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  1. Bill E.

    Let’s Do A Top Ten Eighties Rock Band Thread

    Great artists include Prince, Billy Joel, Springstein, even Madonna and Lauper . Bun those don't count. I never cared much for REM or U2. I like Toto but they were not that big.
  2. Bill E.

    Let’s Do A Top Ten Eighties Rock Band Thread

    Good ones so far 38 Special Fixx Scorpions Add Journey and of course OK maybe not Baltimora
  3. Bill E.

    I have Cancer :/

    So Awesome!!!!
  4. Bill E.

    The Filibuster

    Agree 100% with this then and now. I was not sorry they did it but felt back then it was dirty pool and felt bad for what I thought was a dignified member of the court. He is a total POS.
  5. Bill E.

    The Filibuster

    if it is such a bad idea why was this not brought up by Democrats 2 years ago?
  6. Without. They had two leads. One for the Cetera stuff and one for the more upbeat stuff but both did great. I was never a big fan of any of their music. All of it was just OK imo, but they put on a great show.
  7. Another one. A couple years ago Cher was doing her Facelift tour and my wife really wanted to go. I did not and she was not good imo. She would sing a song and leave to change clothes and they would show a Sonny and Cher video from the 70's. Really slow and choppy. She sang the 80's stuff not the 70's stuff which was better. The reason I was glad we went was the opening act turned out to be Cyndi Lauper and she was great. Much better than Cher.
  8. We bought Chicago tickets about a year ago because friends were going. They covided and friends got a refund. I was too lazy and did not do anything so there were still good. So about a month ago my wife said it was rescheduled for that night and I did not want to go and said lets just skip it. She dragged me and they were really great. Not just good but great. Go see them if you get a chance.
  9. Bill E.

    Good Morning

    Have a good week. Glad you won in FF and that somebody lost the Raiders/Chargers game. Did not want to see a tie.
  10. Bill E.

    Steelers Going To The Superbowl!

  11. I was at my Father's house over the holidays and he was watching one of the 6:30 evening news shows. They interviewed two security guards for about 15 minutes about the riot last January. They went on about how it was planned out and these people had armor and they thought they were going to die. The rioters used racial slurs etc. Then of course they went on about how it was Trumps fault and he needs to be held accountable. My Father said how awful it was. I asked him if it was so planned out how could Trump have stopped it by going on TV and telling them to go home or how that giant mob would even hear him if they were rioting? Were they carrying secret Trump decoder rings at the time? Then I asked when they were going to interview people inside the federal building that was being torched during the riots last summer or the people who had their businesses destroyed? I asked him when the would do a sit down with the marines that survived the Afghanistan attack and ask why that was so botched up. I asked when would they do a big investigative piece about the mess at the border or the people behind the Russia allegations and where those documents came from? I guess they have not scheduled those yet or maybe he just missed them because they did not cover any of that much.
  12. Bill E.

    Restricting Voter Access

    It would be like the movie Questions to Vote R. What was the GNP last year? What was national debt at the end of last month? Questions to vote D What is Joe Biden's Name? What is the color of Joe's favorite blue suit?
  13. It could be that he was always an azzhole. I just remember that he seemed ok for years when he started as a Steeler. Then something drastic seemed to change. Either way he could have made a real difference for the Steelers and I am sad for all us Steeler fans.