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  1. slink

    Internet speed test

    Well, it is a well-know site, but the only drawback, it doesn't show a lot of information. For example, if I have a website, I can't test the performance and do website speed test. Apart of that, it is a good website.
  2. slink

    Ever buy an NFL Jersey for a chick?

    I would agree, a nfl kit will look awesome on her, but all girls will like it. If you want to buy something for your "chick", try to find something else. For example, I would recommend Lily Lulu Fashion as a source of inspiration. It is a famous online clothing brand, I am pretty much sure she is going to love any single item from this online shop.
  3. That is really sad that so many young people are involved into that... The worst thing is that all these anti drug programs aren't very useful. For example, even during job application you can use fake urine and easily bypass any drug test. And this person will work among "normal" people. If you don't believe me, read these synthetic urine reviews first. That is truly horrifying friends.
  4. slink

    Tinder - chick meeting app UPDATED

    I would recommend to give a try to chnlove review. It is even better than tinder,since there are only verified profiles and no scam at all!
  5. slink

    Kid screams for entire 8 hour flight.

    That is why sometimes it is better and cheaper to buy a business class ticket, which already has some extras in it. So, you can take extra luggage or your tools with you. You will not believe it, but it might be cheaper to buy a business class ticket and travel with comfort, rather than economy ticket and pay extra for luggage allowance. That how it works. Also, you can buy business class tickets for reduced price, which normally doesn't happen with economy. There are some deals aavilable here https://luxflight.com/business-class
  6. slink

    Gateway song

    oh wow, I am in love with it. Especially with the drums. I am currently learning how to play drums, and can tell you it really inspires me! Especially, considering that I have purchased this baby www.handpanguru.com/steel-tongue-drums/. Waiting for my delivery!
  7. slink

    Mel B had a headache?

    Well, I think a deeper examination is required. It is difficult to say something right now. What I can say from my own experience, try to use any sort of pain killer for pain reduction. You can even use hemp oil, click here for more info. This is quite powerful method of treatment. Anyway, make a doctor visit.
  8. slink

    I just got my 1st full body massage

    Sarcasm? What do you mean by that? No, I am not.
  9. slink

    I just got my 1st full body massage

    Well, I bet majority of the people would not agree with me, but I prefer opposite sex to do a massage and now I am going to explain why exactly! First of all, for the last 2 years I am practising erotic full body massage, which is different from a traditional one. I am not talking about sex or prostitution. I am talking about legit erotic massage, which of course should be done by opposite sex. I feel way better after this massage and continue doing for quite long. I wish you can try it on your own skin, since it is 5 times better than a usual massage. Give it a try and you will not regret about it!
  10. slink


    That is a trend of 2018-19.... People think they are influencers and trying to earn money from IG profile. People are using special tools and software to gain followers, like hashtagpirate.com, and then sells promo posts. That is how it works now.
  11. slink

    Migraine vs Headache

    If you constantly have headaches, you can try to use kratom. It is a special natural medicine, which has a lot of positive effects on your body. Remember to buy kratom from trusted vendor only, if you want to have good results! These are the top kratom sellers, if you're interested!
  12. I don't like Snap to be honest, but my daughter is constantly sing it. Thanks god there are tool to monitor her activity which really works and help me out - check thespyexpert.com
  13. slink

    Could somebody please loan me a damn?

    If you need a loan, you can use any financial institution available online http://paperless-loan.com
  14. slink

    Tom Petty autopsy in...

    That is correct. I had similar situation with my back and I used CBD oil for my back pain. It is absolutely normal situation. And it really helps and works fine!
  15. slink

    Championship Round Gambling Thread

    Yesterday was actually my first real gambing experience, where i was playing online casino on www.kedaicasino.net, and it was pretty decent to be honest. Can someone recommend, what else I can do or play in order to win some extra cash?