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  1. TheNewGirl

    Recommend A Documentary

    I too am fascinated by the Chernobyl disaster. I'll check this one out. The HBO show is one of my favorites, I've actually watched it several times. My favorite part is the trial when he's explaining how it works, along with play by play scenes from the men at the plant.
  2. TheNewGirl

    Jussie Smollett's conviction upheld by Illinois appeals court

    Not really fixable or curable, but lots and lots of therapy can help.
  3. TheNewGirl

    Venezuela invasion of Guyana

    Of course we do!!!! And stop calling me Shirley.
  4. TheNewGirl

    Epstein Suicided, Who Are They Protecting?

    There is no solidarity here, even if Trump and Biden were on the list side by side.
  5. TheNewGirl

    Epstein Suicided, Who Are They Protecting?

    Of course. If Trump is on that list, then he needs to face consequences just like everyone else.
  6. TheNewGirl

    Epstein Suicided, Who Are They Protecting?

    This doesn't mean that he r@ped anyone. #notallmen Right?
  7. I will fully admit that Trump is a misogynistic piece of shiite. I don't vote for the person's character. Regardless of the little letter after their name, they are all pieces of shiite. His policies and the fact that my family was better off when he was in office is the appeal.
  8. You don't know what he does in private, but what he does in public speaks volumes....whatever he does do in private is likely much worse than what we the people are allowed to see. This goes for most people and relationships; no body openly talks about the bad and shady shiiite. As humans, we don't show that side of ourselves outside of a very very small selection of people. You're probably different in public than you are at home. It's just a human fact.
  9. TheNewGirl

    Recommend A Documentary

    I think all of these are on Netflix, some are tough to watch. The Keepers Aaron Hernandez doc The Boeing doc The Challenger's last flight Our Father (woman gets a DNA test and finds out a doctor was artifically inseminating women with his own stuff, 60 something kids out there) My Octopus Teacher Why Did you Kill Me? Don't Fock with Cats Trials of Gabriel Fernandez (this one is tough) Murder among the Mormons American Murder: The Family Next Door (this one is good because it's got ALL the social media stuff, you can see what it looked like in real time almost) The Murdaugh Murders (This was okay. I waited and waited until he was convicted before I watched, but it was a good one). I LOVE documentaries. LOVE.
  10. TheNewGirl

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    And my original point was the reason WHY women file more than men is rarely financially driven. Do they file in part because of financial rewards - maybe. Or maybe it's just that him making more money makes it easier for them to leave if they are seeking support. perhaps they figure they CAN make it on their own without the second income or whatever. And I agree that when they begin to go through the divorce process ,many find out that this isn't the case. Hence the reason to stay living together, or going to court to take the man for whatever she can. Do some women take advantage? Absofrickenlutely. Do some men take advantage? Absofrickenlutley - but probably not as often simply because women tend to have less financially. I guess I just don't know anyone personally that's filed for divorce just so they can financially benefit from it - because everyone I know that's gone through a divorce has ended up worse off on both sides. I guess that's where I falter in this argument, I can't picture anyone getting married just to get divorced and be better off. I know it happens, but it's something that my character (maybe?) can't picture. Like these young women with children on social media who are looking for a young fit guy that makes 6 figures and she will never have to work. They are out there, of course. Your assertion does have merit, however, I'd be curious about those relationships. I am gathering that there wasn't much abuse happening there in order for the couple to remain in the same house. Going back to my friend living with her father, there is literally NO way they could live together. Ex was far far too controlling. He literally contacted his lawyer when he found that she took a jar of sourdough starter. True story...and he's never baked a loaf of bread in his focking life. I think it would be great if couples stayed together and worked things out; divorce of any couple makes me sad, I hate to see it happen. I also don't want to see couples forced to stay together. I believe greatly in the family system of having two parents, scientifically children turn out better the majority of the time when they are from responsible two parent households. In the end, I think you and I really do agree on a lot of this stuff. I mostly take issue when men put the blame on women, because that's something women have been dealing with for centuries. It's rare that men actually do any introspection and ask, "Why does she want to leave?" It's usually, 'Yeah, she went crazy and left me."
  11. TheNewGirl

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    Doesn't matter. It's all her fault.
  12. TheNewGirl

    Hope for the Border?

    Excellent points.
  13. TheNewGirl

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    Yes, and I know of two couples personally that have to do this; live together because they can't afford to live apart. They are divorced and live under the same roof. I'd say that it takes a certain kind of couple to be able to actually do this - how do you date and move on? You'd need complete and total emotionally detachment. The article that you posted really does sound like it's not really on the women though, because it notes that the men cannot afford to purchase the homes either and neither want to go bankrupt or fock up their credit for the next 10 years. That and the housing market is garbage. Again, it would take a very special kind of couple that has their emotions I check if they are going to continue to stay together but apart and not destroy their children or themselves in the process. If a couple makes this work without fighting or anger, then that's great. I am not sure what "road" you're referring to when what process started? The process of getting married? Maybe I am missing something here. I don't know what you're seeing. That if they wanted to, women would tough it out? Or women really ARE just in it for the financial stuff? What am I missing?
  14. TheNewGirl

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    That's just the alias that she's been living under.