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Quest Fantasy Football

20 July 2017 - 07:18 AM

Do any of you play at Quest?  They do all dynasty leagues.  I just saw an email exchange between the owner of Quest and one of their largest team owners.  The guy owns $7,000 in teams there.  Anyway, Quest told the guy he couldn't make any more trades because the Quest owner believes he is going to non-renew his teams after the season.  So, he refuses to give the guy a refund or answer his emails now.  This guy has $7k in teams!!!  I'd be more than a little pissed.  This is an example of why I don't trust fantasy football sites.  They tend to either disappear overnight, or grow to the size where they start screwing over their best owners. 

Jordy Nelson

18 June 2017 - 08:37 PM

What do you think of him this season?  It's an odd numbered year....  This guy has the craziest history of injuries in odd numbered years.  Do you think that continues?  I have seen many people, like myself, who think there is something to this weird outlier with Nelson.  Weepaws was the only person I recall on this board last year who believed he would be a top  WR.  Weepaws was correct.  Tons of us, including myself, were way off.  I didn't think he would be more than a low end WR2 coming back from injury.  Now I can't tell if I'm doubting him because I was wrong last season about him, or because his odd numbered years really are odd. 

Under the radar?

02 June 2017 - 08:06 AM

Who do you think may have a good season, but isn't currently being discussed?  I've heard name like Kevin White, Robert Woods, Marcus Wheaton, Phillip Dorsett and some others thrown around online, but is there anyone you would trade for right now that is currently being valued at next-to-nothing? 

Dynasty Rookie Draft

02 February 2017 - 03:33 PM

Who are you willing to trade for in the upcoming draft?  Due to a trade I made before the trade deadline, I already have Dalvin Cook, Mike Williams and JuJu Smith.  I had to give up OBJ, but also got two extra draft picks in the rookie draft.  The guy had a chance to win the league and went for it.  He didn't win.  I feel like I did though. 


So, I have the 1.02 in the rookie draft, the 1.10, and three 2nd rounders.  I can use picks or players to trade for other rookies that were drafted last Fall in the college rookie draft, or pick from guys coming out now.  Who do you think is going to be the next stud in the NFL at any position?  I have my eye on the TE from Alabama as the only position of need I have on my roster is there.  I think he's the next stud at the position, although it may take a year or so to develop at the NFL level.


I'd just like to hear who you all are trying to obtain.  Your opinions help!

The value of great owners in dynasty leagues

23 December 2016 - 07:52 PM

I wanted to tell this story....  In the dynasty league I'm in, I spend a great deal of time ranking the teams and doing write-ups on each roster before Week One.  Normally my rankings are pretty accurate and I'll hit 5 of the 6 playoff teams.  This season, the two teams in the Championship Game were ranked #12 and #9 by me.  Both rosters were pure crap.  In my opinion, neither roster is great today. 


The point is, the owners didn't quit on their teams.  They made several trades during the season, utilized the waiver wire every single week and studied to find out their best possible weekly matchups. 


In Dynasty Leagues, the owners are the most important aspect.  I'm amazed yearly by what a good owner is worth.  In our many many years of this league, we've only had one team change hands. 


Props to all you great owners out there who never quit on your team.  I didn't win the league, but I'm damn proud to be a part of one where the owners try so hard all year long.