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  1. porkbutt

    Most popular comedians that aren't ever funny

    that redtodd dude. he sucked
  2. porkbutt

    Hows Wentz looking ?

    first place
  3. porkbutt

    Tom and Jerry, the movie???

    at least the wedding in the beginning was a guy and girl. it couldve been awful and woke
  4. porkbutt

    ***Official NBA Draft 2020 Thread***

    id rather watch focking paint dry or fake wrestling. im pretty sure ill never watch another nba game in my life.
  5. porkbutt

    I'm worried about a friend of mine

    im just messing with edjr a bit. i have older friends for sure that had drug and alcohol problems. seems the real idiot friends stayed single though...none really that had bad divorces, no money or homes or anything like that. definitely none that had a son standing over them threatening to kill them and when you're married with kids you kinda tend to filter out the drama over the years. would of course help out any friend in need though.
  6. porkbutt

    I'm worried about a friend of mine

    bob's a focking loser
  7. porkbutt

    Cigar smoking geeks...

    ...are dooshbags
  8. porkbutt

    Lockdowns intensify in Philadelphia

    they can focking shut me down over my dead body. ignored it the first time and will again. this is america. fock off!!!
  9. porkbutt

    Lockdowns intensify in Philadelphia

    im in south jersey. agreed that thing is a disgrace. a dude with a wig giving the state orders god bless america
  10. porkbutt

    Hows Wentz looking ?

    better question is what is that? it's the pats qb...for the op who's so worried about wentz. ...but then again all the pats fans are gone again. they bucs fans now.
  11. porkbutt

    what is the best hole in the wall pizza youve had?

    everything is awesome when youre hammered at 2am
  12. porkbutt

    Hows Wentz looking ?

  13. porkbutt

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    so you believe in counting votes even if we all knew it was just one that was xeroxed 500,000 times? elections will just be to see who can copy more ballots. count every vote!!! poor trees
  14. porkbutt

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*