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June Mock Self Analysis

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Can’t wait for Fumbles annual analysis but I figured I would share my thought process from pick 1.2 and how my plan/strategy turned out. 

I think it’s a nice year to have a top 6, maybe 7 pick. When I saw I drew 1.2, I assumed CMC was gone and I immediately realized that any QBs I might take earlier than I usually do did not align with My pick. Jackson would be gone before 2.11 and 5.2 felt too soon for Wilson or Murray.  

After the top 5 WRs, receiver feels so deep to me this season, as with most seasons (I’ve never been a WR-WR guy) and running back seems to fall off a cliff sooner than you expect... so I was pretty locked into going RB RB RB as none of those 5 WR were going to fall. 

QB - Josh Allen, Matt Stafford

..... Allen is a guy I like a lot after that second tier goes off the board. I like what he can add in the ground and the addition of Diggs can only help. Stafford is criminally underrated and was happy to get him as my #2. 

RB - Saquon Barkley, Aaron Jones, Todd Gurley, Keshawn Vaughn

..... Hopefully this is a set it and forget it threesome as I did hope to get a slightly more stable RB4 than Vaughn. Either way, Jones falling to 2.11 was a gift, IMO. I know he sometimes frustratingly shares time but I think he gets even more involved in the pass game this year and will score plenty. Gurley could be Fumble’s “key to no hassle success”. Scored 14 times last year despite injuries and a declining offensive line. Goes to an arguably better situation for a team that has 5.5 million reasons to ride him.... just hoping Vaughn carves our a role as the season goes along. 

WR - Odell Beckham Jr, Calvin Ridley, AJ Green, Justin Jefferson, Henry Ruggs, Curtis Samuel

....going three rounds before addressing WR, this was obviously going to be a risk-reward group. A lot of boom potential with OBJ and a contract year AJ Green but lots of busy potential as well. Calvin Ridley is my safest pick here. Also likely not smart to rely on two rookies, especially with the COVID offseason. However I think Jefferson is in the best spot to produce and I fully admit that Ruggs was a best ball pick. Decided to go 6 WR and 4 RB instead of a 5-5 split. 

TE - Rob Gronkowski, Chris Herndon

.... got a little sniped at TE a few times. Especially with Jack Doyle. This could be a weak spot if Gronk doesn’t come back refreshed. 

K - Wil Lutz ..... solid


Overall : I was really pleased with my first 5 rounds. Feels like I drafted mostly players on the upside or still young enough with lots of talent (OBJ) and Ridley was a big target of mine in year 3. Gurley is the ?? But he’s still young and going to a better situation... I hope. 
In hindsight, I messed up a little in 6/7. I could have waited if I knew Stafford would last as long as he did and AJ Green is a risky WR3.... relying on two rookie WRs sand three rookies overall is not ideal this year. Finally my tight end position is weaker than I wanted or thought I could pull off. I wanted to go Henry/Gronk or Gronk/Doyle. 

It’s going to be a weird season but I think this team can compete. I feel pretty good about my overall execution. 

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Mine is simple...I dislike my team. Drafting at the 7 spot is no man’s land and I always felt like I was grabbing an iffy prospect. Was not fun. Having Ekeler, M Thomas and Kittle as your first 3 picks doesn’t scream championship. 

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QB: Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger

Strong, dependable starter, high upside backup. About all you can hope for unless you're willing to spend a second rounder on your QB.

RB: Josh Jacobs, Melvin Gordon, Sony Michel, Matt Breida, Tarik Cohen

Solid RB1, backend RB2. Michel should provide a little consistency, with Breida and Cohen providing upside. Weaker than I'd like, but what can you do?

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, DK Metcalf, Deebo Samuel, Marquise Brown, Preston Williams

Pretty happy. Obviously anytime a WR goes to a new team, there's the potential for disaster. But I think Hopkins can make the most of his situation, and I think the other 4 are all on the rise.

