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  1. porkbutt

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    extremely possible. borderline likely.
  2. porkbutt

    Pawn Shops

    they have lots of good stolen stuff. once they buy it they have right to it. i was in a couple not too long ago looking for my stolen merchandise.
  3. porkbutt

    Why Does The FBI Lie So Much?

    it's like they think everyone is a retard and maybe they are right. liberals are for sure. "Biden said he did not know the specific motive behind the attack or why the specific synagogue was targeted. FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno said that Akram was focused on an issue not linked to the Jewish community, AP reported. " are they serious???? then biden went on to make it out to be a gun problem.
  4. porkbutt

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    been saying that for almost 2 years. the fact that an investigation as to the origins of this is not talked about 24/7 is mind boggling. every country in world should be partaking in a large scale investigation. never hear anything hardly. is it true that wuhan lab is still operating as we speak?
  5. porkbutt

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    who cares. im back at work...missed one day after testing positive last week. i had a cold. im never talking about covid again, never wearing a mask again ever. nor testing again ever.
  6. porkbutt

    Name The Next Covid Variant

    the common cold
  7. porkbutt

    30 things that should be more socially acceptable

    31 - shaming people for posting a dumass “scroll thru list”
  8. porkbutt

    Question for truck people

    stick them up your arse
  9. porkbutt

    LA is a sh;thole

    scroll down too. thats insane. defund the police!!!
  10. porkbutt

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    as long as youre aware you are horrible human being. good luck on your quest.
  11. porkbutt

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    im now a two time unvaxxed covid survivor!!! lol. had sniffles this monday and was a close with buncha people with covid. so i tested for hell of it. was convenient nurse came to work and did not go wait in a line . positive. no worse than a regular cold. might go to the bar tonight.
  12. porkbutt

    Favorite soup/stews

    must be the rage on the chick website circuit or something. wife been making the similar lately. good stuff.
  13. porkbutt

    Spermoff-Best Ghey Drink

    not a drink per se but jello shots. doesnt get gayer
  14. my point is - you don't let men in womens bathrooms. not a real "trans" or a frat jock idiot in a skirt. especially in focking high school. so you wanna say it didn't play into the rape or the policy wasn't in place yet .... ok great you and gutter win. court has no reason to bring that into it and being that they are minors no one is going to confirm it. but it's certainly reason for the whole coverup and fiasco. the board should be put on trial.
  15. whats a "trans" to you? who's going to confirm it?????? you keep harping on this point. he probably isn't!!!! who cares. i would think that would actually strengthen the argument that there shouldn't be dudes in skirts in girls bathrooms. courts docs say he was wearing a womens skirt & blouse, hair in a bun, and judge declared a disturbed sexual psychopath