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  1. Like I need a scientific study to tell me this...
  2. Thornton Melon

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs **Official** Thread

    The Canes missed a few open nets, too. That one early in the 1st period was a doozy.
  3. Thornton Melon

    Death Pool Update: Tim Conway 85

    Same here. My parents were old farts, but this show brought us together on Saturday evenings.
  4. Thornton Melon

    Scary health related question

    Moderate to severe Crohn's disease.
  5. Thornton Melon

    Aaron Rodgers a cuckold?

    Don't be ashamed. We all have a past.
  6. Thornton Melon

    Boston going for the Superfecta

    Are the 'Canes gonna wear their Whalers jerseys at home?
  7. Thornton Melon

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs **Official** Thread

    Correct...Gentlemen's sweep....W-W-L-W-W
  8. Thornton Melon

    If they change NFL overtime rules

    I'd defer, just to freak them out.
  9. Thornton Melon

    What Actor Would You Have Play You?

    Rodney Dangerfield duh
  10. Thornton Melon

    RIP John Havlicek

    Yeah, it was Gar Heard. The ref was Richie Powers. I don't know the fan's name, but he was arrested.
  11. Thornton Melon

    RIP John Havlicek

    A fan punched one of the refs, I believe after the 2nd OT.
  12. Thornton Melon

    RIP John Havlicek

    Great player, great teammate, great communitarian (is that a word?). Great memories watching him play when I was a kid. RIP, Hondo.
  13. Thornton Melon

    Another Columbine psycho dead

    18??? She looks more like 38.
  14. Thornton Melon

    Reparations have begun!!!

    So, the black students have to pay the fee too? Classic!
  15. Thornton Melon

    Assange arrested...........will he be extradited to U.S.?

    He looks like shight. Do they not decent food and exercise facilities at that embassy?