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  1. FeelingMN

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    It's 34 weeks in cases where a medical condition necessitates it. Otherwise 26 weeks. Also, what countries ban abortion? Isn't mostly African/Asian/South/Central American countries? Surprised you guys want to be more like them.
  2. FeelingMN

    Mayor Pete Nails Fox town hall

    Dude will never get the nomination but he's exactly the kind of leader that America needs. Doesn't seem to play the typical games most politicians do, is well spoken, served his country, isn't divisive, isn't afraid to be critical of his own party. I really like him...but he has no chance because most Americans only pay attention to superficial things as evidenced by this thread. Also, Britt Hume slayed Dummy in Chief on twitter.
  3. FeelingMN

    Avengers: End Game

    Won't see it this weekend...probably next weekend with the kids. Most of the MCU flicks have been just alright but Guardians and Infinity War were pretty good. Looking forward to Endgame.
  4. FeelingMN

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    Will doctors rig your brain to fire just like "legit" PTSD brains do? Despite her attention seeking behavior, she probably does have PTSD. You have no idea what she saw/heard that night, not to mention the survivors she's spoken to/met with after the fact. And don't forget, judging from the reaction of this place after that attack social media was none too kind to her because of her stance on Muslims and immigration. People here straight up said she had blood on her hands....she was responsible for the attack. To be clear, I'm not defending Grande as much as I'm against marginalizing mental health issues. Whether it makes sense or not, she, like millions of other people is dealing with some sort of psychological pain. There is a lack of humanity in minimizing that pain. Good job.
  5. FeelingMN

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    She was diagnosed with PTSD by a doctor and has a brain scan that confirms it. Stress is a subjective experience and whether she was on the front lines or not, she was part of that event. Who are you guys to say how she should react? Her reaction is questionable though. LOOK AT ME!!!! isn't the best thing to do when dealing with PTSD. Maybe raise awareness or something instead drawing more attention to yourself.
  6. Whatever improvement the system requires, it probably doesn't include blaming the victim. That type of thinking seldom helps better any wrong.....except at the Geek Club of course.
  7. That's one way of looking at it. Another way? You're so full of anguish and despair that you convince yourself the only way out of it is death. The only way to stop another day of incredible suffering is to end it all. I'm positive these kids get a lot of professional help; are reminded of the positive things in life; showered with love and adoration from family and friends and despite all of that there still is immense pain and helplessness. It's a straight up tragedy and if you have any sense of humanity you'd at least attempt to understand what these kids and their families have had to endure. But you probably get more choked up about Thanos snuffing out Starlord. I think to truly appreciate the sweet, you gotta have tasted a bit of the sour. Having never experienced anything close to what these kids and families have I can't judge them but try to empathize with them. Their pain somehow informs a gratitude for what I have. Think it's pretty heartless to show disdain for that kind of suffering.
  8. FeelingMN

    Zion Williamson hype machine on overdrive

    Yeah, he's so much more athletic than everyone else that he can get shots close. Was it the Syracuse game in the ACCT he was like 8 for 8 within 4 feet of the hoop. Needs to develop more touch 10-15 feet away. That said....he plays hard. Dude is the most hyped prospect since LeBron but he hustles his ass off and shows a lot of passion on the floor. Nobody shows up day 1 and lights it up in the NBA. Gonna be some growing pains, but he seems like a good kid with a good work ethic....and a lot of natural ability. Think he will shine at the next level.
  9. In the first Civil War, weren't Sourthern plantations/states at risk of losing a lot of money if slavery was abolished? As much as we wanna think of that war being fought on moral grounds it really wasn't. All about states' rights and economics. The US is doing just fine economically. So to go to war over social issues....really minor social differences really.....is crazy. Literally crazy. Anyone who entertains such a prospect probably has no life and just wants to exact revenge on the other side for their perceived failures. Or they're absorbed by political "discourse". Which describes your average political pundit and a few select dudes at this place. Having said all that, I could see states battling the Feds over immigration. So maybe that's the issue that sends us over the edge. But as of yet nobody has mentioned it in this thread so I imagine it can't be such a huge issue that people die over it.
  10. FeelingMN

    Funny 😂

    Showed some Dooneese clips to my boys a few weeks ago. Pretty sure they both peed their pants laughing so hard.
  11. FeelingMN

    Maga crowd

    Pretty sure the point you were trying to make was the effect MW had on automation within industry. If that were the case the medical field, nor various other fields that don't rely on MW workers, wouldn't try to implement automation. But they are. Unskilled workers.....need to learn a skill if they don't want to end up on welfare. That's life.
  12. FeelingMN

    Maga crowd

    Isn't the medical field seeing increases in automation? Anesthesiologists being replaced by computers. Have to explain to me how that has anything to do with minimum wage. Just seems like if automation can do something more efficiently, industry will adopt it.
  13. FeelingMN

    Packers at Patriots: In-Game Discussion

    Did the Patriots go 11-5 the year Brady tore his ACL?
  14. FeelingMN

    week 4 stream def/st

    Cleveland has a legit defense, and their work against PIT and NO gives some hope for the future.....but their upcoming schedule is brutal. And as good as Mayfield looked last week, he's still a rookie and will have some costly turnovers that will put that defense in bad spots at times. I'm going Chargers this week and for the next few weeks. SF,OAK,@CLE,TEN is much better schedule....though I don't think that D is as good as Cleveland's.
  15. FeelingMN

    Mackinac Island.

    Went there a couple years ago. Meh. The boys were 5 at the time and enjoyed the Fort and biking around the island. Took a carriage ride up to the hotel and had ice cream. Spent a day there and that was plenty. Total tourist trap. Driving over the bridge was pretty cool though. We traveled through the UP to Mackinaw City....the beaches around Naubinway (I think) looked awesome. Maybe spend some time up there.