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  1. RareN64Dream

    The Chiefs Dynasty Begins Now...

    I remember back around 2009 or 2008. I spent like $62 dollars of my $100 FA money on Cassel. But, I sent the e-mail to the wrong person; back when the FA set up wasn't handled purely by technology. I ended up still winning the championship in that league though haha
  2. RareN64Dream

    Le'veon Bell comeback thread

    Who won the boxing match between Adrian Peterson and Bell? Did that ever happen? Did Bell or AP look ready for a comeback for football?? I think, teams are shying away from AP; due to his 2 incidents of abuse. He obviously is still pretty good, I would guess; and runs hard. But is he worth a roster spot over a younger player?
  3. RareN64Dream

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    DeVonta Smith and Amari Cooper are two that kind of remind me of each other. They have some random huge games; and otherwise their stats are like around 50th overall for WRs or so. That big game Cooper had near the end of the season could be a sign he somehow becomes top 5 WR next year? I know the Browns didn't exactly have the same QB the whole season. Someone told me DeVonta is too old; after I was willing to trade him and some other players and I was like, "He is only age 24" at that timing??
  4. RareN64Dream

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    I think, AJ Brown and Nico Collins are pretty close to top 5. Could also see Davante Adams and Jaylen Waddle possibly being top 5 in fantasy for WRs too. Maybe, DK Metcalf, George Pickens.
  5. RareN64Dream

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    I could see Stefon Diggs having a bounce back season. Is Mike Evans close to top 5?
  6. RareN64Dream

    Wildcard Weekend: Packers at Cowboys

    Yeah, I know. Just was basically saying he could have helped, possibly.
  7. RareN64Dream

    Wildcard Weekend: Packers at Cowboys

    I am guessing not having Trevon Diggs doesn't help. But, I didn't watch the game. I wonder how Micah Parsons did or how much he got double team "blocked".
  8. RareN64Dream

    Fantasy Football ROY

    I think, if Addison could have or does finish real strong; he could have been on that list possibly. But, I would say probably LaPorta 1st, then CJ Stroud QB, Puka, WR for Rams got like 1,400 yards and over 100 catches, and then I guess Jahmyr Gibbs, and then Bijan Robinson, and Addison; almost tied because Addison got 9 TD, same as Gibbs. De'Von Archane and Zay Flowers did pretty well also. I might be forgetting some other players too.
  9. RareN64Dream

    Players Sitting for Week 18

    Anyone have advice on some flyer players I could, maybe pick for a "Dream Team"? Some players with; a strong match up in their favor kind of thing, like a sleeper back up that will be in the game a lot. Due to players, like these that will be sitting. I could see possibly Julio Jones having 2 good weeks in a row, is sort of an example; I would say. Thanks
  10. RareN64Dream

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2024: First Four Rounds

    Stefon Diggs might get picked in first 4 rounds.
  11. RareN64Dream

    Rourke claimed by Pats

    Drafting Bryce Young; instead of a RB like Mostert kind of screwed over 2 of my teams somewhat. But, I understand what you mean. Those are 2 QB start leagues, I should also mention.
  12. RareN64Dream

    Carr vs rams??

    I could see Heincke QB for Falcons having a big game randomly; but he could also get sacked a lot too.
  13. RareN64Dream

    OK Jax Homers, Agnew or Washington?

    I would probably pick Washington for fantasy over Agnew. But, pretty much just a guess. Isn't Agnew more of a kick return guy?
  14. RareN64Dream

    Best pick of your draft? Mine, MOSTERT 14TH ROUND!

    It is hard to predict things. I am sure at the timing you felt; like you made the right choice. Good luck and for next season also.
  15. RareN64Dream

    Best pick of your draft? Mine, MOSTERT 14TH ROUND!

    Probably, Tyreek Hill in auction. Jalen Hurts, I had as a keeper in another. Kyren Williams I picked up for cheap in auction league off waivers, I think. Also, in auction league; I got CJ Stroud with my last pick, I think for $1. 2 QB start. Injuries really affected a lot of things for my money league teams; I wish I did a little bit better with my free agent decisions and sometimes benched the wrong player etc. Would have been nice to have Archane, Mostert, Gibbs, Montgomery; I bet and some others. Alvin Kamara did pretty good for me in a league where I missed the playoffs. One of my picks I think, that hurt me the most was picking Bryce Young in 2 leagues and had Dameon Pierce in 2 also. I wanted QB depth and for Pierce, I expected him to do better than what has transpired.