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*2020 June Mock No-Hassle Analysis*

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Hoping to crank this out on Wednesday. Maybe we can finish tomorrow afternoon. 

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1.01- RB Christian McCaffrey, Car.
2.12- RB Kenyan Drake, Ari.
3.01- WR Adam Thielen, Min. 
4.12- WR DeVante Parker, Mia.
5.01- TE Zach Ertz, Phi. 
6.12- WR Stefon Diggs, Buf. 
7.01- WR Brandin Cooks, Hou. 
8.12- RB Kerryon Johnson, Det.
9.01- QB Carson Wentz, Phi. 
10.12- QB Baker Mayfield, Cle.
11.01- TE Noah Fant, Den.
12.12- D/ST, Pittsburgh Steelers
13.01- WR James Washington, Pit.
14.12- RB Darrynton Evans, Ten.
15.01- K Zane Gonzalez, Ari.
16.12- QB Teddy Bridgewater, Car.

Analysis: It's hard not to see the potential that exists for this team given how balanced they are from top to bottom and the fact that they're founded on a rushing attack that includes the top player at the RB position from everyone's perspective and perhaps his ideal running mate in a guy who surged last season once he was given the clear-cut lead role. Throw in a host of proven WRs and a top 3-4 TE now for several years and you truly have a top contender here based on the proven track record of nearly all its rostered players. Yes, a couple of the "proven" wide-outs are playing on new teams this season and that is always a cause for at least some concern, but Dan likely only needs one of them to adapt adequately in order to thrive, not both. That takes some of the pressure off for sure. And while there's not a "top" quarterback on this team, Dan has employed the rare three-QBs-on the roster technique which again, takes the pressure of any one QB to be "the guy" all the time. Picking at the top of a draft isn't a surefire ticket to success, but with an undisputed #1 pick as a part of that package, this is where you want to be. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: Taking three quarterbacks in Dan's case meant only carrying four running backs into the season. And, two of those aren't guaranteed carries, particularly a rookie who is backing up the league's premier work-horse in Derrick Henry. As such, McCaffrey and Drake must remain healthy to keep this ship sailing properly as the "backups" aren't built to carry much of a load. Additionally, DeVante Parker needs to be the receiver he was last season rather than the receiver he was every season prior to that. Dan has invested a lot in him given his history, but his play from last season warrants that sort of faith...sort of. Truth be told, this team is so loaded with draft "steals" that health is probably the only thing standing between them and contention. Hard to imagine anything else really holding them back at this point. 

Favorite Pick: There's no way an explosive player in an explosive offense like Kenyan Drake should fall as far as he did. Drake deserves consideration at the top of the second round, much less the very bottom. Pairing McCaffrey and Drake gives Dan the best 1-2 RB punch in the league. Add to that the pitch-catch combo of Wentz and Ertz and getting Stefon Diggs with the last pick in the sixth round, Dan, again, was stealing players all draft long.  

Least Favorite Pick: I'll admit that I sort of have Brandin Cooks fatigue at this point. He can't stay healthy. He'll have a big game when he is healthy and then disappear for three. I just thought there were better players available at the point he was picked. Can't argue with much else. 

Overall outlook: I don't see how this team doesn't contend for the whole enchilada. There are two quarterbacks capable of sharing the load in a best-ball format and a third who could fill in the gaps on occasion. Adam Thielen is as solid and safe a pick at WR as there is and he'll anchor that group well even as they don't have a true superstar in their midst at that position. And, even though this is primarily a team of veterans aside from Fant and Evans, these are veterans with upside. Parker could easily be a top ten WR. So, too, could Diggs if he and Allen get on the same page quickly. This team has a high floor AND a high ceiling and the combination makes them tough to beat in so many respects. Beware. 


White Wonder:

1.02- RB Saquon Barkley, NYG
2.11- RB Aaron Jones, GB
3.02- RB Todd Gurley, Atl.
4.11- WR Odell Beckham, Jr., Cle.
5.02- WR Calvin Ridley, Atl. 
6.11- QB Josh Allen, Buf. 
7.02- WR A.J. Green, Cin. 
8.11- RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, TB
9.02- WR Justin Jefferson, Min. 
10.11- QB Matthew Stafford, Det. 
11.02- TE Rob Gronkowski, TB
12.11- WR Henry Ruggs III, LV
13.02- TE Chris Herndon, NYJ
14.11- K Wil Lutz, NO
15.02- WR Curtis Samuel, Car.
16.11- D/ST, Denver Broncos

Analysis: Not to be out-done by Dan in the RB department, Wonder went out and grabbed not one, not two, but THREE consecutive running backs to begin his draft. And while I'd opt for McCaffrey and Drake over Barkley and Jones, the addition of Gurley might give this group the overall edge. Picking three of any one position to begin a draft generally makes the rest of your roster weak in spots and that could be the case here with QB and WR not having any "sure things". A couple of years ago, having Odell Beckham, Jr. and A.J. Green on the same team would constitute the possession of a top-notch receiving corps. But, this is 2020 and those aren't the same players they used to be...maybe. Maybe Beckham still has the potential to be who he once was. And maybe Green can bounce back from yet another injury and revitalize his career. With two rookies serving as their "backups", Wonder needs one of them to be great for sure as there's no Adam Thielen on this team providing statistical stability. To his credit, though, WW did add a sixth wide receiver to his team late, so he recognizes the risk. Whatever happens, though, this rushing attack is stout to say the least. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: I am not sold on Josh Allen as a starting fantasy QB as I think his rushing TDs are going to drop with a true goal line back now in the mix in Buffalo. As such, I think Matthew Stafford needs to be the quarterback he was prior to injury last season for this team to be at its best. Further, the WR uncertainties have already been noted, but there is great uncertainty at TE as well. Maybe Rob Gronkowski will simply resume his role as the best blocking TE in the league...and little else. Can he really be counted on and if he can't, can Chris Herndon? This team is going to lead the league in RB points, best-ball wise, on a number of weeks. I happen to think Jones and Gurley were both the right picks at the time they were picked. But, will they get enough help from a talented, but enigmatic supporting cast? As of now (June), the jury is still way out.  

