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  1. Kanil

    Nike dropped Antonio Brown

    Guilt or innocence is not relevant for a corporate sponsorship. It's all about whether the person's image brings in more money than they cost. All about the $.
  2. Kanil

    September 11th

    I can believe incompetent. I can't believe they were competent enough to pull something like this off without anyone spilling the beans.
  3. Kanil

    September 11th

    Just watched it... sounds like a guy taking a lot of things out of context, filling in his own context to support his theory, and then selling you something (his book).
  4. Kanil

    September 11th

    Yes it is.
  5. Kanil

    Geeks with young sons ...

    I did until my kid was about 5... he's 8 now and gets a kiss on the forehead or top of his head which I'll do as long as he lets me.
  6. Kanil

    September 11th

    Didn't watch the video but 100% positive this guy has a Facebook post stating that Facebook DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE MY IMAGES AS OF MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.
  7. This is it. It's 100% about the bottom line. They think they'll make more money taking X stance rather than Y stance.
  8. Kanil

    Happy Football Day Week 2!

    I dunno, man. They look real bad. I went through the schedule and I think maybe we have wins with buffalo and the raiders here in December.
  9. Kanil

    Happy Football Day Week 2!

    Let's not rule Denver out.
  10. Kanil

    Happy Football Day Week 2!

    Griffen gonna outdo him tonight alone and score 3 for my DFS riches!
  11. Kanil

    Best fish You enjoy?

    Walleye …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. Salmon …. …. Trout Everything else
  12. Kanil

    Banning flavored e-cigarettes

    This is another example of olds not knowing sh!t about sh!t and trying to ban something stupid. I'll tell ya, that rock&roll music is the DEVIL!
  13. Kanil

    Happy Football Day Week 2!

    Damn, Broncos suck. Looking at the schedule I see MAYBE 2 wins. Too bad we don't get to play Miami this year :(.
  14. Kanil

    Democratic debate 2 nites starts tonight?

    Not watching but read this... So great: "You used to oppose the legalization of marijuana, now you don't. You used to oppose outside investigations of police shootings, now you don't. You said that you've changed on these and other things because you were, quote, 'swimming against the current and thankfully, the currents have changed.' But when you had the power, why didn't you try to affect change then?," debate moderator Linsey Davis asked Sen. Kamala Harris. Fock Harris with a cactus.