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  1. Okay, that was funny. Perhaps that is the reasoning behind Omar's statements about 9/11? (we wa'nt thurr on the plane)
  2. peenie

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    Oh, and Sam lost a little bit of weight, did you notice? He looks good. I bet he'd be really attractive if he lost even more.
  3. peenie

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    When Jamie and Bran stared at one another: Me: I wonder what Bran sees? Why is he staring at him so hard? Why is Jamie looking at him like that? They never even met right? Then everyone on the room yelled at me in unison. I completely forgot! I wonder if this is the first time they've worked together in years. Probably most of them have never been on the same set like this in years. Glad my man Tormund is alive and well. I don't like how perfectly everyone is in Winterfell, but glad nonetheless. Like how did Varys get there? When did Brianne get there? Everyone and their Momma is in Winterfell.
  4. peenie

    Reparations have begun!!!

    Please explain why Herman Cain and Ben Carson, who are both very black, didn't receive the bulk of the Black vote since we supposedly vote according to race?
  5. peenie

    Reparations have begun!!!

    Blacks don't vote for other black people, that's ridiculous. Blacks vote for their interests just like any other group.
  6. peenie

    Reparations have begun!!!

    I love how you all are claiming reparations are ridiculous yet every response is filled blacks are so stupid, they don't even matter, they don't vote, they're criminals and don't have common sense like smart white people. You don't see blacks as your equals, read your comments if you disagree.
  7. peenie

    Reparations have begun!!!

    Although, it's not nonsense.
  8. peenie

    Reparations have begun!!!

    Great point that I agree with 100% Corey is taking the same exact tone that Obama took when he first ran, trying to harness the black vote. Yet, while in office he addressed none of the racial issues he claimed to be sensitive to while on the campaign trail.
  9. peenie

    Reparations have begun!!!

    You all are really really angry. Perhaps you need to ask yourselves why are you so angry about something that hasn't even happened. No one has asked you for anything. The anger that you have is the problem that still exists. You were never slave owners nor are there slaves yet the thought of acknowledging the plight of the descendants of slaves boils you over with anger.
  10. Well, I certainly couldn't tell by your punctuation. You seemed somber. I think you're back peddling since I called you out on it. You know you were sad! You hate the police!!
  11. You seem really sad about that. Are you sad??? It seems like you are very sympathetic to him since you didn't use the proper exclamation marks.
  12. peenie

    Plant both feet start at 39 mins

    Me neither Leaving thread
  13. peenie

    America experiencing a "boy crisis"

    No, not me. My child wasn't on any meds but my sister's son has to be given something to help him stay calm during the day. He's a smart child, honor roll always, but he wilds out if gets upset. The drug keeps him focused and less hyper. There are a lot of children taking these sort of medication these days. Adults too.
  14. peenie

    America experiencing a "boy crisis"

    I haven't seen the less skilled worker being hired but rather the worker that can be paid less. Whether it's the woman being chosen over the man, the minority being chosen over the majority, the young chosen over the old or the illegal being chosen over the legal.
  15. peenie

    America experiencing a "boy crisis"

    It's a shame that we as a culture spend so much time sitting in classrooms and in our offices...but we can't go back and we can't stop progress. We could discuss manufacturing jobs leaving and the shift to tech and service industry changing the role of men. How salaries have decreased due to women and other groups competing with men as well as the death of unions....the trade deficit. All help in shaping today's man. The bottom line to me is that we're drugging kids to keep them still where in the past that energy would be a benefit to the family. Now you're autistic. Not well thought out but you should be able to get my point.