Favorite Pick: It took guts to take Todd Gurley, not only because of his recent history, but also because Wonder already had Barkley and Aaron Jones in the fold. But, it was a great pick. Gurley is going to get carries on a team that gives their running backs plenty of open running lanes. And Matt Ryan won't be stealing any goal line carries. I also thought Stafford lasted too long in this draft and Wonder got him, thus, at a bargain price.  

Least Favorite Pick: I can't really quibble with any pick per se. Beckham is on my personal "do not draft" list, but how can you pass him up at 4.11? Heck, I might have broken my rule for that. I would have also opted for a different starting QB and one less rookie WR, but those aren't major beefs. 

Overall outlook: While I don't think this team is the "slam dunk" that Dan's team is, they are very strong in some key areas, particularly in terms of having three work-horse, potential RB1s on the same roster. Beyond that, there are players with high risk-reward quotients and several rookies who may contribute little to nothing until later in the season. Still, how can you not get excited about a team in which OBJ and Gronk aren't even being counted on to be the primary scoring threats? Perhaps the one guy who steadies the ship here is Calvin Ridley. Ridley's numbers are probably pretty predictable and if Atlanta gets their offense clicking, that symmetry would really benefit Wonder with Gurley also in the fold. Success for this group is uncertain, but it will be a fun ride. 


Remote Controller:

 1.03- RB Ezekiel Elliott, Dal.
2.10- WR Mike Evans, TB
3.03- WR A.J. Brown, Ten. 
4.10- WR D.J. Moore, Car.
5.03- QB DeShaun Watson, Hou. 
6.10- RB Cam Akers, LAR
7.03- RB Derrius Guice, Was. 
8.10- TE Evan Engram, NYG
9.03- WR Emmanuel Sanders, NO
10.10- RB Darrell Henderson, LAR
11.03- QB Daniel Jones, NYG
12.10- TE Jack Doyle, Ind. 
13.03- RB A.J. Dillon, GB
14.10- WR Michael Pittman, Jr., Ind.
15.03- K Greg Zuerlein, Dal. 
16.10- D/ST, Los Angeles Chargers

Analysis: After two consecutive teams at the top of the draft went RB-heavy with their approach, Remote implemented a WR-heavy strategy netting three potential studs at that position with his picks in Rounds 2-4. The move left him with Ezekiel Elliott and a potential band of misfits at the RB position, but the addition of Darrell Henderson in the tenth round was huge as it did secure the likely two top runners on an offense still run by an offensive genius. Knowing that, we can look at the strengths of this team then without nit-picking its weaknesses too severely. Neither A.J. Brown nor D.J. Moore has a QB who can feed them the ball downfield on a consistent basis, but there's no denying the talent. Particularly with Brown who looked like a young Julio Jones during the second half of last season. Watson and Jones likewise appear to be a duo made in best-ball heaven. They both represent inconsistent, but often explosive options and if their explosive games can complement each other, Remote will have his second position of strength in tow. The bench is a good mix of youth and veteran presence. A lot to like here. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: I think this team is a "safe" team in terms of volatility as its primary running back and wide receivers are going to get results based on sheer volume of carries/targets. I guess beyond that, the Rams just need to get their groove back in the running game as offensive line woes last season really decimated what was once one of the best rushing offenses in the league. Assuming that happens, this team should do well, particularly with the QB and TE positions nailed down alongside the obvious wide receiver prowess. I guess it's possible that Malcolm Brown becomes the lead runner in Los Angeles and Derrius Guice gets upended by Antonio Gibson. Should that happen, Ezekiel Elliott better stay both awesome and healthy because reinforcements will be hard to find in such a doomsday scenario as that.  

Favorite Pick: Sure, he may fade to irrelevance, but drafting Henderson when Remote did made a lot of sense from a security standpoint. I liked the pick as it gave Akers some cover. Also, A.J. Brown passes the eye test for me. I watched him play in several games last season and he looks the part of a future superstar at that position. Thought that was a gutsy, but great pick given his enormous upside. 

Least Favorite Pick: I don't think DeShaun Watson's numbers will be much, if any, better than the next half-dozen or so QBs picked after him and as such, I thought he was ultimately taken too early. Also, not sure what to think of Derrius Guice or the team he is playing on. 

Overall outlook: Watson and Elliott have high floors. Even in an "off" year last season, Zeke was mostly effective as a fantasy RB1 just as Mike Evans was as a WR1. That makes the foundation of Watson, Elliott, and Evans a very stable base to build off of. Throw in some upside players like Brown, Moore, and Akers and you have a team that could grow into a long-term contender based on the stability of the overall roster. The "starters" for Remote are as strong/solid as any team in the league assuming one of the TEs produces as expected. The "bench"? There are question marks there for me given that Dillon and Pittman are guaranteed nothing in terms of actual role. Still, I would be excited about about this team as a whole- good stuff abounds. 


