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  1. peenie

    NYC Travel Tips

    But this is Americanized Chinese food. I bet it tastes different. Plus, how interesting for him to go to Chinatown now that he lives in China.
  2. Well go back and read it. Don't be so sensitive. #sayspottokettle
  3. peenie

    Disney's new attraction: Hoodland

    I'll take that one.
  4. peenie

    Disney's new attraction: Hoodland

    I don't recall ever reading about black people killing and eating their victims or saving their body parts in freezers or collecting corpses in their crawl spaces or keeping women chained in secret rooms or finding volumes of child porn hidden in walls. Heck, every violent gang member in the United States is a serial killer if you simply consider murder as the criteria.
  5. I didn't put your name, I just put your quote and Hardcore's. Both statements are equally ridiculous. I was just trying to give some information to help bring some balance to your statements. I was trying to inform.
  6. I wasn't blaming anyone, I was simply explaining the difficulties of having curly hair. That in our culture, today, straight haired is deemed more attractive. It may change.
  7. Wow, you also don't have reading comprehension abilities. I wrote that long explanation because of the earlier post that stated black women can't find a man due to their hair. I don't need you to tell me how to be, act or think. You seemed to disregard these offensive comments. I was kindly responding to them. I didn't even bother to state that the comments were trash, I actually tried to validate them.
  8. peenie

    NYC Travel Tips

    I forgot to recommend the Plaza Hotel for lunch! I remembered it when you mentioned Central Park. The Plaza Hotel is posh but the Food Hall downstairs is completely affordable: Don't forget to go to Chinatown! I ate at Vanessa's Dumplings. Omg! It was so good and so cheap! The only thing is that it's crowded and not much room to sit. We sat at the window. It's worth stopping by:
  9. Good point RLLD. Some women put plates in their lips or tattoos on their face. Everyone is affected. I think men are not so burdened.
  10. peenie

    NYC Travel Tips

    Imo, if you want to see people who are living in New York, go to Brooklyn. Manhattan these days seems to be filled with working people, students and tourists.
  11. You're pretty dim so let me explain it to you in a way even you can understand. There are women of Asian decent that get surgery on their eyes in order to make them look more attractive. Why would they do that if that is the way most of them are born? If most of them have no eye fold, why would they desire it? Because the standard of beauty is influenced by Europeans who have large eyes with an eye-fold. Blacks are equally affected but with hair. The standard of beauty is long straight hair. Sure our hair grows long but you can't tell because it's so curly so it looks short. We straighten it to appear more attractive. We wear wigs and weaves as well. If men weren't desiring these looks we wouldn't bother. So, it's not really just about self-esteem, it's about finding love and a job. Society doesn't always see our hair as professional if we wear it as is. For men, no biggie, they can cut it. As women we're stuck. If we cut it, it's seen as masculine. But if we wear it long it, it doesn't grow down but rather out and up. It looks big and somewhat distracting. Anyway, that isn't my problem because I wear my hair as I feel, but for a lot of women it is a struggle. The most beautiful desirable women in black culture have straight long hair which isn't how most of our hair grows out of our heads naturally. How did we even get on this subject??? Oh, I know, someone said we can't keep a man because of our hair. I'm just the messenger folks.
  12. But white women aren't seen as completely undesirable if they have pale skin. A tan is a plus not a must.
  13. I think that's just my issue. About the hair, can you imagine if you guys were brainwashed to believe you wouldn't be considered attractive unless you wore your hair in an Afro? Crazy right? Well that's exactly the situation most black women are in. Unless our hair, that is naturally super curly, isn't worn straight (an impossible state without harsh chemicals or excessive heat) we are generally considered unattractive. Our hair is easier to care for if it's short but short curly Afro hair is not seen as pretty by most. There is nothing wrong with our hair. What's wrong is the need to wear wigs and weaves to fit into a beauty standard that is very difficult to achieve. If black people had more self love and pride things would be very different. That, imo, is the greatest problem in my culture, self hatred. Cure that and everything else would fall into place.