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  1. Thanks again. Glad she likes it.
  2. Bill E.

    Russia is about to have a civil war!

    You will not have a civil war here anytime soon and probably ever. To have an actual Civil war here you would have to have at least one State where the State government wanted to break away. I have not seen anything even close to that. You have to have a home base not just a bunch of angry people lashing out somewhere. I know a lot of people unhappy about the elections but not one is willing to give up their home and business to fight the government. In addition all are supporters of the military and even if they had the weapons they would not harm a member of the US military.
  3. Winner gets something like this with stand: https://megateeth.com/shop/megalodon-shark-teeth/high-quality-megalodon-shark-tooth-29/dx208/ Rules Open to posters with at least 300 posts only to try to cut down on too many duplicate guesses for one person. Picks must be in by midnight eastern Saturday night 02/06 There may be one more. Post: Winner-Score Loser -Score Meg tooth Winner must guess the correct Winning Team. Tiebreaker #1 Closest Winner Score without going over. ** Tiebreaker #2 Closest Loser Score without going over. ** Tiebreaker #3 First person to post
  4. Maybe in the future if you think what you are about to post will get you banned or the thread deleted include a little Anniston vid. It might make the difference.
  5. Wait until the Chinese and Russians order male athletes to compete as women in the Olympics. Funny that taking hormones will get you banned from most sporting events in the NCAA but now they require it. I guess they believe that men's hormones are superior to wimmens hormones. How Trumpish is that?
  6. Bill E.

    The Patriot Party

    Except if you are harming the Republicans. Then it is ok.
  7. Bill E.

    The Patriot Party

    I would love to vote for Trump again if he ran as a R. If he decides to start a new party he just ensures the Dem's win for a long time. In fact if he creates a new party to splinter the Republicans I predict Twitter and Facebook forgive him and reinstate his accounts to help him get his message out.
  8. Bill E.

    Biden’s Plan: Make America California Again

    My wife and I are healthy and never hit our deductible. We pay $1800/month for health insurance. We could go with a cheaper deductible and higher out of pocket for $1600/mo, but why bother?
  9. Bill E.

    What are the dumbest rules in sports?

    That does make sense. Stalemate. I would never think of that.
  10. Hey I am wearing a snowmobile suit under a 7mm drysuit. Lots of padding.
  11. Bill E.

    What are the dumbest rules in sports?

    I find this hard to believe.
  12. When I was on the boat I showed a photo to a friend that likes these and is pretty successful in business. He wanted to buy it. I said I did not know I really wanted to keep it awhile but he threw a number out that was 20% higher than retail so I could not refuse. I do not want to jinx it plus I do not want to tell his business. Plus it might seem like bragging and we don't do that here at the Geek Club. Also he has not paid yet and I am happy to hold it awhile if he changes his mind. But he asked for all the photos of me holding the tooth si he could keep them with it so I think he will. I have one that is 6.92" long and perfect that I kept so I did not mind letting this one go.
  13. It was funny. The water was 49 degrees so I was really cold but the visibility was good. I dove about an hour and was not finding anything good. I had on really thick gloves so it is hard to feel anything. I still dig and dug up a 4-1/2" pretty nice tooth and thought at least that is something. Then I saw a second one. As the currents rush through they wear out the bank and expose new fossils but I have hit this area pretty hard over the last few months. With two teeth I knew it was a recently exposed area and I pulled out a reel and started to run a line so I could find the area easier later. About ten feet away it was completely exposed and I screamed like a little girl. I usually do not get that excited but man I knew it was an incredible tooth.
  14. https://megateeth.com/rl_gallery/6-31-meg-tooth-found-1-18-21/ 6.3" long and 4.7" wide. Nicest over 6" tooth tooth I have found in years. For comparison only about ten un-restored 7" teeth have ever been found and most are in really rough condition.
  15. Yesterday I found the nicest Meg tooth I have found in over 3 years and sold it before I was off the boat.