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In Topic: Gates

Yesterday, 11:38 AM

i would start him with confidence until his chronic foot problems flare up again... even when he plays through it you can tell he's just too slow to get seperation and play effectively...


but for now... ride the wave!

In Topic: Trade Targets

Yesterday, 11:11 AM

great list here... another guy i would think about is Desean Jackson... hasn't impressed, and has been hurt. I think kirk cousins gives him the best chance to be succesful moving forward, and i think the redskins will open up the passing playbook...

In Topic: Cowboys fans

Yesterday, 10:51 AM


he is a known BSer when it comes to not feeling pain--several times in the past he has claimed to be 100%, and it came out later that he was definitely hurting.  it's also possible that he's not feeling pain, but is just not in shape yet.  he has always been a guy who was constantly throwing during the offseason, but this year he was on a pretty strict limit during rehab--he may just have to play his way back into shape.


This is what i'm hoping... sure they can beat lower tier teams by committing to the run and controlling the clock, but if they want any chance at making the playoffs they are going to have to be able to throw the ball.

In Topic: NE Defense

Yesterday, 08:39 AM

They saved my ass, I lost Moreno, AJG and Vernon late in the game.


you are one lucky bastard...


NE helped me survive RGIII, but nothing like your troop

In Topic: Titans RB's

14 September 2014 - 09:15 AM


Lol... I stand by my take... Let's re-visit about mid-season shall we? All aboard the Shonne Greene bandwagon.


let's do it...


Greene is only 29 and averages 4.2 ypc... before his injury he was coming off back to back 1,000 yd seasons... he will produce if he stays healthy


i'd take him over trent richardson any day