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    Just give the trophy to Utilit99. The single worst poster this forearm has ever seen.
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    The majority of the board wishes your Mom had given it more thought. HTH.
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    It's a beautiful day out so I decided to ride my motorcycle. Most of the time I don't have a problem because most people are working but I always like to let them know when I'm walking around their house. Anyway I had a bad feeling as I was getting off my bike and I see this weird dude peaking between his blinds as if I couldn't see him. So I grab my equipment and head to the door. Before I can even knock this guy opens his door and starts freaking out on me. Guy - " Stay right there you might have the covids. I don't know you. Who sent you! Was it Trump?" Me - from 20 feet back the smell of cat ammonia hits me like a tsunami. He's wearing clothes that are clearly stained from cat feces and p1ss. It was bad but I'm a professional "Hello sir my name is Cdub and I work with your insurance XYZ company Guy - "How do you know that? Was it the Russians who told you!?" Me - "No sir, your insurance sent me out to take a few photos of the property to update their records" Guy - "Well you ain't taking no photos of my house! My neighbors are gun loving Jesus fearing Trumpers and they'll shoot you if you don't get off my property!" Me - "I say I only need a few photos of the outside is it okay if I go around back." Guy - He screams "Get out!!!" I turn to leave and he says Guy - "Hey riding motorcycles is dangerous do you have full life term bonus plus plus for your family if something was to happen to you" Me - no thank you I have all the insurance I need. Guy - "YOU CAN NEVER EVER EVAH HAVE TOO MUCH INSURANCE! IT'S A GREAT INVESTMENT AND SAFTEY NET! YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING TRUMPER! GO BACK TO YOUR ULTRA MAGA TOWN AND GET OUT OF HERE! Oh look what you did now you let mr. Whiskers out...." At this point the smell was so bad I had to get out of there. Anyway the insurance company usually calls these loonies but I guess they didn't get through. I ain't heading back to that house. That's for d@mn sure
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    20 billion to Ukraine and no one bats an eye. Asking for some unknown amount of who knows what to help the ancestors of people who were enslaved here in the United States for hundreds of years (that means generations of people worked for free), not allowed to read, not allowed have families, bred like animals, treated worse than animals, years of maltreatment after slavery, laws enacted to keep blacks from integrating into society and you have the nerve to think reparations aren't due. Imagine the United States where poor inner city blacks didn't have to kill each other in order to make a living. I'd give extra taxes to see that day.
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    More like. Dear Mom, thank you for aborting me so I don't have to read Utilit99 post stupid shìt all day.
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    Thank you guys so much for all the thoughts and prayers.Mrs Nzoner got sick in late October with Covid pneumonia and with her RA of 23 years it absolutely wrecked her lungs because her body could not fight everything..She was on a vent for 20 days then they tried a tracheotomy and she was on the vent that way another 11 days but wasn't getting any better.Of course there's a lot more to it one step forward two steps back but eventually she tired of fighting and a couple of days before she passed we had a beautiful moment in her room when I was able to finally read her lips and she asked for her Bible.She then had me read a section of Romans 8 to her that she had highlighted and that mentions that believers bodies will be redeemed. Yes,we're both believers in a creator and our hope lies not in this brief life here but an eternal home where there will be no more pain or tears and our spirits will have new bodies.That said I'm comforted knowing my wife is dancing on streets of gold and that I will one day see her again.As I put on FB earlier this will be her merriest Christmas yet celebrating with our Savior but she will be oh so missed here. You all have a blessed Christmas,hug your loved ones a little tighter because as God's Word says in James 4:13-15 Look here, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we are going to a certain town and will stay there a year. We will do business there and make a profit.” How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. What you ought to say is, “If the Lord wants us to, we will live and do this or that.”
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    Sorry to hear Vomit. Get well soon!
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    You just hate him because he was a decent human being who tried to protect local businesses. You prefer to worship thugs who like to have anal sex with 8-year old boys. Those are your heros. Kyle just took out the trash.
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    Some of us still only care about hearing / discussing TJ's plight and wish the rest of you would take your non-TJ related message diarrhea to some other thread designed for that discussion rather than bury his story in your bullsh*t. For those that agree with me, Please fill this post up with likes so these fockers get the message. Thank You.
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    To summarize: The thread is about Simone Biles getting the Medal of Freedom for quitting. You respond with Rush ARRRGGHHHHH!!!! I point out you are a troll. You call me Eeyore again because I rained on your troll parade, again. I point out that this is what utilit does: grasps on some incoherent response and pounds it incessantly. You say you aren't a troll, it's for realz.
