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  1. How many out of the 7 listeners were outraged?
  2. Thornton Melon

    Tom Macdonald

    Yeah, but I can't stand either one
  3. Thornton Melon

    Tom Macdonald

    Right message, wrong genre. I'd like to see a rock, blues, or even folk version of this guy.
  4. Thornton Melon

    M&Ms characters to become more inclusive...

    Is the black M & M gonna tell kids to make sure they brush their "teef" after eating them?
  5. Truth. I forgot to mention, our "Chief Diversity Officer" is a black guy who has a team of 6 women, 4 of whom are black, and 2 Hispanic. Some "diversity" there....
  6. We have a "Chief Diversity Officer" who I bet easily makes $250K, and I'm probably underestimating.
  7. There was a report on NESN last year saying the Red Sox had a whole "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" department that like 40 employees. How much work could they possibly give these people???
  8. Thornton Melon

    Name The Next Covid Variant

  9. Thornton Melon

    ***happy football day super wild card weekend***

    You could've just said the Bills scored 7 touchdowns on their first 7 possessions, and then spelled "Patriots" correctly. Or.... just drank less.
  10. Thornton Melon

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    This pretty much sums it up nicely. Here's a reasonable summation of the vaccines: https://www.wnd.com/2022/01/candid-reflections-covid-vaccines/
  11. Thornton Melon

    I have Cancer :/

    Good to hear, jerry. But come on, you and your wife did more than just hug each other, right?
  12. So, you'd pay, though?
  13. Thornton Melon

    Restricting Voter Access

    Exactly. My point was that voting is largely a state right, while the right to bear arms is explicitly established in the federal constitution