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  1. TimmySmith

    New All in the Family and Jefferson's tonight

    Poor Norman Lear.
  2. TimmySmith

    Just watched The Sopranos

    You will be missing out. Like every show, it had ups and downs. The ups were stuff that had never been seen before, and still play well today. The characters were all brilliant.
  3. TimmySmith

    Storage Units

    They keep being built so people must have a ton of junk to store. My wife and her sister share one that has their parent's crap in it. No one has set foot in it for years.
  4. Unlikely. The government has great control over means of production rights now. They control who you can hire, they control regulation, they control where and who you can sell to. That they don't actually own the plant means very little.
  5. TimmySmith

    Just watched The Sopranos

    His dream confirmed a suspicion that he refused to acknowledge because puzzy was a friend.
  6. How can they process a nut and certify bodily fluid free?
  7. TimmySmith

    Mayor Pete Nails Fox town hall

    There is something else on television beside sports and The Office reruns? Meh, wouldn't change if there was.
  8. TimmySmith

    Mayor Pete Nails Fox town hall

    Tip for wiff, before you leave the site you are proud of, right click on the address. Then left click when you get here. Unless you are afraid of doing so.
  9. Should be 100%. Consider all our taxes pay for something that someone embraces. And we all embrace our military, and our judicial system, whether we admit it or not.
  10. TimmySmith

    NYC Travel Tips

    Not them, but JFK is what I would pick. Train goes from airport into Penn Station.
  11. TimmySmith

    Seeing animals going at it

    Have to admit, it is funny every time. https://tenor.com/view/rabbit-sex-love-get-it-down-gif-4868875
  12. Normally I would call shenanigans, but if a middle schooler has already lawyered up, something is afoot.
  13. TimmySmith

    Columbine - Sad

    The opioid makers have been pretty much caught in their effort of trying to create addicts. Honest people in pain have been prescribed a drug more potent and addictive than Heroin. Just be thankful if one of them is not someone close to you.