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  1. GobbleDog

    ***The 147th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    Dynamic One odds increased to 39-1.?. Bad workouts maybe? Weird. He’s a much better horse than that.
  2. I golfed last weekend and shot my personal all-time world record ... 120. And that's with a double-par rule and two mulligans. Fock golf.
  3. GobbleDog


    Yeah.... a diva WR who's 5'10" and 183 lbs.... he sure as hell won't be winning any jump balls. And even if he can catch and run.... 183 lbs? How long is he gonna stay healthy? Ugh... my damn Dolphins.
  4. GobbleDog


    What on God's green Earth is Trey Lance wearing? Is that a joke? He looks ridiculous. Anyone who dresses like that.... BUST !!!!!!!!
  5. Never liked Rogers, his ugly face, or smug attitude. Hope Packers trade him to Bengals or some other crap team.
  6. GobbleDog

    ***The 147th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    Ok, let's do this. Same qualifiers as always - Eliminate horses not finishing in the top 2 in the five major prep races. Eliminate horses not bred in the great state of Kentucky.  Santa Anita Derby 1. Rock Your World 2. Medina Spirit - Born in Florida Arkansas Derby 1. Super Stock 2. Caddo River - Not in Derby Blue Grass 1. Essential Quality 2. Highly Motivated Florida Derby 1. Known Agenda 2. Soup and Sandwich - Born in Florida Wood Memorial 1. Bourbonic 2. Dynamic One ......................................................................... Seven horses left. Time to eliminate the glue. Bourbonic (30-1) ... There's a good reason this nag was 72-1 in Wood Memorial and the reason is the horse sucks donkey dong. Good luck repeating that effort. Super Stock (50-1) ... Arkansas Derby winners have gone on to win only 3 Derbys, the last being American Pharoah in 2015. Super Stock ain't in that league. A ridiculously fast pace is the only reason he won that race. ........................................................................ Five left. Time for some guess work. Dynamic One (20-1) ... Took 4 races to finally break his maiden. After that, he took 2nd in the (grade 2) Wood Memorial at 12-1 odds. Doesn't look like a Derby winner resume. Rock Your World (5-1) ... Hello Apollo curse, only 1 horse has won without racing as a 2 y.o. in 138 years - Justify in 2018. Won the prestigious Santa Anita Derby pretty much wire to wire, but unlikely to get such an easy trip in the Derby. The lack of experience is gonna hurt this horse when he gets dirt in his face and bumped around. Essential Quality (2-1) ... What can ya say about this horse. 5 races, 5 wins. Great speed and a deserving favorite. But I don't bet favorites. Besides, the last Blue Grass winner to take the Derby.... 1991 (strike the gold) which was later euthanized at the Belmont. The racing gods apparently don't like Blue Grass winners. ........................................................................ Two left. God help me. Highly Motivated (10-1) ... has never won a stakes race finishing 2nd at the Blue Grass and 3rd at Gotham. The jockey (Castellano) is 0-14 at the Derby with his best being 3rd place in 2018. Not a bad horse, has respectable speed, and a good post position. Might hit the place or show, but a win.... meh. ........................................................................ Therefore, by scientific process of elimination, the winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby will be: Known Agenda (6-1) ... Florida Derby winners do well at Kentucky winning 7 of the last 20 races (and yes I'm counting dq'd Maximum Security). And what a Florida Derby this horse ran.... dirt in his face the whole way, bumped around, only to find the lead down the final stretch. Same conditions as the crowded Derby. The horse is a bit of a late bloomer finishing 3rd and 5th in first two stakes races. The trainer is Todd Pletcher who knows a thing or two about winning Derbys. He's also the son of Curlin (good dna for winning long races). The only knock on this horse is the damn no. 1 post position, which hasn't won since 1986. However, this was mainly attributed to the old starting gates which had post 1 running directly into the rail. Last year, the Derby introduced a new starting gate which supposedly eliminates that problem. Longshot... Dynamic One. Looked decent in that Wood race. Good post position. Trained by Pletcher. 20-1 odds.
  7. GobbleDog

