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  1. Spencer Jones claiming innocence. He was only there to de-escalate the situation. LOL. Focking woke pile sh!t got what he had coming. He can't even be man enough to walk away and be satisfied that he is still alive. The guy could have ended his life and he didn't. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3349630/spencer-jones-bathroom-brawl-update-his-lawyer-says-he-was-trying-to-be-a-peacekeeper.-the-guy-who-beat-the-bag-out-of-him-begs-to-differ Like one guy put it.... "In my opinion, you shouldn’t be allowed to press charges after initiating a fight. It’s one thing to be attacked for no reason, but they asked to fight. You can’t press charges just because it didn’t go the way you planned. "
  2. tubby_mcgee

    Have a Woke and a Smile...Coke gets woke

    How is that employee going to win? It's like 3 wolves and a sheep voting on what is for supper.
  3. tubby_mcgee

    Here is how you know youre a dogsh*t QB...

    Wentz will end up with #11.
  4. Not to scratch an old wound...but ... in 2008. So did you NEED the money then and took it out of the market or did you sell out of "FOLIA" (fear of losing it all) ?
  5. tubby_mcgee

    Violence in Chicago SOLVED!!!

    You finally said something I would agree with/I myself would have said!
  6. I've read ....stats show that about every 3rd Generation squanders away any big inheritance/family money. (leaves nothing for the next generation, even though there should have been money left to do so if properly taken care of).
  7. tubby_mcgee

    Biden drops the n-bomb

    I'm leaning more towards Parkinson's.
  8. Apparently Spencer Jones said he was playing the part of peacekeeper when he got cold-c-cked. That's what it sounds like Spencer's attorney said. Wait. Attorney? Sooooo....he starts a fight, gets his ass kicked then cries foul? lol.
  9. I bet if you woulda asked him beforehand, he woulda told you he was tough.
  10. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3349515/ou-football-player-spencer-jones-starts-a-fight-with-a-smaller-kid-in-a-bar-and-gets-his-ass-absolutely-whooped-when-it-turns-out-the-kid-has-a-ton-of-mma-training The thing is...the wrestler showed restraint. Had he not...Spencer Jones woulda needed a lot more than eye surgery. And..for the record. 2 wrestlers kicked 2 big tough football players asses. The eye surgery he needed...he deserved. Don't pick a fight you can't win. Don't with wrestlers. I'm sure Spencer thought "I'll just punch you before you take me down, ya little fella" LOL. Nice plan, b!tch.
  11. tubby_mcgee

    Serious question fellas

    Exercise. Go on testosterone therapy if you're over 40. World of difference.
  12. tubby_mcgee

    Peenie had a good question I cant answer..

    It's referred to as the "5-year look back" https://www.medicaidplanningassistance.org/medicaid-look-back-period/ Looks like California and DC may be changing it or have changed it to 30 months.
  13. tubby_mcgee

    Peenie had a good question I cant answer..

    5 years before you end up in a nursing home, you need to get assets out of your name. If you don't, the nursing home will go after you or whoever you "gave" the assets to inside that 5 years. So if on Jan 1, 2021 your mom or dad gives you all of their assets, and on July 1, 2022 one or both of them end up in a nursing home, you are on the hook for their nursing home costs (up to the $ amount they "gave" you) if they don't have the money to pay it with the cash/money they currently have. Plan ahead folks. For both your parents if you are still able or for your kids.
  14. tubby_mcgee

    Have you ran from the cops?

    In college, we would walk around town, then when we saw the cops (and we'd let them see us), we'd run, making it obvious we were running because we saw them. We got chased a few times. Never caught. They had us trapped on a side hill full of trees and brush by the college once. They sat around looking with flashlights and even called in another car. Now had they found us.... uhhh...what were they gonna say? (we didn't do anything other than run when we saw them--not illegal).