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  1. Recidivist

    Happy Chanukah

    Regregretfully, I have been precluded from being forthwright with my ff totoday brethren, you especially. I regret that, as I enjoy sharing my nefarious exploits.God is good, like it or not. He wil see me back in 2012! Bless you all!
  2. Recidivist

    Greertings and Christ;s Love

    I want to extend my best wishes to all the geeks I've established a rapport with - meaning one that gets my ###### hard. I want to wish every one a happy Chanuckah, a Merry Christmas(the reak deal - no disrespect to all faiths and creeeds) and ultimately the peace and sacrafice of self it takes to renuirte with love ones. God loves us all. I strive to be his vessell. He Will bless us all!
  3. Neither, They each bring their own unique perspectuve, Since I swing both ways ways, God bless them both
  4. Recidivist

    Happy Chanukah

    I just wanted to acknowledge the significance of this today to the subscriptants of that faith. For he is the father of the same whom I believe and to which is the season. May the Higher Power of one's understanding bring them closer to all those in their lives who care about them. May the Lord bless and keep us all. Be well to all! Love, Jimmy
  5. Recidivist

    Nicole Eggert? CBF!

    Not to pile on, but with those fingers, I'm guessing she needs a dialing wand. She's one of those chicks who hit their prime before reaching the age of majority.
  6. Recidivist

    Lead Vocalist AND Bass Player

    Benjamin Orr - Cars Roger Waters - Pink Floyd Doug Pinnick - King's X
  7. Recidivist

    ***Official*** Banned from Mexican Eatery

    "Recidicist"? Who the fock is he? Sorry. If I relapse, there is bound to be a good story involved which I pledge to share. Coincidentally, Numero Dos is across the street from my favored AA meeting location
  8. Recidivist

    Making amends to those I have harmed

    I'm pretty sure we've never had an issue KSB. As for those you have mentioned: -there were actually multiple people at the ATM - it was a drive-up ATM and I was alleged to have threatened the four motorists who accumulated behind me while I was engaged in a heated argument (which turned physical) with the ATM after it ate my card; I am not sure I want to revisit these folks - for now I ask God for forgiveness; -I have no way of contacting the white DJ - I doubt he actually worked where he claimed he did; again I will rely on God for forgiveness here; -the above applies for the motorist; -my cat and I are cool; despite my condition, I was always faithful in tending to his needs; I'm sure he's cool with me as he sleeps next to me every nite in bed; -I haven't considered the proprietor of Dos; I will have to give this some thought. As always, thanks for your kind words KSB
  9. Recidivist

    Making amends to those I have harmed

    I concur . . . thanks BiPolar.
  10. Recidivist

    Odd co-worker names

    My ex father-in-law had an associate by the name of Richard Beaver. Curiously, he preferred to be called D!ck . . . hence, D!ck Beaver.
  11. Recidivist

    Happy Birfday MedStudent

    Yay! Hopefully somebody will give you something better by day's end though.
  12. Recidivist

    Making amends to those I have harmed

    Sorry for the offense, but we can agree to disagree. I actually owe you an apology for setting you straight about Kip Winger . . . it was sort of like telling a kid there is no Santa Claus. Sorry.
  13. Recidivist

    Making amends to those I have harmed

    Me too. I thought the step of making a thorough and fearless moral inventory would be bad, but this one is going to take awhile, perhaps the rest of my days. Enjoy your ice cream
  14. Recidivist

    Making amends to those I have harmed

    That's where the safe money is, but I can still try though Thanks!
  15. Recidivist

    Making amends to those I have harmed

    At this point, I'm checking into getting one of those roll-off dumpsters delivered to my driveway - I guess I'll put yours there when it arrives