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    My company finally cut loose perhaps the world’s worst consultant. Guy hung on for 21 years. Convinced he was blackmailing the owner with some heinous pics or some such thing as all the dude did was rant about “libtards” when he wasn’t cutting and pasting the same replies into every email or protecting his swingline stapler.
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    But he’s right about this. Look at the guy in Texas. Or the guy in Pittsburgh. Or all of the others. White supremacy is the biggest terrorist threat we’re facing.
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    FOCK CANCER. I hope to never see the focking downtown Virginia Mason building ever again. I had a nice pre-func at a pizza place between my CT scan and meeting with oncologist. Old Rasputin cures cancer!!!! Now I need to decide what beer to drink tonight.
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    Some dude was parked across the street in a mini van blasting a football game, He kept screaming I need two more Focking catches from you piece of sh!t. This went on for like 20 minutes while he was spilling nachos all over himself. Think he was having some kinda fantasy football meltdown.
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    Sad News from Disney! CNN just reported that Disney new film "Jet Black", the African American version of 'Snow White " has been canceled. All of the 7 dwarfs: Dealer, Stealer, Mugger, Forger, Drive By, Homeboy and Shank have refused to sing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho" because it offends black prostitutes. They also said no way in hell they are gonna sing "Its off to work we go"
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    conservatives are against illegal things, including breaking into the country 5 times liberals are for this, but want to blame the gun its not close to the same
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    Really Tim? I'm just curious what your reaction will be when I post an anecdotal story of a black person killing a white one and shouting racially charged things at them before doing so. Will you lament how much racism the black community has towards white people based on that one incident? I highly doubt it. Which is why you're just a hack.
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    You need to take a long look in the mirror. Think about the thousands of posts you've made here and what they are about. It's disturbing.
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    I am guessing that pretty much every Geek at this bored would rather hang with Bunny than you. You are a tool.
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    This is what happens when an incompetent federal government fails to secure the border and unscrupulous cheapskates, who want to save a few bucks, create an incentive for illegals to break the law to come here for a low paying job.
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    But this could be your first chance to see a naked woman
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    Marine accidentally kills a gigantic violent POS on the subway and it’s a national story, geek club woketards/ Pedo defenders up in arms. This? Crickets.
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    I have not read the book, but I read summaries. I am not interested in reading a book that is based on bad data. There are books written on what a sham the autopsy was. Many of the official pictures were not even pictures of JFK's head and body. They brought in someone else's brain which was completely in tact, when every doctor who saw JFK noted a large portion of the brain was missing as also evidence in the Zapruda film and the motorcycle officers who had brain matter splattered all over their clothes. So the author acknowledges the autopsy was totally incompetent if not fraudulent, but then uses material from autopsy as if it were gospel. Bizarre logic. The only people who had significant brain material over their clothing were Jackie and the two Dallas motorcycle cops following behind on JFK's limo on the driver's side, which is rock solid proof the head shot came from the front and to the right (in the general direction of the picket fense on the grassy knoll where dozens of witnesses heard gunfire and saw and smelled gunsmoke). The kill shot came from the grassy knoll area without a shawdow of a doubt. The crowd was stopped by a phoney Secret Service agent who was never identified and the SS denies any of their agents were in that area. Of course doing great detective work, the FBI made sure no one took pictured and had the limo washed down to destroy any evidence. The limo was sent to Ohio and refurbished within a week. The most important crime scene in our nation's history and the smartest police agency in history just cleans it and wipes removes all the evidence of multiple gunshots coming from different directions.
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    Fauci, then and now, is all about saving lives. Mask mandates did that: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9968482/#:~:text=State mask mandates reduced new,effects in Democratic-leaning counties. It’s probably not necessary now because the new strain of Covid appears to be less deadly. Hopefully that is the case. But if it becomes necessary to do this again, then we put our aged and those with health issues at serious risk when we don’t comply.
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    I believe “Seafoam” is derived from the Latin “Seausfomacus” which of course translates to “Gaping Anus”.
