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  1. Only #1 can be argued. Hth
  2. Conspiracy nonsense. Moon landing, Sandy Hook, illegal voting. Basically, a retard test. You both failed.
  3. Lol. Sorry Charlie. go to your conspiracy websites if you want discussion about that nonsense
  4. And if you ignore PA,OH,MI, Hillary wins both the popular and electoral vote. Talk about a meaningless statistic
  5. Has and Dem here said they had a problem with the Betsey Ross flag? Personally, I think the whole thing is ridiculous. The Confederate flag? Yes, I can absolutely see why some people would be offended by that. But the 13 star flag is a symbol of the beginning of our country. No different than the Liberty Bell. I think the whole thing was manufactured as a marketing ploy by Nike. I have never heard a single person say they had a problem with that flag until this "scandal" broke last week.
  6. The Observer

    How Many Real Lies Will Trump Tell at the 4th Event?

    Bingo. As unintelligent as Trump is, if you asked him if they had airports or airplanes back in those days and you gave him a chance to really think about it, he would give the correct answer. (Now, the windmill noise cancer is just plain stupidity)
  7. The Observer

    I now hope Trump goes full on Rally

    I'm no fool. She chose West Virginia because it's a big party school. You plant corn, you get corn. She's my kid, through and through. All I know is that she graduated with a 3.8, had three job offers, one in Seattle, one in Charlotte, and one in Philadelphia. Graduated on a Saturday and started her job in Philly that Monday. And is making damn good money. West Virginia served its purpose.
  8. The Observer

    How Many Real Lies Will Trump Tell at the 4th Event?

    Who can't stand it? I think liberals are surprised, but happily so.
  9. I never said they were all inbred. Low IQ racists, but not all inbred.
  10. Assuming this wasn't a marketing ploy from the very start.
  11. Just the opposite actually. All you guys already boycotted Nike when they announced Kaepernick as the spokesman last year. Once you've already decided to stop buying their products, them making you angry has zero effect. What they did was they got you to be their marketing firm this past week. Totally free of cost.
  12. The Observer

    How Many Real Lies Will Trump Tell at the 4th Event?

    Meh. Trump has never known much about history. He thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive. I'll take occasional.displays of stupidity over his usual act of constantly lying to make himself look better. I give him a A for being presidential yesterday. More of this please.
  13. The Observer

    Trump's 4th of July celebration

    The changes since 2017, yes
  14. The Observer

    Trump's 4th of July celebration

    I didn't hear a word of it as I was out celebrating the holiday. Just got in a bit ago and CNN has some show about the 90s on. From reading the thread updates, Trump read what his people wrote for him and he resisted being hateful and divisive. That's awesome. I'm hoping his polling number jump a bit this week and hes smart enough to realize why. Better late than never. Good job by him.
  15. The Observer

    Trump's 4th of July celebration

    That was 10:00 this morning bud. If you're going to be obsessed with me and my schedule, please do a better job of record keeping.