Ray Lewis’ Limo Driver: 

1.04- RB Alvin Kamara, NO
2.09- WR Amari Cooper, Dal. 
3.04- RB Chris Carson, Sea. 
4.09- WR Tyler Lockett, Sea.
5.04- WR T.Y. Hilton, Ind. 
6.09- QB Aaron Rodgers, GB
7.04- TE Darren Waller, LV
8.09- RB J.K. Dobbins, Bal. 
9.04- RB Alexander Mattison, Min.
10.09- WR Breshad Perriman, NYJ
11.04- RB Tony Pollard, Dal.
12.09- QB Jimmy Garoppolo, SF 
13.04- D/ST, Buffalo Bills
14.09- TE O.J. Howard, TB
15.04- K Robbie Gould, SF
16.09- RB Reggie Bonnafon, Car. 

Analysis: There is a great deal of non-convention that is injected into this draft year in and year out courtesy of RLLD. Conventionally speaking, Alvin Kamara is to be picked after Cook and Henry in a non-PPR league. Amari Cooper is more of a third round pick than a second. Aaron Rodgers is no longer considered to be the best QB after the first half-dozen guys are off the board. None of that stops Ray, though, from putting together the team that fits his eye the best. That included two consecutive picks of Seahawk players in addition to a trio of running backs buried deep on their respective teams' depth charts barring an injury to a clear-cut lead guy. The first of the Seahawk picks, though, may have been the steal of Ray's draft as Chris Carson has shown that when healthy, production is his game. If Kamara can regain form by way his own good health, the duo of Kamara and Carson could challenge for best 1-2 punch in the league. Also, I can't imagine a more ideal WR3 in fantasy football than T.Y. Hilton. Hilton has long been too inconsistent to be a WR1, but in a supportive role in best-ball, he will likely thrive. So, there are some things to hang your hat on here in spite of it all. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: A pedestrian WR unit to begin with, Ray only drafted four players at the position and three of those guys count for points every week. That leaves very little room for error of judgment or injury and I think Ray might have been better suited to acquire one less RB so that WR depth could exist. As is, the foursome Ray does possess needs to shine and shine big to keep this team in the hunt. Additionally, there is no guarantee in my mind that Amari Cooper will out-play Michael Gallup and/or CeeDee Lamb, who I think is big-time talented. As such, this group may lack a true WR1 alongside the depth issue. So, the key for this team is a fairly no-brainer proposition for me. Get production from WR...or else. The QB and TE positions aren't strong enough to right the ship should that position be a sink-hole at some point during the season. 

Favorite Pick: Easy to name- Carson and Hilton. I questioned the early pick of Kamara and then I really questioned the Cooper pick, so I was ready to be down on this team from that point forward. But, loving two of the next three picks changed some things for me as I think Carson is an ideal RB2 and I feel the same about Hilton in terms of the role Ray has in mind for him. 

Least Favorite Pick: Cooper primarily, but to say much more about that is overkill. Also, not a huge fan of Lockett that early or Rodgers as the first QB taken after Kyler Murray. Finally, would have liked to have seen Ray grab a RB late who will actually get carries from Week One on. 

Overall outlook: I look at this team and I see some holes. You don't take your weakest position to begin with and then support them with only one "bench" player. Your quarterback has little upside and your RB depth is stuck behind runners who don't come off the field all that much. Looks like anything but a recipe for contention to me. But, then you remember that this draft has twelve guys well versed in the construction of fantasy football contenders and several of those guys see things you don't. Ray has put together a starting lineup with this team, if you will, that is both balanced and capable. And while I am concerned about best-ball ramifications for the group as a whole, the talent at the front lines cannot be overlooked. Who needs convention anyway? 



1.05- RB Dalvin Cook, Min.
2.08- WR Chris Godwin, TB
3.05- RB Leonard Fournette, Jax.
4.08- WR Allen Robinson, Chi. 
5.05- TE Mark Andrews, Bal. 
6.08- WR Jarvis Landry, Cle. 
7.05- RB Phillip Lindsay, Den. 
8.08- QB Tom Brady, TB
9.05- RB Zack Moss, Buf. 
10.08- WR CeeDee Lamb, Dal.
11.05- TE Hayden Hurst, Atl. 
12.08- WR Sterling Shepard, NYG
13.05- QB Philip Rivers, Ind. 
14.08- K Harrison Butker, KC 
15.05- D/ST, New England Patriots
16.08- RB Justin Jackson, LAC

Analysis: The intent is to examine this team as if Dalvin Cook is playing from Day One this season and that his hold-out affects nothing. After all, it's June. Assuming that to be the case, this team looks both balanced and stellar. The quarterbacks are long in the tooth to be sure, but they also were able to hand-pick their situations this season and could benefit from that reality greatly. Additionally, Mark Andrews was a big-time steal at 5.05 just as Robinson was at the prior pick. All in all, this team has everything you could ever want in a team. Stud RB...deep wide receiver group with both stability and upside...stud TE...and plenty of upside on the "bench". Yes, RB depth could be an issue should Cook or Fournette miss time, but that's true for nearly every team in this draft/league. When you look at a team/roster and your first thought is "Man, I wouldn't complain much if I had to trade my team for this one", that's a compliment to how the team was put together. And, there's little to quibble about here. The first six picks were pretty much spot-on in terms of both getting the best player available and the position most in need of addressing at that time. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: Again, not going to make the Cook situation the key to anything, so let's identify Fournette as a key instead. It's hard to say just how much Jacksonville still has invested in their projected starter and it's not crazy to foresee his season falling apart for a number of reasons. That said, he has almost no competition for carries on first and second down...or at the goal line, so maybe he's ideal as a RB2 based on those factors. He, to me, is one of the draft's biggest wild cards. A top-12 season at the position really gives Hawkeye something to build on. I also think one of Lindsay, Moss, and Jackson needs to have a consistent role from week-to-week to be an asset. Everything else here looks solid to me, especially with a potential rookie of the year candidate at WR alongside a "safe" veteran in Shepard. 