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    It occurs to me reading about cancer in a few other threads that I am overdue for an update. All is still good. Had my last scan about a month ago and again no changes. I see I mentioned my chest surgery above. That went... meh. I had a lot of downtime and some new scars for what was overall not much improvement IMO. The interesting news is that at my appointment last week, my PA broached the subject I knew would eventually come -- stopping treatments. I've been doing Keytruda for 25 months now, and it seems that 2 years is the "typical" regimen. It's hella expensive so I'm sure that the insurance company would appreciate it. And at some point, you need to find out if maybe all of the cancer is indeed gone. I do have that one small nodule that's been sitting there the whole time which is too small to biopsy, and perhaps that could justify continuing the treatments, but if I play armchair oncologist (which I often do) I would guess that that nodule is non-cancerous. The PA did say that if the cancer returned I could restart immuno and/or chemo, which obviously were effective in the past, so that takes a lot of the concern away. Still, it's scary. I'm already nervous at my quarterly scans, although if I'm being honest I've been more confident as time goes on. If we stop treatments though, I'll be somewhat of a wreck as the scans approach, for a while anyway. Still, it would be nice to not get poked like a pincushion every 3 weeks. As I type this I'm looking at several bruises on my forearms from blown veins from failed IV attempts. My veins are shot and could use a rest. The internet says that the 5 year survival rate for patients who do 2 years of Keytruda is 81%. That's amazing, and even more so because I think that includes all deaths, including natural causes. Immunotherapy is somewhat binary -- either your cancer responds or it doesn't, and if it doesn't you don't generally make it to 2 years of treatment. Before such treatments, you could never get rid of my type of cancer once it metastasized, and it was just a matter of time until it (or the chemo) killed you. Now though... this stuff is still quite new, so who knows? I have a few more treatments scheduled then meet the oncologist after my next scan which is in 8 weeks, so we'll discuss it then. Hope all is well with you and yours.
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    Chris Christie can't run anywhere...
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    Trump supporters in 2020 are really the Jews of the 1930s. The BLM riots were Kristallnacht on a much larger scale. What is seen as white businesses were destroyed and looted with the police just standing by and any attempt to defend them were demonized in the media and prosecuted by authorities. Meanwhile the protests were called peaceful and those doing the billions and billions in damages were let go or at worst wrist-slapped if publicly-available video evidence was too much. White conservative citizens are demonized as the biggest terrorist threat to the US. The modern education system is belittling the accomplishments of Whites in building this country, instead portrays them as oppressors and claiming this country really became great because of minorities. Our whole quest for independence from Britain was not morally based to create a free state with the most principled government ever established which set the stage for freedom and Democracy around the world, but instead our children are being taught it was based on our evil desire to keep slaves. We have had multiple false flag events such as the Whitmer kidnapping and January 6th which had federal fingerprints all over them followed by very aggressive prosecutions and a massive propaganda campaign. The government never wastes a tragic event like 9-11 to advance their powers and take away more rights. Local policing is being vastly reduced and their hands are being tied. If business owners or citizens even attempt to defend themselves from being attacked and robbed, they are the criminals. Self-defense is not allowed for certain class of people. We are being spied upon 24/7 by technology. Authorities are using tech to perform unreasonable searches without our knowledge or proper warrants.. There is massive collusion between government and Big Tech to censor anti-establishment views, mostly coming from the right these days. Whistleblowers are not being celebrated, but instead demonized and prosecuted. There are drumbeat to stack the courts, which will further accelerate us falling into a full-on authoritarian state. Propaganda against gun ownership is getting louder and louder. The family structure is being assaulted by these obscene gender redefinitions to created the population of dependants who demand help from the government instead of families. Watch out for inflation. It can become much worse and we could easily send the middle class into poverty. Our government today is beyond corrupt. It is outright evil. This corporate-government alliance is circumventing the constitution. Americans have become subservient to government. This has been an effort some 60 plus years in the making. This great experiment where government served the people is nearing its end.
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    It’s so hard to find white supremicists they had to outsource it.
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    Leftist DAs are the biggest terrorist threat to our country.
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    I have no problem with this whatsoever. I don’t believe that transgender women should be allowed to compete in girls’ sports due to possible physical advantages. But that doesn’t apply here. So I’m good with this.
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    Look at this snowflake needing a safespace from the libs. On a site that is largely a safespace from libs, no less.