    ***The 147th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    My last 6 Kentucky Derby picks: 2020 - Whittled field down to Authentic and Honor A.P. I went with Honor A.P. who finished 4th. Authentic finished 1st. Damn. 2019 - Picked Maximum Security... and he won!!!! Five minutes later he was DQ'd for bumping. The only DQ in 145 years of Derby history. Why does the universe hate me? 2018 - Whittled field down to Good Magic and Bolt D' Oro. Went with Bolt D' Oro who finished 12th. Good Magic finished 2nd. Justify won breaking the 136 y.o. Apollo curse. 2017 - Picked Always Dreaming... and he won!!! 2016 - Picked Exaggerator.... and he finished 2nd. Close. 2015 - Whittled field down to Dortmund and Firing Line. I went with Dortmund who finished 3rd. Firing Line finished 2nd. I'm hot... sort of.
  8. I used to DVR SNL too, but cut the cable years back and haven't watched in while so I can't comment about the current comedians or talent. But I do think that 80% of comedy is in the writing. Funny is funny regardless of which comedian does the skit. Good one's make a good script even funnier. Seems to me SNL has had a writers problem for over a decade now. Which is perplexing considering the money they've got.
  9. GobbleDog

    ***The 147th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    Time to get down to capping. Horses with virtually no chance of winning: 2) Like the King 50-1 Turf horse with two worst races per speed coming off dirt. Trainer Ward has never has made it to Kentucky Derby. 3) Brooklyn Strong 50-1 Raced once as a 3 y.o. and finished 5th in Wood Memorial with mediocre talent. 4) Keepmeinmind 50-1 Finished off the board in two starts as a 3-year-old and speed numbers show sharp decline over the year. 5) Sainthood 50-1 Apollo curse (no race as 2-y.o) broken only once in 138 years. Finished 2nd in pathetic Grade 3 Ruby Steaks. 12) Helium 50-1 Eight-week layoff since the Tampa Derby. No horse has won Kentucky after a seven+ week layoff since 1929. Only three won the Derby with just 3 previous starts. 13) Hidden Stash 50-1 Never won a true stakes race and speed numbers show he's totally outclassed. No female trainer has ever won the Derby. 16) King Fury 20-1 In three graded stakes against top competition as a 2 y.o., Fury finished 5th, 7th, and 8th, before winning a Grade 3 stakes race and qualifying for Derby 18) Super Stock 30-1 Got a perfect trip in Arkansas, with speedsters doing the work up front before fading. Not likely to get that set-up in the Derby. 20) Bourbonic 30-1 Won the Wood Memorial as a 72:1 longshot (track record), but it was an incredibly slow race with mediocre talent. No black jockey has won since 1884. ........................................... That leaves 11 ETA - If I had to pick a horse to hit the board (2nd or 3rd) from that group of future glue-sticks, I'd pick Helium or Super Stock who won their last races.
  10. GobbleDog

    ***The 147th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    He ran an amazing race in the Wood Memorial race pulling off the 72-1 upset with an incredible finish. But Bourbonic has next to zero chance of winning the Derby. Surprised the media would care about a black jockey... it's been done. Lots of times - modern times and old.
  11. GobbleDog

    ***The 147th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    I'm not that into horse racing and neither is wife, but the Derby has become a holiday... throw a party with friends, wear hats, and bet squares. Attending the Kentucky Derby is on our bucket list. Probably about 10+- years from now...
  12. 1) Known Agenda 6-1 8 ) Medina Spirit 15-1 15) Rock Your World 5-1 2) Like the King 50-1 9) Hot Rod Charlie 8-1 16) King Fury 20-1 Scratched 3) Brooklyn Strong 50-1 10) Midnight Bourbon 20-1 17) Highly Motivated 10-1 4) Keepmeinmind 50-1 11) Dynamic One 20-1 18) Super Stock 30-1 5) Sainthood 50-1 12) Helium 50-1 19) Soup and Sandwich 30-1 6) O Besos 20-1 13) Hidden Stash 50-1 20) Bourbonic 30-1 7) Mandaloun 15-1 14) Essential Quality 2-1 Gentlemen, get your dollar bills ready...
  13. GobbleDog

    Show You Watched Young But Hate Now!

    Born in '71 so I watched all those crappy 70's/early '80's shows..... Brady Bunch, Three's Company, 8 is Enough, The Jefferson's, Alice, Maude, All in the Family, etc. I liked them as a kid, but looking back they were terrible. It'd be easier to name the few I could actually watch today. Sanford & Son, Barney Miller... that is all.
  14. GobbleDog

    Why do blacks hate Asians suddenly?

    I'm still not cool about that. The Japs were ruthless to our boys, yet we treated the Jap POW's well. Also irks me that Gerald Ford invited Emperor Hirohito to the White House in the 70's. The bastard should've been arrested and charged with war crimes.