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  1. Ray_T

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    well, you cant argue on Team chemistry. I loved it when Fitzy showed up to the press conference with Desean Jackson's Bling. it was pretty funny, and I think it loosened things up in the dressing room. I'm pretty sure his team loved it too.
  2. Ray_T

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    or they are gearing up to select one next year and want to give the impression they are not actually trying to tank the season.
  3. for hurting his 3 year old child? not yet. but the story just broke, so there is time for something to happen there.
  4. Ray_T


    No offense, but Dixon may not be the best indicator... dude only played 13% of the offensive snaps. I'd suggest Dixon's lack of catches is likely because he didnt play enough. not because of any gameplan the team had in place. so in my opinion, this stat does not tell us anything. I'd expect Ingram will be playing upward of 60% of the teams offensive snaps, and so we are looking at a completely different comparison
  5. done worse? than beating a defenseless 3 year old child? certainly there are worse things out there, but I cannot think of many things short of murder and rape that top that. I'd say it's pretty high up on the list man.
  6. Ray_T

    Tyreek in trouble

    I fully agree. he should not be let off the hook. where I am skeptical is that I think he will be let off the hook. At least so far as being charged is concerned. but that does not mean he is not guilty as hell.
  7. or his agent told him what to do to get out of this mess, and he actually listened. I suppose the fact he went and got help and took some responsibility is at least something. but when you have multi million dollars in incentives, it is hard to say if hes changed, or if he just wants the money.
  8. Ray_T

    2019 Free Agents

    or they are setting themselves up to get a high draft pick in next year's QB rich draft.
  9. Ray_T

    Tyreek in trouble

    you might be right, but their power likely varies region by region based on the legislation in that particular region. That being said, I dont recall any cases where professional football, baseball or hockey players (or for that matter Actors) have lost their kids to child services. So I'm inclined to believe that money talks when it comes to a lot of this. I honestly and truly hope I am wrong, but the fact Is, I cannot even think of one case where this has happened to a high profile person with lots of cash (be they pro athlete, actor or whatever), I am inclined to think there may be something to this. bottom line.... I suspect things have to be pretty bad before they will lift a finger against someone with that kind of budget to fight them.
  10. Ray_T

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    If this is as good as it gets in Miami, I'm wondering if this is an actual upgrade on Tannehill. Dont get me wrong, I love Fitzmagic, but I'm a realist. he is not a franchise QB. I suppose if you go by the logic that Tannehill isnt a franchise QB either, and look at it as a cost saving move, then yeah, the move makes some sense, but the team needs to go forward, not backward.
  11. Ray_T

    Tyreek in trouble

    how often do we hear about child services doing this to an NFL player? Child services is likely underfunded as it is. to go against someone who has the cash to hire a top legal team likely means blowing your budget. if they were to balance out their priorities, they could take away 20 kids for cheaper than it would be to take 1 child away from a football star who happens to be a spoiled brat that beats his wife and kids. I'm not saying it's right, but this is likely the reason why you have never heard of child services taking kids away from any pro athletes.
  12. Ray_T

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    have you looked at Odell's hair? we are talking about him, it may well be implied that it is a fashion show. although to imply this was not the intent of my comment.
  13. Ray_T

    Tyreek in trouble

    There is one fundamental problem with the law. to press charges such as Battery, there has to be someone pressing charges. After such an event, the player makes nice tells her he loves her and it will never happen again, she drops the charges, and the income keeps flowing. That is the problem with the law. There are some jurisdictions where the state can press charges but without a witness that is cooperative (quite often the wife/GF) proving a case is rather difficult. Especially when the player involved can hire a top lawyer. I still believe that the problem is not solely on the shoulders of the NFL to solve. College football is just as responsible as they quite often cover up things players do to keep them from getting suspended. At that time players learn they can do whatever the hell they want. player gets in a bar brawl? no problem, the local sheriff will keep this quiet and resolve things without pressing charges. the list likely goes on and on, and in some places gets out of control then you take those players, and give them millions of dollars, and they think they can do whatever they want with no consequences. its no surprise this is the end result. the world makes it very easy for these young men to become what we dont want to be. we look at the NFL for answers, but we should also be looking at college football and law enforcement to clean their act up as well.
  14. Ray_T

    Tyreek in trouble

    there is that, but I do think Rice had at least one (possibly two) years left in the tank. While I'd say beating up your girlfriend (who is an adult) is a terrible thing...... beating up a 3 year old child has to be considered a far more serious offense in my mind. I think the NFL will throw the book at him if there is any truth to this report.
  15. Ray_T

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    I'll tell you why I think its a good move. There are still a lot of holes in that lineup. half of that leaky line has been rebuilt, but Solder is now 30, so in a couple years he will need to be replaced. For now, the line is adequate, but likely needs another piece added. I'm thinking a first or 2nd round pick needs to be spent to fix this(they may be able to get away with a 3rd depending what position they draft for). (If using a 2nd or 3rd, the player likely needs a year to get to a point where they make an impact) Either way, another big problem is the defense. and this likely needs both first round picks to plug holes. Eli may not be the top QB in the NFL, but he quietly put up a decent season. 4300 yards passing would place him top 10 in the NFL this year. 21 TD and 11 INT. I'd say he quietly had a pretty solid year. when you consider next year's QB crop to be superior to this years, I'd say why not wait a year and draft from the deeper QB talent pool. Plug a few more holes in the lineup and put the new QB in a situation where they are more likely to succeed? I truly think this is the way to go here. the year to draft a QB is not this year. Next year is the QB drafting year. If Eli stinks the joint out, they wont have to trade up to get that top QB either.