Favorite Pick: I think Mark Andrews is a late fourth round value at worst, so getting him nearly mid-fifth was tremendous from my standpoint. I was hoping beyond hope that he would fall one more spot to me. I also love Godwin's fit with Brady at QB. And, Jarvis Landry is really a nice fit as well in the WR3 role given how often he gets open in passing routes. So many picks I liked. Picking directly before and after, I noticed how good this team developed in real time.  

Least Favorite Pick: I love watching Phillip Lindsay run. I just don't trust that he's going to have anything close to the role he enjoyed the last two seasons with Melvin Gordon now in town. As such, I probably go a different direction in the seventh round. Beyond that, not much to pick at.  

Overall outlook: I really like this team all the way around. For me, assuming Cook is good to go from Day One, they are a balanced crew with explosive potential all over the place courtesy of Cook, Godwin, and Andrews alongside target/touch monsters in Robinson, Fournette, and Landry. The selection of older QBs was offset by taking a couple of exciting rookies in between. It's just hard to see this team not contending aside from an unforeseen rash of injuries making things unexpectedly difficult. I think the spot is a good place to draft from as at least four times, Hawkeye grabbed the guy that was going to be my very next pick. Contender for a league title? You can bet this team is just that. 


1.06- RB Derrick Henry, Ten. 
2.07- RB Nick Chubb, Cle. 
3.06- WR Kenny Golladay, Det.
4.07- RB Raheem Mostert, SF
5.06- WR Courtland Sutton, Den. 
6.07- QB Kyler Murray, Ari. 
7.06- WR Julian Edelman, NE 
8.07- WR Darius Slayton, NYG
9.06- WR Jerry Jeudy, Den.
10.07- RB Tevin Coleman, SF
11.06- TE Austin Hooper, Cle. 
12.07- QB Ryan Tannehill, Mia. 
13.06- RB Duke Johnson, Hou. 
14.07- TE Eric Ebron, Pit. 
15.06- K Matt Gay, TB
16.07- D/ST, Chicago Bears

Analysis: In a similar fashion to the first two teams assembled in this draft, this team was constructed on the shoulders of a RB-RB foundation as Henry and Chubb look to continue the success both achieved during the 2019 season. Beyond that, the selection of another RB (Mostert) in Round Four cemented this team as being a ground heavy unit with a lesser emphasis placed upon prowess at the WR and TE positions. There is certainly depth at the first of those spots as Julian Edelman represents the quintessential WR3 and Jerry Jeudy provides a fall-back option in case Courtland Sutton gets hurt or regresses. Still, it's a team built on three punishing RBs and the hope that Kenny Golladay and Kyler Murray take another step forward in their production. Both represent players with tremendous upside and that theme permeates throughout this team even as players like Edelman, Coleman, and Tannehill were more or less "safety" selections. With both tight ends trying to learn new systems on new teams, there is an obvious, albeit fairly minor team flaw here. When every tight end you target gets stolen within a pick or two of you...that can be the end result. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: Maybe the WR corps on this team surprises, but ultimately I see them as quite average at best in relation to the other teams in the league. Success then resides with Murray emerging as an every-week top 5 QB and the RB trio of Henry, Chubb, and Mostert staying healthy. The selection of Coleman late makes losing Mostert the least costly of the three backs, but without back-ups for either of the other two backs, there is risk in them missing time. It's a smaller thing, but I do think one of the two tight ends also needs to carve out a meaningful role in order for this team to contend. Otherwise, the smash mouth running attack and high-upside QB that make up the heart of the team will be dragged back down to Earth just a bit. It would also help if Darius Slayton isn't overshadowed by the two veteran receivers on his NFL team.  

Favorite Pick: I was elated to grab Chubb, Golladay, Mostert, and Murray when I did. I think all of them dropped much further than their value dictates. I also liked the fact that Jeudy was available when he was given that the situation in Denver as to which WR will rise to the top is very much in question. I think Chubb could produce first-round return on the investment, so feet to the fire, that's my favorite pick. 

Least Favorite Pick: Every pick after Murray felt conservative and less than ideal. I am not excited about my tight end duo or my backup QB or my depth at the RB position. There wasn't a "hated" pick in the bunch, but not many that I was thrilled about, either. 

Overall outlook: This was kind of a tale of two drafts for me. After the first six rounds, I probably wouldn't have traded my team for anyone else's, but I really felt like my targets got consistently sniped after that and I reacted in fairly conservative fashion aside from maybe the selection of Slayton who could be a huge bust all things considered. Still, having the lead runners on three very good running teams bodes well for this season and if the receivers can just be average in relation to other team's corps, I do think this team can and will contend. There's just no way to come out of this draft with a team that you like at every single position. But, the positions I do like (QB, RB), I like very much...so there's that. 


