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  1. Matts Eagles

    **Round Seven Selections**

    7.07 - Dionte Johnson, Car
  2. Matts Eagles

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    I was hoping to get him here, but had to settle for Kyler
  3. Matts Eagles

    **Round Six Selections**

    6.06 - QB Kyler Murray, Ari
  4. Matts Eagles

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    I thought it was a reach, but I wanted to get a top TE
  5. Matts Eagles

    **Round Five Selections**

    5.07 - TE Trey McBride, Ari
  6. Matts Eagles

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    I was going to take Pittman if you didn’t.
  7. Matts Eagles

    **Roung Three Selections**

    3.07 - WR Jaylen Waddle, Mia
  8. Matts Eagles

    **Round Two Selections**

    2.06 - RB Travis Etienne, Jax
  9. Matts Eagles

    **Round One Selections**

    1.07 - WR Justin Jefferson, Min
  10. Matts Eagles

    June Mock 2024 - Check In- MONDAY MORNING!

    I am back for 2024
  11. Matts Eagles

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    I am really busy this morning, please pick ADP for defense then kicker
  12. Matts Eagles

    **Round Fourteen Selections**

    14.04 - WR KJ Osborn, Min
  13. Matts Eagles

    **Round Thirteen Selections**

    13.09- TE Irv Smith, Cin
  14. Matts Eagles

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Busy morning for me, I emailed Kirk my next round list.
  15. Matts Eagles

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Don’t we get 2 hours to pick?