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  1. porkbutt

    Who gets Goof Friday off?

    great ...another genderless freak
  2. porkbutt

    I know what I want as my retirement job

    you all are just going to have dry cherries when you retire.
  3. porkbutt

    PI Stories By Bunny

    GFIAFP > bunny
  4. porkbutt

    Fishing With (Bikini Girl) Luiza

    yes. i just asked because it common ( well not as much in recent years) for the scallopers to have bluefin behind their boats and is common for people to get scallop guts from them and use them to bait up the tuna. not clam boats as much.
  5. porkbutt

    Fishing With (Bikini Girl) Luiza

    sure it wasn't scallops??
  6. porkbutt

    Fishing With (Bikini Girl) Luiza

    caught plenty out of nj with mono when tuna fishing. just have to get lucky
  7. porkbutt

    Shaving, what do you use?

    had beard full time for years now. trimmed like biweekly with wahl hair trimmers. the sissy beard trimmers don't cut it. neck/cleanup with a mach3 razor. one lasts me a year. beard getting real gray kinda sucks. but since gilette is now gay im looking for other options.
  8. porkbutt

    Not a Good Look for the GOP

  9. porkbutt

    Not a Good Look for the GOP

  10. porkbutt


    all fun and games until it mauls the neighbor's kid.
  11. porkbutt

    **Official MLB 2019**

  12. porkbutt

    Woman mistakes car for her Uber

    horrible horrible story. family lives not too far from me in nj. video just released of her getting in car. feet away from crowd standing outside bar. focking animal in custody.