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  1. 5-Points

    Trump's long history of associating with the mafia.....

    Not here at the GC. One person would claim he was the dumbest person in the history of ever and the next guy would claim he single handedly convinced the entire world that Iraq had WMD.
  2. 5-Points

    Trump's long history of associating with the mafia.....

    It was the same with W. He was a complete moron and an evil genius at the same time. It's what they do but they're base is too rabid and stupid to see it. As far as Trump dealing with the mob, try to build something in NYC that doesn't include mob related labor, concrete, waste management, etc... It's not possible. Especially back in the day.
  3. Don't know anything about him. Anybody have a short list of things he's done? Any notable accomplishments?
  4. 5-Points

    New Zealand Shooting

    If they had, a lot of people would still be alive today.
  5. 5-Points

    Volty or TBBOM

    I'm not surprised. China's child labor laws are disgraceful.
  6. 5-Points

    Mass Shooting in Brazil...

    They'll still put this in the school shooting column to inflate the stats.
  7. 5-Points

    Mass Shooting in Brazil...

    Yeah, only 10 people got waxed. They do that daily at the shop down the street.
  8. 5-Points

    Refusing to Apologize - We Need More of This

    Why go after FOX? He was working for MSNBC at the time and they didn't have a problem with it. Why not direct your fake outrage at the entity that was employing him at the time he actually said the things you're so upset about?
  9. 5-Points

    A GoPro for your weenus

    If any of you want some video of your mom's cooter getting stuffed just let me know.
  10. 5-Points

    Feds setup fake university to deport illegals

    Me? No, I mean they were here illegally and enrolled in a university that turned out to be fake. After rereading... "... Many of the students were enrolled in master’s degree programs for engineering and computer-related fields and arrived in the U.S. through student visas, immigration attorneys said." So it seems like some of them originally came here legally and most likely overstayed their visas. As far as illegals are concerned, these are the least of my concerns. At least we know who they are, where they're from and gave them permission to be here in the first place.
  11. 5-Points

    Feds setup fake university to deport illegals

    I was a little confused myself. It looked to me like they came here illegally specifically to attend the fake university. That sounds like entrapment to me but wtf do I know?
  12. 5-Points

    Is this wrong?

    "Houston, we have a problem" "This is Houston, please repeat your last transmission" "Why don't you ever listen to me!?"
  13. 5-Points

    Is this wrong?

    "Why do you always need to fix everything Houston?"
  14. Nobody should ever take her seriously again. She's a race baiting rabble rouser and would be complicit in any civil war that might ensue. Jesus Christ, these people and their focking rhetoric.