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#6031317 Week 3 Sneaky Start of the Week...Kenny Stills

Posted by oldtimer on 21 September 2017 - 05:09 PM

I'm watching the Parker situation closely as well, as a Stills owner.  I'm hoping Parker sits as there is nobody on the Jets that can come close to covering him.  


I would change the line slightly though if Parker doesn't play.  Stills final line with no Parker - 8-127-1.  He is faster than Parker and probably better in and out of his routes.  Plus, they just re-signed him, so obviously they like the kid a lot.  

#6018582 Roger Goodell Clown Show.....

Posted by oldtimer on 07 September 2017 - 02:47 PM

Read his entire post. He definitely took a side, which is fine by me. My brother served and my father in law is a retired colonel and neither cares what Kap does with his knee.



You need to read it again.  I most definitely did NOT take a side.  I pointed out two sides, that's all.  A retired colonel with no care of what Kaep did?  I call BS.  I have a family of military veterans who will not only root for him to never work again, but also have went as far as to turn off any game where this occurs.  You know what?  Some are interracial marriages, so it's not a black/white issue as someone made it out to be.  I am Irish and Indian by blood (feather, not dot).  We are naturally opinionated people, but take things like Nation and Country very seriously.  I get what Kaep was trying to do, I just believe he did it in the wrong forum.  The more I read about him, the more I found to dislike.  The guy hangs around with bangers, yet trashes the Police?  WTF?  I'm one that hopes he never plays another down in the  NFL.  If I owned a team, and you did this during the anthem, you would no longer be on my team.  We've already seen many owners apparently believe this as well.  The Jaguars, in my opinion, were/are a fit for Kaep.  Nothing.  They flatly don't want him.  The Ravens desperately needed a backup, but even Ray Lewis has come out against Kaep's girlfriend being a racist.  


This crap needs to stop.  Football is an escape from our day to day lives.  It becomes less so when outside "real" life crap gets brought into our fantasy games.  If you have noticed, NONE of the players taking a knee now are free agents or people with only one year left on their deal.  What does that tell you?  The players that are protesting are secure.  What is the protest if you have nothing to lose?  No skin in the game?  I'll at least give Krap credit for that much.  He knew there could be consequences and he did it anyway.  Good for him for sticking to his beliefs, no matter how much I disagree with him, I respect the fact he had the balls to do it with so much on the line.  

#6017269 Roger Goodell Clown Show.....

Posted by oldtimer on 06 September 2017 - 11:45 AM

I think it's a double edged sword with him.  Personally, I think he's a pompous jackass.  I don't like his policies and think he is so arbitrary in what he does that it leads most people to agree he's a power hungry jackass.  


If you keep your nose clean, you have no issues.  The suspensions related to pot though, and not for standing for the National Anthem, confuse me to no end.  Why suspend a guy for smoking weed, which is going to be legal everywhere eventually anyway, but you turn off fans who were in the Military or serve their country in other capacaties when people protest the NA and nothing gets done about it.  Free speech or not, I have military family and friends who simply stopped watching football and even gave up fantasy football over this stupid crap.  It started to take a toll last season.  If the numbers slip any this season, the Commish is going to go down in fiery blaze of glory.  Owners pay him.  If profits go down because so many people stop watching the games, he won't be in charge anymore.  I am hoping viewership goes down another .01% and causes owners to wonder what the deal is.....


He's definitely not "fair" across the board either.  You give Ray Rice only a 2 game suspension, AFTER seeing the video.  Once it's public, he's banned?  I agree with the banning as that was a Mike Tyson type punch, but why did you wait until the public found out to do it?  That's some BS.  

Guys smoking pot.....  Let's be realistic - If you have every played a college sport, or professional, you know how many guys are doing something against the rules.  I wrestled on a scholarship.  Wrestling isn't a huge deal like football, but most of our guys were juicing and the rest were stoned quite often.  When you put in that much work, even a small 3% advantage is HUGE over another competitor.  Why is the NFL not suspending more players for 'Roids, HGH and Pot usage, if they are going to be serious about enforcing it.  C'mon, a 6'3 265lb linebacker who looks like a bodybuilder and runs like the wind isn't a "freak of nature".  The guy is a juicer and nobody does anything about it.  Why so arbitrary with who you want out of the league?  


