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  1. The Observer

    Alabama vasectomy bill - OUCH!

    It's pretty sad when hardcore is getting his ass kicked and no.support on a board thats 90% conservative. Call it a night buddy. This one didn't work out so good for you.
  2. The Observer

    Alabama vasectomy bill - OUCH!

    Has anyone here said they supported third trimester abortions or do you just love hearing yourself talk?
  3. The Observer

    Alabama vasectomy bill - OUCH!

    I just love all these phony conservative hyocrites pretending to care about clusters of cells but have absolutely no problem with their fearless leader throwing babies and toddlers in cages sleeping on concrete floors. But by all means, tell us about the sanctity of life. What a joke.
  4. The Observer

    Alabama vasectomy bill - OUCH!

    This. Total no brainer. Easy peazy
  5. The Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Or Bolton, Parnas, and Giuliani come out with facts so damaging, trump's approval rating gets even lower and GOP senators in swing States lose their seats. Could go either way. Or end making no difference. Time will tell.
  6. The Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    How? They played the hand they were dealt. Trump refused to cooperate with Congress and trump.knew the courts would take a year or more to rule on subpoenas. As most career criminals, he knows how to play the system. Then it went to the Senate and they agreed to take part in the cover up. They ended up getting him impeached. He's impeached today. He'll he impeached tomorrow. And he'll be an impeached president for all of time. Pelosi knew there was zero chance of getting him removed. That wasn't her intention. And all those no votes on the senators' record will be impossible to explain as Bolton talks and more comes out with Parnas and Furmman and even possibly Giuliani. There's absolutely nothing positive Trump go out of it.
  7. The Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    And as more and more corruption dribbels out, all those GOP senators who voted against allowing witnesses and became coconspirators in the cover up are going to look more and more corrupt. History is not going to be kind to Republican office holders during this administration. With the exception of John McCain and Mitt Romney.
  8. Since you insist on deep throating your Messiah on the retarded things he says, do nukimg hurricanes next. Go!
  9. I'm busy buying a rake and some trash bags to take care of the 33 million acres. Oof
  10. Says a trump voter. Bwahahaha. That might be your funniest post ever. Kudos
  11. Visit all the candidates' websites. I'm sure they all answer your questions.
  12. Obama had the lowest occurance of illegal immigration in 50 years. Ask him.
  13. Open borders implies not even having guards. Just go on in. Nobody supports that. It's the same as the retards who say that if you're pro-choice, you want to kill babies. You can be against the wall and still be for secure borders. All the candidates want secure borders. Hth
  14. Trump has his sheep do it. I see it constantly on my Facebook. Trumptards posting articles where an illegal kills someone. Followed by the lie that Dems want open borders. This one would have been a jackpot. Sorry it didn't work out.
  15. National story. People were already interested in it. Trump would have LOVED the opportunity to use it to push his brown-people-bad propoganda . You aren't real bright are ya?