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  1. Congrats Honcho!!! Pm me your address and I will get it out!!!
  2. Tomorrow (Sunday) is it A Pirates loss it is and it is Cloaca 75 150 A win it is Honcho 76 160
  3. Bill E.

    Sanctuary Cities

    That's ok. They should declare these cities sanctuaries for all criminals. The streets would be safer in other places.
  4. I wonder if he still lives in the inner city?
  5. Even if you totally buy into the climate crisis there are big problems. Russia, India, China etc. will not really ever cut back so anything we do is just feelgood measures that will make us more dependent on China, Russia and mid east oil. Even if you buy in it will hurt us far more than it will help. It really is another waste of time issue. You will never get consensus on the issue because the far left has become so rabid about it and people get turned off. People the right see it as a way for liberal politicians to funnel money to supporters. Reports about Proterra getting billions in taxpayer money that we will never get back and politicians on both sides getting richer buying stock before the money grab then dumping it before the fall make many of skeptable about the whole thing. https://nypost.com/2023/08/08/biden-backed-electric-vehicle-company-files-for-bankruptcy/ At the time of the tour, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm held between $1 million and $5 million in stock of the electric vehicle company, The Washington Free Beacon reported, prompting ethics concerns and calls for her divestment. Granholm raked in $1.6 million in profit after selling hundreds of thousands of shares in May 2021 Now the stock has fallen by 85%.
  6. Have not been following too closely. In PA with a sick Father for the last three weeks. 74 wins with 6 games left and 157 home runs in the stat I saw but not sure if that is up to date. I think we are down to three if my numbers are correct. Let me know someone. If I am correct 0-1 win Cloaca 2-3 wins Honcho 4-6 wins 5points Is that correct?
  7. No whoever is closer. Under beats over only if the differences are the same.
  8. You start to feel bad for the people there but then you don't. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
  9. Bill E.

    Philip Rivers to Jets?

    I think the Jets should be able to find another $75 Mil under the couch cushions.
  10. Bill E.

    RIP Jimmy Buffet

    One of the less played songs that I always thought was funny because it was loosly based on a true story.
  11. Bill E.

    RIP Jimmy Buffet

    Yea. He never cared about making music that would be in the top 40. He did his own thing.
  12. Bill E.

    RIP Jimmy Buffet

    Agree .. but not too soon.