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  1. porkbutt

    When does the Rocky statue get torn down?

    If I can change and you can change, everybody can change!!!!!!
  2. 60% fatherless 500 shot in Chicago yesterday 2nd Ranked race killed by police #1 in looting 600k white men died to free us fock this. between "black national anthem" and this...im done with sports. been totally fine without it.sh;ts gone too far. good job leftards
  3. porkbutt

    Dallas Goedert Put to Sleep!

    put to sleep on the moon?
  4. porkbutt

    What's on your 4th of July Menu?

    yellowfin. caught a boatload
  5. porkbutt

    Do you carry a knife?

    yes just always have. probably use it daily too. right now just have a SOG flash
  6. yea but cops still have to deal with it. they don't want cops so let them fence themselves and see what happens when there's a shooting or fire or outbreak of corona aids. give them exactly what they want. ZERO assistance. winning!
  7. i think this is awesome. put a 100ft fence around all these zones and let them eat their own. a genderless no privilege disease & crime ridden cesspool utopia with no law and order.
  8. yeah griffey im less sure. but knew someone who played minor league with piazza. juicer for sure.
  9. i love how some players come out clean from steroid era...piazza and griffey used 100%
  10. pretty much common sense. have to give it to them though...genius marketing. say you're not for "BLM" and you're a racist. youth of America walking around with BLM signs and support. meanwhile they are a commie radical front
  11. porkbutt

    Antidepressants or Tolkien

    18 for 24 im a tolkien nerd. read all the books back in 8th grade or so. saw lord of rings and hobbit...the cartoon versions way before movies now. hobbit on commodore 64 was a great game
  12. porkbutt

    Defund Ben and Jerrys

    bingo. i banned them years ago. fock them fruitloops.
  13. porkbutt

    There will be NO pro sports in USA in 2020.

    bunch of phillies just tested positive for corona aids. its over
  14. porkbutt

    Ben Rozier- What is privilege?

    pretty much facts