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  1. TommyGavin

    SUX Testing the effectiveness of masks

    Thought the same thing
  2. TommyGavin

    Best Song Lyric

    And me, I'm flying in my taxi Taking tips, and getting stoned I go flying so high, when I'm stoned
  3. TommyGavin

    Best Song Lyric

    Once I saw you were last to post I knew it was going to be a Steel Panther quote. Terrible. You are better then this Sux. You are the music man. Sans SP.
  4. TommyGavin

    Staining a deck

    You da man. It was killing me everyone saying power wash. Correct term is pressure wash.
  5. TommyGavin

    Staining a deck

    Almost as good as when he asked advice how to back up a trailer. That was gold.
  6. TommyGavin

    "Caddyshack" at 40...

    I alluded to all this on the moon. It’s all detailed in that Netflix movie.
  7. TommyGavin

    "Caddyshack" at 40...

    I watched Airplane on the 40th anniversary and I think that held up well. I agree. Caddyshack not so much
  8. TommyGavin

    "Caddyshack" at 40...

    Same thing(s)
  9. TommyGavin

    "Caddyshack" at 40...

  10. TommyGavin

    "Caddyshack" at 40...

    I like Stripes until it jumps the shark
  11. TommyGavin

    "Caddyshack" at 40...

    Netflix has a movie on the life of the creators of National Lampoon. Forgot the name. Reason I bring it up here is after they made Animal House he left to make Caddyshack and he absolutely hated it. Said the stupid gopher was thrown at him by a studio executive. Turns out there was also bad timing as another comedy came out 40 years ago this summer too. Airplane.
  12. TommyGavin


  13. TommyGavin


    Is this Sux new life partner ? If so I approve- he smart. Gyspy still cool tho.
  14. TommyGavin

    Who wants to be a corpse? RIP Regis

    RIP Reeeege
  15. TommyGavin

    Future trivia question

    It does but this year it benefits the Mets.