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  1. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    20 years from now your brain will be able to handle the truth: Just read all the nasty posts and racist cruel things you all say here everyday. You all are sick. And I'm even sicker for dealing with you all. Good riddance!!
  2. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    You know what? I'm tired of arguing. I am a normal person, who works (not teleworks) and I follow the rules and I obey the law and I respect police officers. YET, you all do not see how my life is endangered if these types of incidents aren't controlled. I'm tired of all of your wrath being vomited all over me! I don't need this aggravation and I'm not standing for it. Argue with Newbie.
  3. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    I have seen the show COPS and those police officers tackle guys all the time. They didn't need to pull out a gun to subdue an unarmed man. Yes, a taser is a weapon but it's not a deadly weapon. I don't want the police to use a bullet to subdue suspect, that's not their job man!! Just because you feel negatively about certain types of people does not mean they deserve to die. Just because you are callous about certain types of people does not mean we need to look the other way or find justification for the wrong decision of this police officer or all the others.
  4. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    I laughed.
  5. peenie

    How long until Reparations for Slavery?

    ...and if it happens, every white person will be hitting up Ancestry so they can get their reparation.
  6. peenie

    Juneteenth, who has it off?

    Heck no! My last job didn't even give me MLK day off. I don't think it's a real holiday, lol!
  7. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    FireB, I cannot assault my brain with any video of a shooting, but I skimmed through quickly. I'm not saying all police officers. I'm just saying, there needs to be better protocols, so police officers are not just shooting based off of their own adrenaline or frustration. Do you think I don't know about all the idiots out here??? I lived in the ghetto!! You don't have to tell me! I told you I respect the police. I'm just saying, changes can be made to help improve the interactions between police and citizens. You are afraid of change. Improvement or modification does not police officers suck. It just means, there are deaths and they need to be reduced. I already know black folks commit crimes and encounter the police way too much. I get it. I know black men are ridiculously violent. Still, officers need to be able to interact with the rest of us without incident. I don't want to be shot. I don't want my family and friends to be shot. I don't want your family and friends to be shot. We need to reduce the police shootings. And we need to reduce black on black/black crime and black on everybody else crime as well so police don't see black men as threat.
  8. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    I laughed. I'm still not reading about his past.
  9. peenie

    NYPD cops treated for poisoning from Shake Shack

    What is wrong with people???
  10. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    I am not clicking on this link because it is irrelevant to what happened to him and does not excuse the policeman's behavior on that night. Do you know that a prostitute can be raped? Imagine if a prostitute walking to her car is ambushed and raped and the police or a jury say, "Well, you give up sex freely for money so you deserve what happened to you." That's wrong BiffT
  11. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    Titans, what you are failing to understand is that police officers all across this country arrest people who fight them, shoot at them, grab their tasers, speed sometimes 20 miles down the highway and yet are arrested without incident. What seems to be a pattern, is that black men who are aggressive, not aggressive, fleeing or even complying get shot and sometimes killed. How many times does that have to be shown in video or explained??? Link Link Police officers are not superhuman or bots, but they should not shoot someone out of frustration, or kneel on someone's neck in order to demonstrate authority. Police officers should give a citizen a notification that they should drop their weapon, not just shoot them because they are holding a gun especially in a state that allows a person to carry one openly.
  12. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    But.....Trump supports white supremacists!!!!
  13. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    HT, you ain't said nuthin' but a word. Amen, amen.
  14. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    Where I live those jobs are filled mostly by black folks and people of color.
  15. peenie

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    When there is a problem, we depend on police officers. We cannot ever forget that the police protect us and help us. I certainly don't want the police to leave and then we're left to fend for ourselves against the criminal element. I think the unemployment ails the black community. More jobs, less crime. Fatherless children ails the black community. More jobs, more marriages and stable families.