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    If I am forced to pay for reparations, I fully expect to be able to own a slave or two for an extended period of time to justify those payments.
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    During the Obama years there was a town in CA that was very Pro-Illegal Immigration. The facilities at the border were so overcrowded that they started bussing these people to places all over the country. One spot was this CA town. Wouldn’t you know, they protested and blocked the streets so that the buses couldn’t get to their town. They claimed it would ruin their schools and community.
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    Get over any tea party association with racial overtones. The left is pure racism at large in this country.
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    Why? Are you expecting some people to do some things?
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    Reading through this shows you how stupid Newbie was/is. That guy is a buffoon.
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    I get it that in the 1800's through the 1950s-60s that women put up with abusive guys. For current day though, I will never understand a woman who says she has been abused for years in current day America.
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    I don't need to hear from Amber Heard to know that Depp is a POS, I would rather she send me some selfies though....
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    Wimmens can't handle being in the House. Just think how bad it would be if one was to become President.
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    The left owns education from daycare through graduate school. This country is beyond focked.
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    Like I said before, don't wall off Mexico, put a roadway into California for them and wall of California. Put all illegals there and remove CA from the US-50.
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    You mean the GC taking everything you say out of context, along with your explanation out of context, somehow took you by the slightest surprise? Now that I find to be incredulous.
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    No need to lie. But liars like you think everyone lies.
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    Do you think about the Yanks losing the ALCS after being up 3-0? That is the most devastating loss in sports history (and it's yours). Do you think about that all the time? If so, you are a very sad man. Of course, that would fit your online persona.
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    If Murray goes to the Cardinals, you could make a case that the NFC champs have the worst QB in the division.
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    Less than 100 mph as well. Give that dude the Walter Payton Man of the Year trophy.
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    Watch the latest Ricky Gervais special on Netflix. He has a super long bit where he explains how he got in trouble for deadnaming Caitlin Jenner by calling him Bruce. It's hilarious. Edit: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2018/03/13/ricky-gervais-trolls-haters-explains-caitlyn-jenner-joke-humanity-special/407128002/
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    Honcho thinks a company agreeing to not selectively edit the interview to make their guest appear to be a Nazi is "incredulous". Honk Honk welcome to clown world.
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    I guess she'd be downright furious to find out how many rounds of knuckle children I fired off watching her crumple like Joe theismann in a unitard.
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    Not the front runner, but now-a-days 36 indictments won't get you disqualified from running. :D
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    This site is full of trolls. You only single me out because I’m good at it.
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    Agreed. You're a boorish troll.
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    Having 1-5 freaks like this in Congress isn't so bad. They're the gift that keeps on giving. Follow her around with a microphone and recording device, air her greatest hits around election time and let Nancy Pelosi figure out what to do with her.