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  1. Bishop82

    Too Ugly to be Raped....YEP

    "The appeals sentence quoted one of the suspects as saying he found the woman unattractive and had her listed as "Viking" on his cellphone." 😂
  2. Bishop82

    New Zealand Shooting

    New Zealand mosque shooting: What is known about the suspects? Fock.
  3. Bishop82

    New Zealand Shooting

    I have some family in NZ and Australia and this news is extremely disheartening. I'm not normally a "thoughts and prayers" guy but I truly pray for the victim's families. NO ONE should have to be subjected to this.
  4. Anyone else kind of want to see this go down? "At the bike racks, after school. Be there!"
  5. Bishop82

    Is this wrong?

    Probably still find a way to hit a parked car somehow.
  6. Bishop82

    Tiger PULLS OUT of the API

    A Pu$$y Inferno?
  7. Bishop82

    King Kong Bundy...ded

    I was kind of surprised he was still alive. RIP
  8. Bishop82

    What Celebrity death 'Hit Home' for you?

    Stan Lee 😭 Adam West 😭 Dusty Rhodes Mean Gene Okerlund Bobby The Brain Heenan
  9. Bishop82

    SNL. Bill Hader as Jim Jordan

    I liked SNL this week, the political opening skit is usually never funny. But this week John Mulaney was the host and he is one of my favorite comedians. In summation, don't judge SNL by the sh!tty clips wiff posts.
  10. Bishop82

    Another MAGA supporter attacked...

    I wonder if it's cheaper to give everyone a MAGA hat and have ICE deport the violent immigrants, than it is to build a wall?
  11. So glad I left. 36 years there, without being shot.
  12. Bishop82

    Am I high or is that a tiger?

    Stoner 1: "Dude, I don't know what kind of weed you got this time, but I think I'm hallucinating." Stoner 2: "What do you mean?" Stoner 1: "I see a focking tiger over there." Stoner 2: "Maybe you should cut down on smoking."
  13. ✊🏿 The change skin tone feature is an interesting touch.
  14. Bishop82

    MDC, you were right

    Is it funny that I knew right away this wasn't a political thread?