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  1. peenie

    Mike Birbiglia's Car Accident

    Thank you so much TBay!! I was wondering why he even handled any of this by himself. He must've been driving without insurance. Thanks for listening.
  2. peenie

    Fake Meat

    I bought meatless meatballs and I thought they taste delicious. However, it gave me a weird feeling, like I had eaten something very unhealthy. Kind of like how you feel after eating Ramen Noodles or Chinese food. I never feel good, just fed but not healthy.
  3. peenie

    Fake Meat

    Really, how so?
  4. peenie

    Mike Birbiglia's Car Accident

    Now, I hear what wasn't said in the stand-up. The police officer said that he made a wrong turn. From the police report alone that he showed, it appears the other guy was totally in the wrong. I mean, wouldn't they have gone to court?? Oh well, he paid it so nvm.
  5. peenie

    Mike Birbiglia's Car Accident

    You know what? The story (not the version I saw in his stand-up but the same guy) is on YouTube. If anyone wants to listen, please view below: I'm going to watch it now just to see if I missed something.
  6. peenie

    Mike Birbiglia's Car Accident

    Oh....hmm....good point. Like maybe he ran a stop sign or some such. I didn't think about that.
  7. peenie

    Mike Birbiglia's Car Accident

    I was just thinking that if this had happened to me I would have spun the situation so many different ways in order to cope with my misfortune. Mike just had to deal and that I think I don't realize that sometimes bad things just happen and it isn't always because of your race, gender, social class or economic status. Life sucks sometimes and there doesn't have to be some sort of excuse or reason.
  8. Last night I watched a stand-up of comedian Mike Birbiglia. One of the memorable moments was his discussion about a car accident where a drunk driver smashed into his car. The long of the short of the story is that due to the way the police report was written, he was forced to pay for the other car's repairs at a cost of $12K. The story has been really bothering me. How is it possible that this happened to him?? Was he driving without insurance? Like, why did he even have to deal with this on his own. I feel he was really dealt a bad hand in this instance and feel it was unfair. Anyone got a take on this?
  9. peenie

    Geeks with young sons ...

    No, I don't kiss my nephews on the lips.
  10. If only! I wish I could be 36 again! I'd get breast implants and my life would be.....more fun....maybe I'd even nab a husband.
  11. Yes!!! For a minute there I wasn't sure....
  12. Well, I hope you get arrested and serve many years in jail for that. No one's great great grandparents had a phone. I'm sure you can afford to buy a phone drobe.
  13. It's a shame we can't buy Chinese phones. I had a Chinese phone that had dual cameras before Samsung and iPhone put them in (ZTE ZMax). Now that phone is banned. I wish we could purchase Huawei phones.
  14. I've been watching review videos and can't decide. Has anyone purchased the Note and want to give a review? The iPhone 11 is available on the 20th. These new phones come out regularly, before you're even tired of the one you already have. Of course, I've never owned an iPhone or an expensive phone at all. Now that I can afford to treat myself a little better, I'm considering it.
  15. peenie

    If Obama had a son?

    I did not condone the act, I was explaining what I saw. Black males do statistically commit more crimes. That is a fact. I'd argue though...that there are probably more traits than simply black males. How about, poor males with low education, with emotional problems and lack of father and strong family bonds. It's probably not just black skin.