In all honesty, I've lost a LOT of interest in the NFL the past several years.  I'm not a Cowboys homer, but what is going on with Zeke is a witch hunt.  They have texts of the girl flatly stating she was going to ruin his career by setting him up and lying.  That got thrown out of court.  Who is the NFL to then decide they agree with the female and suspend this guy?  Is he perfect?  No.  Is THIS what he should be suspended for?  No.  The law needs to be the law.  This is too much like double jeopardy and he's being tried twice, which is unconstitutional, yet the NFL can get away with it because of the Labor  Agreement.  Total BS.  When you see some guys get popped for a steroid that was in a supplement, and proven to be from the supplement, why are they suspended if the supplement isn't on the NFL banned list?  On top of that, if the  NFL seriously tested everyone for everything, we'd have a bunch of 

small guys playing in the NFL and some teams would have multiple players suspended at all times.  Why the double standard is what I'm asking???  


Anyway, yeah, the Commish is more like Rodger Rabbit than the Commish of the NFL.  He may have attracted some fans at the beginning of his tenure, but now he's losing them.  People are paying close attention to this BS and losing interest in the NFL.  I'd like to see what the numbers are for fantasy football over the last three years.  I can tell you, I'm a believer the numbers slipped in each of the past two seasons, at least at the places I play, which are likely the same places many of you play.  The die-hards may never quit, but if fewer young people get involved, or people getting older (like me) who are growing tired of watching players disrespect the flag and country and events inside the country.  Football is a sport, not a political event nor a debate.  Play the damn guy, don't disrespect those of us who have fought for the country or served in any capacity, and all will be well.  Keep it up and I see Football going the way Mark Cuban (Mavericks Owner) predicted a couple years ago.  He said the NFL will come crashing down on itself someday soon as there is no one overseeing the overseers.  He said a lot more, but the point was he thinks the NFL will fail and have a massive fall from grace at some point, and this was PRIOR to the Kaep crap.  

#5933658 Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Cooper Kupp, Rams

Posted by oldtimer on 13 May 2017 - 11:20 AM

I'm not sure what you guys are seeing.  The kid is slow, had most of his plays designed for him and were behind the line of scrimmage, and he's not quick off the line, which is what a slot guy needs to be.  It's sorta funny as the mock drafts loved this kid, yet the scouts were not enamored with him in the least.  If you listen to the Scouts, or former scouts, on the NFL Radio network, none thought this kid will amount to more than a 3rd WR.  Bubble screens in the  NFL simply do not work unless you have the speed and agility to go with the play.  He does not. 


As for the Rams - They have Robert Woods and Austin.  How many WR's do you need on a run first team?  They also have two TE's that were drafted specifically to catch the ball over the last two drafts.  If you are looking for a serious sleeper in dynasty formats for 2018, take the TE they drafted this year.  Hell, the kid is as fast as this WR, more agile and quicker off the line.  He may end up being the Jordan Reed of the Rams, which is FAR more than  Kupp will ever be.


People are sleeping on Robert Woods.  He will play the Garcon role in the Rams offense.  He should hit 1,000 yards receiving based on volume alone.  If Goff can do anything at all, either the TE position, or the  Rams #1WR (Woods), will be starter worthy against weaker defenses.  Don't waste your time on Kupp.  This one is a dog with fleas. 

#5822300 Will the NFL keep losing fans?

Posted by oldtimer on 26 November 2016 - 10:09 AM

In 2014, there was a report that the NFL would begin losing fans because of the concussion issues.  The league is losing viewers, but more likely over all the flags being thrown and the lack of talent and coaching being shown by some teams each week.  That said, per ESPN, the viewership of games by people under 25 has dropped for the fourth consecutive season.  The number of kids playing high school and middle school football is also dropping.  Do you think this trend will continue?  Mark Cuban once said the NFL had ten years left, then it would implode over the concussion issue.  I think it could implode, but not simply because of the concussions. 


This is the first season I have seen many of my friends stop playing fantasy football.  I have even cut back on the number of teams I own.  It doesn't seem as fun anymore.  For me, it's more the product on the field isn't what it once was. 


Do you think the NFL needs to be worried about the future?  Some say yes, some say no.  I'd love to read your thoughts as we have some pretty knowledgeable people on this forum. 

