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  1. fail. thread title should say axe instead of ask
  2. porkbutt

    Great 90s rock

  3. porkbutt

    Why can't the Republicans see their hypocrisy?

    do you have a brain defect? no, really do you?
  4. porkbutt

    New Netflix show: Clickbait

    yea i tried watching episode 1 last night and thought the same. seemed pretty crappy. maybe that's the plot? how sometimes you click one of those retarded ads at bottom of webpage that looks interesting....but shame on you for clicking?
  5. porkbutt

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    there's really nothing else to say on the subject. i dont get it just had 2 people here at work that are vaccinated and got pretty sick with covid after. so i assume they could spread it pretty well too right? okay they didn't go to hospital. are you telling me that vax nazis care about the unvaccinated so much that's why they are trying to force it??? i do not understand why anyone gives a fock about another person having vax or not. please explain it to me!!!!! is there proof yet that variants definitely come from the unvaccinated? definite science yet on people who were infected and why they need vax? until then they can STFU
  6. porkbutt


    what an absolute pure grade dumass https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/09/14/USAT/019cfa0c-cf28-4439-b354-6b214fd83aed-aoc_met_gala.jpg
  7. yup imagine some of these people on the front lines for 2 years now...almost a year when there was NO vaccine at all....NOW being forced to get it. fubar!
  8. porkbutt

    So Elmo is pimping the Vax ?

    figures....didn't they make elmo gay a while back?
  9. porkbutt

    Tim Hack

    Kim Hack?
  10. porkbutt

    black national anthem

    focking retard woketards are unintentionally bringing back segregation. good job
  11. porkbutt

    black national anthem

    i have younghoe koo on my fantasy tream. does he get an anthem too??
  12. then why do you give one fock about anything else??? for real. i dont get it
  13. dude who cares. do you wake up worrying about covid? i dont even think twice about it. its focking weird. are you that scared???