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  1. FeelingMN

    Jacob Blake shooting - honest question

  2. FeelingMN

    Jacob Blake shooting - honest question

    So he deserved to die? I get it....dude absolutely did not help himself at all. Listen to the cops, man. But not doing that means you die? Dude was cuffed and wasn't a threat at all. Especially considering the MPD had been told not to kneel on people in order to subdue them. That case I'm still sympathetic. Jacob Blake? Not really. Had he been walking away, down the street away from the car.....sure. But you can't act like that and put the cop in a situation where he thinks its me or you. And obviously the guys a piece of work. But there's a rapist posting in this thread and nobody thought he was a scumbag. People were actually supporting that guy. Telling him to delete the evidence here at the GC. So the moral outrage here isn't about a dude's past transgressions, it's just about the dude.
  3. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    See the .2 after SL 2013-381? And this wasn't pretty much the same as SL 2013-381.....there were provisions in there that affected African Americans with surgical precision......and these bills no longer had to be screened by DOJ because Shelby was repealed. This thing hasn't been in effect so there's no way you can argue it hasn't affected the black vote. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/inside-the-republican-creation-of-the-north-carolina-voting-bill-dubbed-the-monster-law/2016/09/01/79162398-6adf-11e6-8225-fbb8a6fc65bc_story.html
  4. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    Actual facts
  5. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    The above is from the ruling I linked above. Black voting did go up when Shelby was in place. When that was repealed, the law in question was proposed. It was clearly designed to affect the Black vote.
  6. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    My viewpoint isn't why this racist bill got shot down. It's the judge's. She made it pretty clear the bill was racist. Given the history of suppressing the black vote, and the audacity of these legislators to mine minority voting data before drafting the bill, pretty easy to connect the dots. Is it any wonder why blacks vote Democrat? Maybe things would change if more Republicans spoke out about it.
  7. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    Not only has this bill not been overturned, it has been blocked twice from becoming law. And both times because it was discriminatory in nature. It is not Jim Crow and doesn't specifically address blacks and so yeah, if a white person failed to meet the criteria they would have a harder time voting. For every one white person, there are more blacks.....which is why the bill was struck down because it disproportionately affected blacks. By your line of thinking the IRS under Obama wasn't really targeting conservative groups because leftist groups were nabbed as well. Doesn't make any sense.
  8. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    The judge ruling on the case called it racist: https://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/Opinions/Published/161468.P.pdf So calling it racist does in fact hold up. Or are we against the Rule of Law when we disagree with it?
  9. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    The intent of the law was to disenfranchise black voters, which is why it was struck down. The Republicans who tried to pass that law will probably try something else to curb the black vote. The bill never became the law of the land but the people who wrote that bill are still in power. And it's why we have all these attempts to stop voter fraud....which is really an effort to suppress votes. Sweater vests help. If you're serious about becoming a city councilman you're going to have to get used to communicating with others who can actually articulate their viewpoints half way decently. Maybe the Geek Club is more your speed. If the intent of those laws were to target those groups, then yes. But considering those laws are openly enforced and haven't been ruled unconstitutional I'm thinking they don't target any one group. Unlike the NC bill. When the IRS under Obama went after conservative groups they pinpointed certain words....Patriot and Liberty and Tea Party. Those words are more likely associated with conservatives and so they were absolutely targeting those groups from the start. According to your line of thinking, it's all good because leftist groups probably contained those words too.
  10. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    If it affected more Black people, how could it be the same for everyone? Seems like NC Republicans knew what/who to target and put it into the bill. It was inherently unequal from the start. So yes, I disagree it was the same for everyone.
  11. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    North Carolina Republicans tried to pass a racist bill into law. Your state government blatantly attempted to disenfranchise minority voters. The fact that it isn't law doesn't prove that systemic racism doesn't exist. State government proposing racist bills is kinda the textbook definition of systemic racism. And the article I linked only mentions feelings with regard to minorities' outlook of the future. They disproportionately are affected by intimidation at the polls. Something the Republicans are trying to do again this fall: https://www.salon.com/2020/05/19/republicans-recruit-50000-volunteers-to-police-voter-fraud-in-november/ It's funny that you dismiss that research as predicated on feelings.....but you wanna talk about the black lady in pajamas buying scratch offs and ZERO black families showing up to help make your school look purdy. Juxtaposed with your own personal rags to riches story. Seems like your message is that there is no such thing as systemic racism and that if people continually experience hardship it has to be because of a lack of character. No wonder you defended Donald Sterling back in the day. Sheesh
  12. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    Whatever makes you feel good, RP.
  13. FeelingMN

    Raise your fist to BLM or we’ll ruin your lunch

    For telling women of color to go to the countries they originated from and fix them first.....even though they are Americans? Yes....he's wrong. Disagree with them all you want but the message is wrong. I used to call out RaiderHater for telling Blacks to go back to Africa if they have such an issue with the US. I think it's focked up. I guess you agree with RapistHitter that if a minority wants to change policy in the US, they are wrong and should go back to their own country. Agree to disagree I guess.
  14. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    Dunno. Didn't link any articles about NYC. I did link one detailing a racist policy in North Carolina. Are you suggesting it was not racist?
  15. FeelingMN

    Systemic Racism

    So North Carolina didn't try to change election laws purely based on race? That law was struck down because it was racist and so exemplifies systemic racism. In general, voter suppression is an example of systemic racism: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/07/poll-prri-voter-suppression/565355/ There's literally thousands of articles out there discussing the issue.