1.07- WR Michael Thomas, NO
2.06- TE George Kittle, SF 
3.07- RB Austin Ekeler, LAC
4.06- RB Mark Ingram, Bal.
5.07- RB Ronald Jones, TB 
6.06- WR Tyler Boyd, Cin. 
7.07- WR Will Fuller, Hou. 
8.06- QB Drew Brees, NO
9.07- RB Marlon Mack, Ind. 
10.06- WR Jamison Crowder, NYJ
11.07- WR Jalen Reagor, Phi. 
12.06- QB Derek Carr, LV
13.07- D/ST, San Francisco 49ers
14.06- TE Adam Trautman, NO
15.07- K Matt Prater, Det. 
16.06- RB Anthony McFarland, Jr., Pit. 

Analysis: At some point, somebody has to pick a non-RB and start building their team on a different sort of foundation and that is what Shovel opted to do with last season's #1 WR (Michael Thomas) available for the taking. The next two rounds for me constituted two picks that I thought could have been switched and I would have been satisfied with the results. Austin Ekeler was massively undervalued in this draft and even though the overall RB prowess of this team is suspect, I think Ekeler will finish top-10 at the position when all is said and done. Conversely, I think of Kittle as more of a third round value, so that whole window was kind of a wash for me. Beyond the first three picks, there were a few picks that I liked, but also several that I questioned including Reagor, Trautman, and McFarland who I think potentially provide little functional depth. Further, there aren't many players on this team with a proven track record of high level success, at least not for an entire season. Will Fuller is, in fact, the poster child for potential only realized over the course of a game or two. In a best ball format, I am concerned that the few stars on this team are going to have to really pull some weight. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: First of all, Tyler Boyd is going to have to become Joe Burrow's favorite receiver. Period. If that is the case and IF Fuller can actually stay on the field, this team has at least one additional strength to go alongside the obvious one (tight end). Kittle is an asset to be sure, but there is a price to pay for taking a tight end this early and this team sorta paid it in terms of looking up and down the roster for top-shelf talent. Still, I think Kittle does what he's projected to do and as such, just needs adequate support. Brees to Thomas will be a reliable source of points as will Ekeler, but there is uncertainty beyond that in the form of several rookies and a player or three with undetermined roles out of the backfield (Ingram, Mack, Jones). One of those running backs exceeding expectations is also a critical part of Shovel finding himself in contention. 

Favorite Pick: Sorry to repeat, but it's a no-brainer for me. Ekeler should not be still on the board at 3.07 and if I hadn't taken two RBs with my first two picks, he wouldn't have been. I think many forget just how solid he's been when given opportunities over the past two seasons. Also, Thomas was the correct pick at 1.07. Once the first half-dozen RBs are gone, there is a drop-off in value and Shovel correctly identified that. 

Least Favorite Pick: I think this is too early for Ronald Jones, plain and simple. He's in an explosive offense to be sure, and as such, the upside makes the pick intriguing...but I don't trust him. And, I thought Boyd was taken a bit early, too, but Shovel loves his Bengals- this we all know. 

Overall outlook: You can't say you love every team or else your words lack credibility, so I won't bother saying that I love this one because I don't. Part of that has to do with draft position, though, as I thought Shovel got put in some awkward spots at times aside from absolutely stealing Ekeler in the third. I just don't see enough firepower top to bottom unless one of the year's breakout rookies comes from the trio of Reagor, McFarland, and Trautman and/or if Jonathan Taylor falters in Indy such that Marlon Mack enjoys one more good year there. Every team in this draft can contend and make some noise and this group is no different- it's just not one of the units I like best initially. Time, however, will ultimately tell the tale. 

Matt’s Eagles:

1.08- WR Davante Adams, GB 
2.05- QB Lamar Jackson, Bal 
3.08- RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC
4.05- RB David Montgomery, Chi. 
5.08- WR D.J. Chark, Jax. 
6.05- WR Terry McLaurin, Was. 
7.08- RB Jordan Howard, Mia. 
8.05- TE Mike Gesicki, Mia.
9.08- WR Anthony Miller, Chi. 
10.05- WR Mike Williams, LAC
11.08- RB Damien Harris, NE
12.05- QB Joe Burrow, Cin. 
13.08- D/ST, Los Angeles Rams 
14.05- TE Ian Thomas, Car. 
15.08- RB Antonio Gibson, Was.
16.05- K Jason Myers, Sea. 


Analysis: This and the next team review (Robb's) are going to be constructed from a similar place as both guys opted to take a quarterback early in the second round, making them the teams relying most on the value gap that exists between Jackson/Mahomes and everyone else at the position. When you don't choose a RB until overall pick #32, you're not likely to have one of the top rushing teams in the league, but few would argue that a RB in this draft has more upside than Clyde Edwards-Helaire. If you ever owned Brian Westbrook during his prime, it's not hard to envision the type of production that's possible with CEH. The trio of Adams, Lamar Jackson, and him was, in fact, an impressive haul given that each has the capacity for explosive production on any given week. Beyond them, though, came a series of picks in which progression from current expectation is required. Montgomery showed flashes last season, but was ultimately mediocre. Chark was dynamic at times, but plays in a less than stellar offense. Ditto for McLaurin. All in all, Matt picked a lot of players on bad NFL offenses once his first three picks were made including multiple Dolphins and multiple Redskins and multiple Bears. Hmmm...  

Key to No-Hassle Success: I think Jackson will take a step back, fantasy-wise, as teams better game plan for him, but I still think he'll be a top-2 QB, so that pick is probably safe and secure. Likewise, I have little doubt that Edwards-Helaire will make Matt glad that he picked him when he did. Basically, what I think this team needs to contend is for at least two players from Rounds Four-Ten that were picked to take a significant step forward with respect to production. With so many players coming out of suspect offensive units, this team is high risk for outright flopping. That said, if you watched Terry McLaurin last season, you know what he's capable of if someone can just get him the ball. Chark is in that same boat as well. There are too many unknowns on this team to feel overly good or bad about it at this time. But, some players are going to have to step up. That much is known.  

