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  1. porkbutt

    30 Cents Off Gas Or Free Ham ?

    yup. came here to post the same.
  2. porkbutt

    Where is your mind at currently?

    how gay most of you are with sharing your feelings. jeeezus man up.
  3. porkbutt

    Dash cams

    fock it...im a full on creep now... have cameras everywhere. at business, can believe the sh;t i found going down. ...on boat...had drunktards just climb aboard in middle of night. i almost hit a crackhead standing in middle of road the other night panhandling!!! so my life going to be ruined for that focktard???? society is toast. yea im following this thread....rec me a good one.
  4. or just maybe they all have downs syndrome and theres no normal ones
  5. porkbutt

    New truck

    have 10k on a 2022 tacoma SR5 so far and loving it. my son just got a 1st gen tacoma and been great so far too.
  6. porkbutt

    i wish you all a very happy thanksgiving!

    im thankful im not a focking libtarded libtard. imagine asking someone their pronouns how can you be on a side that doesn’t know difference between man and woman
  7. just kidding...go fock yourselves losers also wheres your gay thanksgiving recipe thread???
  8. porkbutt

    Say something nice about the poster above you.

    NKOTB biggest fan
  9. i think it's just more of this sh;tty gay trend of stupidity like i see on NBA jerseys " The Valley" "BKLYN" "ATL"
  10. i think argentina will win and messi gets one. or the team that pays fifa the most.
  11. porkbutt

    NFL & Youtube TV

    i have it and no.
  12. porkbutt

    Today's Darwin Award Winner

    i heard he was doing the MACK-arena