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  1. nobody

    LeBron is a focking loser

    I think the guy he's talking to is Tyson Chandler - a teammate that might be injured.
  2. nobody

    Tinder - chick meeting app UPDATED

    I noticed the updates stopped after he went on the date with the chick that falls in love too much. 💚
  3. Abella Danger - Tori Spelling was in a movie called Mother, May I Sleep with Danger. Still one of the best movie titles ever. Never saw the movie though. - 10 Juelz Ventura - I like jewels and Ventura county is okay too - 10 Arianna Marie - that's a lot of A's in her name - 10
  4. Spencer, Edmonds, Anderson sounds like an accounting firm. 10's all around!!!
  5. She peaked too soon. She'll continually get her ideas stepped on and not accomplish anything and that will cause her to fade away.
  6. nobody

    Rate an Adult Star #21, #22, #23 Li, RX, Jade

    Lucy Li - none of the links work for me, so obviously too hot for the internet - 10 Karma Rx - healthcare is important - 10 Katrina Jade - Jade is a valuable gem - 10
  7. nobody

    Kelly Catlin

    Interesting phenonenom I'm noticing with this story. I guess you're not supposed to say she committed suicide. You have to pretend suicide happened to her. Like "the cause if death was suicide" and "she was a victim of suicide"
  8. nobody

    Alyssa Milano continues to bring the stupid

    Isn't she just trying to say that we are all reflections of society or something of that nature? In the end though, who cares? This stuff is a fun distraction, but that's it.
  9. Janet Griffin - I like that show king of the hill so 10 Jillian Jansen - reminds me of JNJ. They make some amazing healthcare products - 10 Anisa Kate - the kind of lady I would cook some Hello Fresh with - 10
  10. Lana - she seems like she has the smooth temperament of a 1940's base player - 10 August Ames - seems like she would make an excellent parent of she choose to pursue that as a life goal - 10 Peta Jansen - she obviously loves animals with a name like Peta. - 10
  11. Kross: got to love a girl who can drive a stick shift. - 10 Brooke: nice shoes - 10 Saint: word on the street is she be loving some pizza. - 10
  12. Raven Riley: amazing Mario kart player -10 Jenna Haze: i bet her favorite author is probably Kurt Vonnegut. That's gotta be worth something - 10 Amy Reid: the most disciplined of the bunch. Have to admire that - 10
  13. Black: I bet she likes bowling because she's so... Striking. - 10 Mack: I like her tattoos. In an apocalypse scenario, her ink makes for nice artwork to take away from the drudgery of scavenging for food on a daily basis. - 10 Grey - I enjoyed her work on the television programme Entourage. - 10
  14. nobody

    Rate an adult start #2: Asa Akira

    I bet she enjoys a good chicken salad sandwich. 10
  15. nobody

    Rate an Adult Star #1: Tanner Mayes

    Definitely seems like she has impeccable taste in music. 10