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  1. GobbleDog

    What brand tires do you run?

    People who spend a fortune on tires hope this happens to those who don't. But it almost never does.
  2. GobbleDog

    What brand tires do you run?

    I needed 4 new tires for my Jeep last year, but every place wanted $700+ even for the cheapo's. So a friend told me to talk to his Apu buddy at the shady auto-shop. 4 used tires installed for $150. Cash only. Hell yeah! Which brand? Who knows, who cares.
  3. GobbleDog

    Delta variant more transmissible than chickenpox?

    The "online Coronavirus calculator" https://covid19risktools.com:8443/riskcalculator My absolute mortality rate is 4.1 per 1,000,000 or 0.00041%. I haven't been vaccinated and I can snort lines of coronavirus.
  4. GobbleDog

    When is the last time you smoked weed?

    Smoke occasionally while fishing with stoner friend. Recently took a trip to St. Louis and across the river in Illinois pot is legal. So wife (who doesn't smoke) and I Ubered to a dispensary to check it out. In an industrial park and sketchy as hell. The store was disappointing - expected weed everywhere, but none. Just smoking devices. Apparently they keep pot in the back. So I bought a vaper pot (taxed to death as $45 price ended up being $80+). Went outside to get Uber. Didn't feel safe so walked to nearby convenience store, but that turned out to be even worse - straight outta Compton sketchy. And of course it took the Uber forever to get there. Vape was ok, but wife won't let me forget that trip and she's revoked my "hey I've got an idea" privileges.
  5. GobbleDog

    Death pool update: ZZ Top's Dusty Hill

    He'll be buried as a sharp dressed man. Unlikely that women will go crazy for him.
  6. GobbleDog

    Names Of People You Met That Was All The Same.

    Patel, Nguyen, Mohammad...
  7. GobbleDog

    Do you listen to sports talk radio in at your area ?

    I start off listing to local sports radio, but it's frustrating. I'd guess 40% of the time it's on commercial and another 30% is pure drivel - "I saw a movie this weekend and here's a long boring story about it." So I switch to conservative radio, but can't take Sean Hannity types preaching to me for more than a minute. So then I switch to NPR, but of course they're always talking about Covid and how racist America is. So I switch again... music. I like talk radio, but not the crap coming out of my radio nowadays. I actually miss Rush Limbaugh even though I often disagreed, at least he was interesting.
  8. GobbleDog

    Anyone listen to Jazz?

    I feel that pain. Worse is when it's early in the morning, everything's quiet, got classical music playing while sipping coffee and playing on-line chess... feeling good. And then out of nowhere "SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! The biggest car deals on Earth!!!!!!!!!" You gotta be kidding. How are they advertising on a classical station? Go from chillaxed to
  9. GobbleDog

    Anyone listen to Jazz?

    I do the same sometimes, but couldn't name one "artist". Just random background music form TuneIn or Pandora or whatever. What I don't like is when a random jazz song starts in and they're blaring the horns.... nothing relaxing about that.
  10. GobbleDog

    Sad news out of Jets camp. Coach Knapp passed away

    People who ride bicycles on the road have way more faith in humanity than I do. Drunk drivers, teenage drivers, texting drivers, idiot drivers, etc. You're willing to risk severe injury, paralysis, or even death, on your fellow Americans driving safely? I'll never understand that mentality.
  11. GobbleDog

    Has this summer been mild anywhere else?

    Orlando, FL ...went through a long drought from Jan through May. Now it rains, but it's hot and painfully humid. The rain helps cool off the area late in afternoon, but also contributes to the stupidity. I mean humidity.
  12. Well, there weren't any academic cheating or paying players scandals under Meyer. But he recruited some real scum, no doubt. Gator fans admit that and he wasn't well liked even by fans. Inside word (from very high up) was Meyer actually left Florida not to "spend time with family" or "medical issues", but because his wife demanded they leave as he was screwing every chick he could find. Regardless, I still don't think much of Bowden. He was dirty as hell.
  13. Never liked Bowden. Academic cheating scandals, cash payments, free shopping sprees for players, recruited scumbags, wrote reference letters for scumbags, court witness for scumbags, never disciplined... In fairness I am a lifelong Gators fan, but that's the reason I know his situation. I never had any animosity against former FSU coach Jimbo Fisher. But Bowden... he'd do anything to get those wins, legal or illegal. Everyone likes him, but behind that smile and fat belly is a man with no morals.
  14. GobbleDog

    Catalytic Converter theft...

    Florida used to have a problem with copper theft from outside A/C units. Many businesses built steel cages around the units. In early 2000's the State increased penalties for stealing copper with long prison sentences and made it a felony for even trespassing on a construction site. Then law enforcement went to the local metal shops that were buying the scrap metal and got them to require ID and full documentation of each sale to be sent to law enforcement. After that copper theft seemed to decrease considerably.
  15. GobbleDog

    Meanwhile in Chicago....

    "Liberals hate guns" meaning they're against liberal gun laws. Meanwhile, conservatives hate liberals and are in favor of liberal gun laws. Strange