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  1. Ray_T

    2023 NFL Mock Draft

    he was once a highly regarded prospect. usually there is a coach or GM out there who thinks the team that drafted him isnt putting him in a position to succeed and thinks they can do better. occasionally it works out. but nobody should be parting with a first round pick for this guy. a 3rd should do it. Maybe a 2nd if someone feels strongly about him but I have been surprised before. sometimes people do dumb things.
  2. high ankle sprains are worse for RB's and WR's because it affects them when they need to make a cut. as a QB you should be able to play with the injury but it will affect your ability to run with the ball and evade the pass rush. Mahomes will be fine if the Chiefs can keep his pocket clean. if they cant...... that may be another issue
  3. Ray_T

    2023 NFL Mock Draft

    I agree. and I said that. it has been suggested the bears wont. and they may not. but there is no doubt they should
  4. Ray_T

    2023 NFL Mock Draft

    I agree. Fields isnt likely a superbowl winner. hes showing signs of improvement, but I think he tops out as an average to slightly above average starting QB. Not likely a superbowl in his future unless its as a backup QB.
  5. Ray_T


    I honestly dont know what all went down in Minny. but from my perspective, even if his anger is misplaced and he acted stupidly the one thing I like is his dislike for losing. Thats all I'm saying. And there are plenty of players out there who dont seem to care if they win or if they lose. To me this is not the type of scenario where you kick him off the team. if he starts being a jerk to all his teammates and disrespecting the coaching staff...... then I'd say yeah, hes gone. but being unhappy about a playoff loss? I cant fault the guy for that even if he perhaps didnt act appropriately.
  6. Ray_T


    of course he did (if he indeed slept with her)
  7. Ray_T


    link please
  8. Ray_T

    2023 NFL Mock Draft

    I cannot argue with that, but usually teams do it backward. they get the QB first and then build the team around him but if someone gives them a lot of draft picks for that #1 overall pick, that would fill a lot of needs elsewhere on the team. Thing is to do that someone out there has to be willing to pay that outrageous price. that does not happen every year. but my understanding is that if you are gonna do it, this is the year. it is considered to be a very good QB class.
  9. Ray_T


    hes not out of line to ask. lots of people come on here claiming lots of things. a link at least suggests that someone in the media has vetted the information and confirmed this is likely news as compared to rumour.
  10. Ray_T

    2023 NFL Mock Draft

    well, he has improved over the course of the year, but at this point he is looking like he tops out as an average to slightly above average QB. They now have the #1 overall pick. Why should they be satisfied with mediocre? Why not go for the home run? Thats all I'm saying.
  11. Ray_T


    I think this is a nothingburger. as a fan you want your players to act professionally and such, but you need to remember these people are human beings. while it looks a little bad publicly at the end of the day, do you want a player on your team who is happy losing? I dont. While the way he expressed himself isnt ideal, at least you know that fire burns inside of him. I think by spring training this will be in the rearview mirror.
  12. Ray_T

    Dynasty Rankings

    yes thanks
  13. so basically he has repeatedly delayed in the hopes he can make as much money as possible before being suspended?
  14. I am surprised it took this long to get to this point.