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  1. TimmySmith

    Favorite wing sauce

    Place up the street makes BlackBerry habanero sauce. UNBELIEVABLE! And it's got to be blue cheese. Keep your ranch.
  2. TimmySmith

    .9 % for 84 months...wtf

    So true. Always start with a ridiculously low number and know your max. Walking away is incredibly satisfying.
  3. TimmySmith

    Matt Stafford asks for a trade

    Watson is a great talent. But we've seen lots of them come and go. I just don't like the way he is burning bridges. Never works out.
  4. TimmySmith

    Matt Stafford asks for a trade

    Deshaun probably isn't leaving Houston. If he is, his pricetag is steep. And besides price, he now has the rep of Kaep, a black athlete who has the woke microscope on him. Every press conference will have questions about stuff that had nothing to do with football. Too much distraction. I agree that Stafford is the #1 target for an emerging contender.
  5. TimmySmith

    Russia is about to have a civil war!

    A peace keeping mission. Of course.
  6. TimmySmith

    Russia is about to have a civil war!

    These globalists work fast. Troops headed to Ukraine to protect Bidens interests is getting closer.
  7. TimmySmith

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    The feds do NOT want antibody tests going on. I am surprised they haven't banned them outright. They are going full Nazi about this vaccine. Scary stuff.
  8. TimmySmith

    Biden's 401k changes

    Without investors contributing to SS, no money would go into the pot.
  9. TimmySmith

    Biden's 401k changes

    He knows lower earners don't have any money to invest, so really this is a tax on the big investors. Say goodbye to the stock market flying along.
  10. TimmySmith

    Chuck Shumer has erections on his mind

    Definition of incite transitive verb : to move to action : stir up : spur on : urge on
  11. TimmySmith

    How will the media treat President Joe Biden?

    Lincoln was a Republican, the other 3 democrats started and maintained wars in true democrat fashion. Hmmmm.... Guess where we are headed.
  12. TimmySmith

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    The 2021 apology world tour is already sold out.
  13. TimmySmith

    Biden removes diet coke button from Oval Office.

    This is so funny I am sure Trevor Noah is on it.
  14. TimmySmith

    Hank Aaron passed away

    Talk about a real hero. They don't make them like that anymore. RIP
  15. TimmySmith

    Biden removes diet coke button from Oval Office.

    Good health, and perfectly healthy are kind of ridiculous terms. Based on what? People who died had severe, respiratory, heart or renal issues. Whether they were aware of these issues is a different matter. No one should assume that anyone is "perfectly healthy".