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  1. tikigods


    He was an interior decorator! Huh…his house looked like $hit.
  2. tikigods

    New Netflix show: Clickbait

    I was bummed when it turned out Turtle killed him. I predicted it was going to be Ari
  3. tikigods

    **Official Thursday Night Football Thread**

    Is there an unofficial page? I’ll hang up and listen.
  4. Biden will allow you to say squaw but you need to submit to a government vaccination shot
  5. tikigods

    Ben & Jerry’s

    He wasn’t very funny in that clip. The jokes were forced and he looked like he was trying not to take a dump in his pants
  6. tikigods

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Bernie Sanders is the crazy professor that shows up late to class with a bunch of half graded tests under his arm
  7. tikigods

    Ben & Jerry’s

    Faux News has a comedy hour now?
  8. tikigods

    I shared a cab with Jenna Jameson today

    Did you tell her you had to finance your waterbed?
  9. tikigods

    Ben & Jerry’s

  10. tikigods

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Bernie Sanders should have been President. ##### DNC…
  11. If @phillybear gets fired I expect a full rewatch of Lost with a theories thread on the Geek Bord
  12. tikigods

    Rate my Work League Team (PPR)

    You’re winning streak will be as dead as EdIII
  13. tikigods

    2021 - the year of shortages of goods and services?

    The global supply chain is in peril
  14. Can they come comb my leg hair?
  15. But Joe Biden is sooo brave