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  1. bfros

    Who is next up behind Tre'quan Smith?

    yeah Kirkwood and Carr split time in the slot. Kirkwood saw more targets, did more. Carr scored a TD. Hard to know. I noticed Marshall was inactive, which kinda tells me they may like what they saw with Kirkwood.
  2. With Tre'quan out, who is the Saints next WR after Michael Thomas (and Kamara and Watson)? Who is the guy to get? Kirkwood? Carr?
  3. I traded Godwin for Watkins this week with the hopes Watkins would be balling. My oppenent has Mahomes and I have Kelce. i was hoping a Kelce/Watkins combo would absorb a good bit of Mahomes production. I'm in a must win game. My hope is that they saw what they needed on Thurs and are resting him on Fri-Sat, maybe a bit of gamesmanship from Reid. Who knows. I write this not to talk about my team but to say If Watkins is inactive I'll likely drop him and pick up either Conley (who will start opposite of Hill in two WR sets) or I'll get Josh Reynolds (who will take the place of Cooper Cupp). Desperation plays, but it's all I got. Just my two-cents.
  4. bfros

    When do you hancuff running backs?

    In this case if you have to drop one of your other RBs, you would not do that, as they are all too valuable. But since your crazy league has no waivers, here's what you do. If Hunt gets hurt, you wake up at 5:55am and you pray to god you are the first person at 6am to vulture Ware off waivers. Incidentally, your league is crazy unfair and dumb...hahha. Seriously, not having waivers encourages what's called "vulturing"...whoever has the most free time sit around and react first wins, which isn't fair at all.
  5. bfros

    When do you hancuff running backs?

    All depends on your roster, who you'd have to cut to add someone like Ware (who is a must add, imo), and where you are at in the waiver order and whether your waiver order resets each week or not. Lots of factors. But don't be cute. If you can drop a mediocre WR for Ware, do it. I def would NOT drop any of the RBs you list above.
  6. bfros

    Ridely or Samuels as Conner's backup?

    saw the following, but it only said Samuels arrow was pointing up after last week, but nothing about where he's at in the pecking order with Ridley. https://247sports.com/nfl/pittsburgh-steelers/Article/Mike-Tomlin-on-LeVeon-Bells-expected-no-show-So-be-it-124680420/
  7. bfros

    Ridely or Samuels as Conner's backup?

    I was leaning towards Samuels too, same reasons. And I heard that Tomlin talked him up, but I can't find a link to that....can you paste the link?
  8. We all know the Steelers lead RB produces in that offense, and that Tomlin does not like to split carries....so who is the handcuff to own? Ridely or Samuels? Let the debate begin.
  9. Somebody has got to make a documentary about this!!! Or is there one?
  10. bfros

    Best Backup RB Flyers...

    Wondering if Steven Ridley isn't such a bad idea. If Bell doesn't come back, Ridley has the reigns in Pitt if Conner gets injured. On Roto, just saw it mentioned that "PFT's Mike Florio brought up an interesting thought Tuesday after Bell wasn't traded ahead of the trade deadline; perhaps the sides have a "wink-nod" agreement that if Bell doesn't show up at this year, the Steelers will agree not to re-tag him next spring and grant him the free agency he so badly craves. It's clear neither side wants anything to do with the other right now."
  11. I still think focusing on RBs early is key. Gurley, Zeke, Gordon, Barkley, Hunt, Kamara, and even David Johnson were all first round picks in my league and all of them, even DJ, have been solid. That's 7 solid RBs, with Bell as the only bust. And in round 2, Fournette and Cook were the only busts. I still like McCaffrey for the second half. Early round WRs have been more reliable this year, it's true, but early round RBs have not been as bad as it seems.
  12. bfros

    Drop Brieda for Mostert?

    you aren't dropping The Leg for just Rivers (who btw is better than Wilson)...you are dropping The Leg for a QB upgrade/consolidation AND to add Mostert, who will likely start this week with Breida hobbled.
  13. bfros

    Drop Brieda for Mostert?

    I'd drop my kicker and pick up Mostert right now. THen I would try to package deal Wilson and Trubisky (I don't have a ton faith in Trubisky rest of season, so he's a sell high right now) for another QB like Rivers. Rivers is on bye, so maybe the Rivers owner would bite. If you can get this 2 for 1 trade done soon enough, you can then pick up a kicker again with the open spot.
  14. Any updates on Royce Freeman situation? (pick up Booker or not)? P.Barber? how hurt? (pick up R.Jones or not)? Pats did not pick up Gillislee...so is K.Barner the only RB other than White? Also looks like Ivory is ok? otherwise Murphy looked awfully good.... waivers came and went and Booker, R.Jones, and Barner, and Murphy are still available. Need info.
  15. Martin will be the next man up, but Richard could very well be the guy to own if ya had to choose. Kind of a Breida/Morris situation, where Breida was the one to nab. Richard will likely be the better bet. Also Richard is 208 lbs, so he can run between tackles if needed. Could be a 3 down back.