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  1. drobeski

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    Obama's foriegn policy was God awful Thank God trump has come in and is straightening out the messes made by the last 2 administrations. Imagine how bad things would be if your girl won ?
  2. drobeski

    Charlize Theron raising her adopted boy as a girl.......

    Big deal... the real important question is what does she call her French fries?
  3. drobeski

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    Frozenpipewrench always tosses up easy wins.
  4. drobeski

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    No.... But seems a little less nutty than you liberals who demand to change gender pronouns
  5. drobeski

    Assange arrested...........will he be extradited to U.S.?

    Who knew Mueller interviewed Assange. Great scoop dude. I mean it's commons sense he would, after all he leaked the hack. Was very perplexing that they never interviewed him. Turns out they did...phew Can ya link it ?
  6. Nah ....its your hate for this country that drives your hate for him. It's the main ingredient.
  7. drobeski

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    He won't He still hasnt accepted 2016 you think he'd be able to accept this?
  8. drobeski

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    The entire investigation was based on a manufactured premise. Barr knows this, has the proof. There is no way you can charge obstruction of justice on an investigation that was unjust. Heads are gonna roll and it's not on team trump.
  9. drobeski

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    And the winning continues! Still not sick of it.
  10. drobeski

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Theres been another one going, it's what the dems are afraid of. The chickens are coming home to roost. The team of Barry's criminals are going down and they are scared sh!tless.
  11. drobeski

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Do definitely safe to assume though. I follow tennis But still...obvious
  12. drobeski

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Yes ...record is obvious proof...the lance of tennis
  13. drobeski

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Federer definitely an hgh and steroid guy.
  14. MDC sticking up for the kid tosser
  15. drobeski

    Radical idea for Notre Dame

    I like it