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  1. Bill E.

    Rosita has been canceled at Sesame Place...

    Rosanna Arquette She could cancel me anytime.
  2. Bill E.

    I'm sure no one here cares but ...

    So sorry for your loss.. Sounds like he has a tough life lately. Hope someone steps up and gives the dog a good life. I always think of those things too.
  3. Bill E.

    where will trump exile?

    I think your people will disappear him first.
  4. Bill E.

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    Arrest your political opponents. The liberal way in America. Surprised they did not just find a reason to shoot him.
  5. Same here. Always on smaller roads but not on a freeway. I figure everyone else is doing it already and I do not look across the 4 lane divided highway to see it.
  6. Bill E.

    Brittney Griner held by the Russians

    Even if there was no invasion just before/after relations were souring fast back then. Anyone from any group going there was taking a huge risk. Anytime relations with the US goes downhill in one of these countries they start arresting Americans. You could not pay me to go to China right now. I hope Voltaire and Titans are OK over there. (Volty flush your drugs. )
  7. I agree with most of this. Abortion is not even on the list of why I would vote for someone but I am afraid it will hurt the Republicans come November. Worst case if it rallies the Dems and they add a couple seats in the Senate and keep the House then the filibuster, SCOTUS, the abortion ban, immigration, election laws and everything else moderates and people on the the right have left (which is not much) is gone. If anything might do this that ruling by the SC would be the only thing. I do not see it happening given the state of the economy but if the economy improves it could happen.
  8. I felt all along that this will hurt the Republicans in the midterm. I think they will still flip the house but it may be enough to turn some really tight races. It might be enough to put Abrams in the Gov seat here in GA
  9. Bill E.

    Dolphins picks taken away/owner suspended

    What did he do wrong? The way I read it the Fins tried to bring him into the organization but he never went. I did not see where Brady did anything wrong this time. I wonder if it is really for the offer of a bonus to Flores to throw games. The NFL may have believed it but could not prove it so they went with anything they could find. I do not get why Brady would want to own part owner of MIA Fins anyhow.
  10. Trump owned a construction company that over billed on repairs. Was it TDS Consultants?
  11. Of all the new ones I liked the Eternals. I wait until they come to Disney+ so by the time I watched it I heard so many bad reviews that I expected much worse. Dr. Strange was just ok but seeing Jim Halpert was pretty cool. Will wait on Thor for Dis+. Shang Chi was meh. I enjoyed seeing the old Spiderman characters in that movie.
  12. Bill E.

    A Couple Stories for Shark Week

  13. Bill E.

    A Couple Stories for Shark Week

    Yes I have had a great stretch of luck lately. I have a few 1 gal buckets of toofs hat I have not unpacked yet. It has been crazy.
  14. Bill E.

    A Couple Stories for Shark Week

    Thanks. On my way out now. I will be at a cottage in Erie in September for a couple weeks. Hopefully it will still be warm up there.