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  1. Yeah, customer service is over. All the white privilege aspects that made this country great are done.
  2. TimmySmith

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    Another reminder of the highest profile college that puts absolutely no one of any worth into the NFL. WVU.
  3. TimmySmith

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    Lighten up Francis. Reggie Wayne inducted into Senior Bowl Hall of Fame (yahoo.com)
  4. TimmySmith

    We all Knew it, but now CNN is Saying it Out-loud

    Let's not be too coy. Yes it is doubtful that a TD or even the Director would be involved in editorial decisions. But those guys all have opinions and they know what they hear. Especially at place like CNN, where it is unlikely you would even have a job if you were vocal about right wing politics.
  5. TimmySmith

    Death Pool Update: Bernie Madoff at 82...

    Greedy people. And you know it's happening again, right now, somewhere.
  6. TimmySmith

    Shameless child brag

    So no can update.
  7. TimmySmith

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    HOF discussions are always a laugh riot. It's 90% popularity. Haters make guys out to be worse than they were. Does Edelman deserve it? More than 1000 catch guys who never won anything of note. Will he make it? Probably. Those Patriot teams certainly deserve as many players as those Steeler, Dolphin and Cowboy teams but the pickins are slim as far as standouts go. Brady, Gronk, Law,?
  8. TimmySmith

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Was he banned? I figured he tuckered himself out and fell asleep. Just like 1.0. 1.0 was also universally behated, but not by me. Didn't even understand the hate back then, maybe I am slow.
  9. TimmySmith

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    A 3 time, 100 catch, 1000 guy, compared to a player who cracked 10 pts a game in a couple of seasons. Try again.
  10. TimmySmith

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    Drew Pearson and Lynn Swann?
  11. The spring breakers may have rushed to rioting on this one.
  12. Which one talks more about her vagina? That is funny stuff.
  13. TimmySmith

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    Nah, Pearson was only put in because he was Cowboy and the NFL needed press. Edelman has a legit claim.
  14. TimmySmith

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    Gamer. If Drew Pearson makes the HOF, then Edelman should be 1st ballot.
  15. TimmySmith

    Teachers quitting

    My wife has been in school, everyday, since September. And these idiots have been called heroes, and given raises. What do you expect? They aren't in it for the kids. And what I said is true, we are looking at massive disability for these losers who now have PTSD while doing nothing.