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  1. moved here in '99 . Get to Atlanta at least once a year for the Inman Park festival/show.
  2. https://behrend.psu.edu/news-events/behrend-magazine/fall-2019/diving-ancient-shark-teeth
  3. He should get a medal, but how long do you think it will be before DG fires him and pays the family off?
  4. Because we all miss having a Clinton around. Top officials in the Westchester County Democratic Party were pitching Chelsea Clinton Wednesday on launching a 2020 bid for Nita Lowey’s seat in light of the longtime congresswoman’s retirement announcement, according to a party source familiar with the matter. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-nita-lowey-reelection-2020-20191010-cpu4x77l2vbgdb2oxpihxrpd3i-story.html
  5. I go once or twice a week and get an unsweet tea and double cheeseburger no bun. Usually after diving when I want something quick for lunch.
  6. Wife would get really sick for years a lot for no reason. Dr.s could not figure it out. About 5 years ago she tried going GF and was better 90% of the time. When it hits it is usually after we go out somewhere and we figure they added something to something she ate. She is not a GF freak where she always asks for a GF menu so sometimes she eats something she just assumes is GF. 100% real imo.
  7. I guess you can still bet on how bad they will tank on any given week.
  8. it could still work. "I have a gun in the car so empty your register into this bag. "
  9. Bill E.

    Spermoff: Which Cosplay chick would you want to nail?

    Very Nice. Just don't ask her to pick something up at Walmart for you.
  10. It would if they were allowed to bring a gun into the store.
  11. Bill E.

    Steeler Desperation Move

    i do not get it either. The way they are playing i was thinking they might get Tua. Not really but they are in line for a good pick in '20. Now no 1s or 2s. Dolphins might have to decide which pick is worth more week 5 and actually try to win a game.
  12. Haven't you ever heard of a Pro-Jewish Nazi? Kind of like Warren is a Free Market Socialist and a Caucasian Native American.