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  1. tubby_mcgee

    Columbine - Sad

    If that were to ever happen, NO ONE would ever die of a drug overdose. It would ALWAYS be someone else's fault they got hooked on drugs.
  2. tubby_mcgee

    Columbine - Sad

    But since you said ahead of time, that you didn't want a debate, it won't happen.
  3. Agreed. You and I have opinions on abortions, politcs, etc also, but it doesn't count, because we don't sing or play basketball or act. Weird.
  4. I have no idea of your political affiliation, but I'd say you are very liberal based on this comment. My "job" doesn't pay what an actors pays, but I promise I make a FVCK of a lot more than you and work one hell of a fvck of a lot less than you. Work smarter, not harder, bruh. Ever think of that? Now go back to your salt mine. My point originally, was....celebs use their really tall ladder/chair to have a voice. Milano, Oprah, Lebron....all of the sudden step away from their area of expertise, and are now experts in politics, abortions, etc.
  5. You're a celeb. Yeah. Whatever. Act. Make infomercials. Talk. Not this: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/steyn-alyssa-milano-sex-strike-abstinence-georgia-abortion-bill
  6. Yeah, he's sitting with his mouth open. That seems always mean something, and it usually isn't "smart".
  7. Is it the prosecutions job to: A.) Get the correct verdict B.) Show the evidence they have obtained. This evidence should result in guilty verdict. C.) Make sure the guy on trial is found guilty. (same thing for defense, but vice versa) So which is it? Or which TWO things? I'd say C and possibly C and B. For sure it's C. Honestly, the prosecution is C. The answer should be "A" and "B". I sometimes think that the prosecution, is only out to get A PERSON found guilty, not necessarily the correct person.
  8. Bingo. We all know that tisn't the way that guy rolls.
  9. I'm generally one NOT to jump to that conclusion without hearing a lot of the case. I heard a little bit today (I'd never even heard of this case til today). I had it on in my shop most of day. From what I have seen, he's guilty, the mom isn't.
  10. I was watching Court TV. Apparently its back on the air? Anyway... guy on trial for killing daughter. Guys face is tatted the fawk up. Commentators/analysts said today, that in court, the defense attorney was worried that jurors would lean more toward guilty because he had a fawked up face. They said during some portion of the trial, the defense attorney told the jurors, they could not discriminate or be prejudiced against him. Fawk that. As with ANY stereotype.... they are real for the most part. I've talked about this before. A committee didn't get together to decide to try to make pit bulls look more dangerous than other dogs, or create a rumor that Amish worked hard, etc. Stereotypes are derived from the "eye test". Not based on a committee getting together to make someone look bad, for fawks sake. So, this dude, is already got a two tally marks in "oh sh!t column before the jury gets the case. 1.) He's accused by police. That makes him guilty in the eyes of many before anything else happens. 2.) He looks the part of a murderer/thug/focktard. Here is a link to case. case good looking fella Whether the jurors are "allowed" to discriminate or not....uhhhh...they'll do as they please. Discuss.
  11. tubby_mcgee

    Kentucky Derby 2019 - Omaha Beach Scratched!

    That's my point to why he never shoulda been brought down. 1.) He didn't steer the horse (sometimes jockeys are at fault for steering the horse, which can affect the race--and yes, these instances should be remedied by changing the horses placing/finish.)....... 2.) ..........The horse reacted to the crowd. If that is really the way they want to go, I guess fine the trainer because he didn't pipe crowd noise into training, in order get the horse accustomed to the noise. How is a jockey to control a focking horse in that instance? All the jockeys face the same risk. The same odds of their horse being affected. It was completely out of the jockeys control. They should fire the stewards if it rains tomorrow or next Thursday. Same thing. Random. Beyond their control. 3.) The next time a horse takes a tumble, and wipes out, I want to see the jockey get fined. Ive seen it happen when a horse jumps a shadow, thus causing the horse to lose footing, and causing a trail of collisions behind him. 4.) No one was catching Maximum Security. He was the best horse, and finished first.
  12. tubby_mcgee

    So not only did trump crush hillary..

    So Trump has lost billions....according to you. Who has more money? More net worth? You or he? Did you lose billions? Wait. A guy that lost billions, has a net worth and bank account astronomically more than yours? How? Hmmm. Maybe losing some money but keeping on trying isn't such bad thing, huh?
  13. 1.) He's rich. You are broke. Sounds like he is a good business man after all. LOL It's all about cash in your pocket. You wouldn't understand that. 2.) He won the election. 3.) You're mad. You can't change #1 or #2 above. Sorry man. Go have a good cry.
  14. tubby_mcgee

    So not only did trump crush hillary..

    His businesses lost money. Yup. How ya think his pocketbook is doing? I'm guessing you don't have a pot to piss in. And lemme guess, that's Trumps fault.
  15. tubby_mcgee

    Kentucky Derby 2019 - Omaha Beach Scratched!

    Yep. You'd think that dang horse woulda followed those rules. He was told ahead of time. Or the jockey woulda overpowered the horse when the horse reacted like that. I saw a race a while ago, the horse bucked the jockey off, the jockey sued the horse and won. The horse had to file bankruptcy. What I'm getting at... "rules" cover all human aspects of sports. But not in horse racing. There is no perfect answer for what to do yesterday. In my opinion, since it wasn't jockey error or any intent or within the control of the jockey, COMBINED with the fact Maximum Security was the best horse, I'd have left the results as is.