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  1. That's pretty well said. Spot on.
  2. Uff da. The dems are at it again. https://www.foxnews.com/us/nfl-player-accused-of-trashing-businesses-hate-crime
  3. tubby_mcgee

    Eddie Money - Not with us anymore......

    I know that things will never be the same now
  4. tubby_mcgee

    Anyone know anyone in the SEO biz?

    They got us linked through a lot of back links, I think. They said they did at least. I think they actually paid for them, using a portion of the money we gave them. There was an incentive for them if we "grew".
  5. tubby_mcgee

    Anyone know anyone in the SEO biz?

    First off, contract with these guys is verbal. Verbal works with these guys for a number of reasons. Secondly, from what I know, getting to page 1, can never be a guarantee. If it were, and companies offering it, would have to work for free while attempting to get there. I don't expect anyone to work for free. We've paid them for about 21 or 22 months on just a verbal contract. I mean, if we quit paying, they quit doing SEO stuff. If they quit doing SEO stuff....well...that's another problem....how do we know how much they are actually doing? We had a warm relationship with them before we hired them, so there was some built in trust. I'd rather have organic search returns. I for one, skip over the paid/sponsored hits, and start looking at the first hit that isn't sponsored. But, maybe that is the way to go. Maybe that's better than SEO.
  6. tubby_mcgee

    Anyone know anyone in the SEO biz?

    Its a service. It is isn't about selling. Its about awareness. So we just want people to know about us. Online only 10-15 about a year and a half ago. I just looked now, we are on page 3. I have seen us on page 2 off and on.
  7. tubby_mcgee

    Anyone know anyone in the SEO biz?

    They blog, they do social media posts on twitter and facebook, they get people to guest blog, they've done youtube videos, but those appear to be the least effective of their methods. We just had a phone review with them, as we mentioned we may be looking at other options. So this is what you do? SEO ?
  8. tubby_mcgee

    Anyone know anyone in the SEO biz?

    We currently have a company working for us and have taken us from about page 10-15 on google organic search of our key words to page 2-4. Average daily location page 3. IMO, its page 1 or nothing. And our industry isn't clogged. It's not like we are trying to get to page 1 as a Milwaukee tool dealer, used car lot, or mail order battery distributor. Its a lot more unique than that. Anyone have anyone they use for SEO and have been happy with? Are Indians (Middle Eastern) better at SEO? (I've heard this from a few people)
  9. tubby_mcgee

    Fantasy football. How much is skill, how much is luck?

    So you have/had access to info that everyone else doesn't? Or you put in less effort? I really like what Vudu said....below...that's the ticket. Effort and luck. Bingo. This. Effort plays a big part too. Maybe more than 10% even.
  10. Yep. Ya don't often see poor people with Gatorade or protein shakes in their hands. Just don't have the funds. But tats, cigs and beer....abbbbbbbsolutely.
  11. Draft Kings and whoever went through all the hub-ub a while back.... they claimed "It's skill, because you can analyze players, etc" Uhhh....its 2019. Everyone has access to same lists, sleeper lists, ratings, etc. No one can predict injuries or schedules, etc... I'd say, for anyone who is seasoned and is in a league with seasoned owners.... 80-85% luck. Discuss.
  12. You won't be able to flash your iPhone 11 in front of others, indicating that you are a living a premium lifestyle. Guys the entire post was sarcastic. I typed that b.s in italics. I've never had an iPhone, I never will. They parade the focker around in commercials like its (well, re-read my original post in this thread). Aren't these press conferences old shtick by now? What the fock "new" could be on a phone that would do anything? Like I said...the biggest improvement they could make, would be making a god damn phone where the back slid off and people could replace the battery themselves for $15.
  13. tubby_mcgee

    "We will never forget"

    She was smiling on the inside today. Guaranteed.
  14. Well. Suite yourself. If you feel the need to be left behind, and be at a disadvantage from this point forward, the go ahead, skip the iPhone 11.
  15. tubby_mcgee

    Antonio Brown signs with Patriots

    I'm not discounting...she got on his c0ck (hey...famous NFL player, duh), then either later regretted it or got mad at him.