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In Topic: Martavis Bryant...devils lettuce

18 June 2018 - 06:23 AM

I don't think it's fair to say it's a stupid rule. Every business has the right to set up their own rules around their employees taking drugs. Especially notable when the health of the players is a huge financial investment by the company. Or even companies where their employees use heavy machinery, etc...

People forget that the players didn't have to take the job. And if they can't give up pot for 5-10 years of their lives then they have bigger problems than being employed at that time.

I definitely see your point.  The company I work for is very anti-pot and we are drug tested randomly.  I spent last year fighting cancer and was not able to take THC pills because of my company rule.  Well, it's a bit shady, but the rule was I could take the pills, but if I was drug tested, I would be fired.  When you are taking 25 pills per day due to Chemo & Radiation, it's hard to keep them all down.  Throwing them up doesn't do you any good.  THC coats your stomach and allows you to keep them down. 


Before I had cancer, I was very much against the players smoking pot.  After a year in and out of the hospital and being told by actual doctors what marijuana can do for you in terms of helping with stomach issues, pain, depression, sleep etc. etc., I am not against it anymore and think the rule by the NFL is dumb.  Only because of the pain these guys suffer from during & after their career.  The NFL is all for giving them as many pain killers as they want, and not giving a crap if they get addicted (listen to Brett Favre's story).  The NFL may have rules, just like any employer, but there are major differences.  In ANY job, if you suffer from enough concussions, you can collect Work Comp.  It's the law (and the field I work in).  You CANNOT do this in the NFL.  After enough concussions, you are simply out of a job, but you CANNOT collect Work Comp from it.  There is no safety net for the player.  This should be illegal.  This is also the reason they continue to play through concussions.  Someday, the NFL will be just like the Coal Industry in this country.  They will be sued to the point they are not able to sustain it.  It took 40 years for Black Lung to ruin the coal industry (in terms of profitability).  CTE will do the same thing to the NFL at some point because just like Black Lung, those in control try to sweep it under the rug.  Watch and see. 

In Topic: Looks like Kellen Wnslow Jr. has been searching for a new mate

18 June 2018 - 06:11 AM

I read this yesterday and not sure what to think....  One of the comments on the article was particularly good.  How much of this can be blamed on CTE?  If you read this article, and some of the others out there, you get a nice little history of Winslow acting weirder and weirder as time goes on.  I'm not saying he gets a pass for anything, just that this definitely seems like someone who isn't right in the head. 

In Topic: Mike Davis

16 June 2018 - 07:49 AM

Its early but going by RB projections i count 9 RBs you MIGHT take before a WR. I have no strategy and have not looked into things yet so keep this in mind. Everyone will need to fill a RB position in most cases. Getting someone who will be used a lot will be key to having a more rounded line-up. From there it becomes a crapshoot of backs who may only get 10-15 carries a game. The multitude of WRS at your disposal will mean possibly passing up on some elites with history, but you can still land some that have great potential. As of right now it makes more sense to me if I could get 2 of the 9 RBs in the first 2 rounds I think it makes more sense from a offensive and a blocking other teams . Only thing from there is the decision of Kelce or Gronk before a WR which is based on how the draft goes for what is available.


I was just in an inaugural draft of a new dynasty league.  The last draft I had was a redraft and, as expected, it was a very heavy first three rounds of RB's flying off the board.  Times may be changing a bit though as in the dynasty draft, where it never follows the same pattern as a redraft, followed the same pattern.  By the end of round 3, RB's projected to go in the 5th round were off the board.  Ten RB's went in round 1 and it's a 12 team ppr league.  Some owner grabbed running backs with their first 3 picks and nearly everyone took 3 RB's by the end of round 5.  I went against the grain in this draft and took a RB in round 1, but couldn't pass up the value at WR the next couple rounds and ended up with a superstar receiving corps.  I still managed to get some RB's later who I think people are sleeping on in 2018.  You won't find them though in the top 40 RB rankings, and it seems as if everyone in the draft was using the same cheat sheets because it followed one websites dynasty cheat sheet almost to letter.  Only one huge shock in the entire draft in my opinion and that was D. Watson going in the middle of round 2.  Wow.  For the record, no other QB, even Aaron Rodgers & Carson Wentz, were taken before the start of round 5.

In Topic: Martavis Bryant...devils lettuce

16 June 2018 - 07:41 AM

I have read the same thing as Smileseers.  It sounds as though this is going to be a 4 game suspension.  The issue is this though;  Why did he really miss the test?  If he 'missed' a test because he's dirty again, they'll find out.  They always do.  Bryant is so talented that we overlook the fact he can't give up pot for the NFL.  I won't even get started on the fact the NFL needs to review this incredibly stupid rule, but it's a rule that has to be followed to play in their league. 

In Topic: Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Derrius Guice, Redskins

20 May 2018 - 11:58 AM

I traded up for the 1.02 so I could select DG in my Dynasty League.  It was between he and the Tampa kid, who I also really like.  In hindsight, I feel like I made a mistake.  I selected DG based entirely on his ability.  His vision is excellent and he runs with power.  Combine that with a nasty streak and some above average moves and you have a gem in waiting.  Well, that was before I researched Gruden and how he uses his RB's.  He's very open about not using his "banger" on 3rd down.  He likes, and believes in, a change of pace back.  Strike One.  The Redskins have an average offensive line, but it typically gets beaten up in run protection and blocking.  Strike Two.  After seeing how many times per season Gruden pulls and switches his running backs, I have to wonder if DG will even get the opportunity to show what he can do.  Strike Three.  I may have made a mistake based on where he landed.


On the plus side;  He does get to face the Giants Defense twice.  Changing to a 3-4 isn't easy and I'm not convinced their front 7 is good enough to stop a good running back yet.  The Eagles can rush the passer, but they overrun plays when doing so and leave lanes for the running back, which showed in their run defense last year.  The Cowboys are changing defenses as well.  The opportunity for Guice to perform well is definitely there, but is Gruden the proper Head Coach to take advantage of his abilities?  Personally, I thought Guice was a better running back than Fournette and I've watched them both for a couple of seasons.  He wasn't as lucky with where he landed though.