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  1. Super Cubs

    The Free Agency Thread

    As a Texans fan I agree 100%.
  2. Super Cubs

    Breakout Candidates For 2019

    Sutton - Thomas is gone and Sanders is injured
  3. Super Cubs

    The Free Agency Thread

    Hyde to KC. He's been kind of average his whole career, but everyone seems to do good in the KC system. I like to see how this plays out this preseason. Even if he's the #2 in KC he might be a good late pick.
  4. Super Cubs

    Rate an Adult Star #9, #10, #11: Kross, Brooke, Saint

    Seka , Honey Wilder, Kay Parker rate them
  5. Super Cubs

    NFL Mock Draft - 2019

    It would be awesome if Ford made it to Houston.
  6. Super Cubs

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    Rotoworld has the Bears are shopping Howard. There is a risk of not knowing where he'll end up, but you might be able to get a good deal if you're buying.
  7. Super Cubs

    Steelers-Bell-Transition tag

    Houston does not have a o-line.
  8. Super Cubs

    I bought new tactical flashlight

    military grade and issued constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific end.
  9. Super Cubs

    I bought new tactical flashlight

    Oh flashlight. I thought I read fleshlig.........never mind
  10. Super Cubs

    Dumb credit card question

    I have my auto pay set on the minimum just in case for some reason I miss or forget to make a payment.
  11. Super Cubs

    If Trump found a cure for cancer

    big pharma would make him disappear
  12. Super Cubs

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    Ken's Caesar Lite is the shiznits Brianna's Santa Fe was awesome but I don't think the make it anymore. I bought their Chipotle Ranch but have not tried it.
  13. Super Cubs

    Thugs destroy a gas station

    Not to get off the slavery topic but.................... Kids have always done stupid things and will continue to do stupid things. The most stupid thing they are doing now is recording it.
  14. Super Cubs

    Amazon not coming to NY

    This explains a lot. Her love life must really suck.