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  1. Thornton Melon


    Do they show any titties in the movie? Full frontal maybe?
  2. Thornton Melon

    I need expert help from everyone here

    We called them potato puffs when I was a kid.
  3. Thornton Melon

    MLB Rule changes

    Pitch clock
  4. Thornton Melon

    Big Bang Theory announces final episode

    It has been on a slight decline the last couple of years, but it's still good. It's going out at the right time.
  5. Thornton Melon

    Big Bang Theory announces final episode

    My wife and I are white people in our 50s, and we love it.
  6. Thornton Melon

    Aunt Becky done focked up

    She had a great ass at the peak of her Aunt Becky days.
  7. Thornton Melon

    Big Bang Theory announces final episode

    I think the Seinfeld finale is underrated. I was disappointed when it first aired, like everyone else, but when I see it in reruns now, it's actually not that bad.
  8. Geez, I hope there's no civil war. As a registered Republican in Massachusetts, I'd be stuck behind enemy lines.
  9. Thornton Melon

    Red Sox's Steven Wright Suspended 80 Games for PED Violation

    You forgot to mention you took your dog for a walk the other day around your apartment building....on the ledge.
  10. Thornton Melon

    $1.5 B lottery ticket still unclaimed

    A true Democrat would be more likely to require the winner's name be disclosed. A true Republican would be more on the side of privacy.
  11. Thornton Melon

    Google looks into their gender pay gap: Finds men are underpaid

    Maybe she prefers auctions
  12. Thornton Melon

    Let's say I was sitting down to poop

    Ppffftttt...this probably happens to me twice a day. 😞
  13. Thornton Melon

    This is not a hate crime why?

    Exactly. Not to mention that it flies in the face of "equal protection under the law." It becomes EXTRA protection under the law for the "class" of victim.
  14. Thornton Melon

    Real life "50 First Dates"

    Did they try hitting her in the head again? 🤔
  15. Thornton Melon

    New SF Giants owner coming soon!

    Are you blowing him right now?