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  1. Bill E.

    Avengers: End Game

    I saw it last night and it was as good as everyone has said. I am in my 50s but still remember how much comics meant to me growing up in the 70's. I have seen most of the Marvel films since Iron Man and Disney/Marvel has really hit home runs with many of them IMO. Everything was brought together by this one.
  2. Bill E.

    People saying Maroon 5 should not have played

    Not a big M5 fan and they were about what I expected considering recent years. I respect them a lot for showing up and not bending to pressure to boycott the show. My point is why did these idiots call for performers to boycott and not the players?
  3. Yea at least it was not a blowout. The Rams were in it until that interception.
  4. Looks like frozenbeernuts wins. Pm me an address. FANDANDY LA 31 NE 24 BANDRUS LA 27 NE 24 FROZEN NE 27 PHI 23 TDRYAN NE 28 DAL 25 DROB NE 31 NO 28 HERBIV NE 37 NO 31 SUPERMIKE NE 40 DAL 10
  5. Why don't they say the Rams and Pats players should have boycotted the Superbowl? Why is it on a bunch of musicians to change whatever it is they want to change?
  6. I was just going to say the exact same thing.
  7. Just saw your lake comment. This is not bad. 91 hours is not a lot. and Yamahaw is a good engine.
  8. I have 3 boats and run one daily almost. For sure get a compression test. I also like a small cabin/cuddy to keep things dry. Just from 1 search I would look at something like this https://www.boats.com/power-boats/2007-pro-line-21-walk-6662285/?refSource=similar%20listing Suzuki is a good engine and 495 hours is not bad. If you can go down to Florida. There are a ton of boats for sale there. Prices are good but they have been in salt water. That is not as big a deal as it used to be since most engines are made for salt water. Just know with any used boat there is a chance you will need a replacement engine at some point.
  9. Bill E.

    Geico commercials...

    Can not stand that one. The cavemen were the best.
  10. Bill E.


  11. Bill E.

    Got laid off today

    Sorry to hear that. Good luck.
  12. Don't. Just get a divorce. Or you could do like this guy: 1. Take wife on boat ride in Lake Erie and shoot her. 2. Tie body to small anchor and throw her in the lake. 3.Come in and spend the night with the girlfriend. 4. Tell her she can move in with you soon. 5 Go out on boat the next day. 6 Call Coast Guard and tell them your wife just fell in the water and sank, Of course his marina had video of all the comings and goings. Also the body with a gunshot to the head tied to an anchor washed up. https://www.goerie.com/news/20181211/husband-gets-life-in-prison-for-wifes-lake-erie-murder
  13. Bill E.

    Time shares: scam or good idea?

    I live an hour from HHI and I love it. If I could talk my wife into it I would move there. To answer your question there are lots of timeshares there. I think six 5 starish Marriott resorts and that is just a small percentage of what is there. One resort would have us come weekly to give the guests a fossil presentation of the local area and give us a Villa for the night. I can not say enough about HHI and I can even dive for teeth there.
  14. Bill E.

    Time shares: scam or good idea?

    200 a day I am sure but even divided between 4 people it is a steal. Most Hotels are $200 a night down there. Like Uber Air BNB has revolutionized an industry.