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  1. I'm gonna guess that laws were broken.
  2. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

  3. Consider it your "good people on both sides" moment. With the only difference being that the president DID call the dirtbag white nationalists dirtbags and the media ignored it, where as you refuse to call out antifa individually for being the violent reckless nuisance who instigated your hammer incendent and pretend you did. Get it ?
  4. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

    I have a feeling he gets suspended
  5. drobeski

    Skittles vs Starburst

    I know
  6. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

    Im sure that didn't happen. Even if it did.
  7. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

    They should cancel the franchise. Just awful. This just adds another asterisk. We must stop the Patriots, they win too much. This is the last straw.
  8. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

    He thinks about all of the Patriots, they live in his head. The boogey man.
  9. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

    There were goal posts ?
  10. drobeski

    Skittles vs Starburst

    Trayvon might agree
  11. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

    The 3 time super bowl champ guy ? What does wang have to do with this ?
  12. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

    Who's wang chung ?
  13. drobeski

    Patrick Chung

    Clearly racism involved here.