Favorite Pick:  Edwards-Helaire was the right pick at the right time. When you have no RBs on your roster and the guys up for grabs are largely retreads, why not gamble on a potential powder keg? I also thought the selection of Burrow was terrific given that a great QB was already in the fold. Burrow may be great down the stretch as his experience increases about the time Jackson is taking his foot off the gas. Nice duo there. 

Least Favorite Pick: Mike Gesicki that early didn't make much sense to me, but I do admire Matt securing a guy he feels confident about. Overall, I just didn't like so many players on this team being from subpar offenses...don't fault them individually, though. Just collectively in that sense. 

Overall outlook: There seems to be a clear disadvantage to picking later in this draft...not only in terms of what's available in Round One, but also in Rounds Three and Five. And, when you try to squeeze an early QB pick in there, it makes things even more dicey. That being said, there are elements to this team that I really like. There are going to be big weeks as Jackson can produce at QB in a way that his peers cannot. And, I'm sure the enemic offenses of 2019 won't be hard and fast repeat offenders, particularly in Miami where upgrades abound. So, while I was uncomfortable with some of what Matt did and who he chose, I do not feel confident in a downgrade of this team to non-contender status. Potential and possibilities persist. 


1.09- RB Joe Mixon, Cin. 
2.04- QB Patrick Mahomes, KC
3.09- RB James Conner, Pit.
4.04- RB Devin Singletary, Buf.
5.09- WR Keenan Allen, LAC 
6.04- WR Robert Woods, LAR
7.09- RB Damien Williams, KC
8.04- WR Christian Kirk, Ari.
9.09- WR John Brown, Buf. 
10.04- WR Mecole Hardman, KC
11.09- TE T.J. Hockenson, Det. 
12.04- TE Jonnu Smith, Ten. 
13.09- D/ST, Baltimore Ravens
14.04- WR Robby Anderson, Car. 
15.09- K Ka’imi Fairbairn, Hou.
16.04- QB Gardner Minshew, Jax. 

Analysis: All right...same plan as Matt here as Robb also took a QB early in the 2nd by way of grabbing Patrick Mahomes and then hanging on for dear life. The difference between Matt and Robb, though, is that Robb built around Mahomes exclusively at the RB position to the point of neglecting the WR position until Round Five. That said, here's the brilliance of this team- Robb has able to get the top QB in this draft (arguably), fortify the RB position early and often, and still get Keenan Allen and Robert Woods as his two top WRs. Granted, neither WR represents WR1 value, but they are terrific WR2s and will help stabilize this team alongside the exciting young RBs and the stud QB. Further, Robb added upside players at every position including tight end and appears to have enough depth to contend even if the injury bug impacts a projected starter or two. All in all, I think this was a masterful use of the #9 spot given that WR value was still present in Rounds 5 and 6. After Singletary was picked in Round Four, I wasn't certain Robb would be able to conjure up much at that position, but I think he took steps towards being competent there if nothing else. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: Mixon and Conner needs to get out of the gates much faster and better than they did in 2019. Both disappointed for much of the season and Robb will need them to resemble the best of what they've shown at times over the past two seasons. Additionally, John Brown and Mecole Hardman need to have well defined roles in their respective offenses. Brown was terrific last year and Hardman showed potential, but Stefon Diggs may cut into Brown's role significantly and Watkins is still around in Kansas City for now. Not taking a wide receiver until Round Five is hardly a death sentence, but it also means that guys you're counting on are not exactly "cream of the crop" guys at that position. Thus, the depth at the position has to produce and the RB choices have to pan out. It's not enough to grab three RBs in four rounds...they must be the RIGHT running backs.

Favorite Pick: I thought the picks of Allen and Woods turned this from an intriguing draft into a truly dynamic one. Not that either is going to set the world on fire, mind you. But, both are steady and represent high-end reliability. I'm o.k. with reaching a bit on Mahomes if it means you can snag a few bargains later on and I felt that Robb most definitely did that. Liked a lot of the later round picks, too.  

Least Favorite Pick: John Brown was terrific in 2019. No disputing that. But, he and Stefon Diggs don't seem like complementary players and I wonder, thus, what his role will ultimately be in an offense that would prefer to keep things pretty vanilla. Likewise, Christian Kirk may shrink in DeAndre Hopkins's shadow. 

Overall outlook: I've already said that picking from this and similar spots is challenging, but ultimately I love what Robb did with this team. He was able to acquire the back end of talent tiers in his choices at both RB and WR such that you look at the overall product and wonder how he found all that he did in the midst of still taking a QB so early. I think the RB trio will be excellent in the best ball format and I think Mahomes is going to be the best QB to own bar none. Throw in a little production at WR and some TEs with nowhere to go but up and you have a contending, albeit somewhat unorthodox team. Like Ray, Robb is that kind of drafter, though, and I think he's put something together that has staying power. We shall see. 


