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  1. FeelingMN

    Packers at Patriots: In-Game Discussion

    Did the Patriots go 11-5 the year Brady tore his ACL?
  2. FeelingMN

    week 4 stream def/st

    Cleveland has a legit defense, and their work against PIT and NO gives some hope for the future.....but their upcoming schedule is brutal. And as good as Mayfield looked last week, he's still a rookie and will have some costly turnovers that will put that defense in bad spots at times. I'm going Chargers this week and for the next few weeks. SF,OAK,@CLE,TEN is much better schedule....though I don't think that D is as good as Cleveland's.
  3. FeelingMN

    Mackinac Island.

    Went there a couple years ago. Meh. The boys were 5 at the time and enjoyed the Fort and biking around the island. Took a carriage ride up to the hotel and had ice cream. Spent a day there and that was plenty. Total tourist trap. Driving over the bridge was pretty cool though. We traveled through the UP to Mackinaw City....the beaches around Naubinway (I think) looked awesome. Maybe spend some time up there.
  4. FeelingMN

    Chiefs at Raiders: In-Game Discussion/Tilting

    The dude hasn't shown anything for a month. 84 yards in 5 games. The low ranking was absolutely justified. Kudos to you if you started him. Bigger balls than me.
  5. FeelingMN

    LA Rams at SF 49ers: In-Game Discussion/Tilting

    Surprisingly entertaining game. The question I had during most of the game was....how did Seattle have trouble against that SF defense? If that O-line is so bad that they couldn't do much against a bottom 5 defense, how are they going to fare against much better competition? Gurley looked pretty good to me. And I was burned by that dude last year. But I think you have to hold on to him going forward. Yes the schedule gets tougher and you're probably not getting many more huge games. But there's a solid floor with a pretty high ceiling. I guess if you're pretty stacked at RB and need to address other positions he'd be a good sell candidate. Otherwise I'm not sure there's many backs I'd rather have than him. Still don't think he's all that great of a runner. But with bankable volume and a nice slice of the passing game on an emerging offense who cares what his ground stats are.
  6. FeelingMN

    Value of RBs still on wires...

    Both are long gone in my main league, but I'd snag Foreman. Worse offense but probably the potential for a bigger load. Jamaal is what he is now....which is purely a change of pace. For me, I'm looking at Jalen Richard and Orleans Darkwa....probably will make a cheap bid for the latter tonight. He's flashed in the past but has never been given much of a chance. Perkins sucks and the Giants need a spark. Just saw that one of the beat writers was talking him up. Might as well take a shot and see what happens.
  7. FeelingMN

    Amari Cooper

    Crabtree is turning a very nice profit and probably will be a draft day deal when all is said and done. Not sure how that specifically only detracts from Cooper. Plenty of WRs with a price tag similar to Cooper's are being outscored by Crabtree. Cooks? Baldwin? Hilton? Dez? DT? Pryor? Alshon? I think you could argue Cooper is a better bet than most of those guys to reach his numbers this year. Oakland has an elite offense and Cooper has a history of producing top 12 numbers. Will he exceed past production this year? So far it looks pretty much the same. But as has been pointed out, no one was crowing after week 1. And if Cooper comes down with an EZ look...think it ended up being flagged for PI and Crabtree caught the very next pass for a score.....giving him ~60 and a score vs. Crabtree's 80 and 2 scores, I doubt much is being made about Cooper. Take home message....investing in the Oakland offense was the way to go on draft day. These receivers are probably who they have been in the past, making Crabtree a bargain but both will be plenty useful for fantasy owners this year.
  8. FeelingMN

    I traded Bell on friday

    Good trade for you because you essentially got a 3 for 1. Generally speaking though, unless you can cash in big time for Bell, the smart thing to do is to ride it out with him. Not sure how anyone expected vintage Bell from the get go considering he missed the preseason. Obviously there's going to be some time before he's back to looking like his old self. I'd be more concerned if Connor gets increased work going forward. But right now, it seems like they're trying to get him up to speed and knock off some rust. Should be a big game this weekend against Chicago.
  9. Rex Burkhead. I know he was drafted in a lot of leagues but after his weak output week 1, maybe some owners ditched him. With the lack of receivers on that team, especially slot guys, I could see him getting on the field more and making some plays. Brady loves to work the short routes in the middle of the field. Think Burkhead is that guy this week. Jermaine Kearse. File under "someone has to catch the ball in NY". Believe he had most targets on that team week 1. Has flashed ability here and there throughout his career. Raiders let a rookie....albeit one with tons of talent....make a splash in week 1 after he had missed pretty much the entire preseason. There's going to be plenty of chances for Jet receivers to rack up meaningless stats this week...and probably the rest of the year.
  10. FeelingMN

    David Johnson worth an add and stash?

