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  1. Ray_T

    Drew Brees is it over?

    I wouldnt go dumping Brees yet. It is easy for an offense to look poor when a major piece is out with injury. in the past, that wouldnt affect Brees, so I'd say hes declined to the point where he cannot put up 300 yard games regularly with nobody's at WR like he once did. but he is still a very good QB. Sadly without his #1 WR. I think he will be fine eventually, but there will be some adjustments in the interim. In standard leagues where you only start one QB, hes probably a matchup based play until Thomas returns.
  2. True. and most backup RB's don't put up fantasy worthy numbers when forced to start so your pool of RB's gets smaller as the year rolls on.
  3. Ray_T

    Leonard Fournette vs the World

    I agree. he is mediocre. but, Mediocre players can do well if the team around them plays well. So far, this has not happened. I did think he would do better than hes done so far. Granted, Brady and Co are in and learning a new offense. no training camp to get synced up. I figured they might start slow. problem with RoJo is that if the coach feels a change is warranted, he has someone in the wings who can take his job. He needs to get on the same page as Brady quickly if he wants a reasonable hope of remaining the starter.
  4. Ray_T

    Leonard Fournette vs the World

    first he has to overcome his first angry ex. That would be Jaxonville. then we can worry about his second angry ex.
  5. Ray_T

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    at the pro level, it would be irresponsible to trade or sign a QB and then start him in less than 3 weeks. There is too much for the QB to learn. Even at the College level it would be tough unless you ran a very simple offense to begin with. ii think your estimate of 4 weeks is about right. if Driiskel sucks bad, you pickup Bortles in 2 weeks.(maybe 3) as insurance unless it looks like Lock is back soon.
  6. Ray_T

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    well, he had Mariota throwinig him the ball. that didnt help. I think he still has some upside. he should defiinitely be rostered in a 20 team league.
  7. Ray_T

    Pickup D. Freeman cheap.

    I think he will do okay. hes a pass catching RB on a bad team. so the floor is higher with him than your average RB3. this places him in RB2 territory. he will be the starter once he learns the offense. that may take a couple of weeks, but it wont take much for him to overtake the players who are there. bottom line: hes a better pickup in PPR than standard leagues because he will catch some passes. but in general RB's on bad teams tend to underperform because when the team gets behind, the game script goes negative and they dont run the ball any more. (at least not a lot) Ii know the team has some young talent on the O line, but that line needs to be better if anybody is going to play well in that offense.
  8. I'm not sure I'd say theres a ton of hype. he had a below avg game vs detroit, and then put up a good result against a terrible team in New York. Detroit is not a powerhouse defense. they just are not as crappy as the Giants D. some people might be sayiing hes not as crappy as they thought. but I'd hardly call that hype. if he was more than halfway decent he would have lit both teams up. I guess he got half the job done, but it was the easy half. you need for him to have another game this week like he had against the Giants before there will be anything resembling hype out there. Right now the only buyers are those who have had injuries and need to add some depth that doesnt completely suck. Hes a low end RB2 by volume. at draft time he was probably a high end RB 3 or low end RB2. so hes gone up in value in the sense that not many view him as a RB3 anymore and there is now a shortage of talent at RB in the NFL (and in fantasy drafts) due to injuries. The difference between a low end RB2 and a high end RB3 is not very big. and his value went up but not by much. (yet) like I said earlier. if he lights it up this week there wiil be some believers at that point. but not likely yet.
  9. Ray_T

    Never bench your studs

    Mahomes is one of the only matchup proof QB's out there. Start him unless he looks like hes injured to a point where he may not play
  10. Ray_T

    FU week 2

    I agree. with a rookie QB the usual strategy is to stuff the run and force the kid to throw the ball. You dont stray from that until the kid shows he has what it takes. things will normalize soon.
  11. Ray_T

    Fournette to Bucs

    Totally agree. Remember Cecil Shorts? Great Garbage time performer. i swear he got 90% of his fantasy points in garbage time. I got him super cheap for that reason and he was a starter. only downside is you always got nervous until he started performing in the 4th quarter of games.
  12. Ray_T

    Justin Herbert in at QB

    depends on the nature of the injury. And the team isnt talking. either way, the kid looks good. another 300 yard game and people will say hes the next franchise QB. I'm excited. I got him in my auction draft for super cheap. if he turns into a player right away I'd be totally happy. we start 2 QB in that league, so he is now immediately valuable to me.
  13. that may well be the case, but the Giants likely only need him on a 1 year deal. I am guessing he wants more than 1 year. This may be the stumbling point in negotiations. That being said, hes not playing right now. maybe a 1 year deal will make teams remember he can play. (assuming of course he still can) but i dont think anyone is giving out 2-3 year deals right now. he should take what he can get
  14. Ray_T

    Justin Herbert in at QB

    The question now.... how long to wait before dropping Tyrod. I have both, but would rather roster just one.
  15. I am not sure about that, but I agree if hes asking for a boatload of money, he may sit a while longer. unless hes willing to sign a 1 year deal