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  1. JScott

    2020 Dues

    Didn't see an email. Can send PP but need your email address.
  2. JScott


    I'm contemplating the same in an MFL league I Commish. Think it will be necessary for this season.
  3. JScott

    Draft Commentary

    As-is or $25 extra is fine with me.
  4. JScott

    Lamar on the clock @ 4.01

    1.10 - Ke'Shawn Vaughn, RB, TBB
  5. After my trade with Rurb, I'm sitting at 1.10. I'll likely be looking to trade back further if anyone wants to move up.
  6. JScott

    Trade: Jscott and Me

  7. JScott

    2020 Check-in

    No GVP check in
  8. JScott


    Too late
  9. JScott

    2020 Check-in

    Back where it all started. Welcome Rob
  10. JScott

    gratefulted is dead

    Been playing FF with/against Ted for 20+ years. RIP
  11. JScott

    Done on Wednesday!

    Thanks as always for hosting this Mike and inviting us all back each off-season.
  12. JScott

    **Round Ten-Sixteen Commentary**

    We wouldn't be having this conversation if you didn't say some are drafting based on Best Ball format. I posted my reason for doing what I did days ago. It had nothing to do with BB, only how I will draft value regardless of need sometimes. Then you went on to tell me how you've never seen that (trading QB) work. You brought this, and I don't mind stirring up the conversation at all. It can be beneficial to everyone who follows this draft. But your opinions come across as if you're way is right and others are wrong. Maybe that's not how you intend it but it's how it reads imo.
  13. JScott

    **Round Ten-Sixteen Commentary**

    Then you don't play in enough diverse leagues.
  14. JScott

    **Round Ten-Sixteen Commentary**

    Also, with more and more leagues going to wider Flex options that second TE is a viable starter in some cases.
  15. JScott

    ** Round Sixteen Selections **

    16.01 - PK Dustin Hopkins, WAS