morons. Do you trumptards have your sheet and masks dry cleaned?
  5. Your idol has been married several times. Trades them in for a younger model every few years, like a car. And the only reason they with him is because of his money. You fockin trumptards need to get some better material.
  6. You mean like your hero? Numerous bankruptcies and dodging the draft. Lol you trumptards are a joke. Like I say do us a favor and move to Russia or China already. And FYI, I actually served my four years and have yet to file even one bankruptcy. And I am about as liberal as it gets.
  7. Most athletes and celebrities don’t like trump. It’s not because of his policy or his tweets or his reputation. It’s because he’s a douche. Only ones who hangs with him is other dooshes.
  8. Trumptards are mostly racist, misogynistic, homophobe, hate filled virgins so this is not surprising. See here in the us of a we believe in personal feedom. Trumptards don’t like that. Trumptards beliefs actually are more closely aligned with China or Russia. They should really do us all a favor and just move there.
  9. trumpurethra

    Is everyone still out to get you?

    I mean the crazy liberals. Ae they out to get you? Are they after your money? Are they after your freedoms? Or are they just out to get you in a more sinister way, like mind control lol.
  10. trumpurethra

    Whats a worse offense?

    Getting a bj by a fat chick in the oval or whatever it is they're accusing the oompa Loompa of? Are either one really deserving of the clownshow that follows? Does this just further prove our system is a joke and thise that take it seriously, like you trumptards, are a joke by extension?
  11. trumpurethra

    How woke are you? Take the test

    I’m asleep. If there was option for in a coma that would probably be me. But this test is fockin gay. No option for the game or a good flick? Seriously if I can’t watch a game I’m watching a movie. Only f@gs watch sitcoms and romcoms. no option for the sports section of the paper? Who the fock only reads news or opinions? No option for sports illustrated in the doctors office? Wtf? No sports mag in the waiting room I’m opening ESPN app on phone and reading that. test sucks balls
  12. trumpurethra

    Ekeler or Conner?

    First difficult choice I've faced in awhile. Been switching them out all week. Time to sh!t or get off the pot. Which way should I go?
  13. trumpurethra


    Don't you trumptards get it? People are the reason for EVERYTHING. People are everything, they are the only thing that matters. Nothing else in life is near as important as people. Not money, not technology, not gadgets, not pets, none of it matters without people. We are the only reason for anything. If you get along better with your cat and dog or on your computer than you do with actual people you need to seek help.
  14. trumpurethra


    Trust, we have long since passed this point. I was in back in early 90's and 75% of the people enlisted didn't want to be there. Always has been and always will be a last hope for most who sign up. The military is not something any sane person aspires to. And it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with hard work for sh!tty pay.
  15. trumpurethra


    What difference does it make what color our skin is? White, black, yellow, green, red, who gives a sh!t? What would you do if you had a kid who fell in love with someone of another race? Or what would you do if you had a kid who fell in love with someone of another race and the same sex?