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  1. Mike Honcho

    Rep. Devin Nunes sues Twitter for $250 million

    Full Story Let's add some financial penalties and jail time to frivolous lawsuits.
  2. Mike Honcho

    Jack the Ripper Identified with DNA

    I thought John Ritter player him...
  3. Mike Honcho

    Zion Williamson hype machine on overdrive

    Seems like you are exaggerating a little bit, but personally I don't think anyone is really over hyping the greatest basketball player that the world has ever seen. Sorry, just don't see it.
  4. Mike Honcho

    Mike Tyson vs Steven Seagal

    Wild guess, but they didn't fight at middleweight...
  5. Where would everyone get their news?
  6. Mike Honcho

    Aunt Becky done focked up

    Well, she follows what is hot & trendy for other people to see. Like if you follow her channel, you would know what are coolest clothes to wear in your fake 'crew/rowing' shots for your college application.
  7. Mike Honcho

    Good Morning

    Best version of me? Probably not, but at this point it's the best anyone is going to get and every day it's just a tiny bit worse than the day before.
  8. Mike Honcho

    Good Morning

    We are down to 68 teams and I have no clue how to fill out my bracket, probably end up going chalk. On this date in 1916 three actors led a revolution in the tiny town of Santa Poco against the terrible bandit El Guapo. The battle itself was one of the first ever captured on film. Have a great week, geeks.
  9. Good thing you guys don't care what people said years ago though, right.
  10. Mike Honcho

    Friday Laughs

    Friday laugh bump - and my submission...cracks me up every time I watch it.
  11. Rafael Edward Cruz - Ted Robert Francis O'Rourke - Beto Both are nicknames from their given names, and both have used them since they were young. Beto was given to him very young and Ted took it on as his own because: Regardless, once you know the facts, it's a non-issue.