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  1. TheNewGirl

    Biden's America

    Insulin and other drugs just got more expensive...again. https://news.bloomberglaw.com/pharma-and-life-sciences/bidens-hhs-freezes-trump-insulin-epinephrine-rule-until-march
  2. TheNewGirl

    Biden's 401k changes

    Hmmm...it’s like these two guys have something in common...
  3. https://apnews.com/article/sacramento-california-coronavirus-pandemic-gavin-newsom-38bb44ea7cb39eab9f6f6c621daeaf10?fbclid=IwAR1zexc8evs3oAdy52AggYSVjMqDNqe_CvIf1ZHn10P4Qd8mlN5tffTOh8s California Health and Human Services Agency spokeswoman Kate Folmar said officials are committed to transparency, providing twice-weekly updates on whether regions can relax restrictions. But she said projected ICU capacity is based on multiple variables, including available beds and staffing that change regularly. “These fluid, on-the-ground conditions cannot be boiled down to a single data point — and to do so would mislead and create greater uncertainty for Californians,” she said in a statement. First Amendment Coalition Executive Director David Snyder urged the state to change course. “The state is wielding extraordinary power these days — power to close businesses, to directly impact people’s livelihoods and even lives — and so it owes it to Californians to disclose how and why it makes those decisions,” said Snyder, whose California public interest organization fights for greater government openness. “Secrecy,” he said, “is exactly the wrong approach here and will only breed further mistrust, confusion and contempt for the crucial role of government in bringing us out of this crisis.” I wonder if Newsome was at the French Laundry with these people a few months back?
  4. TheNewGirl

    Biden's 401k changes

    Wait, seriously? Mine is doing well right now, too.
  5. TheNewGirl

    Biden's 401k changes

    4 years? WTF are you waiting for?
  6. TheNewGirl

    Biden's 401k changes

    Shh!!!!!! Now everyone will want the link.
  7. TheNewGirl

    Biden's 401k changes

    Thanks. I make a lot less than $163k, but I was curious.
  8. TheNewGirl

    Biden's 401k changes

    Yeah, it's not like they are going to be investing that money or saving for retirement. They will just spend it somewhere else.
  9. TheNewGirl

    Biden's 401k changes

    So I can't read the article, it's behind a pay wall or some crap. Can someone dumb down the article and plan? At my work, I can contribute up to 25% of my salary, my company matches 100% up to 6%. But apparently, if you make more than $163k it's a tax increase? Thanks if someone can explain it to me.
  10. Oh, he will be on the Time "Man of the Year" cover again, for sure. And they will talk about how it's "two years in a row" and all of that garbage.
  11. TheNewGirl

    How will the media treat President Joe Biden?

    My BFF is one of these as well. She's always talking about how much dread she's had the last four years....couldn't get out of bed for over a week after the 2016 election, cried all the time.
  12. So let's take kids when they are trying to fit in, play a sport as best as they can, and then be passed up by a person who will always be faster and stronger - because science. My daughter plays high school basketball at the competitive level. Telling her that she didn't make a team because a transgender woman did would be pretty tough to explain. She'd keep trying...but eventually, these bio-girls will give up playing sports altogether. This will create a LOT of resentment eventually. Why bother to try and get better when you're a kid then?
  13. TheNewGirl

    Libs still protesting

    He's clearly not working fast enough.