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  1. TimmySmith

    Felicity Huffman versus jussie Smollett

    Ask any President, you mean. Or is it pure coincidence that all their kids are smart enough for Ivy League Schools (once they are President, of course. It seems those kids who went to college BEFORE their dad was President aren't nearly as smart).
  2. TimmySmith

    If Obama had a son?

    In the last 50 years since the libs took over the civil rights movements and have been spoon feeding you that garbage, the Asians and latinos have showed up and raced past you in numbers and wealth. And they did it with tight family values, education and hard work. That's it. That's the so called secret. Has nothing at to do with skin color. Now the Libs are trying to break down the latinos work ethic and their family unit and get them on the perpetual dole. It's happening right in front of us for those who care to see.
  3. There is a Jewish kid attending a private school near me (one he obviously wants out of). He claimed he saw a swastika in the school and call his mom (this is HS). The school of course takes it very seriously and asks him where it is, but he says he is "too traumatized" by it to tell them. Enough with the swastikas libs,
  4. TimmySmith

    Felicity Huffman versus jussie Smollett

    Why? SAT is a private organization that supplies information that may or may not be used as a tool for acceptance. There is an industry around it meant to train kids how to take it. Buying it off it certainly immoral but the punishment should remain within the boundaries of the process. The law should not apply to an already rigged process.
  5. TimmySmith

    Felicity Huffman versus jussie Smollett

    Bill, I guess we don't get it. Colleges let in who they let in, and none of us know why. Did Huffman do something immoral? The whole college admissions process is immoral.
  6. TimmySmith

    Felicity Huffman versus jussie Smollett

    What exactly did Huffman do?
  7. TimmySmith

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Your statement made little sense in the recent market. Perhaps you could give dates for context.
  8. TimmySmith

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    I have no crystal ball. I just think the stars are aligned for market confidence.
  9. TimmySmith

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Trump was right (again) the Chinese are paying for the tariffs in the form of $300 65 inch TVs and they haven't even started yet. My guess is the tariffs will be pushed back again into the spring. Right now if I was going the ultra safe route I would target cyber Monday. Not that I don't think it will keep climbing but there is a quasi traditional post Thanksgiving weekend drop.
  10. We all read what he wrote, then he tried to cover it up, now you are trying to help him. The tapdancing duo.
  11. TimmySmith

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    I'll say it again. You should stay in at least until the tariffs take effect. Consumer spending is going to be crazy this holiday season. November could be historic.
  12. TimmySmith

    Thanks for the chainsaw Obama

    Dont get me wrong. If I am in KC on a Sunday and I can go to Arrowhead or Nzoner's, it's not even a decision. I'll bring the oil. I just think the ACA is trying to kill him so I better do it soon.
  13. TimmySmith

    If Obama had a son?

    No one does that, except for Obama. He is the one that opened the door by saying a young man with his color skin could have been his son. Is he wrong?
  14. TimmySmith

    If Obama had a son?

    I doubt he'd be dumb enough to pull out a cell phone in front of a thug convention.
  15. TimmySmith

    If Obama had a son?

    Did the racist turn over the cell phone or not?