#5761668 Breshad Perriman WR1

Posted by oldtimer on 16 September 2016 - 05:45 AM

He has been sitting on my bench since the rookie draft.  I was one of the fortunate people who nabbed ODB in the rookie draft late in Round One.  Nobody thought too much of the kid when he was drafted.  Same for Perriman.  In college, he flat out lit up his opponents.  In limited scrimmages, he has lit up his own teammates.  If he can stay healthy and on the field, he will be what Wallace wasn't;  Someone who can get deep, but is also an incredibly intelligent kid who can run routes.  I had several offers for him in my dynasty league, but he's still on my team.  Hopefully things work out for him and he becomes a WR2 in time.  Still a long way off from that though. 

#5757436 Sell High

Posted by oldtimer on 12 September 2016 - 05:42 AM

Being week one, settle down on how good / bad players are.  lol   Several players didn't get in any preseason work, or very little, so they didn't look too hot yesterday.  Buying after week one is never a good idea, in my opinion.  Selling is always good though.  Someone will project Gronk like numbers for Doyle and there will be the one person in your league who wants him.  Sell to that guy. 

#5745280 Romo should retire

Posted by oldtimer on 26 August 2016 - 12:27 PM

Romo will not retire.  Why would he?  He can sit on the sidelines and collect his money for the next several years.  Due to guaranteed money and how frequently they Cowboys have restructured his cap hit, they can't release him or trade him.  He would count something silly, like $30 million, against their cap.  So....  Yeah, as a Cowboys fan, we're stuck with him for a while.  When he is healthy though, he is one of the best in the league.  Provided they keep a quality back up, I'll just enjoy when he plays and hope for the best when he doesn't.  Calling him a "bum" isn't accurate either....  lol   They guy can flat out play.  Remember when he didn't have an offensive line who could block?  When he didn't have a decent coach?  Romo is more than capable of taking a team to the Superbowl, but it takes more than just the QB. 

#5740838 Preseason Thoughts?

Posted by oldtimer on 19 August 2016 - 02:45 PM

Your Christine Michael assessment makes zero sense. Maybe you aren't buying it, but he looks good. Just saying I'm not buying it isn't an assessment of how he actually looks running the ball, you are just assuming he won't be involved. It's completely fine to believe that because you could be right, but if you are evaluating how a player looks in preseason at least give him the credit he deserves for what he has done on the field for this preseason.


You are correct.  I should give him credit for the preseason.  This preseason, last preseason, and the prior preseason, he looked excellent.  Normally I'll bump a guy up due to an overly impressive preseason.  In his case, I will not.  We have all seen preseason wonder boys do this before.  Thy play lights out in the preseason, then look like 3rd stringers, or at best, backups, when the real games begin.  I could be way off on Michael.  Maybe he finally put it all together and he becomes the full time starter and wins someone a league title.  It won't be me though. 

#5727076 Captain Kirk

Posted by oldtimer on 02 August 2016 - 07:55 AM

I am a Cowboys fan, but fail to see what all the love of Romo is this season.  He's got one top flight WR, who is also coming off injury....  He has the best line in the league, but Witten isn't getting any younger and has noticeably slowed since 2014.  Terrence Williams is more of a great WR3 (real football) than a second option behind Bryant.  I think they should have been looking for another WR this offseason, one of the bargain types, like Boldin.  Why not?  They aren't winning with defense....  I think he's a very good QB, but his options just aren't there.  I'd prefer Rivers over him. 


Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  I don't see Washington having a much more difficult schedule than last season.  On top of that, Cousins now has a grasp of the offense.  I'm not trying to compare him to the greats, but I will in this instance.  Does anyone look at Rodgers or Brees schedule when selecting them?  Well, Cousins has better weapons than Brees and a coach who designs great offensive schemes.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's anywhere near as good as Brees, but I am saying his WR's are better as is his tight end.  I don't think he is totally matchup proof just yet, but the team is not as bad as people are claiming.  I watched Cousins play last season and do not recall all the "lame duck" passes.  Sure, every QB has some of those during the season, but was he any worse than the other QB's?  I didn't see it.  People get an idea in their head and run with it.  Don't do that.  lol   Does Brees throw the perfect spiral and throw hard on every pass?  LOL  No.  Not even close.  The ball gets to the place it needs to be though. 

#5726258 Captain Kirk

Posted by oldtimer on 01 August 2016 - 09:00 AM

I like him.  I think the reason he isn't getting any love right now is the Eagles and Giants have improved defenses.  The Cowboys may have an improved Secondary.  Time will tell there.... 


Doctson seems as though he will be lightly used in 2016 in preparation for 2017.  Reed, whom Cousins had his great run with, is always iffy.  Morris is gone, but the line should be better...  It's a toss up as to whether the offense has improved or not. 


