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  1. drobeski

    President's Cup

    USA USA!!! Great job tiger! Great job team! Bam...the legend continues to grow
  2. drobeski

    President's Cup

    What a great job as both captain and player by tiger. Let's go, do it for the cap! GOAT!
  3. drobeski


    Insane lunatic Biden Nailed it
  4. Crowdstrike check out the server yet ?
  5. Shonuff Checked out FBG They believe the howeritz report vindicated them and Barr and Durham are dirty cops. They are sickos
  6. drobeski

    Guy that smacked reporter’s butt on live tv

    Unless they have video from the rear which shows his hand contacting her ass, he wins.
  7. List of completely wrong spinelss losers in the thread. Newbie, wiff, cb, honcho, shonuff, saints, titans .. Did I miss any ? The good guys in this thread were right all along.
  8. drobeski

    I.G. Horowitz's FISA Report: Place your bets.......

    They prey on the feeble minded. Think of the guys who bought it, wiff, worms, cb etc. How stupid must they feel.
  9. drobeski

    I.G. Horowitz's FISA Report: Place your bets.......

    Trump was/is right. They are the enemy. They played an active role in the attempted overthrow of our government.
  10. drobeski

    UK elections

    No bigger sore loser than a Democrat or a colts fan
  11. drobeski

    Times person of the year

    Link ? Mrmakeeverythingup
  12. Is that the one who died the a plane crash with 8 or 9 people on it ? The only one that died ?
  13. Another in the long line of spineless hacks.