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  1. peenie

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    How many black hoes have you had sex with? Based on your experience ( not the lies of hip hop) if you had to rank how easy it was to get sex from a woman where do you think Black women would fall in comparison to all the races? How easy to get a black woman to give a BJ or do anything wild or be carefree sexually? Do you think black women are the sluts and whores of the races? Honestly, answer that question based on your experience, not the lies of Hollywood or the music industry. You guys are placing single motherhood on the shoulders of Black women because you think we’re whores, right?
  2. peenie

    I got a new dog!

    Your doggie is so cute! Thanks for sharing pictures and good luck with your new family member.
  3. I would like for Tom to win just because he's old and to prove that he didn't need the Patriots to win. I'd like Mahomes to win because I'm sick and tired of Tom winning everything.
  4. peenie

    Covid Symptoms

    I was hoping for personal experience, just to compare notes.
  5. peenie

    Covid Symptoms

    My friend told me he has the virus and is recovering. His symptoms are major fatigue such that he couldn't walk around or talk on his cell or even walk to go to the bathroom. He lost his taste and smell, but he didn't have fever. I was just curious about others. He had dry cough and has lost about 13 lbs.
  6. peenie

    Covid Symptoms

    Did you get tested, are you sure you had coronavirus? did you have fever?
  7. peenie

    Covid Symptoms

    Has anyone here been ill from contracting the coronavirus? If so, would you please list your symptoms and when you got tested and how long before you recovered? (No, I do not have it, just wondering the details)
  8. Okay, I heard about the police officer driving through the crowd. I definitely see that a trash can was ignited and they were protesting at the jail, pulling at the gates. All of that sounds like regular protesting to me. ETA, I just scrolled through the pics and now see they destroyed a business window. I do think Biden should get involved or at least demand that the mayor and governor squash it immediately. A sit down with the police and the community should happen ASAP. Why were there people illegally doing circles in the road? Biden needs to stand strong on the side of what is right, not the side of the police or the people, but look at each situation individually and stand strong on the side of where the law lies.
  9. peenie

    Greg Olsen Retires

    All these years I thought he was black. Didn't he used to play for the Panthers with Cam Newton?
  10. peenie

    Brady & Gronk re-enact video

    That was cute, but that was painful because they beat my Packers.
  11. I know, it's just what I'm craving. I guess once the kids leave the nest, the well rounded meal goes with them.
  12. I'm starting to eat like an old person poor person. Instead of cooking an actual meal, I'm eating these things for dinner: Crackers and sardines Caviar and crackers with cream cheese (caviar from the farmers market isn't expensive) Cashews Soup Apples with peanut butter Canned tuna (lord, I haven't eaten canned tuna since the 90's and it made me sick) Cookies Ice cream And I can't sleep at night. I'm up like a baby, every 2 hours.
  13. peenie

    Buried or cremation?

    That's not a bad story line...
  14. peenie

    Xfinity Cable Router and WIFI Question

    I went to Best Buy and they helped me.