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  1. Ice buckets the size of a thimble. Years ago when I valeted outside the Marriot, the hotel had us charge guests $20 to park - even if they didn't valet. You can't imagine how pissed off some people would get after forking out $300+ for a hotel room, only to get shaken down for parking. If they just rolled the parking cost into the hotel room price, nobody would've cared. Really stupid policy.
  2. GobbleDog

    Lions at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    He was covering bases.... 'if it's a flag, I'll look smart, otherwise... ABORT MISSION.'
  3. GobbleDog

    Lions at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    "And it's a deep pass!!!... Incomplete... " (I hope no flag)... "Flag..................................... (10 seconds later) no where to be found." Booger and dipsh*t. Worst announcers of all time.
  4. GobbleDog

    I find it hard to not see trans as mental illness...

    It's real and it's very sad. A DNA defect resulting in a lifelong struggle in society. People with psych issues who aren't in that category, but pretend to be and go overboard doing so, give the real one's a bad rep. As shown by the OP's thoughts about all trans people.
  5. I'd vote for Dennis Rodman before Hillary Clinton.
  6. GobbleDog

    will the 2019 patriots go undefeated?

    At 42 years old, Brady is probably better early in the season. Didn't look so great coming down the stretch last year. They'll lose. They all lose. Nobody goes undefeated. Go Dolphins.
  7. I voted for him, but hopefully Donald Trump has cured America of ever considering voting for another celebrity President. Call it the Jesse The Body Ventura effect.
  8. GobbleDog

    Stand your ground law

    If I were on that jury, I would've acquitted. Stand your ground is a poorly thought out law that's way too subjective... but that's what he did. The law should be better defined or abolished.
  9. GobbleDog

    Does Foles get his job back?

    "Always the bride's maid, never the bride" - Nick Foles ... jilted at the alter, again.
  10. GobbleDog

    AJ Green

    If Green doesn't start Week 7 ... and I'd bet the farm he won't at this point... he'll probably sit through the bye week. That means back Week 10. Even if Green is traded to New England, which I seriously doubt, their bye-week is Week 10. And he's a tough start his first game back regardless - Bengals or Patriots. Regular season ends Week 13. This situation utterly sucks. I want my 8th round pick back.
  11. Snakehead are supposedly a problem in Florida too. Don't think I've ever caught one.?. Over the years of freshwater fishing for Largemouth Bass I've caught.... gar, pickerel, warmouth, mudfish, striped bass, catfish, bluegill... Along with turtles, small gators, and a bat.
  12. Josh Rosen will win a SuperBowl first!!! It could happen.... go dolphins
  13. GobbleDog

    AJ Green

    https://dailysnark.com/report-patriots-interested-in-trading-for-bengals-star-wr-a-j-green/ Well that would be interesting.
  14. GobbleDog

    Streaming defenses: Who ya got Week 5?

    Last week I streamed ATL at home against TEN.... yeah.... that'll never happen again. There's word Falcons coach might get fired soon. I kinda hope he does. This week it's CAR at home against JAX. Panthers had good situations in Weeks 2 and 3 and generally sucked... so don't know what to expect. Mostly hope JAX sucks.
  15. The 14th Amendment allows for "Freedom of Contract". Minimum wage restricts that freedom according to the Supreme Court in the 1930's striking down State minimum wage laws. But a few years later they reversed course saying it wasn't an unreasonable restriction. Originally it only applied to interstate commerce, but in the 1960's nearly all types of employment were included. I'm surprised it hasn't been struck down again. Seems incredibly unreasonable.