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  1. Matt's Eagles

    **Rounds Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Watch those bye weeks, thought I filtered and removed all bye week 8 QBs...
  2. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Twelve Selections**

    12.05 QB Joe Burrow, Cin
  3. Matt's Eagles

    **Rounds Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Williams was a nice pick there...
  4. Matt's Eagles

    **Rounds Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Sony Michel recovering from Surgery, why not take a flyer on Damien Harris...
  5. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Eleven Selections**

    11.08 RB Damien Harris, NWP
  6. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Ten Selections**

    10.05 WR Mike Williams, LAC
  7. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Nine Selections**

    9.08 - WR Anthony Miller, CHI
  8. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Seven-Ten Commentary**

    He would have....I just looked at ADP, I play in too many TE premium leagues....oh well...I reach often.. its the fun of it
  9. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Seven-Ten Commentary**

    I think he breaks out, so a reach yes, there are 2 other TEs probably higher than him, but they are injury prone
  10. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Eight Selections**

    8.05 TE Mike Gesicki, Mia
  11. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Seven Selections**

    7.08 - RB Jordan Howard, Mia
  12. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Seven-Ten Commentary**

    Guice was my next pick, guess I go back to the drawing board...
  13. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Six Selections**

    6.05 WR Terry McLaurin, WASH
  14. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    Sniped again, was hoping I could get the most disrespected top 10 WR in the league, Woods, Robert
  15. Matt's Eagles

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    I wouldn't say the unquestioned starter, with Vaughn there and the possibility of D Freeman coming to Tampa...He barely beat out P Barber last year