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  1. https://youtu.be/odph7rv73GI
  2. drobeski

    What has President Trump done in two years?

    Thread winner. Well done.
  3. drobeski


    Maybe he'll weaponize the FBI and intelligence depts and spy on the nominee, then using that scam they'll invent a collusion with Russia narrative.
  4. drobeski

    What has President Trump done in two years?

    You left out arming and strengthening ISIL, giving our uranium reserves to Russia, enabling some navy seals to be killed on multiple occasions and never providing security that was begged for resulting in an ambassador being brutally sodomized and murdered in hostile territory.
  5. drobeski


    He's spot on and it kills you.
  6. drobeski


    It's almost if he's insinuating they are irredeemable basket if deplorables
  7. They were against the law ? Wow Mueller is one big dummy huh. You should send him a private Facebook message and let him those guys broke the law. I cant believe he missed that.
  8. drobeski

    What has President Trump done in two years?

    It really is amazing. Good Americans made the right choice and thankfully where it mattered outnumbered the bad ones. Let's hope for a repeat and continued greatness.
  9. drobeski


    So you watched ?
  10. drobeski


    Glad you watched
  11. drobeski


    Great deal for Sarah, all class.
  12. drobeski


    Dems are focked