TE: Hunter Henry, Blake Jarwin

Not great. I like both to outdo their draft position, but I also often seem to strike out on TEs when I wait on them. They also share a bye week, but TE2s got real thin.

K: Dan Bailey

D/ST: Saints

Kicker and D. 

Overall: Fairly satisfied. If I had to do it over again, I may have grabbed Aaron Jones over Hopkins, then doubled up Lockett joining Metcalf. Not a great draft, but it's hard to put together a great draft with the competition this field provides.

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1 hour ago, shovelheadt said:

Mine is simple...I dislike my team. Drafting at the 7 spot is no man’s land and I always felt like I was grabbing an iffy prospect. Was not fun. Having Ekeler, M Thomas and Kittle as your first 3 picks doesn’t scream championship. 

Dude, you stole Ekeler. I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself. 

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Qb's - Deshaun Watson (8), Daniel Jones (11)

Rb's - Ezekiel Elliot (10), Cam Akers (9), Derrius Guice (8), Darrell Henderson (9), A.J. Dillon (5)

Wr's - Mike Evans (13). A.J. Brown (7), D.J. Moore (13), Emmanuel Sanders (6), Michael Pittman Jr. (7)

Te's - Evan Engram (11), Jack Doyle (7)

Pk  - Greg Zuerlein (10)

Def - Chargers (10)

Happy with Zeke in round 1.  The biggest decision of my draft came in round 2.......Aaron Jones or Mike Evans???  Jones would have made this an easier draft for me but Evans was my 4th rated wideout and Jones my 10th rated back.  I made things tougher on myself when I grabbed A.J. Brown around the corner in round 3. He was my #9 WR and this year should be another big step for him with 1 guy throwing to him.  The 4th round finally winds back to me and I see my last 3 Rb's vanish earlier in the round.  I wanted Ingram with the plan to grab Dobbins.  With those backs gone, D.J. Moore was my 14th rated Wr. and a better value than any remaining back ( no backs taken for 12 picks) and I just couldn't reach.  Around my short corner in round 5 I felt I needed a good top QB to help Zeke out,  my Wr's were solid.  Again I didn't reach and took Watson.  Two positions in solid shape.  Round 6 rolls around and now there are some backs that hold some value I grabbed Akers in the 6th with the plan to cuff him with Henderson later.  I landed Henderson late in round 10.  On my short turn I took a stab at Guice  in round 7 hoping he can stay healthy.  I was happy to land my #5 Te Engram late in the 8th, and once again hoping he can stay healthy. I knew I needed to land a safer option sooner than later and opted for Doyle in the 12th.  That made me feel secure at TE.  I rounded out my receivers with Sander and Pittman Jr., then scooped up Dillon as my rb #5.

Solid at Qb........Very solid at WR......pretty solid at TE.......I need Guice to stay healthy and show the promise he's flashed.  

My favorite picks were getting A.J and D.J. in rounds 3 and 4

My least favorite was my #2 RB Akers in the 6th forcing my hand to cuff him.

I usually have a few drafts (teams) that stand out to me.  This year I see less separation over all.  Good draft!  It was fun!

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1.05- RB Dalvin Cook, Min.
2.08- WR Chris Godwin, TB
3.05- RB Leonard Fournette, Jax.
4.08- WR Allen Robinson, Chi. 
5.05- TE Mark Andrews, Bal. 
6.08- WR Jarvis Landry, Cle. 
7.05- RB Phillip Lindsay, Den. 
8.08- QB Tom Brady, TB
9.05- RB Zack Moss, Buf. 
10.08- WR CeeDee Lamb, Dal.
11.05- TE Hayden Hurst, Atl. 
12.08- WR Sterling Shepard, NYG
13.05- QB Philip Rivers, Ind. 
14.08- K Harrison Butker, KC 
15.05- D/ST, New England Patriots
16.08- RB Justin Jackson, LAC

QB: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers

I'm happy with these two being my QBs, especially at their draft positions.  Brady is older and on a new team but has lots of weapons.  Rivers is also older and on a new team but has a good OL now.  No concerns from me here.

