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  1. All they seem to have Elon = South Africa = Apartheid. So therefore RAAAAAAYCIST!@!#!#@# Like I said, they'll just make it up. Facts don't matter.
  2. Okay thanks. That's understandable. Do you know of teachers bringing it up as a part of their curriculum?
  3. Do you believe it should be the school's business what sexual preference kids have? I know you're saying you support them no matter what, and I am not saying you believe this. I am just curious.
  4. I replied to her and she insta-blocked me.
  5. How the hell do you post pictures here?
  6. E.P. Jones @epjones1983 Seeing the unseasoned use Bye Felicia as a response to people rightfully opposing a racist taking over Twitter is top-tier tone deaf behavior.
  7. No, he was referred to as a real-life Tony Stark. I don't know of anyone who referred to him as a douche. Until now, of course, when the revisionist history kicks in. Now that liberals have a crack, in the form of Musk potentially shutting down Twitter's practice of suppressing the conservative voice, they will now accelerate full throttle. Remember when Trump was a subject of countless rap songs, had cameos in movies, and had the #1 show on TV? All it took for them to "discover" he was a vile racist was for him to run for political office. Overnight, the guy who had been in the public eye for over three decades was equivalent to Hitler. Like I said, if they can't find it, they'll just make it up.
  8. I have been glued to this story. I love the negative campaign against Elon Musk that has popped up. All the sudden he's a "douche" and a bully. It's exactly the same thing they did to Trump. I am sure we'll soon learn Musk once said the N word when he was thirteen. If they can't find any dirt on him, they'll just make it up. I anticipate a full expose from the Bezos Post within a month of his Twitter acquisition. Also queue up all the liberals saying "I never liked the guy". Watching the exodus of self-important, crybaby, blue-check morons is going to be all manner of fun. Wait 'til they figure out when they leave, they'll have no place to spew stupidity.
  9. TK0001

    Vomit's wife is like a BIRD

    Bump. Hate to be ROBIN all the spice.
  10. TK0001

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    Well it's weird when dudes kiss.
  11. TK0001

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    What an incredibly weird thing to get worked up about. Look, I know the guy's a d!ck, but why the need to completely change his words? He said he doesn't care if you're gay, and you took that to mean he wants to keep gays in the closet. Is lying about what he said gonna make him more accepting of gays, Sean Mooney? I think not.
  12. She's a WARBLER for my COCKATOO.
  13. TK0001

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    HT: Be as gay as you want, idgaf. Sean Mooney: WHAT? STAY IN THE CLOSET?!@? BIGOTRY!!!@! REEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  14. TK0001

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    Ask your mom ohhhhhh
  15. TK0001

    Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins dead

    hey what about his cats you guys?