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  1. TheNewGirl

    Rusty Syringes

    No, that was Jackal.
  2. TheNewGirl

    One of the things bothering me about the election cr@p

    I would agree with you on that.
  3. TheNewGirl

    One of the things bothering me about the election cr@p

    Oh she's still freaking out.....BUT...due to other circumstances in her life, had to get a job and is no longer self employed. She does have a regular paycheck and healthcare, so a few things have improved. However, she is realizing that working full time and having three kids isn't easy and she doesn't have as much "free" time as she did before. So she's dealing with depression now and trying to cram everything in. Her husband is still self employed and "has been looking" for a few months. His expectations on a job are much higher than hers. But she still talks about hating Trump, how there is so much misery and sufferng in the world, etc.
  4. TheNewGirl

    Rusty Syringes

    I remember Rusty. Great guy.
  5. No, I didnt break 12 hours. I am a middle of the pack racer. Swim is in Tempe Town Lake yes, I really didnt think it was that bad. The water is gross and silty, but it didnt smell or anything. The local lakes where I live all have a lot of dirt, debris, and fish...and they can get pretty gross. Water was cold though, Ive heard water temp was 60F, but some people said their Garmins read as low as 57F. Several people dropped after the swim due to hypothermia, and there were some in the medical tent. IMAZ has roughly a 95% finish rate and this time was closer to 90%, allegedly because of the cold swim and people just not being able to get on the bike. Bike course is a false flat. Its three loops and the first 8 miles are flat streets through Tempe, then you head out on the Beeline highway which has about a 250 foot climb over 10 miles. Turn around is at around mile 19, then head back into town. By the third loop i was tired of seeing the same stuff and there was a headwind that picked up on the way back (I was faster on the uphill than on the downhill). Run is also pretty flat with short uphills over a couple of freeway over passes; the run is two loops. Basically around the lake and then some city streets. Weather was perfect, a little cold in the am, but a high of maybe 73? Gets cold as soon as sun goes down. I thought it was a perfect course for my first 140.6. Its also hard to get into, they recommend you volunteer (I volunteered in 2017 to get this years entry). A really great day though. That finish line compares to nothing else Ive ever done. The crowd, the energy, and just thinking about what I did that day, wow!
  6. Hey Cdub, I just did the Ironman Arizona 140.6. What an amazing experience!
  7. TheNewGirl

    I have a question...

    Whatever happened to that guy?
  8. TheNewGirl

    Braveheart movie fans...Outlaw/King

    I liked it. Braveheart is one of my favorite movies, the story of Robert the Bruce, and how Scotland fought to get their land and lives back. Also, Chris Pine full frontal.
  9. TheNewGirl

    Transgender protections

    There are just somethings that their brains cannot compute. Little kids with neanderthal brains that aren't fully developed, and they just find our that their best friend isn't really a boy, he's a girl. I see it creating a LOT of unneccessary confusion in non-trans kids.
  10. TheNewGirl

    Transgender protections

    I think it should be treated like the sex ed classes, bringing home permission forms, etc. , in jr high my daughter brought home a permission slip with a list of movies that they *might* watch on rainy days, and I could say yes/no. But kindergarten? And allowing the child to change clothes during classtime (not IN class in front of others) as sort of their own gender reveal is a bit extreme; and parents were never notified of the book the teacher read, nor the transgender student doing this. That's where I have the issue.
  11. TheNewGirl

    Transgender protections

    Locally to me: https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2017/08/22/rocklin-parents-grill-school-board-over-transgender-discussions-in-kindergarten/ https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/mar/27/teacher-transgender-lesson-named-teacher-year/ Also, this is CA, so probably more liberal than other areas.
  12. TheNewGirl

    Transgender protections

    In my opinion, no. If you did a DNA test on that person, they'd come back with male chromosomes, right? On a biological/scientific level...their genes are still male.
  13. TheNewGirl

    Transgender protections

    I think it's becoming that way.
  14. TheNewGirl

    Describe something from the "other side" that you agree with

    I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. So I don't care who you marry, what bathroom you feel the need to use, or what kind of qualifier you need to "define" yourself. I don't think Roe v Wade needs to be overturned, and I think it is a woman's right to choose. Healthcare should be affordable for citizens; I think that we just have TOO many people here who drain our country financially, and don't really help out. I agree about the welfare and a few other social programs that we can do without or severely cut back. There are others, but these are the ones that come to mind. So all of that said, when I vote, it's usually with my wallet in mind. Social issues can sometimes take care of themselves. But living in a blue state where the taxes are just ridiculous, I am voting against just about everything that tells me it increases my taxes.