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  1. FeelingMN

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Supposedly people arriving from other cities to be a part of all this. Not all are bad....but there's too many that are. Fock Antifa. Also, Walz has taken over the response going forward. Basically threw Frey under the bus. Totally understandable. Minny's response last night was beyond embarrassing. No leadership whatsoever.
  2. FeelingMN

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    I haven't read every post in this thread but I've tried my best to keep an eye on what's being said. As far as I can tell no one is arguing this is not a murder. Others are arguing that every T has to be crossed. Every I dotted when you charge these cops. By doing that you ensure justice is served. Which I agree with. Watching your city being destroyed is absolutely disheartening. It is a horrible thing to witness. So I want this resolved ASAP. But I want it done right. It's exactly what HT and Fireballer and others are saying.
  3. FeelingMN

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    I agree with a lot of this. Poor impulse control.....poor economic prospects....poor role models.....poor living conditions. Lots of things stacked up against these people. That in no way exonerates anyone's behavior in any of this. It's something that everyone needs to acknowledge...including blacks. And to be honest, I think a lot of the black community would agree. But it's a problem with no clear or easy answers. And whatever solutions we derive, we'll need years to implement.
  4. When it's taxpayer dollars, the government can absolutely tell you how to spend it. Because it's not really "your" money. To Cuban's point.....if you're going to hand out money in an effort to help keep the economy afloat, then people should spend that money to help keep the economy afloat.
  5. FeelingMN

    Trump's Social Media Executive Order

    We'll see what's actually in the EO before we get too upset....but yeah, a watch list? Not a fan at all.
  6. Yeah....doesn't really make sense to me. Which is why I think they did something in response to the Scarborough thing....that could/should have been fact checked. I don't like the way Trump phrased the tweet....seemed directed exclusively at Dems....we can agree to disagree on that point. But we absolutely do agree that election fraud is a very real possibility this November and we should discuss it. Fact checking that.....especially considering Twitter has ties to the mail in voting process.....according to someone here....that's way too coincidental in my book and deserves additional scrutiny. From that view....I can understand the EO.
  7. Not sure how this EO will be implemented or what it will exactly look like, but it sounds like they will be going after Section 230 of the Decency in Communications Act.....basically media platforms aren't responsible for what their users post. It does allow them to yank anything they feel is misleading/dangerous at their discretion. By stripping them of that protection, they will have to go through everyone's posts to validate them....which ain't gonna happen. It also opens them up to litigation based on what their users post. Honestly, I don't care about Google and Twitter as much as the smaller platforms.....like this one. Twitter shouldn't have fact checked Trumps tweets. If there are people dumb enough to believe everything they read, so be it. I'd rather have that than regulated content. I think we all would.
  8. It's still wrong though. There's a million different things to criticize Trump for. No need to make anything up. Plus....I bet some people will believe it. Just stupid.
  9. Dumb. People are so focking dumb. And hypocritical.
  10. There's no coincidence that the husband of the Scarborough staffer who died wrote Dorsey a letter asking for Trump's tweets to be removed because he was pedaling baseless conspiracies surrounding his wife's death. It was pointless and actually cruel and people didn't like it. As usual, Trump brings this stuff on himself. And when there are consequences to the crap he says, he cries about being the victim. What a baby. Trump knows he can get away with it. He's known all along he could kill someone and still would be supported. I'd be insulted if I voted for a guy who thinks I'd support him no matter what.
  11. FeelingMN

    Joe Scarborough arrested for murder

    The plot thickens.
  12. FeelingMN

    CDC Study Covid19 less deadly than seasonal flu

    Looks like Covid is 5 times more lethal in the 0-49 group, and 40 times more deadly overall than the seasonal flu. The flu would be worse if people didn't get vaccinated. Most communicable diseases would be. But there is nothing here that supports that under those conditions the flu would be more deadly than covid.
  13. FeelingMN

    Joe Scarborough arrested for murder

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/widower-of-joe-scarborough-staffer-seeks-removal-of-trump-tweets-that-promote-baseless-conspiracy-theory/ar-BB14BOh9?ocid=msedgdhp Sounds like duh duh deep state got to this guy.
  14. FeelingMN

    Customers refusing to wear a mask

    I don't like wearing a mask. It's uncomfortable. But I do it anyway out of respect for the employees. If it gives them one less thing to worry about it seems like a small price to pay.
  15. FeelingMN

    Has everyone died yet?

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-testing-cdc-exclus-idUSKBN22U2TZ There are regional differences in the percentage of the population who test positive for covid antibodies. NYC <> Boston <> Spain Everywhere is different. So....if let's say 25% of NYC has actually had coronavirus then their deaths will be higher than say Oklahoma who probably doesn't have the same percentage of folks with antibodies. Your numbers are incomplete....just comparing deaths/populations isn't the same as deaths/infections. With continued antibody research, we will get a better idea of how many people have actually had this thing. If infection rates are similar between states and there is a huge difference in death totals, then feel free to assign reasons as to why that is the case. Until then you're just making an apples to oranges comparison solely to dig on dems....which is fine. Plenty of ammo there....but the way you're going about it is goofy.