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  1. tubby_mcgee

    H.S Football Gurus or former Refs

    The only thing I was thinking, is ....if a player in h.s dives at a ball, and touches it outside of the end zone and slides into the end zone.....well in h.s football, the INSTANT a ball carriers thigh, butt, knee touches the ground, he is down. The play is over over. Sooo...he dives at ball, knee hits while ball is on 1/2 yard line...is the play INSTANTLY over, so it doesn't matter what happens after that?
  2. tubby_mcgee

    H.S Football Gurus or former Refs

    Had a play this weekend.....at our game.... Punting team punts to us, ball rolls to 1/2 yd line, the punting teams player dives on ball and "downs" it while the ball was still not touching goal line, but his body was 3/4 in the endzone. Refs set ball at 1/2 yd line. Our fans, and the YouTube announcer were up in arms about that it shoulda been a touchback. The ref was RIGHT THERE to see it. Couldn't have missed it. Because of this, I'm thinking the rule in H.S. is different than the NFL Rule. In the NFL, if any part of your body is in the endzone, it's a touchback. In H.S, I'm wondering the ball has to actually go into the endzone for it to be a touchback. Anyone know? I tried finding the answer in an online NFHS rulebook, and I didn't ever clarify that situation. At least that I saw.
  3. tubby_mcgee

    So this Biden vs Trump poll.

    That's what I thought. You backed down. In other words, you're an out of shape fatty or simply an out shape "skinny fat" person. Way to give up on life. Quite a way to live.
  4. tubby_mcgee

    So this Biden vs Trump poll.

    How old are you and how often do you work out? Are you physically imposing? Fatty? What? (I'm going to show you there is a difference. Well. No, I won't, because you'll back down now., lol) I think its funny some 30, 40 or 50+ year olds are wirey or fat. They made the decision to say "fock it" and let their body go. I wanna see where you're at.
  5. tubby_mcgee

    So this Biden vs Trump poll.

    Here's my opinion. Biden gets that because people see it with their own eyes. Trump gets that because the media says so. Certain people go by what their eyes tell them. Certain people refuse to go by their own eyes and they go by what they are told. Which is fine. To each their own. Yes Trump and Biden are both old. There's a difference. Otherwise, you'd have memes and jokes about Trump being old. And videos showing him falling up stairs and wandering aimlessly, mumbling, etc. This whole thing, like many instances of he said she said, corruption this, corruption that, etc etc etc come down to motive. Motive means everything.
  6. tubby_mcgee

    So this Biden vs Trump poll.

    Take a look and then give your opinion on the following two questions. https://www.axios.com/2023/08/29/biden-trump-2024-age-legal-issues Biden's biggest problem. according to the poll is that he's OLD, SLOW AND CONFUSED. Question 1: Where does does society get this view/where are they gathering information to come to this view? Trumps biggest problem, according to the poll is that he's CROOKED, CRIMINAL AND CORRUPT. Question 2: 1: Where does does society get this view/where are they gathering information to come to this view? Let the fighting and answering questions I didn't ask begin. (That's what folks do --they answer question's not asked. I don't see why it will be any different here) Please Answer the questions I asked.
  7. Whad'ya notice? https://wealthynickel.com/cities-near-bankruptcy/
  8. To folks that say "no way....no way could there be some other form of life, that's too weird...no way...." Umm... Isn't the fact that we're here, weird? So you're saying human's walking around aren't weird? Buuuut....anything else would be?
  9. My biggest problem is, that we'll never focking know. Just like the folks of Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, North Korea will never know. No, life in the US is not nearly as bad as those countries, but as far as things above.... we are at the mercy of the agenda. I remember hearing, during the 1990 Gulf War, how Iraqi citizens thought they were beating the US, because....(drum roll) that's what they were told by their government. They would announce to their people "We shot down XX US jets, we killed xxxx number of US solidiers, the US is ready to surrender, just hang in there". Their folks only knew what they were told. We are not much different as far as that goes. I think if Clinton/Lewinksy happens in 2020....it doesn't "happen". They deny to no end, pay, etc. Then if Monica 2020 keeps yapping the the press, they come back with "she's making it up" and the battle of who to believe begins. Much like every focking news story of wrong doing within the government today. If cocaine was found in the White House in 1996, they simply announce who's it was, and that person faces fine, says they'll get therapy/help, and it's done. But nowadays...with neither side wanting anyone on their side, certainly not the son of POTUS to be found guilty/show bad side, it's simply kept under wraps.
  10. Problem is, we'll never know the answer. Ever. If the answer "slips out", there will be just as many sources saying "that's fake" (referring to the article which exposes an event as false). We are at the mercy of what "they" want to tell us. It's a closed system. With no checks and balances. Well, okay, there are checks and balances, but those checking and balancing are within the closed system, and will stick to the agenda as far as reporting to the public. We only know what we are told, and don't know if what we are told is the truth or not.
  11. tubby_mcgee

    Construction of a sandwich

    See...now that's how a sandwich can be made wrong. It's unwieldy. A big pile of slop. Hard to hold, hard to eat. That's the opposite of a sandwich.
  12. tubby_mcgee

    Death rate higher among anti-vax MAGAturds

    So your link is correct, and the links the right has, showing the opposite are incorrect? And if people are dying from covid again, lol, why isn't it in the headlines? If folks were dying of covid again, they'd sound the gay alarm again, and have people wear phony masks, quarantine, and the "covid" buzz would be floating around.
  13. tubby_mcgee

    Construction of a sandwich

    This. I will add.... The RATIO of ingredients is important. Some places/folks make a sandwich that is 5" tall or more even. There is a point to a sandwich. To taste all of the combinations of flavors together. When it gets that tall, you can't. But yeah, I'd say a "wrong" sandwich as far as construction would be very limited: 1.) too thick/hard to handle 2.) too much sauce in wrong places so it makes it fall apart or slip apart Hmm. To each his own with ingredients. So...yeah.... very few ways to fock up a sandwich.
  14. As much as I agree with him on this subject....Stephen A Smiff should keep his nose out of politics. Buuuuut....that's where many ultimately want to end up. It's a career path. Actors, pro-sports athletes, talk show, big tech founders, tv hosts all end up beating their political chest---and sadly, they are given a platform for it and their opinion is much greater than yours or mine. F*ck Smith, celebrities. They are essentially worthless pawns in society that are propped up by those folks who idolize celebrities. "Oh....look....they were on tv! I love them!" They provide 0 intrinsic value. If celebs disappeared tonight at midnight, the world would be none the worse. If potato and wheat and soybean and corn farmers and cattle ranchers disappeared, we'd be focked. Yettttt....certain portions of society hold celebs at a high status. But those folks that do that, are also lesser quality humans. And we know which group idolizes them.