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In Topic: WR scoop and play week 12

25 November 2015 - 01:54 PM

I have a weird feeling that Jeremy Butler, (WR Ravens) is going to break out one of these weeks. He was an undrafted FA last year who was cut after injury. He is back on the squad this year, and he really impressed in Mini-Camp. Trestman tends to like bigger/ bookend WRs, and Givens definitely is not that guy. I'm thinking the Ravens want to see what they have in Butler before the end of the year, and now they have the opportunity with this season all but over. He has seen increased snaps the past two weeks, and figures to see a lot of looks in garbage time the rest of the season.... I'm not sure if it is monday night against the Browns or next week against the dolphins, but i could see him make an impact soon....


I would bet zero people own him... literally zero... maybe his mom... but keep an ear out for this guy if schaub can muster any fantasy relevance

In Topic: People who said Jeremy hill would be a bust this year...

10 November 2015 - 10:19 AM

Hats off to these people and those right about CJ... i'm lucky that I wasn't in a position to get either, as I was high on both... dodged 2 huge 2nd round bullets there

In Topic: Darren McFadden

10 November 2015 - 10:12 AM

After pulling a post from two entire focking months ago, I should tell you to go hump somebody else's leg. But your words have some merit, using hindsight of course.

McFragile had brief flashes while a Raider. Last season folks pointed to the Oakland offensive line as his problem, yet other backs did well after they benched him. I think he's tentative and just not that skilled of a runner, injury history aside. He's having success behind arguably the best offensive line in football, sure, but I stand by my statement of Michael taking that job if given opportunity, of which he's had none. Seriously dude must be the worst practice player and meeting room idiot in the league to have not even been given a sniff in his career.

Of course you took hindsight, and some weak analytical integrity , to pile on. Nice form, but it's just business. I'll lower my opinion of your contribution here accordingly in the future.




Your mistake was thinking my contribution had any merit to begin with :banana:


Over the past month you have been sticking to your guns in saying "McFragile sucks, and CMIke will take over given the chance" which I can respect as McFadden hasn't had much longevity without injury. That said, CMike hasn't shown any indication of being able to carry the load... he hasn't been given much of a chance, but when he has seen the field he has averaged an abysmal 3.5 ypc and has only caught 2 passes out of the backfield in his entire career... I guess i just don't see him ever cracking the lineup and getting any real playing time outside of the roster being cleared of RBs (it's well on its way).


What does this guy do at practice??? Is he that inept either physically or mentally that he doesn't even get to sniff the field even with 2 other RBs done for the season in Dallas???

In Topic: I'm starting to think Jordan Mathews is the big breakout WR this year.

10 November 2015 - 09:31 AM

I'm hoping last week's game was a sign of things to come... that said he scored half of his points on the final play of the game.


JStew for Mathews might be the trade that bumps me in to a contender

In Topic: Darren McFadden

10 November 2015 - 09:28 AM

Oh lord no lol... McFragile's knock is that he's pretty bad too. My opinion is that once Michael is given opportunity he will take that job outright.

Again I ask, has Michael officially been ruled out of Sunday's game yet?


hmmm... after this comment, it is weird that you are still trolling the McFadden thread. I'm sorry he didn't work out for you in Oakland, but he's more than serviceable, and just what the cowboys need, as they have shown that they are not willing to spend the big $$$ to get a franchise RB