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    Steelers-Bell-Transition tag

    It may be pretty shitty of the Steelers, but Bell needs to fire the idiot agent that told him to sit out. No way in hell does he make up the money he lost. Only a handful of teams have the cap $$ that were available last offseason and it's highly doubtful any of them break the bank for Bell. The Jets have already stated they will not overpay. The Colts aren't interested. The 49'ers aren't going to take a "me first" guy like Bell, especially when they have so many other holes to fill. Buffalo will have the money, but what would Bell do behind a poor offensive line and no WR's to take the heat off? My prediction - Bell is never again close to being the top RB in fantasy football unless he's back in Pitt. With fewer teams needing a RB this season, he's going to get stuck in a crappy situation and will never again be the same Bell. His stutter stepping behind the line works great when you have Antonio Brown and always another top WR paired with him, oh, and a great offensive line. Put him behind the Jets line, or the Bills, and try to tell me with a straight face he's going to be remotely close to the Bell of the past 4 years.
  2. Another thread made me think of this. If you were an NFL owner, and had a highly paid (top 5) Quarterback, which position(s) would you sort of devalue, or spend less money on? I know this is heavily dependent upon the scheme you would be running, but it will definitely make you think.
  3. oldtimer

    KC better win in the next couple years...

    I agree with this. If you follow the Colts, they've made it clear the goal is to build via the draft. They will pick up necessary pieces via free agency, but they aren't overpaying for them. I don't know that Bell would fit in well with a young, ascending team. He would be awesome to watch behind their line, but they aren't giving him "Bell" money. As for the debate - Brady keeps showing up in the Superbowl, but he isn't typically in the highest paid grouping of QB's. I think he is sort of the key. A QB who makes his millions, yet doesn't demand to be the highest paid or have the most guarantees. Just an extra few million in cap space each season could be the difference between adding a difference maker or adding a role type player. If you have a highly paid QB, you better hit on most of your draft picks like the Colts did this past year. Green Bay's problem isn't what Rodgers is making. It has been their draft picks have not been very good. At all. I think all owners would love to have the "problem" of building around a highly paid franchise QB.
  4. I've seen the same WR's & TE's mocked repeatedly, but there are always surprises. Who do you think will be drafted well ahead of where the "experts" are placing them? Last year at this time, Ed Oliver was the #1 player in almost ever mock. I have seen him mocked in the mid 20's in the latest editions. That's quite the drop. Why is Deebo Samuel still mocked behind 4-5 other WR's? I can see him being the 3rd off the board, or possibly the 2nd, depending on his 10 yard time. If he's quick off the line, he's going to go higher than predicted.
  5. oldtimer

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    The Redskins are missing an offense. No QB. No true #1 WR, a run-down and oft-injured TE and the line needs some upgrades. Their defense isn't bad, but they can't win on defense alone. I can't see then finishing above third in this division and quite possibly 4th. If they bring in a decent QB, they will have to release Norman and at least one more player. If they don't, they are basically throwing in the towel on 2019.
  6. oldtimer

    Super Bowl Prediction: post yours

    After watching the Rams get some very fortunate calls against the Saints, I have to wonder if the NFL isn't going to be rooting for the Rams. There were more missed calls in that Saints matchup than just the Roby-Coleman non-call. This is very hard for me to do, but as a St. Louisan, I have to root for the Patriots. Kroenke screwed this city. I have nothing against the players, but I don't want that bastard holding a trophy. So, for the first time ever, this city is rooting for Brady. I have to wonder how the Patriots weak offensive line is going to stack up against Suh and Donald. With those beasts, along with Brockers, Brady could be under pressure all game long. The plus side is neither Talib or Peters can cover very well. Not man on many anyway. Talib has definitely lost a step and Peters seems to lack the confidence he had in KC. He's been flat out horrendous this season. I'd like to see the Patriots win, then see Brady, Gronk, Edelman and a few others, retire. Gronk will, but I doubt the others do.
  7. Not even a remote possibility this happens. I live in St. Louis and had to see Kroenke in action. He wants "names", not talent. For now, the GM is calling the shots due to them needing a win. Once the stadium is ready, and the Rams have been successful for a few years, it will all change. Look at every other franchise Kroenke owns. They are all middling teams with absolutely no structure. Goff will get a mega-deal. I agree with what you are saying, but Kroenke would never view it that way.
  8. Remember when Jeff F. slowed the production of Air McNair? I do. That dude was born to air out the football. Nope. Jeff wanted a ground & pound game and overworked Eddie George instead. In todays game, Steve McNair would be a Superstar in most of the offenses. Jeff just sucks.
  9. oldtimer

