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  1. TheNewGirl

    rationing during wartime in WW2

    Watch any post-apocalyptic show now and this is what happens. Small groups every where, come across larger group. Instead of larger group helping, they kill them on the spot, keep them out of their area, or let them in and make them slaves to the "leader" of that group. I have yet to see a show that has people truly helping one another out in really hard times when no one really has anything.
  2. So, if I say to a trans-female, "I am more woman than you are..." it's transphobic? Because I have biologically female chromosomes and a vagina? And they have biologically male chromosomes and still have a ? I am the one who is trans-phobic and will be called names? This is part of the LGBTQ world that doesn't make sense to me. I am not phobic of trans people.
  3. I rarely tip on carry out food, fast food, Starbucks, etc. I regularly tip around 20% at sit-down places, or services like waxing or my hair dresser. Tips are automatically added to some food delivery services like Instacart or DoorDash, and if we use that I change it to the lowest amount.
  4. TheNewGirl

    Xbox goes woke

    So true. I am guilty as well.
  5. I read somewhere that Elizabeth Warren is endorsing this as well; and the commentary was that since they (the govt) are having issues passing tax increases for the wealth at the fed level; they think it should be done at the state level. States like CA know they are losing people because it's become so difficult to live here; be successful and buy a home. The gentrification of counties like LA County are literally pushing people to be poor and/or homeless. Those people just drain the social systems that we have in place. Taxing the "wealthy" is the way to go. The issue is that the wealthy also know how to get around paying taxes and all of the loop holes. A billion will be lowered to a million eventually.
  6. TheNewGirl

    Model shocked and outraged! Huge boobs inside

    It appears to be TRUE!!!! Hahaha!
  7. TheNewGirl

    Model shocked and outraged! Huge boobs inside

    Can you even motorboat giant hard basketball-like boobies? I would think that they'd have to be somewhat softer to deliver the proper boating. Or motoring. Whatever. I picture putting a face between two basketballs, doesn't really work, IMO.
  8. TheNewGirl

    Model shocked and outraged! Huge boobs inside

    Jazmyne. FFS.
  9. TheNewGirl

    MILF Manor

    They are all like this. The Bachelor had some long term hints to it. The last one I watched was the first season of Blind Love on Netflix. You get to know someone without seeing them until you "pick" them. This one couple picked each other, she saw him and was truly repulsed by his looks. That made me so sad to watch. And they followed the couples after, back home and they just were all sooooo toxic.
  10. TheNewGirl

    MILF Manor

    I went through the gallery and they are mostly "hard workers" "gym owners" or "fitness trainers." They've all "tried dating" and need another chance at love. I can't see them putting up with the antics of younger dudes, and I can't see younger dudes putting up with older women in their set ways and all of that. This isn't long term relationship stuff, JMO.
  11. TheNewGirl

    MILF Manor

    So, which ones are MILFs? All of those ladies are full of botox and silicone.
  12. TheNewGirl

    JOURNEY Appreciation Thread

    Don't stop believin'
  13. You're not being optimistic, you're posting false information and then back-peddaling.
  14. We did? Every child in this country is no longer hungry and getting food? According to a quick search, it hasn't ended, but Biden pledged to end it by 2030. Will he even be alive then?