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  1. Bill E.

    Guy that smacked reporter’s butt on live tv

    I think the grabbing thing is new. I just recently heard it and did not see the video. Did it show him running by her and smacking and grabbing without slowing down? By not meaning to do it maybe he meant he did it without really thinking. Just passed her and smacked. I do not know for sure and not defending him that was just how I read it.
  2. Bill E.

    Guy that smacked reporter’s butt on live tv

    It has been all over the news here in Savannah. She has been making the national media circuit. This slap is the best thing that ever happened to her career. She was even on the Today show, and the network of Matt Lauer is outraged.
  3. She is Still Asleep Maybe you're just in your own world, or maybe you don't care about injustices happening around you. Either way, it would probably be good to occasionally find ways to combat inequality and injustice, even if it's something as small as denouncing inequality and supporting a charitable cause that is trying to help others. Countdown to her apology.
  4. That sucks but still maybe better than living with a heroin addict.
  5. You could look after his wife while he is in rehab. Maybe take her on a 14 day cruise to help her forget. I am sure he would appreciate that.
  6. Bill E.

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    That is true. The problem is the msm focused on the "witnesses" that made Trump look bad. The part where three of themm admitted to being Dem donors never made it into the 2 minute nightly news coverage. I spoke to my parents who just watch the 6:00 news and they say something like "it looks bad for Trump" I ask what exactly he did and they do not really know. There are way too many voters that only see the highlights that the major networks want them to see and buy right into it.
  7. Bill E.

    How woke are you? Take the test

    I agree. I always wanted religious right people to shut up about it because it moves moderate people to the left. Woke is religion x10.
  8. Bill E.

    How woke are you? Take the test

    They just had a story on the news about some actor (or something) who posted a photo of himself on Facebook where he was carrying a single use plastic water bottle and people went apeshit. He promptly apologized. I wish these people would tell people to get a life rather than say they were sorry.
  9. Actually this is one of the funniest LD bits roasting Steve Martin.
  10. Bill E.

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Are you writing for Joe??
  11. Bill E.

    Browns / Steelers War ( madness )

    Yep. I can see a player doing something this stupid, but a head coach is supposed to be above all this. Especially since it looks like condoning ripping a helmet off a QB and hitting him with it. How would he like it if PIT hired a guy to join the team for a day and pay him to do that to Mayfield? All it does is fire up the other side. You will not see Tomlin wearing a Pittsburgh Finished It shirt.
  12. Bill E.

    Who has seen the movie “A Ghost Story”?

    Ahh. I am so behind the times.
  13. Bill E.

    Who has seen the movie “A Ghost Story”?

    I remember the reading the Peter Straub book Ghost Story a long time ago. They made it into a movie that was not bad. Assume you do not mean that one?
  14. Bill E.

    WR pi@&$ game away

    What an idiot. That is too funny.