    TN TE's next season

    Keep an eye on them. With the promotion of the TE Coach to the offensive coordinator position, and Vrabel playing with good TE production in the past, this could be a really nice play in 2019. I have Smith on my bench, but they may also draft someone as his replacement (although he got better as the year went along) or someone to use in two TE sets. I'm going to bet the offense runs through the TE next season, even with Davis' potential at WR. I see this as a ball control, move the chains, offense. That always does wonders for the TE and whichever WR runs across the middle. This would also seemingly play into one of the few things MM can do well, throw the quick, short pass. Limiting his decisions would benefit the entire offense.
  10. oldtimer

    Jaguars OC

    I think this makes all their offensive players literally unusable. DeDe may catch a decent number of passes with this hire, but this guy doesn't believe in running the ball. He has no QB, an oft-injured RB and a shaky offensive line. I can't believe they hired him. Jacksonville will be firing the HC, GM and Coordinators after the 2019 season. It certainly isn't the D-Coordinators fault, but he'll take some of the blame as well. Hard to defend when you're always put in such bad position. I was hoping they would hire someone who was focused on the run game. Nope. Not only is he NOT a run guy, but he will make the offense just as predictable as it was in 2018. Horrible move.
  11. oldtimer

    If Nick foles wins a 2nd Superbowl

    By these rules, how in the world did Kurt Warner get in? lol He has only one win and his career was brief. Granted, he made more than one, but he only won one. I don't care about stats. I care about leadership, which is why I was on board with Warner going in the HoF. IF Foles were to win this year (a massive IF, but I'm playing along), he absolutely should, in my mind, be in the HoF. Look, Jerome Bettis doesn't deserve to be in there. His numbers are no better overall than a crap load of RB's who aren't in there. He got in on public sentiment. Warner's story alone made him worthy, nevermind the fact he was a true leader as well. If Foles wins two, as a backup, give the dude his own room in the HoF and put his story on a plaque. It would be one of the great NFL stories of all time.
  12. oldtimer

    WR 1 my analysis

    I also drafted Julio in the 2nd. I had no intentions of drafting him, but he kept falling down the board. I had the 2.07 and had no choice but to draft him there. He will fall again next year, possibly even further. I've noticed the younger guys playing fantasy football have a tendency to avoid anyone 30 or older, or at least knock them down their draft board a bit. My guess, from the guys I drafted with this season, is that he would fall to the early-mid third next season. Some of that will be because I intend to start a rumor in the league this Summer that Julio is slowing down and I'll throw out some totally bogus stats to "prove" it.
  13. oldtimer

    Bill O'Brien

    How much will an improved offensive line help Watson? He doesn't pass from the pocket. He had one of the best lines in college and almost never threw from inside the pocket. So far in the NFL, he hasn't thrown from the pocket much either. I get that their line sucks, but why waste high draft picks on the line if he's not going throw from behind them? Luck is a pocket passer who can throw from outside the pocket. Watson is an outside the pocket passer who doesn't like throwing without moving around first. It's not easy to compare the two.
  14. oldtimer

    Eric Ebron, Calvin Ridley & two first rounders

    My bad RaiderHater. I just read this and the original post. Funny how over time things in your mind change. I had convinced myself the post was only about the trade. My apologies. To whoever said it was a bad trade - You apparently don't like to win, or keep a young team in Dynasty. At the time, I can't say I knew the trade would be "good", but with Bell not playing all season, and me winning the league title, it turned out excellent. Even if Bell blows up for 2,200 total yards the next two years, I wouldn't have won the title without Ebron and Ridley's first several games of the season.
  15. oldtimer

    Raiders Hire Mike Mayock as GM

    When you are ranking players, and getting paid to do so, it's safe to pick what the other analysts are picking. That's just common sense and job security. If he announced what he really thought, and what his true rankings were, he would be putting his job in jeopardy if the picks didn't pan out. With the money he was getting paid, it's wise to stay with the flock. I'd have done the same thing. Kiper Jr. was supposedly being considered by Washington several years ago, but I have no idea what happened. There was a blurb about it on a fantasy site, but nothing came of it. I'd love to see some of these guys get GM jobs. If nothing else, they know the best scouts in the business and I bet they could draft some solid players.