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  1. TommyGavin

    what's you're IQ?

    80 Proof
  2. TommyGavin

    Elvis movie 2022

  3. Nope. But as a teenager I always worked or had some kind of scam going on that I had a lot of cash and I became known as someone you can borrow from for a vig. I know I financed alot of abortions. And made $$ doing so.
  4. TommyGavin

    Who on this site wishes they had been aborted?

    File this under scenes that end too soon …..
  5. I hear ya. Love to go 7 OT but I really really do not want TB to have a chance of winning SC. Really !
  6. TommyGavin

    Who on this site wishes they had been aborted?

    A- Softball B- I’m sure we all had the same thought
  7. TommyGavin

    Elvis movie 2022

    I’ll probably watch it because I haven’t seen it yet. HTHs
  8. TommyGavin

    The Goose RIP

    I’ll join you.
  9. TommyGavin

    The Goose RIP

    Who was the other
  10. TommyGavin

    Ya boy turns 50 today.

    Happy Birthday Corky.
  11. As long as they win I’m fine win it going 7 games. F TB
  12. No S (or Q as whiff pointed out)
  13. TommyGavin

    Price drop announcement!!!

    I wouldn’t pay either price to pose with the hottest naked chick you can name.