RB: Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, Philip Lindsay, Zack Moss, Justin Jackson

I was very happy with getting Cook until I found out he was holding out within hours of drafting him.  Fournette is a solid back and will be my steady RB.  The rest of my guys could be boom or bust, no idea.  Overall it's going to depend on Cook playing or not.

WR: Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, CeeDee Lamb, Sterling Shepard

I really like my WR group.  Godwin, Robinson and Landry should all put up good numbers.  Lamb is a wildcard for me but Shepard is a solid WR for where I drafted him.

TE: Mark Andrews, Hayden Hurst

I was happy to get Andrews in the 5th round.  I feel like I have a top TE but didn't have to sacrifice a really high pick to get him.  Hurst is a talented TE in an offense that should utilize him.  I think he's a great compliment to Andrews on my team.  Really happy with this unit.

K: Harrison Butker

Hard to complain with getting Butker.  He should be one of the top kickers this year again.

DST: New England

This may be an off year for them in fantasy football but they have been one of the most consistent teams for quite a few years and that's about all I need.  New England almost always finishes in the top 10.

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QB: Matt Ryan & Jared Goff

I think that these two will compliment each other well and keep me just outside of the top 3-4 QB's most weeks. While Goff tends to be steady, Ryan will have 3-5 explosive games each season that will win me a few weeks. You can't ask for more than that, after waiting until the 7th round to select my first QB.

RB: David Johnson, D'Andre Swift, Kareem Hunt, Latavius Murray & Chase Edmonds

And this is where things got away from me. The bottom fell out of the known starting RB's (and even a few presumptions) waaaay earlier than I thought it would. I do believe that David Johnson is being drastically overlooked this year and, therefor, will be on most of my teams. The man was the #5 RB in fantasy last year until he hurt his back and then was never the same. Well, now he is healed and playing for a coach that has a serious incentive to make him look good. I think that he will be  top 10 RB this year, barring injury. Swift was a desperation dart-throw and will be the deciding factor in my teams success. Hunt, Murray & Edmonds could all be league winners, if there are injuries to the starting RB on their team. I like the quality of each of these guys.

WR: Julio Jones, Cooper Kupp, Diontae Johnson, Allen Lazard & N'Keal Harry

This should be the strength of my team, as long as nobody gets seriously injured. I have Jones ranked as my #3 WR for this upcoming season and Kupp as my #7 WR. Hopefully, these two guys should be able to cover my RB issues on a week to week basis. I also love Diontae Johnson this year. As long as Ben stays upright, I can see him with a 75/1000/7 slash line. Lazar might be good, he might be nothing. You never know with the #2 WR in the Packers offense (see MVS). Rodgers says he's made strides, We'll see. As far as Harry goes, he should get every opportunity in a New England offense that needs play making from the outside WR position. Edelman will get his from the slot weekly, which leaves Harry with a ton of potential targets on the outside. The kid has a huge amount of talent. Let's see if McDaniels can figure out a way to get him the ball. And hopefully, Stidham isn't a complete stiff (which I do not think he will be).

TE: Travis Kelce & Jared Cook

Another strength on my team are me TE's. I should have the best combination of TE's in the league. I had better. Selecting Kelce in the 2nd round is why my RB's suck as much as they do! The reason that I selected him that high, though, is that there are questions about every other round 2 player that I was looking at and I like to have certainty in players that I take in the first 2 rounds. After that, I usually turn into Riverboat Rich (just ask Fumble!) and the guardrails are off. I just don't want to lose my season with my first two picks. After participating in this mock draft, I may have to change that strategy little bit. It will most likely come down to where I'm drafting in my money leagues.

K: Justin Tucker

The best in the business. I should not have any complaints with the kicking department.

D/ST: Minnesota Vikings

Should be a top 5 D/ST. Who the hell knows? It's a D/ST. What do we ever know going into the season?



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