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  1. I'm getting one...just not sure which one. Can they say "Yah...we said mask...but we didn't mean that kind" with any of these? 1.) http://shorturl.at/knD38 2.) https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/belgian-military-surplus-m51-gas-mask-with-bag-and-filter-new?a=764317 3.) http://shorturl.at/hxyLN 4.) https://www.amazon.com/Raxwalker-Cosplay-Steampunk-Halloween-Costume/dp/B07B2HYJ7K/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=bird+mask&qid=1597295044&sr=8-2 Which one is the "best" ?
  2. tubby_mcgee

    Alex Jones

    Hopefully he is off his rocker.
  3. tubby_mcgee

    Alex Jones

    https://banned.video/watch?id=5f346e1fdf77c4044edba6f5 Crazy stuff. He believes after Trump wins, they blue states will say "That didn't count, we are going to use the popular vote. " and then have a separate inauguration for Biden. I guess its been SAID...its not Alex Jones predicting it. Dems have said they are going to secede, elect Biden in their own world, see what the military does..and if the military doesn't act, the dems said they are going to burn down every government building in the US. Dems have said "We will begin destroying the country so that the military will have no choice but to remove Trump, in order to stop the total destruction of the country. " Liberals need ready to fight eyeball to eyeball, bullet for bullet with the right. If the above things happen...its likely to happen. Libs, can you handle it?
  4. tubby_mcgee

    Nostril Waxing Kit

    I've used it. Have it in my bathroom now. I've used it probably 6 times. Its silly. (you will look silly with the sticks in your nostrils) It works. Hurts a little. There aren't enough sticks to go along withe the wax, so try to get a couple uses out of each stick. It's a process. Need to microwave the wax, sit with sticks in your nose for 10-15 minutes, clean up the sticks when done (see above) Because its a process, I tend to either: 1. pluck them during desk or drive time. I have good tweezers in my desk and vehicle. Usually only the first couple yanks make your eyes water. Then gets easy. 2. use a $20 battery powered trimmer
  5. Liberals believe everyone should be allowed to express themselves. I knew long ago liberals would become pro-pedophile. Liberals claim "It's their urge, so they deserve the right to relieve those urges even if it means sex with little boys" Liberals will soon be referring to 40 year old men who have sex with 8 year old girls as "Non age-discriminatory lovers"
  6. Liberals saying "Kid had it coming"
  7. tubby_mcgee

    Doctors urge you to throw away this one vegetable.

    This applies to any thread, any claim to correct info.
  8. tubby_mcgee

    Is America Headed to Civil War? Of Course it is.

    Nope. They'd be heroes. Getting rid of trash = hero.
  9. tubby_mcgee


    https://banned.video/ There is a video where Oprah says it feels good for a 7 year old to have their peanus rubbed.
  10. tubby_mcgee

    Is America Headed to Civil War? Of Course it is.

    So mowing down criminals...is bad? I say it's good. I guess we'll agree do disagree. Funny how, if a group of conservatives would take out people that are hurting kid, burning houses, shooting cops etc...would be the criminal. Of course the libs would call them criminal. The libs call those molesting children and throwing bricks into windows and burning police cars "heroes". Those people (molesters, vandals, terrorists) are enemies of Trump. Therefore, by way of "an enemy of me of my enemy is my friend" --- liberals see those groups as "the good guys". I guess you and I will have to disagree again. I call them filthy focking worthless trash.
  11. tubby_mcgee

    Is America Headed to Civil War? Of Course it is.

    Red hasn't begun to fight yet.
  12. tubby_mcgee

    Is America Headed to Civil War? Of Course it is.

    Sad why? You have one side "pushing for it with actions" -- those burning down and throwing bricks at everything in sight. Torching cities, vandalizing everything, sodomizing little kids, saying "just try to stop us". You have the other side saying "The way this is going, it's headed to Civil War." Then the same side that is doing all of the damage is saying "Why are you wanting civil war. That's nonsense" At this point, Civil War, will end this behavior sooner than what is being done now, and I think many agree. The side that is ruining the country, says "We don't want Civil War, we just want to be able to keep freely destroying things" When a small group of local-good guys walks in and mows down a group of thugs that are vandalizing property or raping little kids.... what is the other side going to say? How will they react to 150 dead bodies on the ground?
  13. tubby_mcgee

    Big Ten now cancels football season...

    These places...organizations....etc etc etc are going to expect tax payers to offset their lost revenue.
  14. tubby_mcgee

    Doctors urge you to throw away this one vegetable.

    Actually, you are wrong. What I read is, the opposite is true.
  15. tubby_mcgee

    Escape from New York or Demolition Man?

    Is EFNY the one where the guy is entering the prison at the beginning of show, and you can hear voice on loudspeaker say something like "turn left if you wish to be extinguished" ?