All that being said, I still like him.  If you look back at the Lindy's magazine the year he was drafted, they made the claim he could be the future starter in Washington over RGIII.  At the time, that was a pretty controversial statement.  Now, it looks like they knew what they were talking about.  Gruden is a great offensive coach.  Had the ownership allowed Cousins to take over in the practices last season, prior to the preseason, I think his start would have been much better.  I'm not convinced, yet, he is a true stud.  For fantasy purposes, he has great WR's, a great TE and an inexperienced backfield.  That should equal a lot of attempts.....  I'd put him as my 8th overall QB currently, with a chance to move up higher.  Definitely a QB1 in my book currently though.  I haven't seen him fall far enough to be a QB2. 

#5723061 Let's talk defenses....

Posted by oldtimer on 27 July 2016 - 09:34 AM

Seattle and Arizona both get the 49'ers and Rams (with a rookie qb) twice this season.  That's a plus.  Denver has 3 DAMN good Cornerbacks, which is always something I look for.  They will be fine on defense. 


Under the radar types:  Vikings (not really under the radar, but won't go as high as those above), Chiefs(solid across the board outside of one CB slot), Jaguars (Laugh now, but this isn't your mama's Jaguars) and a couple others that don't need listing.  Myself, I like the Vikings and Jags as my defensive picks.  If I miss the Vikings, which is who I want, then I'll grab the Jags a bit later.  Some idiot will take Seattle or Denver 3 rounds too early. 

#5721667 Jordy Nelson

Posted by oldtimer on 25 July 2016 - 07:28 PM

The Vikings and Bears are both better on defense.  His injury may have lasting effects that we aren't aware of yet.  I can't recall a WR who had a bad injury and was 100% the following season.  I like Jordy, but he's not on my list of guys to take in Round One.  The last draft I was in, he went at the 1.10.  That's just too rich for my blood.  In that scenario, you are losing if he doesn't produce like a top 3/4 WR.  As someone above said, Cobb has slipped a bit and he presents a better value this season.  Jordy may have better numbers, but taking him in the late 1st gives you no room for error.  You can get Cobb later and his numbers in PPR may be incredibly similar. 

#5720685 Updated: Josh Gordon To Be Reinstated - 4 Game Suspension

Posted by oldtimer on 24 July 2016 - 07:01 AM

I think the question is how hard has he been training, if at all?  If he comes back and is out of shape, it will take him the majority of the season to become a top flight WR again.  Even if he is in decent shape, he isn't going to just jump back on the field and be the Gordon of 2013.  The last time we saw him, he didn't look too great.  He looked slower and was out of breath after a few plays.  He was seriously out of condition. 


On the flip side, if the guy does have his life in order, the Browns could be a fun team to watch with Hue as HC.  Garbage time points are still points. 


As for Gordon, I won't draft him in 2016.  Not in a redraft.  Even if articles come out saying he's looking like the Gordon of old, I won't believe the hype.  I may miss out n a decent player, but he has too many things to overcome.  Another one being a totally new offense.  A new QB.  More competition on the field.  Things aren't going to be easy for him and I question his dedication.  One more slip up of any kind and you lose your draft pick, wherever it is you drafted him.  While he may be a good WR, the odds against him becoming "great" again are pretty high....  Save your draft pick and take Marshall Faulk.  He looked great in a flag football game downtown yesterday.

#5715323 Lamar Miller: Ranked #2 RB on FFToday cheatsheet?

Posted by oldtimer on 18 July 2016 - 05:19 AM

I don't have Miller number two overall, but.......


I think Miller has just as good a chance to be a stud this year as anyone else.  While he may not be Foster, he doesn't need to be.  He's one of a small number of RB's in the league who will truly have the backfield to himself.  If you have watched the Texans, they have made some pretty lousy backups look at least usable for fantasy purposes.  Now they have a guy coming in with speed, agility and much better overall measurables.  In Miami, I would have had Miller somewhere in the 12th to 15th range, in terms of his ranking.  Now, he's with a great Head Coach, very solid defense, decent offense....  Just adding those things together should push Miller up the list by a fair amount. 


So, as of today, I have him 7th overall in my PPR RB rankings.  The upside is there.  The only thing keeping him from moving up a bit more, before preseason, is the concern I have of whether Brock O. is any/much better than the scrubs Houston has been using at QB.  The jury is still out on him in my book.