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  1. TheNewGirl

    The official Biden crime family thread.

  2. TheNewGirl

    Emily Ratajkowski

  3. TheNewGirl

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    Where are the #Ibelieveher people now?
  4. TheNewGirl

    Emily Ratajkowski

    So, despite some people believing other wise, gender and it's roles play a big part in our society. Not necessarily talking about men being stronger or whatever. We are biologically different down to our brains. It's science. If the need to just refer to the child as they/them/it their lives, it's going to create so much internal struggle, unless he's also sheltered and kept away from other children. Other children will say he's a boy, kids identify boy/girl at an incredibly early age and the ramifications of 'letting him chose his own gender' will happen regardless of what thy call him for the first 18 years. There WILL be a time (as happened with many of us) that we identified what our roles were. I don't really care that the parents are choosing this for their child, I am just not sure it's been given much thought. It's coming off as "Look at how progressive we are!" and all of that other crap. IMO, this is something that will have lasting effects on their child. AND...he's going to identify with daddy starting as a toddler...until he reaches that age where he's sure that, "Yeah, I am a boy..." or "Hmm.....I am not sure what I am. I have boy parts, but I feel this way...and mommy and daddy never really told me..." This is all being done for show, IMO. With out regard for this child's mental health as he grows up.
  5. TheNewGirl

    Emily Ratajkowski

    I've been a member here for nearly 18 years. I've met a geek or two. It's confirmed that I am female with breasts. Anyways. Moving on.
  6. TheNewGirl

    Emily Ratajkowski

    Also, the fock is wrong with her mouth? Needs to quit with the lip injections. Those don't age well.
  7. TheNewGirl

    Emily Ratajkowski

    Congrats on her having a nice face and body? She's probably boring as fock. And despite you all just wanting a piece of asss you know you'd like to have at least one decent conversation with her. Also, who cares if people think she had a boob job? Only her. So much that she has to post a risque underage bikini pic. Meh. Yay to pedophiles everywhere. Or nasty middle aged men that need something new to beat off to
  8. TheNewGirl

    Tug of war - small dozer verse 16 jeeps

    Some of those were pretty good. The last one made me laugh a little.
  9. TheNewGirl

    Confirmation hearings for Hon Amy Coney Barrett

    If Trump wins, he should expand the court.
  10. Also, in some CA cities, you can take a shite in the middle of the street and not get cited for it. Since there aren't available bathrooms for all of the homeless people. You can put a tent in your neighbor's front yard and not get cited. These are the cities and districts that Pelosi and Harris run.
  11. There is something similar in CA. They aren't punishing "smaller" crimes and also letting non-violent offenders out. Unfortunately, this includes some rapists.
  12. TheNewGirl

    For our gun guys...

  13. TheNewGirl

    For our gun guys...

    What about gun girls?
  14. TheNewGirl

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    I've never heard of this news site, so could be garbage: https://www.fulcrumnews.com/blog/2020/10/27/breaking-hunter-biden-emails-reveal-deal-underway-with-facebooks-mark-zuckerberg?fbclid=IwAR3y58Y5NaT-Eq2pchcnVXzRdwWcgH9QEqmQMlOJ5lHUQ2oBnsQxWuGsiwg#.X5hGXuR4_64.facebook=
  15. TheNewGirl

    Confirmation hearings for Hon Amy Coney Barrett

    My parents were registered Dems for YEARS. I think that changed with Obama's second term.