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  1. TheNewGirl

    What is your favorite sound?

    Sound of you shutting the fock up.
  2. I think it's if it's under $1k in stolen items, there's really no punishment. It's not a misdemeanor worth prosecuting.
  3. Didn't the city also start closing their Target store super early because of thefts? These stores aren't going to want to BE in big cities or people aren't going to want to work there. And...if the theft is below a certain $, there's no point in prosecuting, there's no punishment.
  4. TheNewGirl

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    Yes, there is a risk of ovarian cancer when talc or talcum powder is used on females/baby girls. This is a law suit that's been going on for YEARS. Even I knew when my daughter was an infant, you don't use powder on their bits.
  5. TheNewGirl

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Very interesting read.
  6. TheNewGirl

    Who has a tattoo of what and why?

    I have 10.
  7. TheNewGirl

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    That's why I mentioned that she was happier about THAT than the doctor actually trying to work with her on her weight/hormonal issues. If the focus is on whether or not you're calling me her/she vs they/them...the priorities about HEALTH are mixed up, IMO.
  8. TheNewGirl

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    Actually, I do. There are some hormonal changes and issues that can prevent weight loss with out drastic dieting and/or medications. But, for the most part, you're right.
  9. TheNewGirl

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    So a couple of things. Fat shaming in the medical community is real, HOWEVER...there are several health issues that can be helped if not resolved if one loses some body weight. Diabetes is one. This person is at an OB appointment and I'd bet money she's been diagnosed with PCOS. The fact that the first comment is that her other doctor blamed it on her weight and wanted to put her on medications that made her feel crappy...she was probably told to lose weight, go on Metformin, and it would help...as this is the classic PCOS protocol where many doctor's start. PCOS is nasty and turns in to a vicious cycle. She didn't seem to want to hear this. She was more thankful that the second doctor addressed her pronouns correctly and then asked about how to touch her. I have so many mixed feelings about this tik tok, I am glad the doctor addressed her pronouns right, but addressing her weight is so important, too. You don't see many morbidly obese 50 or 60 year olds for a reason.
  10. TheNewGirl

    The advanced child tax credit

    I don't think it's about families getting "killed" but more of the not understanding that they are getting some of this up front. Come tax time, they will see that they only get HALF...and then they will freak. I can see how there might be a small percentage of families that are affected, but others will likely more be upset that they didn't realize it's an "advance."
  11. TheNewGirl

    Bezos donates 100million to..

  12. TheNewGirl

    Bezos donates 100million to..

    good for him.
  13. TheNewGirl

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    But I thought only 3 people have died from the vaccine - the blood clot thing?
  14. TheNewGirl

    We now have state-controlled media messaging

    Isn't that what's happening tho? Who told FB to remove Trump's page? Who is telling FB to push the Covid info and "fact checking?"
  15. TheNewGirl

    I have Cancer :/

    Good luck, Jerry!