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  1. Mike Honcho

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Pretty sure pitch analysis can in real time adjust for different size batters.
  2. 390,000 employees at Bershire Hathaway, got to think there have to been quite a few who got 16/16 this weekend. I was 15/16 until my heart said I had to let Wisconsin win a game.
  3. Mike Honcho

    **Official MLB 2019**

    It's funny the one rule I'd be most in favor of baseball doing I don't think has been seriously on the table---computer calling balls and strikes. Screw umpires with 2 inches off the plate, screw strike zones that change during the game. I'm guessing a consistent strike zone speeds the game up too. And I'm pretty much a traditionalist, but I just hate watching games where different pitchers get different calls. Though I will miss the catchers who are really good at sneaking balls back into the zone, that's pretty cool.
  4. Mike Honcho

    **Official MLB 2019**

    And importantly---like in my brothers case---learn the ability to get out of the way of a bad pitch. Jeebus, my little brother got hit so many times, every time the ball was coming towards him he would freeze like a deer in the headlights...and THUD, down like a sack of potatoes.
  5. Mike Honcho

    Good Morning

    Not sure about the rest of you, but I'm totally ready to call it a week.
  6. Mike Honcho

    Gronk.....peace out!

    Are we 100% sure that when he says he's going to "Retire", he doesn't mean get new wheels for his Hummer?
  7. Mike Honcho

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Knebel and Jeffress both beginning the season on the DL with no real timetable. Two tough guys to replace if they miss significant time.
  8. Mike Honcho

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Please God of Baseball make Craig Kimbrel a Brewer. Amen.
  9. Mike Honcho

    Good Morning

    I'm for real jealous, awesome for you.
  10. Mike Honcho

    Good Morning

    I pre-called it.
  11. Mike Honcho

    What caused Funny Picture thread lock?

    In addition, the Narc should be named too, for breaking the first rule of Geek Club.
  12. Mike Honcho

    Good Morning

    14 out of 16 for my bracket---would have been 15/16 but I couldn't let go of my loyalty to Wisconsin. Hope your brackets are in as good of shape. On this day in 1967 The Turtle's "Happy Together" goes #1 Have a great week geeks.
  13. Mike Honcho

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Look around here, quite a few of your fellow geeks who support Trump have circulated and promoted stories like Hillary lures kids into a sex dungeon with pizza---doesn't mean that Trump started, circulated or promoted it, just his followers/supporters, not that actual people associated with the campaign. Also if you don't like that source or the writing, Google returns hundreds of stories debunking this nonsense. ETA: Those two sentences you bolded could have been written better.
  14. Mike Honcho

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    HTH Also, holy crap...it was a joke...Sweet Jeebus.
  15. Mike Honcho

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    I predict that today or tomorrow President Obama will come up to President Trump with the Mueller report and say "Remember all that BS birther nonsense, ain't so funny when it happens to you, is it? Hope you learned a good lesson.".