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My Take on L. Bell

08 September 2018 - 09:25 PM

My take means nothing to anyone, but I do think it warrants a read for people who own Bell in a Dynasty League.


I only owned him in one league.  A Dynasty League I have won before.  This offseason, after they tagged him, I traded Bell.  People in the league said I didn't get enough for him;  Two number 1's in the rookie draft (likely to be later first round selections), Calvin Ridley and Eric Ebron.  Ridley isn't going to do anything in 2018, but that's not what I wanted him for.  Ebron just may surprise some folks under Reich, a Head Coach who knows how to use his TE's.  That said, I had other reasons to dump Bell.


One - I truly do not believe he will be even 80% as effective outside of Pittsburgh.  I believe his rushing totals will drop in a big way.  In his Division, he has had the luxury of facing Cleveland twice per season while they were the worst team in football, while Baltimore and Cincy (sometimes) utilize a 3-4 that benefits Bell.  The Steelers have a good offensive line, which typically does well when facing a 3-4 front.  Take Bell and put him in another division, where he is facing 4-3 lines, do you believe he will still be able to stutter step behind the O-Line the way he does currently.  I don't think he will.  How many times have you seen him patiently wait while a lineman opens a hole for him?  You can't do that with a mediocre line.  The team able to sign him for what he wants is going to have some holes.... 


Two - I see his Agent's viewpoint on holding him out.  He has a lot of mileage on his legs already.  How long will he last with a new team and an inferior offensive line (assumption on my end)?  I can't imagine a team is going to sign him, then not run him completely into the ground.  With so many touches on those legs already, do you think he can last a full season? 


Three - History shows that RB's changing teams typically doesn't work out well for anyone.  Injury has played a role in some of that, but sometimes a different scheme kills the value the RB had prior.  Would Bell be as valuable without double coverage going to Antonio Brown on each play?  How about the fact the defenses he's faced have always had a deep threat on the other side of Brown (Williams, Bryant, Smith-Schuster and possibly Williams now)?  If he went to a team with inferior WR's (almost anywhere else), will he face an extra defender in the box?  Likely so. 


To me, three strikes is enough to trade away a player, even of his caliber.  You may be stuck waiting until he shows up to play before you can trade him now, but when he does, I would say to let him go.  He isn't playing in Pittsburgh next season.  The only teams with the salary cap room to sign him have horrible offensive lines (think Buffalo).  He isn't the style of runner that is going to be a good fit with the 49'ers and Cleveland has 3 RB's now.  The Colts will have the salary cap room, but do you see them bringing in Bell when they have holes all over the roster?  Trade him when you can and you will still walk away with quite the haul, especially if you do so the week of the trade deadline when owners are willing to pay more.

Fair trade, or nah?

02 July 2018 - 07:57 AM

This is a PPR Dynasty League.  The trade is under review for approval.  The league is split 50/50 on if this should be allowed.  I know both owners and there is no collusion here. 


Team A gave up L. Bell. 

Team B gave up Calvin Ridley, Eric Ebron, Marlon Mack, their 1st round pick in the 2019 rookie draft and the 3.08 pick in the rookie draft this August. 



Team A is a contender every year, but desperately needed a RB1 to compete for the title.  Team B has multiple RB's, but almost nothing at WR and they are trying to build for the future.  I know the owner and he likes to build around WR's, not RB's. 


Personally - I think this is a fair deal.  Thoughts?  (Neither team is mine!)

Would you rather have.....

11 May 2018 - 04:39 PM

  I play in Dynasty Leagues and the S. Barkley stuff is getting flat out crazy.  I have seen him traded for 3 premium players, two very good players and a first round rookie pick and even another top RB and two WR2's.  Talk about the hype train leaving the building.  I've been playing this game for 25 years and have never seen a rookie so in demand.  Never.


  That being said, and this is a topic on the message board of a league I'm in, which of these two groups would you rather have.  I thought it was an easy decision, but now I'm not so sure. 


  Group A:  DeAndre Hopkins on a roster that took 2nd place overall last season, but is in need of a running back, as the only two are Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara.  Wr's are all WR2's outside of Hopkins. 


  Group B:  The first overall pick in the rookie draft (Barkley), E. Sanders (WR Denver) and the #1 pick in the Devy Draft which gives you the #1 pick of any player in college football in 2019 (likely Bryce Love). 


  At first, I chose Hopkins.  Now I'm second guessing that choice as a team loaded with Kamara, Cook, Barkley and Love would be unbelievable in a league where you can start 3 RB's. 



  What say you?  The league is split as this is a trade that was offered to a guy in our league.  Of the 12 owners, 7 voted to keep Hopkins.