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  1. Bill E.

    Where is your mind at currently?

    Just picked up Natalie Merchant tix in St. Augustine for April. Love that town.
  2. Bill E.

    Death Pool Update - Christine McVie

    That sucks. always been a fan Who would have guessed that she would be the first of the five to go? She always seemed to be the most grounded.
  3. Get her a life sized poster of your profile pic. (and one for me)
  4. Bill E.

    Thanks fellas

    Great point. Give THEM until THEY are like 5 or 6 years old to decide.
  5. Bill E.

    Thanks fellas

    Congrats!! Never had kids but some of my friends that have them seem to like them.
  6. If you get caught just say edjr said you get a freebee.
  7. Bill E.

    The most woke TV show ever?

    Thanks guys!!
  8. Bill E.

    The most woke TV show ever?

    Yea though for like 20 years it was fine. Now all of the sudden it is offensive. If it was just that it would not have been noticeable but they started the season with a thing about making each other feel good about themselves. This on a show where they starve people and force them to conspire against each other to vote them out of the show.
  9. Bill E.

    The most woke TV show ever?

    Yea I always liked that show but the last two seasons have been really bad. Where they had a 10 minute debate about him saying "Comeon guys." comes to mind. I only watch 3-4 current shows a week so I do not know about some of the others mentioned here.
  10. Bill E.

    My China Experience Is Coming To A Close

    Awesome that you will be back. i did not read enough to see where you will be but if you are ever up around Jax or Savannah GA let me know.
  11. What did his tongue stick to?
  12. Just a bunch of stupid jokes about the first movie. Pass.
  13. Bill E.

    Amazon prime / amazon music

  14. Bill E.

    Amazon prime / amazon music

    Can you get to the library when you try to connect? I just get the spinning connecting message. I close it and open it a few times and it usually connects but it should go right in.