 1.10- WR Julio Jones, Atl. 
2.03- TE Travis Kelce, KC
3.10- WR Cooper Kupp, LAR
4.03- RB David Johnson, Hou.
5.10- RB D'Andre Swift, Det. 
6.03- RB Kareem Hunt, Cle. 
7.10- QB Matt Ryan, Atl. 
8.03- WR Diontae Johnson, Pit.
9.10- TE Jared Cook, NO
10.03- RB Latavius Murray, NO
11.10- WR Allen Lazard, GB
12.03- QB Jared Goff, LAR
13.10- RB Chase Edmonds, Ari. 
14.03- K Justin Tucker, Bal. 
15.10- D/ST, Minnesota Vikings
16.03- WR N’Keal Harry, NE

Analysis: So, four teams ultimately took something other than RB-RB or WR-RB or RB-WR in the first two rounds. The last of the four comes in the form of ICEMAN's team that consisted of a second round TE pick in Travis Kelce. Before going any further, it's worth noting that I ran away with the title last season with Kelce as my second round pick, so the strategy has precedent to be sure. But, sandwiching that pick between two wide receivers left this team as likely the weakest in the league in terms of running back talent and production. I won't even wait on talking about what's critical here- David Johnson needs to revive his career in Houston for this team to compete. Either that, or Kareem Hunt has to become the main back in Cleveland due to a Nick Chubb injury. This backfield has the potential to drag this team way down even as the quarterback and tight positions are incredibly stable and the wide receiver position has a strong nucleus to draw from. There's not a team in this league I would be more afraid to own than this one. That being said, what if David Johnson is resurgent? Or Hunt or Murray shine as the backs ahead of them cope with injuries? High risk? Most certainly. But rewards aren't out of reach. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: Look no further than the picks in Rounds 4-6 as to what will determine this team's fate. You know what you're getting in Julio Jones and Travis Kelce along with a healthy Cooper Kupp. It's whether or not Johnson, Swift, and Hunt can be anything resembling consistent productivity that will keep an owner up nights. Johnson is the ultimate wild card of that bunch, though. No one is certain as to what he has left in the tank after two disappointing seasons in a row. A top 6-8 season for him and this team is riding high most likely. But, anything resembling the David Johnson of recent years past spells doom for this team more than likely. There's not enough depth at WR or explosiveness at QB to overcome a lead runner who's anything but and an overall RB group that lacks anyone else resembling a stud. Is 2020 the year of the re-tread RB? Maybe...

Favorite Pick: Considering I'm not entirely sold on this team's foundation, I have to admit that I liked quite a few of the later round picks. Both QBs, Jared Cook, Latavius Murray, and Allen Lazard all came at bargain prices considering their potential production and I think this is one of the deeper teams in the league in spite of not having front line players at RB. 

Least Favorite Pick: HAVING to pick RBs in the Rounds 5 and 6 really boxed ICE in as the better value at those spots was at other positions. But, when your only RB on the roster through 57 picks is David Johnson, you have to keep picking RBs in spite of it all. Just thought the Kupp pick needed to be a RB instead. 

Overall outlook: Will this team ultimately regret not picking a RB at 3.10 to pair with Johnson and then either Swift or Hunt later? Only the passage of time will answer that. But, while there are pitfalls to having a less than "balanced" team top to bottom with respect to roster, lots of those kind of teams have risen up to be contenders over the years and this team could achieve that status with only one or two IFs falling into place. It's easy to look at spots of uncertainty and forget just how rock solid guys like Julio, Kelce, and Matt Ryan are. And, on weeks that Ryan and Julio hook up early and often, this team will thrive. Don't count ICE out...just know that he'll have to hope for a few breaks to come his way in order to feel ultimate confidence. 


1.11- WR Tyreek Hill, KC
2.02- RB Miles Sanders, Phi. 
3.11- RB Le’Veon Bell, NYJ
4.02- WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pit.
5.11- RB Jonathan Taylor, Ind. 
6.02- QB Dak Prescott, Dal. 
7.11- WR Marvin Jones, Det.
8.02- WR Michael Gallup, Dal.
9.11- TE Tyler Higbee, LAR
10.02- RB James White, NE
11.11- TE Dallas Goedert, Phi. 
12.02- WR Golden Tate, NYG
13.11- QB Kirk Cousins, Min. 
14.02- WR DeSean Jackson, Phi. 
15.11- D/ST, Kansas City Chiefs
16.02- K Chris Boswell, Pit. 

Analysis: And now, we return to teams built on the foundation of either RB-WR or WR-RB. Worm is a new player in the June Mock this season and he came out swinging by way of taking arguably the most explosive player in all of fantasy football in the form of Tyreek Hill. It's his next pick, though, that stirred up the most controversy as he banked on Miles Sanders taking a major step forward into RB1 territory. Hill's selection was not at all questionable given who he is and where he plays, but Sanders could be the make or break point for this team. Sure, Le'Veon Bell could see improvement in Year Two in New York, but most think his value is truly capped. Ditto with Smith-Schuster who might need an Antonio Brown-level player opposite him ultimately to be productive week in and week out. This team was obviously well thought-out even with the Sanders pick and there is so much to like in terms of balance. Balance in terms of talent at each position. Balance in terms of younger players vs. older veterans. There's little reason to think this team won't be competitive. But, the young backs (Sanders and Taylor) must rise to the challenge. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: The thought is many people's mind is that Jonathan Taylor is a superior back ultimately compared to Marlon Mack. That prevailing thought must translate into reality for Worm early and often as he's banking on Taylor being more than just depth for this team in a best ball format. Bell feels like he'll be a high-volume, low-ceiling player again this season, so he's probably better suited to be a fall-back than a guy to be counted on for high-end production. I think most people think Dak Prescott's fantasy numbers will continue to rise and that he'll take Michael Gallup along for the ride, so no worries there. In the end, it's just all about how good Sanders and Taylor really are. The other pieces really are situated neatly on a team that looks otherwise very solid. 