    Is there a precedent for a player missing most of the season then returning for a couple weeks and performing at the same level he had pre-injury? Not sure there is. Week 2 is really early to be making a stash for the fantasy playoffs. With bye weeks and additional injuries sure to affect most rosters, I think having to stare at those red letters will cause owners to adopt a more practical approach at some point...especially if the Cards aren't going anywhere this season.
  11. I dropped him this morning for Golladay. Shallow benches without an IR spot. Can't afford the dead weight on the bench for most of the FF season. Maybe I scoop him back up if my team is 5-2 or something. And I can stash him for a possible playoff run. But with all the twists and turns each fantasy season presents, need the flexibility to make roster decisions to get to that point.
  12. FeelingMN

    Loss due to lineup choice?

    I set my lineup immediately after my draft on Labor Day then forgot about it. Knew that I had some KHunt. So I was excited about that. Went to check my score on Thursday night. 0. WTF?!? KHunt left on my bench. In his place? Ameer has never done anything in the NFL Abdullah. 10 point bonus for 100 yards Ru/Rec. Lost by 30. Had I started Hunt, I'd have won by 20. Of course, I played against the Hunt owner in another league who benched him for Blount. So it evens out I guess.
  13. FeelingMN

    For Those Waiting on TE this year

    I have Fleener too. Might just stick with him as my only other options are Julius Thomas or Witten. But I hate having to rely on him. Having said that, not sure I would go Doyle over him. I want no part of the Colts offense right now. But that's just me.
  14. He's played 30 games as a pro. 13 of those he's had 50 yards or less. Maybe his offense will be better in 2017 and he'll benefit. It'll have to be because he's not a player who will make his offense better.
  15. I've got a lot of Mack and Cohen. I'm not sure how much run Mack gets initially as it seems like Gore and Turbin are probably firmly ahead of him. Without injury, I don't see too much opportunity for him in that offense. Especially if Luck is gimpy. Would love to hang on to him but think he's a guy who'll flash later in the season. If given the chance though I think he could be an every down back. I think Cohen is the change of pace/receiving back for the Bears right away. Plus he's a return guy so there could be the added bonus of a TD or two through special teams. In the event of a Howard injury, I'm not sure he could handle all the touches so his role is probably static for the year. But the talent is there and with Meredith going down I think he's a guy who could help fill some of that receiving void. I've also got a lot of Jonathan Williams and Deandre Washington. Everyone is gushing about Williams as a "sleeper" and McCoy seems ripe for missed time. But man, Buffalo is going to be bad this year. Heard someone on a podcast talking about the Buffalo O-line transitioning to a ZBS. That's a big line that maybe isn't the most well suited for that type of scheme. Add in the potential for something called Peterman at QB. Bad situation. But in the event of a McCoy injury, Williams is The Guy which is valuable. Hate waiting for an injury though. Washington will get snaps right away. Oakland has been up front about limiting Lynch's touches. So he has some stand alone value. In that offense, behind that line, he could be awesome if he got 15-20 touches per game. But Richard is there too and without a Lynch injury probably nothing more than a RB3/4. Smallwood is intriguing. Seems like he's produced when given the chance. Just wonder why he hasn't been given more chances. He flashed pretty well last year but then got pushed aside by Mathews and Sproles. Maybe that had to do with him being a rookie. Maybe there was an injury. Dunno. And he's been dealing with an injury this summer too but they brought in Blount, who hasn't worked out and there's rumors of them bringing in another back. Just seems like that coaching staff wants to have a committee approach. That's the NFL in 2017 but I'd like to know how they're going to use him before getting too excited.