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  1. 5-Points

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    How does this guy show his face in public ever again? Not only does he stage a fake hate crime but he also tried to make himself a fake tough guy in the process.
  2. 5-Points

    Illegal shoots at Deputy in California

    When in doubt, empty the magazine.
  3. 5-Points

    Illegal shoots at Deputy in California

    Only when they gotta take a leak.
  4. Could be worse. He could've been named Rod.
  5. 5-Points

    Dash Cam

    Let's just say if I had any political ambitions, they would be ruined if anybody heard the type of sh!t that comes out of my mouth when I'm stuck in traffic.
  6. 5-Points

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    I don't get upset by things posted here. Maybe your right about my memory. If I mischaracterized you I apologize.
  7. 5-Points

    Dash Cam

    Same here. I definitely wouldn't want one with audio recording capabilities.
  8. 5-Points

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    Kanil calls out both sides. He told me so. He's a centrist just like Sho.
  9. 5-Points

    Cowboy pinball

    You know how you become a bull rider? You take a handful of marbles and you put them in your mouth. Every time you ride a bull, you take one of them marbles and you spit it out. And when you've lost all your marbles, that's when you're a bull rider.
  10. Solid theory. Sounds like something they would say.
  11. Well, yeah. That's always been their position.
  12. 5-Points

    Cowboy pinball

  13. It doesn't just apply to illegals though. They aren't reporting anybody. Seems counterintuitive if they are truly concerned about keeping guns out of the wrong hands.
  14. Help me understand their logic, or lack thereof. They hate guns, don't think anybody should own guns and want to make it as difficult as possible to legally obtain guns but when a convicted felon, or somebody otherwise prohibited from owning guns, attempts to purchase one, we shouldn't notify law enforcement? Why wouldn't they want LE to know that a prohibited person was attempting to buy a gun?