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  1. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    I thought so too. The loss might be what he needs to get back on track... some humility.
  2. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Appreciate that, but to be fair I didn't predict who'd win - just that the odds were out of whack. It's a sport - anything can happen. Restart the fight and who knows... McGregor is good enough and so is Poirtier. But the true odds should've been about even. McGregor -325 ? Ridiculous, considering both fighters recent history.
  3. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

  4. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Actually, you can to some degree. When I told my wife (knows nothing about sports) about a big fight tonight, she said "who is it... McGregor?" The ONLY name she knows in UFC. The only name most of the world knows. He'll draw. UFC will probably throw him a washed up tomato for his next fight.
  5. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Yeah...... 1 win in four years vs Monster fight resume I knew those odds were messed up. Like I said, it should've been a pick 'em.
  6. GobbleDog

    Matt Stafford asks for a trade

    Wish he'd come the Dolphins.... absolutely nobody is sold on Tua. Not the fans, not the coach, not even Tua.
  7. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Working for me.?.
  8. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Prachnio defeats Rountree via unanimous decision? I didn't watch every second, but most of it looked like Rountree totally dominated. Did I miss something? Did Prachnio really win that fight?
  9. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    "Ladies and Gentlemen.... we are LIVVVVVEEEE !" As opposed to what, pre-recorded? Dumbest pre-fight hype statement all time.
  10. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Pros recommend a max of 5% of your bankroll on any single wager. Glad we ain't pros. Kick his ass Poirier !!!
  11. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    I have a small wager on Sara McMann -140 ... parlayed with BYU moneyline (-700). Why Sara? The other chick doesn't have nearly as much experience and got arrested a couple months back - bar fight, which sounds like no focus/head case to me. Also, some cappers I respect picked her. Also betting Rountree -400 parlayed with another ncaab favorite on the moneyline... Oregon (-500). Might add another ncaab near lock to that bet to closer to even money, say North Dakota St (-1700). As you see, I parlay favorites and mix up sports.
  12. GobbleDog

    Death Pool-Larry King

    He didn't look like he'd be interesting, but to his credit he gave good interviews. 87 is pretty good for a former 3-pack a day smoker.
  13. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Then Bovada is perfect for you, and you're perfect for Bovada.
  14. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Years back when Bovada was Bodog, I made a few withdraws in one year for a total of $1,500... greatest gambling year I ever had. And that was with shady Bodog where some reported checks bouncing, though mine cashed just fine. I have 100% confidence in Bovada paying out, considering they still get an A+ rating from review sites and I haven't read any issues on the gambling forums. However, Bovada sucks ass when it comes to sports betting. I was using 5Dimes until after 30+ years in the business they shut down a few months back. So by default I went back to my old Bovada account until I settle on a new site. So, why does Bovada suck for sports betting? Ugh... highest juice in the business, fewest betting options, worst futures odds, slowest lines, and extra juice on favorites.... at 5Dimes I could money-line parlay ANY sport or prop bet together. Not at Bovada - certain sports/events/futures/props cannot be parlayed together. It especially pissed me off, because that's how I gamble. "Will so and so win by 8.5 points?" Who the hell knows, but I'm pretty damn sure they'll win the game. So I money-line parlay them with another favorite or two. Makes gambling much easier for amateur cappers like me. The trick is being very selective on which favorites you pick of course. Bovada seems to cater to low-end betters who don't care about juice, or gambling options. They just want a well-known flashy site which also has poker. But catering to Joe Schmoe public is exactly why Bovada juices the favorites extra hard - knowing the public generally bets favorites. If every other site has an NFL favorite at -2.5, then Bovada will list them at -3... but at -115 or -120 juice. It's how they roll. And futures odds, forget it.... think the Milwaukee Bucs will win the NBA title this year? Bovada currently lists them at 6.5:1 odds even though every other site has them at 6.9:1. Small difference, but want to shoot for a longshot... Detroit Pistons win the NBA title - Bovada currently lists them at 500:1, while other sites have them listed at 1,200:1. That's insane. I hate Bovada. Good for poker and horse-racing, that is all.
  15. GobbleDog

    UFC 257

    Admittedly I don't follow UFC, so when I look at a fighter's history and see Fight of the Night awards for fights they won, to me that means they can take the punishment as well as dish it out.