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  1. The biggest concern for law enforcement in the country should be the pending violence resulting from a Bernie loss. They have some real violent weirdos supporting this clown. Hopefully trump and governors across the country are prepared to deal with these losers.
  2. Are those mysterious missing judges in this thread?
  3. Secret ones with Iran where we sneak in billions of cash and release terrorists are way way cooler.
  4. Russia interference = smollett
  5. what about the judge!
  6. The 2 loudest hacks will keep thier mouths shut until the next fake news horseshit gets them riled up.
  7. drobeski

    NFL's biggest cheaters

    It was a video made by Russian bots. Trumps fault.
  8. drobeski

    How does the Chevy Invisible Trailer Work?

    I'm mean it's pretty basic knowledge that Chevy, being a GMC product and all is the same focking thing as a GMC other than decals and other minor cosmetic stuff. Right?
  9. drobeski

    NFL's biggest cheaters

    Wentz cheats his team out of their money.
  10. Either way, they're gonna have to prove their innocence.
  11. drobeski

    How does the Chevy Invisible Trailer Work?

    GMC and Chevy are the same thing