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  1. I know the feeling. We are kind of diving the same waters.
  2. " Yes we want to put on a good face for the world by arresting teachers and maybe killing a few thousand protesters.
  3. Bill E.

    I'm Trumped out

    Me too. Especially when you know the reason for the story is not really to inform but to influence undecided voters and rally the base.
  4. Bill E.

    Fave Everyman Actor

    Tom Hanks in his older movies like Splash and the Money Pit.
  5. Bill E.

    Mom isn't doing well...

    Man I am so sorry.
  6. Bill E.

    Mom isn't doing well...

    Man I am sorry to see this.
  7. Seriously though. Go back to the beginning of Season 8. They could have stretched it out another season but it would not have been any better. I am not sure what they could have done that would have satisfied me or most people. Let the Night King win? - No Let Cerci win? - No Let J&D win and get married and rule in peace - Would seem too obvious. Have someone betray J&D and take the throne - Who? no They rammed the last season through because I think they were getting too expensive to make and they just did not know what else to do.
  8. The one thing I could not get passed was: Grey Worm: Jon Killed the Queen I worshiped. He must be punished. Tyrian: You do not get to decide that. The king decides. GW: Oh OK. Then choose a new king. I'll do what he says.
  9. Tooth sent. Hope you like it.
  10. I know. Who would think 95 would not win it?
  11. Let me know who wins. Will check back in tonight. Have to clean teeth for a show this weekend so good luck everyone ....that picked Bell
  12. That is fine. I am not too into rules. We will figure it out if you win. Good luck.