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  1. Ray_T

    Tyreek in trouble

    it feels more serious to me. maybe it's the recency bias. hard to say....
  2. Ray_T

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    honestly, its really about what the individual players in the league prefer. by adjusting PPR to 1/2 PPR or no PPR (or whatever) all you are doing is adjusting the order you rank the players. in the end it really does not matter. what matters is your analysis on said players to maximize your points in whatever format you choose to use as a league.
  3. Ray_T

    Krafty move

    my question is... how would you prove someone received such services without having a camera in the room the supposed services took place in. I find it hard to believe a judge would grant anyone a warrant to put a camera inside any establishment (even this type of establishment). If I were a betting man I"d guess they have video evidence of him going in, paying for services, then leaving to a private room. I cannot see him accepting this kind of deal..... but perhaps if there was a gag order on info released to the public to keep his name clean he may choose to accept it. I have enough lawyer friends who have talked about this (over a beer because the topic is interesting) and they all claim proving this sort of thing is actually very difficult unless someone actually walks in on you while you are in the process of receiving said 'services' either way, the story is interesting to say the least, but I would expect Kraft would not accept such a deal without making modifications to the deal.
  4. Ray_T

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    without a doubt. Players like Odell are coach killers. Elite player calling out poor coaching/managment. usually that's a good way to find your way out of an organization. or to get the coach fired. this works the same in real life.... call out your boss in a public way on a stupid decision they made.... good way to get yourself fired in a hurry.
  5. Ray_T

    This could be a weird question

    he is most likely done. guys who play his style take and give a lot of hits. That concussion problem is a killer for people with his playing style. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/12/27/18157728/nfl-injury-news-concussion-vontaze-burfict-bengals-career 7 concussions. That's a lot. and there may be some undocumented ones in there too. There is the chance he may even have a hard time passing a medical. I dont know that I'd wanna take a chance on this. the smart move for him is to hang em up while he still is able to function as a human being.
  6. Ray_T

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    yeah, Fitz is a middling starter with some decent character. that wont win you a superbowl unless you have an elite Defense. An elite defense allows you to be far more conservative on your offensive play calls. You can run the ball a lot more, and generally not take those chances that lead to turnovers. in general, if you have the best defense in the NFL you can get by with an average offense that does not turn the ball over. Thing about Fitz, I dont think hes a game manager. Hes a high risk, high reward type of QB. fun to watch, but not effective enough to get you a championship.
  7. Ray_T

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    well, you cant argue on Team chemistry. I loved it when Fitzy showed up to the press conference with Desean Jackson's Bling. it was pretty funny, and I think it loosened things up in the dressing room. I'm pretty sure his team loved it too.
  8. Ray_T

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    or they are gearing up to select one next year and want to give the impression they are not actually trying to tank the season.
  9. for hurting his 3 year old child? not yet. but the story just broke, so there is time for something to happen there.
  10. Ray_T


    No offense, but Dixon may not be the best indicator... dude only played 13% of the offensive snaps. I'd suggest Dixon's lack of catches is likely because he didnt play enough. not because of any gameplan the team had in place. so in my opinion, this stat does not tell us anything. I'd expect Ingram will be playing upward of 60% of the teams offensive snaps, and so we are looking at a completely different comparison
  11. done worse? than beating a defenseless 3 year old child? certainly there are worse things out there, but I cannot think of many things short of murder and rape that top that. I'd say it's pretty high up on the list man.
  12. Ray_T

    Tyreek in trouble

    I fully agree. he should not be let off the hook. where I am skeptical is that I think he will be let off the hook. At least so far as being charged is concerned. but that does not mean he is not guilty as hell.
  13. or his agent told him what to do to get out of this mess, and he actually listened. I suppose the fact he went and got help and took some responsibility is at least something. but when you have multi million dollars in incentives, it is hard to say if hes changed, or if he just wants the money.
  14. Ray_T

    2019 Free Agents

    or they are setting themselves up to get a high draft pick in next year's QB rich draft.
  15. Ray_T

    Tyreek in trouble

    you might be right, but their power likely varies region by region based on the legislation in that particular region. That being said, I dont recall any cases where professional football, baseball or hockey players (or for that matter Actors) have lost their kids to child services. So I'm inclined to believe that money talks when it comes to a lot of this. I honestly and truly hope I am wrong, but the fact Is, I cannot even think of one case where this has happened to a high profile person with lots of cash (be they pro athlete, actor or whatever), I am inclined to think there may be something to this. bottom line.... I suspect things have to be pretty bad before they will lift a finger against someone with that kind of budget to fight them.