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  1. TimmySmith

    Trump, you clever dog

    The Epstein thing is headed nowhere. It's barely in the news a week later. No one wants any part of it.
  2. TimmySmith

    Women's Soccer Ghey

    Ashlyn Harris claims Jaelene Hinkle was left off national team because she wasn't on board with the gays. Guess I am done with the dyke parade.
  3. TimmySmith

    The Jihad squad

    Not sure if a troll can be a hypocrite. There is no foundation for what he pretends to believe.
  4. TimmySmith

    George Brett or Wade Boggs

    The KC Royals were a great team in the 70's and into the 80's. But their division was also terrible.
  5. TimmySmith

    The New York beat your woman Giants strike again

    #metoo is beating the only people it can, black men. How racist.
  6. TimmySmith

    Trump, you clever dog

    Reddit, is good for memes and stories, but man is it crazy lib.
  7. TimmySmith

    The New York beat your woman Giants strike again

    How is defending yourself against a trespasser, domestic violence?
  8. TimmySmith

    George Brett or Wade Boggs

    Brett didn't win a WS in his 1st 10 years. I don't get the comparison.
  9. TimmySmith

    NYC Travel Tips

    Better not to assume any hookers you meet at 4am are chicks.
  10. TimmySmith

    NYC Travel Tips

    You won't rid yourself of tourists if you stay in lower Manhattan. Especially when you are doing all touristy things. Make sure to Rent City Bikes and do Central Park.
  11. TimmySmith

    George Brett or Wade Boggs

    I'll go Boggs by a hair. They, along with Carew and Gwynn are the best hitters of the post 60's era. I don't think anyone else comes close. Brett was the best all around baseball player of the bunch, but Boggs was a better hitter.
  12. TimmySmith

    Trump, you clever dog

    Their countries of origin really are sh1tholes, and could use leadership.
  13. It's not a health care plan, it's friggin health insurance. The doosh is taking another run to fock the middle class again.
  14. TimmySmith

    Putin: Western liberalism "eating itself"

    He made it to the top in post communist Russia. Ain't exactly the kiddie pool of politics. Corrupt, ruthless, smart all apply.
  15. TimmySmith

    How millennial are you?

    5 or 6. Find it impossible to believe people haven't eaten quinoa or cauliflower rice even if they didn't know it.