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  1. Bill E.

    Selling used car payment questions

    Thanks everyone. I guess this is the right way to go. The guy texted me like a dozen times but when I told him cash or meet at a bank for certified check he stopped talking so it was a scam. I was instantly suspicious when he made an offer right at the asking price without even looking at it. I texted this back several hours after he quit texting. It is too bad the scumbag scammers ruined money orders for the honest people. Get a real job, right?
  2. So we are selling my old truck and getting a lot of interest. One guy just offered almost full price without seeing it. Now he wants to meet tomorrow and pay with money orders. I told him no either cash or meet at a bank and get a certified check there. I never thought through the payment part but you hear of people getting ripped off or robbed so does what I said to him make sense or is there more I should be doing?
  3. Bill E.

    Had marriage counseling last nite

    Sure. Where were you with that advice 15 years ago??
  4. Final Guesses. Was not going to include Ed's troll pick but at 1-6 he actually has a chance for the first one. Frank is just on meth. Edjr 1 0 Cdub 15 38 TimmySmith 28 55 Fandaddy 30 95 Mike Honcho 31 66 WhiteWonder 32 78 Cloaca du jour 32 79 Posty 32 85 Voltaire 32 99 Mookz 33 76 Strike 35 85 Joneo 36 70 Beenhere 37 32 MTSkiBum 37 80 Mike Isles 39 39 Alias Det 41 41 Buford 42 38 NorthernVike 43 43 5points 58 60 Frank 82 69 Cdub 38 75 Cloaca du jour 48 166 MTSkiBum 57 155 Posty 59 166 Fandaddy 59 190 Mookz 61 144 WhiteWonder 61 153 Mike Honcho 62 176 TimmySmith 63 123 Voltaire 64 198 Strike 70 180 Beenhere 72 65 Joneo 74 154 Mike Isles 79 109 Buford 81 100 Alias Det 82 82 NorthernVike 101 101 5points 111 138 Edjr 161 0 Frank 163 69
  5. Bill E.

    if i smoked 2 packs day

    Allstate might do that to save from having to pay claims on drunk driving accidents. Microsoft can not make money by people losing weight so why should they spend their money doing it?
  6. Same here. I put about $7-10k per month on my Delta Amex card mostly for advertising but I am in the process of getting rid of it. I moved most of it to a VISA card and if Suntrust caves I will find a different card.
  7. Bill E.

    if i smoked 2 packs day

    Not so much promote habits that can cause death and disease they just do not use their advertising budget to discourage those habits.
  8. Yea they flipped both our states last time didn't they?
  9. Except the well off liberals will flee to FL, GA, AZ and TX and then vote Democrat
  10. Bill E.

    if i smoked 2 packs day

    That would never happen. The drug company does not make any money on condoms.
  11. Bill E.

    if i smoked 2 packs day

    He could join in the Smoker's Pride Parade. Starts with an 9am walk to the corner and back then they take a break at 9:15 and light up.
  12. He was right on that being the policy. I do not know what happened with my parents. I should ask others I know in PA but I can not do anything about any of it so I probably will not bother.
  13. Bill E.

    I have the Moderna flu

  14. Bill E.

    I have the Moderna flu

    Good luck. Even what I had was tolerable just inconvenient. Had to miss a day in the water was the worst of it and that is no big deal.