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  1. Was going to wonder if they were going to go the brain injury route.
  2. TheNewGirl

    Woke Culture in Schools

    “The kids become a subject and you are intending to awaken them to the oppression that they aren’t aware of but that they are actively participating in,” Pacheco wrote. “Then how to lead to social change.” In his presentation, Pacheco claimed that the district’s guidelines and expectations were considered “barriers” to ethnic studies. He also encouraged teachers to be careful about what they say in virtual classrooms as parents are considered barriers as well. “[We] have to be extra careful about what is being said, since we can’t just say something controversial now that we’re in people’s homes. Parents can take out of context or see what materials are being used so need to be careful of what they see,” Pacheco wrote. According to the presentation materials, Pacheco pushed ethnic studies seemingly to indoctrinate children and lead them to activism. Good to know I am a barrier to what my children are learning.
  3. TheNewGirl

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    They'll all be here in CA.
  4. TheNewGirl

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    He was suspended for a few days, maybe Mike got tired of the reported posts and now he's permabanned?
  5. TheNewGirl

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    You really need to go back to shiitty parodies. Your fake Asian/whatever cultural appropriation is insulting. worst alias ever, Rusty.
  6. Damn. Well. Don't tell my husband that these Kenyan men are getting it 4 times a month more than he is.
  7. No, it's just that you're bumping up all of the Haim/Feldman crap without context and that's the only thing I've heard of recently
  8. Do you feel the same about political figures that have crap dragged out after 30 years?
  9. Did something new happen? Besides Weinstein being extradited back to CA for rape charges.
  10. New bill would let politicians that are targets of recalls get names of people who signed to recall them https://ktla.com/news/california/california-bill-that-would-let-recall-targets-see-who-signed-petition-to-oust-them-clears-senate-committee/ Be prepared to get canceled if you sign recall petitions
  11. TheNewGirl

    What state would you live in

    No one wants to come to California?!