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  1. peenie

    things youtube recommends to me

    YouTube suggests great videos for me such that I’m really concerned it ñ knows too much about my personal life…
  2. Ohh!!! Lol, right!!!
  3. peenie

    This may be end for Chris Cuomo

    Good news for Don Lemon.
  4. Lol, I imagine some of you guys are like them: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWqs8U0K6J2/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. peenie

    Christmas time in NYC advice

    Since when? You went to NYC already? NBC News NY
  6. Now see, if you all just act normal then I'd act normal.
  7. peenie

    Did you ever think Cher was hot?

    I wasn't trying to troll you. Maybe humans would be more attractive if we had fur like other mammals.
  8. True...no, I certainly get nothing based on my looks. Heck, even fillers and botox wouldn't push me into pretty.
  9. From what I can tell, she got her nose straightened and a chin implant to balance the face.
  10. Old Adele vs New Adele Better picture
  11. Lady Gaga before and after.
  12. peenie

    Christmas time in NYC advice

    It's Wo Hop. I'm from NJ and spent my youth in NYC. Keep in mind, I'm a walking and riding the subway person. If it were me, I'd have lunch at the Plaza Hotel (in the basement) then I'd walk across the street to Central Park. Then I'd walk over to go to St. Patrick's Cathedral and look around there and then walk to Rockefellar Center and go ice skating. You can then walk over to Times Square and hang out there for a while. The Museum of Natural History is awesome but will take up a lot of your time.
  13. I think she looks too stiff in the face these days, like a mannequin: Nicole Kidman But I understand, she certainly wouldn't go far with those curls.