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In Topic: This year's Knowshon Moreno is...

Yesterday, 07:21 PM

ahmad bradshaw... if the dude stays healthy, he will produce

In Topic: 12 Geeks 1 cup

Yesterday, 01:21 PM

So Carolina has the boom or bust team. If Floyd/Hunter take the next step, and Hyde and/or Sankey secure a starting gig he could be very strong. If not, it could be a long season.

I also like FeelingMN team. Didn't see shotsup team on my first glance. That's definitely worse than drobeskis team (sorry bud).

GoColts is no big surprise. I've played in a league with him for 7 years and I don't think he's won a dozen games combined. He's the poster boy for how to not play fantasy football.

To me, it looks like feelingmn has the team to beat, followed by some combination of old maid, SC, and maybe BR, or WW

I picked a few too many early-mid round WRs and probably screwed the pooch on TE/QB and RB depth... oh well... better lucky than good

In Topic: Late gem rbs

27 August 2014 - 08:37 PM

I'm starting to wonder.... is Steven Jackson is primed for one last bounce back year. Julio is back, and I wonder if this passing attack can stretch out the opposing D just enough for Jackson to out-perform his current ADP of late 7th early 8th... is it that unreasonable for him to have an 1,100-1,200 total yard/ 7-8 TD season if he stays healthy?

In Topic: How do you feel about drafting for other members that cant make draft?

26 August 2014 - 05:22 PM

Guys in my big $$$ league are in a few other leagues. 

One of the leagues a firefighter can not make the draft Sunday.

They asked me to fill in for them... 

3-4 of my biggest competition in our $$ league are in this league. :wall: 

At first I was like alright sure...I will help out the guy...then I went to bed... :doh:

I awoke thinking man these guys are going to get an idea on whom I targeting. :nono:

I text my friend and told him I changed my mind and cant do it. :argue:


What would you have done? :dunno:


i've done it before... drafted two teams, and then let the other guy pick which team he wanted... no one else seemed to mind

In Topic: do i dare trade graham

26 August 2014 - 10:25 AM


I agree, stay put. You can do better than that for Graham and if you can't you shouldn't make the trade. Graham is elite, elite. It would not surprise me to see him out do last year's performance.


exactly... it seems silly to trade talent for depth this early... now if you had a couple of critical injuries then I could see you unloading graham, but I think a lot of people around here are overvaluing gio and sanders