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  1. Thornton Melon

    Band name where all the members are allergic to cats.

    Steel Panther
  2. Thornton Melon

    Very interesting day in history April 19

    Tsarnaev was killed by being run over by his younger brother during a shootout with police on Apr 18th. The younger brother was caught by police on the 19th. Also, tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of Columbine
  3. Thornton Melon

    Too many playoff teams

    For a few years in the '80s, the NHL had 16 out of 21 teams, and the NBA had 16 out of 23 teams making the playoffs. Talk about ridiculous. I guess you can give them credit for keeping it at 16 as they expanded . Although, the NBA play-in is stupid. I'm fine with 12 teams max, at least it's still less than half.
  4. Thornton Melon


    My favorite song off that album is Atlantic City
  5. Thornton Melon

    True North Brewery

    Never been there, but I had one of their beers at a restaurant in Seabrook in December. Good stuff
  6. Thornton Melon

    Quotes you use in everyday life?

    Oh, then I got nothin'.
  7. Thornton Melon

    Quotes you use in everyday life?

    Go fuck yourself
  8. That no-goal call last night was correct
  9. Makes you wonder how many goals were missed in the days before replay. I remember one in particular, a late season game with playoff implications in '90 or '91. I think it was a Flyers game. A guy took a slap shot that went under the crossbar and hit the rear crossbar, which at the time had no padding, so it "dinged" like any other shot that hits metal. No one noticed, everyone kept playing and they finished the game. ESPN showed it the next day. I think that play was why the NHL implemented replay.
  10. Funny how the officials missed it the first time. It looked good to me from the get-go on my TV
  11. Thornton Melon

    Sheila Jackson Lee: Astrophysicist

    So the moon is made of gases? I knew that Neil Armstrong was a little light in the loafers
  12. I didn't really give a rat's ass, but they handed out eclipse glasses at work, so I grabbed some. Everyone was just milling about outside at work, so I said fock this, I'd rather watch this with the wifey than my co-workers. So, I went home and caught the peak there. We were at 94.4%. I was more impressed with the slight overall darkness outside than the sun itself, which just looked like a waning crescent moon. So, it was basically meh.
  13. Thornton Melon

    Trust the Science.

    If true, I could have driven to Uranus and back during my lifetime.
  14. Thornton Melon


    It was supposedly felt in northeastern MA, but I didn't feel a damn thing