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  1. Bill E.

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    Right I get them mixed up.
  2. Bill E.

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    Cuomo will pay you $1500 for each one if you fill them out for Joe.
  3. I wish he got more coverage with the msm. People need to know what the Dems are about. I would think Fox would interview him on air before CNN would. This man needs to be heard.
  4. It is a BS feel good move for his crazy base. He knows he will not be around in 2035 to see it repealed by whatever nut they elect next.
  5. Bill E.

    What is your favorite Bill Murray movie

    Ghostbusters or Scrooged . I think GBII made people think the0 first was not as good as it was. Stripes next.
  6. Bill E.

    I have Cancer :/

    Man so sorry to hear this Jerry.
  7. Bill E.

    Any Pool Owners?

    Actually it has been my most enjoyable summer ever. I stay at the condo and can walk down to the boat. When I get done diving I walk up, have lunch and then take a nap at the pool. Then I can either go home or just stay there for the night. My wife can come or go as well. If she wants to stay at the house I just relax the rest of the day. I never have has such an enjoyable year.
  8. Bill E.

    Any Pool Owners?

    Only here could a thread about a pool end this way.
  9. Bill E.

    Any Pool Owners?

    My wife wanted a pool. Instead I just bought a reasonably priced condo near where I keep the boat about 20 minutes from home. It has a nice lap pool. It was only about double what a basic pool would cost. We use it all the time and stay at the condo 2-3 nights a week. We could also rent the condo if we wanted. Almost nobody is there during the week and a lot of people just come in from out of town on the weekends so they can use their boats. I pretty much have it to myself on weekdays and the condo should hold its value a lot better than a pool would. I know it may not be ideal depending on what you want but it is another way to go.
  10. Bill E.

    Why do liberals hate being called liberals

    Why don't you watch Drobeskis video post above then come back and tell me what is wrong with people on the right. Maybe get your own house in order first.
  11. Bill E.

    Why do liberals hate being called liberals

    Most every liberal I know think they are moderate.
  12. Bill E.

    Raise your fist to BLM or we’ll ruin your lunch

    What I really think we will see come election day is mass protests/riots near polling places blocking voters especially in the suburbs . Why wouldn't they do it? They have no boundaries anymore and if they can stop Trump supporters from voting...
  13. Bill E.

    Raise your fist to BLM or we’ll ruin your lunch

    Yea but normal people get angry watching these idiots looting on TV and for 3 months the local Dems have said there is no problem and until recently Biden's team has been silent. The thing that will save Biden is the National media downplays this.