Favorite Pick: I'm not sure I was in love with any pick, per se, but I did find almost every pick to be very solid. Hill could have been picked much sooner, so that's a mild steal and I really like Gallup and Higbee back-to-back in Rounds Eight & Nine. I just thought the construction of this team made logical sense from start to finish. 

Least Favorite Pick: I could be dead wrong about this...we all could be, but I think the Miles Sanders pick was too early. There were other running backs there that I liked better including Nick Chubb who I was certain at the time was going to be the pick. Just wasn't the guy I would have invested in that soon.  

Overall outlook: Mike did a great job finding an addition to this draft that fit right in with the draft's general spirit and level of competency. Worm was sharp throughout the draft, seemingly, in terms of putting together a team that has good, solid, proven players at every turn to go alongside some upside guys like Taylor, Gallup, and Higbee. Dallas Goedert is a guy to watch as well as an injury to Zach Ertz would instantly make him a top-5 TE. While I wouldn't put Worm in my top four teams coming out of the draft in terms of likely contention, he wouldn't slip out of my top-six either. And a great season out of Sanders, Taylor, or Bell and all bets are off. The other stuff in place would make that a path to being quite good if not even better than that. 


1.12- RB Josh Jacobs, LV
2.01- WR DeAndre Hopkins, Ari.
3.12- WR D.K. Metcalf, Sea.
4.01- RB Melvin Gordon, Den.
5.12- WR Deebo Samuel, SF 
6.01- QB Russell Wilson, Sea. 
7.12- RB Sony Michel, NE
8.01- WR Marquise Brown, Bal.
9.12- RB Matt Breida, Mia. 
10.01- TE Hunter Henry, LAC
11.12- QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pit. 
12.01- WR Preston Williams, Mia. 
13.12- TE Blake Jarwin, Dal. 
14.01- RB Tarik Cohen, Chi. 
15.12- D/ST, New Orleans Saints
16.01- K Dan Bailey, Min.

Analysis: There was never any question what Vikings was going to do in this draft or any other June Mock Draft. Take RBs and WRs. Take them early and often. Wait on quarterback until a good value presents itself and utilize the same strategy at tight end. The result was the usual loaded receiving corps that is Vikes's trademark alongside a RB group that lacks a true stud, but flashes potential as long as Melvin Gordon finds Denver to be a soft and accommodating landing spot. Even though Vikes generally waits on QB and TE, it's hard to find fault in the ultimate selections of Russell Wilson and Hunter Henry. In both cases, V4E obviously felt the time was right to temporarily suspend the stockpiling of RB/WR talent and obtain some balance. Not a pick in this draft was wasted- everything seemed to have purpose and fit with the overall strategy of having 16 players at the end of the day that could contribute in a best ball format for the duration of a season. Yes, there were a few players taken on questionable offenses as with other guys in this draft, but nothing to scream about. All in all, it was a Vikes-typical draft that feels like a contender as always. 

Key to No-Hassle Success: To say that Vikes invested HEAVILY in second-year wide receivers would be a gross understatement. Sometimes, there is a sophomore slump for a talented wide-out prior to a breakout in Year Three. If that ends up being the case for the majority of Vikes's guys, success in 2020 could be significantly stymied. Additionally, DeAndre Hopkins needs to be everything Arizona hoped he would be when they traded for him prior to the NFL Draft. He and Gordon both represent old faces in new places and sometimes that works out great...and sometimes it does not. While I like the talent of this team, there are a number of uncertainties to acknowledge and it begins with those sophomore receivers. Aside from Wilson and Josh Jacobs, nothing else on this team feels certain.

Favorite Pick: There are so many that I liked, but few that I truly loved. It was a good spot to get Wilson and I love the fact that Vikes took Metcalf a little earlier than most have in other mocks thus far as he believed in his ability to seize the top role in Seattle. Hunter Henry at 10.01 was also stellar. 

Least Favorite Pick: Hopkins. I just don't think he's 2.01 material. In fact, there were players taken at the END of Round Two that I thought were better values at 2.01 than him. He's a big name and still in the prime of his career...but something about him last year didn't look right at times.  

Overall outlook: Vikings4Ever has been a contender in the No-Hassle league year and year out for nearly two decades except on the years that injuries mount uncontrollably. Who am I to suggest he's anything but this time around especially since he found the perfect time to add QB and TE without disrupting the steady flow of talent acquisition. Picking at the back end of Round One can be tricky as it is so long until you get to add to that initial duo. That being said, Vikes may have used that reality to his advantage by way of getting guys like Wilson and Gordon in such good spots. This team is hardly a "sure thing" with two key transfers and a host of second-year wide-outs...but the potential is there and it will fascinating to see if the risks mature into rewards. 

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Analysis all done. Enjoy and thanks to all for participating in another great June Mock! 

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1 hour ago, Fumbleweed said:

Analysis all done. Enjoy and thanks to all for participating in another great June Mock! 

Thanks man

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Thanks for the kind words, Fumble!  And thanks to everyone for letting me participate, this was a really fun and competitive draft!

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On 6/16/2020 at 5:47 PM, Fumbleweed said:

Vikings4Ever has been a contender in the No-Hassle league year and year out for nearly two decades except on the years that injuries mount uncontrollably. 

Just had to say it. :mad:

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Yes......another great time this year. I always learn from you all being experts, so it truly helps my money league drafts.

Here is hoping one of you can get second place this year behind my First place finish!

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