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In Topic: Remember that 17 million Congress paid to secretly settle

Yesterday, 06:17 PM

It's 27,000 retards.


No it's 435 in the house and 100 in the Senate.  

In Topic: Joe Morgan says steroid users don't belong in hall of fame

Yesterday, 04:49 PM

Morgan also thinks Mitchell Report people should be out:

So Pedro, Pudge, Roberto Alomar should be out soon...


Not one of the players you named was in the Mitchell Report.  

In Topic: Nascar Chase

20 November 2017 - 05:38 PM


I do. I think JJ really benefited from 1) having the biggest team and best motors his entire career, and 2) being mentored by JG.


While Kyle has basically made the Toyota team what is. I think Gibbs switched from GM to Toyota the same year they signed Busch?


Kyle got his start in Nascar on Team Hendricks & was mentored by JG for 3 years.



He's talented no doubt.  Do you think he's more talented than JJ?


Jimmy Johnson is a football coach.

Jimmie Johnson is a NASCAR driver.

KB as far as putting down a fast lap is the best there is.

Johnson is the complete package.

KB = Brett Favre
Johnson = Brady


I think 90's came up with the perfect analogy.   KB does things in the car, saves and instinct that I haven't seen anybody else do...and he can do some head scratching things too.  That goes hand-in-hand with years and years of  immaturity, blaming crew chiefs, other drivers....JJ is as talented, but in different ways. He might not be able to do some of the extreme "Oh wow" moments, but he's just a better racecar driver than KB because he excels at every aspect needed to be great.   


All-in-all, I'd probably take an in-his-prime Mario Andretti over either in equally prepared cars.   

In Topic: Nascar Chase

20 November 2017 - 03:03 PM


That's a big limb.  Richard Petty has 200 wins.  KB has 43.  Jimmy  Johnson has 7 championships, many at KB's expense.   He won't even be considered the most talented of his contemporaries. 


Think that would depend on how you rate/define talent.   I've always throught of KB as one of the most talented drivers I've seen in Nascar, but also the person who didn't maximize his talents(mostly due to being a hot head).   :dunno:

In Topic: Add Russell Simmons to the list

20 November 2017 - 02:44 PM

If we have a list, why do we keep needing to make a new thread about add so and so to the list...just bump the list thread.