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  1. Bill E.

    Favorite 80’s Movie

    Capt Ron is mine. (Think that was 80's)
  2. Thought Manning was the #1 pick that year? Too lazy to look it up.
  3. I think Hillary was leading by more in the 16 polls.
  4. True but this guy seems a lot more together than Joe.
  5. I just hoe Biden can hold on until whatever they do for a convention. If not I am afraid Cumo sneaks in there. I would rather not see that.
  6. Diving 6-7 days a week. Every other time we are going here or there.
  7. Bill E.

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    Hope you are all safe and sorry about your friend.
  8. Bill E.

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    Similar here. I am 56 and still go diving on my boat every day. Very few cases here and it is just me and my boat captain. Neither of us go anywhere else and stay away from people other our wives and occasional grocery runs. The diving really makes me feel like nothing major has changed. My parents are who I worry about the most. Both are 81 and my Father has mild but worsening COPD. They live in PA and do unwise things. One day Dad went and played cards with his brother and two brother-in-laws. Another day my Mother went to six stores including a Dollar General looking for god knows what. I would visit but I figure that might do more harm than good. For me 2, for my wife who has mild health concerns 3-4, for my parents 6-7.
  9. I agree but he is a white male. That will not work for quite awhile I am guessing. There is a lot of catching up to do.
  10. Bill E.

    Why are people still hoarding toilet paper?

    I do not drink or buy milk but someone told me they are freezing it.
  11. Bill E.

    I'm an Atheist, is this the Apocalypse?

    Me either. My Tuesday night poker game was canceled. Because of locusts.
  12. Bill E.

    I'm an Atheist, is this the Apocalypse?

    No, those locusts are there because of man made climate change.
  13. Bill E.

    has looting started tonite?

    I think that one person in the video was stealing makeup. The other guy and woman were in the gum and mints isle. Must be desperate for their next meal. It is nice that they hire security people to hurl insults at looters though. Pretty effective.
  14. Bill E.

    i think my sister has coronavirus

    That is good news hopefully. Hope you are all ok,