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In Topic: Will the Patriots Cheat in the Superbowl?

27 January 2015 - 10:20 AM

Sad to see all the cheating that has followed this team . Can't belive that they won any of the other Super Bowls now without cheating . Tough because if you are a fan of the Pats is something that you will always hear about . Since they have not won a Super Bowl when they where first cheating that in its self says a lot . To bad for Pats fans sorry will will never have that true title to brag about .


This... i believe in upsets, but there was no feasible way they shut down the rams high-powered offense the way they did (without knowing the first 25 plays run)

In Topic: BETSPN

23 January 2015 - 12:53 AM


ESPN gets the big commercial money because they have the most valuable audience in all of advertising: "men 18-49". That demographic obviously likes some urban talk on the shows, or ESPN wouldn't do it. 


I just want them to act professional and using urban slang isn't. It's a sports news broadcast, but still a news broadcast. I've mentinoed it irked me when Stuart Scott interviewed John Madden years back and said something like "so, whatchu think of that game, dog?" Regardless of anyone's race, calling someone "dog" as if he was your homie on the street during a tv intervew is classless and unprofessional. It was especially wrong when that "dog" was legendary John Madden. Apparently, most of ESPN's audience disagrees.




very true... but you are forgetting the "E" in ESPN... Entertainment


That said... they sure beat you over the head with it... talk about pandering

In Topic: Rex Ryan headed to Buffalo

14 January 2015 - 03:55 PM

and he has already opened his mouth and called them a playoff team and that they are going to be a 'bully' ...


hmmm... is orton coming back or something?

In Topic: Did the ball hit the ground?

13 January 2015 - 02:05 PM

so i guess the whole possession theory means


you either think


A. Dez caught the ball, but was diving/falling uncontrollably




B. Dez caught the ball and was able to lunge for the goal

In Topic: Did the ball hit the ground?

13 January 2015 - 01:57 PM


you're talking about 2 different things.  once he gets the ball around shield's hand, he unquestionably has full control of the ball, which is grasped firmly in both hands--no ball movement relative to his hands.  this is control.  he then drops one hand to the ground, but retains as much control of the ball as any RB has when he is carrying one-handed.  this is still control.


but by rule, he has not yet established possession.  because he loses control when the ball contacts the ground, it was correctly ruled as no possession--an incomplete pass.  most people acknowledge that it was the correct call under the rule.  what the vast majority of us are saying (and have said since the rule was first established) is that the rule itself is stupid.


i think the problem i had with it, is that the rule has a few amendments that make it very unclear and open to different kinds of interpretation.


The 'judgement call' comes down to if you think Dez was diving for the catch/ falling the whole time without the ability to "establish possession" even though he made a 'catch'. If you think he was falling uncontrollably, then the rule is pretty clear cut... even though he caught the ball he did not complete the process, and it would be an incomplete pass


If you think Dez controlled possesion and was able to make another move forward before reaching for the goal (ie not falling to the ground uncontrollably)... then he is considered a ball carrier at that point, and it's a catch + a ground forced fumble (shield contacted him to the ground) so it's first and goal from the 1.


My problem with the whole issue is that it is not 100% clear whether Dez was falling uncontrollably (with possession but no move common to the game) or lunging for the goal with the ball in his hands (possession + football move)... because of this uncertainty, i feel there is no way anyone can overturn that call.


That said... game ovah, cowboys might not have won anyway, other contributing factors... yadda yadda yadda...


We can all agree that at least explanation of the rule needs to change if not the rule itself...