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  1. Scary Gary

    People like ryhmes.

    C0ck Block Crusin for a Bruisin'
  2. Scary Gary

    People like ryhmes.

    Drunk as skunk. Dumb. I mean...are skunks knows as being drunk? Nope. All part of the rhyming problem.
  3. Scary Gary

    People like ryhmes.

    Cuff and Stuff -- but this one is different. It actually means what it says. So it doesn't count. It isn't a saying simply because it rhymes. Our country has a rhyming problem. Once I get enough of them on this thread, I'm filing a petition.
  4. Scary Gary

    People like ryhmes.

    Little Boy Blue... He needed the money....ayyyyyyy! Yeah yeah...this isn't an Andrew Dice Clay thread.
  5. Scary Gary

    People like ryhmes.

    Yeah. Either that or Washingtronia Caplock
  6. Scary Gary

    People like ryhmes.

    Society likes rhymes. They just do. Folks make up dumb things for no other reason than they rhyme. I notice it all the time. A lot of them are just dumb, but because they rhyme, people say them. Example from below, "Made in the Shade" and "Fun in the Sun". You can have fun in the shade or have it made in the sun, but simply because they don't rhyme, they aren't fun to say. And what is a belly itcher? It has nothing to do whatsoever with pitching. Why are we so enamored with rhymes? I"ll start. I'm going to do a few just so you know what I'm talking about. After that, its ONE RHYME PER POST. We Want a Pitcher, Not a Belly Itcher Wind in the west, fishing's the best, wind in the east, fishing's the least Automatica Grammatica Liquor is Quicker Holy Guacamole Candy is Dandy Made in the Shade Fun in the Sun
  7. Scary Gary

    More grooming from the left

    Why is it, that if there is ever someone calling for the heads of pedophiles or criticizing pedophilia, the person on the other side throwing out arguments is a known board liberal? You'd think that if a conservative called for the head of a pedo, that everyone would jump aboard and agree. Nope, the liberals find little holes and little ways here and there to argue with the anti-pedophile all while saying "I'm not pro-pedophile" LOL. Then why the fock are are you arguing anything? It's like liberals don't want to outright admit they are pro-pedo, but yet, they argue vs those that are clearly anti-pedo. If you're arguing with an anti-pedo guy on the subject of pedophilia, you're a pro-pedophile, whether you actually admit it or not. And you fawking 5 or 6 hardcore board libs (we all know who you are, you know who you are) are all pro-pedophile.
  8. Scary Gary

    Biden can’t even bike right

    Probably when he was capable. He stopped when he knew he wasn't capable. Biden is so out of whack, he can't even function. He probably thinks he could slalom ski also. He obviously has dementia/Alzheimers and Parkinsons. The fawking retarded klutz wasn't even riding bike. He was stopped and just tipped over. LOL.
  9. Scary Gary


    It's crazy how many folks are trying to get in front of the media/camera so they can shout "Don't worry folks, Bitcoin is still going to 100K" or "This is nothing more than a buying opportunity". "Bitcoin is the lifeblood of society. If we go to civil war, its the one thing people will want!"
  10. Scary Gary


    Has this been posted ?
  11. Scary Gary

    Which geek is this?

    That is hilarious.
  12. Scary Gary

    Interesting time wasting game.

    Good 'ol Buvvalo Gravy. Reminder the 11 year anniversary is coming up this June. Mark it on your calendars please. June 7 - Buvvalo Gravy Day
  13. Scary Gary

    UFC 257

    He never was on track. If I were to write a bigography of Conor McGregor I would title it "How A One Dimensional Average Fighter Talked and Acted His Way to Being Elite"
  14. Scary Gary

    UFC 257

    And my problem with this ... Mcgregor will still be the biggest draw in MMA. That's what kinda pisses me off. Like ... Who ....or what kind of person/fan does he attract ?