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  1. tubby_mcgee

    Liberal breast feeds cat on plane

    Stay classy, liberals. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/woman-reportedly-breastfed-cat-delta-airlines-flight (here's where a liberal says "The article doesn't say they were liberal"). Here's my answer: If you read an article about a male who was wearing a rainbow flag, married to a male and had AIDS, won the butt-focking another guy contest, and someone said he was liberal, would you question it?
  2. tubby_mcgee

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    The words "Grassy Knoll" are being thrown around by Baldwin now, apparently.
  3. tubby_mcgee

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Baldwin now claiming there was no bullet in the gun. Says it was a foreign object in the barrel that somehow "went off".
  4. tubby_mcgee

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    So board libs...what are your thoughts on "the gun just went off" ?
  5. tubby_mcgee

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    It's just an extension of the tendency of the left to shift responsibility to inanimate objects. It's the gun's fault. Waukesha is the car's fault. Baldwin is simply another Hollywood twit who thinks that getting dressed and playing "make believe" makes him/them some kind of hero and exempt from the laws of man as well as the laws of physics. The thing is, he's so stupid, that he thinks everyone else is stupid enough to fall for it. And lastly....ummm.. If that would have REALLY happened, his reaction immediately after would have been this. Not a month later. And I actually doubt he came up with this defense on his own. Someone told him to go with it and stick to it. Imagine if that happens....and he wins. There are going to be a lot of guns just "going off" without someone pulling the trigger.
  6. tubby_mcgee

    DOW down over 1,000 due to new COVID variant

    CNN pre-empting other shows....with a special on the incoming death and destruction of America due to the new variant. Focking liberals. Got any words of wisdom, liberals ? Lemme guess. "14 days to flatten the curve"
  7. tubby_mcgee

    DOW down over 1,000 due to new COVID variant

    We never KNOW why it's down. They always throw a reason out with it So what's the REAL reason. ?
  8. Liberals running scared again. Lmao. Game shows ...lol...still using masks and 6ft social distancing. Is there anything liberals don't fall hook like and sinker for? 14 days to flatten the curve. Liberals so scared even the slightest "boo" makes them themselves..
  9. tubby_mcgee

    Car drives through Christmas parade in WI

    Liberals now citing Darrell Brooks as a "hero" and a "great family man".
  10. tubby_mcgee

    Car drives through Christmas parade in WI

    And we've confirmed...just like we thought...its a liberal. https://www.the-sun.com/news/4117021/darrell-brooks-wisconsin-arrested-christmas-parade/ When do liberals decide to not be liberals...just purely based on the pure worthlessness of liberals?
  11. tubby_mcgee

    Car drives through Christmas parade in WI

    And that's exactly where we are. That Illinois democrat...whoever he is...is calling for war by liberals vs Americans. Does he not realize that is the Americans that have all the guns? And the liberals have ....well....cars, sticks, rocks, unicorn dust and d!ldos. How does he think his side even has a sniff of a chance? It's going to go as well for the libs as is did for the 3 junkie pedophiles vs Rittenhouse.
  12. tubby_mcgee

    Do you think you could have took Bruce Lee in a fight?

    If he's just karate and punching and kicking...yes.
  13. tubby_mcgee

    Kyle Rittenhouse trial

    If you're mad...you should "go at someone" that you don't like. Charge them! Swing a skateboard at them! It's your right! Come on man, do it!
  14. tubby_mcgee

    Kyle Rittenhouse trial

    I read a study the other day, that said the number of people crying about blacks being accused/convicted of crimes could be lessened if blacks would quit committing so many crimes.
  15. tubby_mcgee

    Kyle Rittenhouse trial

    You don't have more guns than me. Zero focking chance. Or ammo. I don't have a .50 cal... I buy the same few calibers over and over and over. And you have gun that would turn someone into fine mist? Uhh...and? Its something you bought. So...what are you saying? That's like saying "I have a pickup. It could flatten someone" lol. What a dumb ass. Here's a fact: I could physically put you on the ground, and beat you so bad that you were begging to just be killed the rest of the way. Without a gun. Or a tool or weapon. That's a better feat than saying "I went to store and bought a big chainsaw. I could cut someone to smithereens with it" lol @" I have a gun that could turn someone into fine mist". I more so doubt that you even know which end of a gun is the barrel. You liberals aren't much good at anything that doesn't involve barbie dolls, d!ildos or unicorns.