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  1. GobbleDog

    The Chinese are revolting!

    "Your majesty. I've come on the most urgent of business. It's said that the people are revolting!" "You said it, they stink on ice."
  2. GobbleDog

    What's your favorite charity you donate to?

    I like to throw pennies at the scumbags who beg for change at intersections. And I do mean "throw".
  3. GobbleDog

    Preferred delivery pizza

    I understand hating their commercials. I can sorta-understand hating just to be contrarian because everyone else likes them. But take a bite of a Papa John's pizza vs any other brand pizza... it's clearly better. What's not to like? Right amount sauce, flavors, cheese, and the dough is good too...
  4. GobbleDog

    Preferred delivery pizza

    Pizza hierarchy 1) Pappa John's - anyone who says otherwise is either lying or just an idiot. Best tasting pizza all time. 2) Mom and pop joints - most make a decent pie. 3) Pizza Hut - ain't the best, but among the big name pizza stores, it's good 4) Sbarro's - very filling at the mall or an airport. Surprised they never went big. 5) Domino's - when I was a kid, I thought they were great. Lately, it's terrible. Don't know if I changed or they did. 6) Little Ceasers - ya like eating cardboard? 7) Hungry Howies - I'd rather eat cardboard.
  5. GobbleDog

    Is there anything supernatural you kinda believe in?

    30 years ago I watched the satellites move across the night sky in Maine (look like white stars moving fast). I watched one that eventually made a small flame burst and changed direction 90 degrees. I mentioned it to a friend the next day and he said "yeah, that couldn't have been a satellite. They don't change directions like that." Still wonder what it was... military... UFO... too much lsd as a teenager.
  6. My friend has a Tesla and I rode with him while it "self drove". The first few minutes felt nervous, but after a while you start trusting it. Easy to see how people get complacent. In any case, my friend is a terrible driver. When he drives normally, he speeds, tailgates, plays on his phone, tinkers with the radio or AC and rarely looks at the road. We're ALL better off letting the car drive.
  7. GobbleDog

    Does anybody NOT like Stevie Wonder?

    Wonder had a couple of decent hits, but c'mon... people call him a "genius" because he's blind. Same with Ray Charles. And what's with the weird head movements? Ray did the same thing. What is it about being blind that makes them want to swing their heads around like meth addicts? You'd think someone with eyesight would tell them "You look ridiculous. Try to keep your head still while talking and singing... like normal people."
  8. GobbleDog

    Week 10 FU

    Clyde Edwards Helaire, Chiefs 2020 1st round draft pick... 0 carries, 2 targets for 0 yards. But it's only half-time, so he could easily double those stats.
  9. GobbleDog

    Germany Football: Seattle at Tampa Bay

    Bucs win! Hail Victory!
  10. GobbleDog

    Germany Football: Seattle at Tampa Bay

    Touchdown Seattle! Seahawks found a final solution to Buc's defense.
  11. GobbleDog

    Germany Football: Seattle at Tampa Bay

    Seattle offense stopped faster than a beer hall putsch.
  12. GobbleDog

    Germany Football: Seattle at Tampa Bay

    Tripping is verboten!