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  1. GobbleDog

    AAF suspends operations in first season...

    1974 - Orlando Blazers ... 1 season 1983 - Orlando Renegades ... 3 seasons 1991 - Orlando Thunder ... 1 season 2001 - Orlando Rage ... 1 season 2009 - Orlando Tuskers ... 1 season 2019 - Orlando Apollos ... 1/2 season Never saw it coming.
  2. GobbleDog

    Drone fishing. Coolest evah!

    I rarely buy fishing licenses anymore - like I did when I fished tournaments. I don't keep fish, so getting caught isn't scary. I've been serious fishing for over two decades and I've only been asked for a license TWICE. It's a $50 fine, assuming the cop even bothers to write a ticket as they usually just give a warning. A license costs $20. I fish both salt and freshwater, so that's $40 a year. I ain't paying that sh*t anymore.
  3. GobbleDog

    Here goes gas prices

    Remember when gas reached $4.00+ / gallon about 8 years ago? Green energy R&D cranked into full effect, which I read then caused the Saudi's to flood the market with oil and lower prices. Lack of oil dependence is their worst nightmare and hopefully that will always keep prices somewhat in check.
  4. GobbleDog

    Jack the Ripper Identified with DNA

    I always thought it was Carl Feigenbaum.... a nut job who worked on a boat and eventually made his way to the US.... where he slashed his female landlord's throat and admitted to hating women and desiring to mutilate them. His own lawyer claimed he was probably the Ripper after his electric chair dance in 1890 something. Guess not.
  5. GobbleDog

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    RB Kenyan Drake.... that is all. No wait... Ryan Fitzpatrick!
  6. GobbleDog

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    Tanking works in the NBA because one great draft pick can change a franchise since there's only 5 players on the court. But it doesn't work in the NFL. If it did, the Browns and the Lions would have countless SuperBowls. The Patriots and other SuperBowl contenders aren't good because they tanked. They did it with smart draft picks, good coaching and salary management. The opposite of what the Dolphins have done for the past 20 years. I'm for replacing most of the Dolphin's roster and all of the coaches/GM. But I ain't for tanking, because it doesn't lead to anything. Interestingly, the 2019 over/under win total for the Dolphins is 5.5. I think they'll go way over....8+ wins. I'm cool with that. If Dolphins new head coach Brian Flores is as good as I think he'll be, the Fish will be contending very soon.
  7. GobbleDog

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    As a Dolphin fan I hope Tannehill is out of the league in a year, blows all his money, and catches a fatal disease. Fitzpatrick is a great signing. Cheap, fun to root for, and he can play huge... at times. People just assume he's going to be up and down, but ya never know - he might shock the world. He finished last season with a QB rating of 100.4. The best Tannehill ever had was 93.5. Fitz is also a perfect mentor for whoever the Dolphins do end up drafting. An old vet, good character, and knows his job is short-term. As for Tank for Tua... I don't want him. The hype train is in full effect on that kid. He puts up good stats... but he plays for mighty Alabama - the most loaded football team in all of college sports. I question if he's really that good and definitely question if he's worth a #1 pick. I seriously doubt it. I'm hoping the Dolphins take a QB this year.... perhaps 6'5" Daniel Jones from Duke.
  8. GobbleDog

    Aunt Becky done focked up

    $1 million dollar bond.?. Is she a danger to society or a flight risk? I'll never understand how judges decide bond.... accused murderers very often get less bond. Michael Jackson's doctor got no bond because "you're a danger to society." Seriously? Ridiculous. This whole thing is stupid. How mad can you be at someone for trying to help their kid? If she broke the law by paying a bribe, the penalty should be a small fine.
  9. GobbleDog

    OBJ traded to the Browns!

    Odell to the Browns and Antonio Brown to the Raiders..... morons. They'll both regret it.
  10. GobbleDog

    Big Bang Theory announces final episode

    My folks are in their 70's and love Big Bang Theory. My in-laws are in their 60's and love it too. My wife and I can't understand what it is about that show that old white people like. It sucks like every other crappy sit-com on tv.
  11. GobbleDog

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    Trebek has STAGE 4 PANCREATIC CANCER Why in the hell is he going to keep hosting? Find that man a mountain of cocaine and some high class hookers. Why waste time hosting the same damn game show for the 35th year? Live damn you!
  12. GobbleDog

    Mardi Gras Street Cam

    I watched this last night and it was exactly how I always pictured Marti Gras - loud and packed with scum.
  13. GobbleDog

    Johnny Manziel

    1. Chris Leak - 2nd overall 1998 draft Chargers... started 21 total games 2. Jamarcus Russel - 1st overall 2007 draft Raiders.... started 25 total games 3. Tim Couch - 1st overall 1999 draft Browns.... started 59 total games Johnny Manziel - 22nd overall 2014 draft Browns.... started 8 total games
  14. GobbleDog

    The End of Recycling?

    I did't know the Golf channel was nearby and never heard of Crayola place. I'm south Orlando exclusive. I'm not going to Bay Hill this weekend or any weekend ever. Even with free tickets, free drinks and a limo ride, no thank you. To hell with those rich a-holes who make golf look easy. I golf about 2 times a year. My all-time best is 118 and that's with a "double par" limit.