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  1. TommyGavin

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Too much
  2. TommyGavin

    What do you pickle

    I forgot I added Hirissa to it. Mixed results (the radishes).
  3. TommyGavin

    What’s for dinner?

    I thought traditional had horseradish as well. That’s how I make it
  4. TommyGavin

    What’s for dinner?

    Do tell
  5. TommyGavin

    The crazy dog lady in Central Park

    I didn’t read all the back and forth nonsense but the way she acted on the phone call was what made this BS. She was screaming like she was seriously in the middle of being attacked which was clearly not the case
  6. TommyGavin

    Tiger/Peyton vs Mickelson/Brady

    Brady splitting his pants. Ha. Doesn’t look good for under amor - although he said he wasn’t wearing the pants that he endorses. OK.
  7. TommyGavin

    The crazy dog lady in Central Park

    What a See You Next Tuesday. That was disgusting
  8. TommyGavin

    What's your favorite outdoors / camping accessory?

    The only can I can see opening on a camping trip (butt jokes aside) is baked beans which some brands have flip tops.
  9. TommyGavin

    What do you pickle

    So this weekend I made homemade pickles - spicy plus horseradish. Then pickled red onions in red wine vinegar then same with radishes. Soft boiled 1/2 dozen eggs and marinated them in a spicy Asian concoction. I’ll let you know in a week or so.