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    If you watched the footage from the documentarian following the Proud Boys, you can see them planning it and then executing the plan by having their people break the first barrier, thus encouraging the entire mob to go past it. For a crowd like that, usually they would stay behind the barricades, but when those Proud Boys broke past it, the mob got into a frenzy and it was off to the races. There is no doubt it was planned, happening exactly when the election was being certified. Everybody knows it. What I don’t understand is people downplaying it or excusing it. It wasn’t something that “ooops” got out of hand. We know anybody doing that is straight-up lying, and for what? Defending these folks who are going to be doing serious time in prison? Everybody involved should be banished from the Republican Party permanently. The more they are defended, the worse it makes the party look. Maybe it feels good to be anti-establishment or something in the short term. But the GOP missed a huge opportunity when they didn’t convict Trump in the Senate. He could be a distant memory; they could have shaped this committee to isolate him and a small group of Trump loyalists and make the rest of the GOP look like adults. Unfortunately, they can’t quit Trump. If he is still hanging around in 2024, the Democratic turnout will be through the roof again, he will lose again, and will whine about it being rigged again. Time for new GOP leadership if you don’t want 4 more years of a Democratic President.
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    An old man goes to the doctor and says, “I can’t stop farting, but my farts are always silent and never smell. I’ve probably farted 10 times since I got here and you didn’t even notice. Can you help?” The doctor gives the old man some pills and tells him to come back in a week. A week later the old timer comes back and says, “Doc, I don’t know what you gave me but good Lord! My farts are still silent but now they stink!” And the doctor says … … “Excellent. Now that your sinuses are cleared, let’s work on your hearing.”
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    https://www.to-hawaii.com/kauai/beaches/queensbath.php So wife and i go to queens bath in Kauai. We are having a nice time. There’s people around but you don’t really notice. I attached a picture for reference. In this photo we would be left of that little black ridge on the opposite side. To the right of that overhanging ridge was two Asian women and a little boy about kindergarten age let’s say. during our time there the waves would come in and splash a little bit over the rocks but nothing major, but they got slightly more and more coming over those rocks to the right of that ledge three Asian people were. so finally a wave comes and sweeps the boy and mom off into the water. They can’t swim. Probably 12 to 15 feet deep at the time. Mom starts yelling help so I swim over. The boy has not come up once…i swim past her and grabbed him to get him up. Ive got him in my right arm above water I’m pushing her towards the rocks with my left as is my wife. Little struggle but we get them safe. so let’s just for a second ignore how dumb it is to be near water if you can’t swim. It gets worse. We get those two up on the rocks and the third one has not moved in inch. And so about 30 seconds after we feel like everybody is safe and we swim off there goes the third one. Phone, her hat, everything in the water and she’s flailing. So again I have to go over and grab this lady swim backwards a little bit and get her onto the rocks. Now we’re telling them they need to go. Now across those rocks you have to basically come back across which they were too scared to do so I literally had to put the kid on my back and carry him across the rocks. Hold the womens hands. But no doubt all three of them would’ve died. The boy probably only had about another 5 to 10 seconds and hes probably gone. Gave the boy a hug, told him how brave he was. Hell of a day.
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    I have one of those Shark vacuum cleaners for my hardwood floors. It gets lost all the time. Does lots of circles and makes a lot of noise. And frequently runs out of juice and scares the sh!t out of me. I renamed her Wiff. She’s stuck as we speak under the sectional sofa. Couldn’t find her so I asked Alexa “Where’s Wiff???” Alexa: STUCK.
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    He was a young kid who was attacked by a pedophile thug and then by a mob of a bunch of idiot thugs. Every bullet he fired was 100 percent justified. He is not a particularly bright kid, but that does not make him a clown. If police officers handled their weapon as well as Kyle did, there woukd be fewer unjustified killings. The only clowns in this case were the idiot prosecutors and their key witness Grosskreutz who should have been charge for his illegal possession and attempted murder.
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    Biden Jr. is a literal crackhead, had sex with his dead brother's wife, knocked up an Arkansas hooker, funneled millions "to the big guy", and probably raped his niece. But Don Jr. went on a hunting trip.
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    I'm not brilliant but here you go: Why are interest rates going up? The prime interest rate is controlled by the federal reserve. It's been held remarkably low since the housing crisis in 2008. They lowered the rate to help encourage lending and credit. Ie, if it's cheap to borrow money, corporations and people will be more apt to borrow money and go out and spend. They want to raise interest rates now in part to stem inflation. This is done by having the exact opposite effect. If it becomes more expensive to borrow money, less corporations and people will borrow money. Thus less spending. How will it reduce inflation? As indicated above the intent is to reduce spending. This will encourage reduced demand in which the demand side of the supply and demand equation will lessen and therefore prices will stop going up. Why will it possibly cause a recession? If the federal reserve (or fed) puts too much friction in the capital markets the system may overcorrect causing deflation which in turn will cripple credit based markets. No one will lend money if the money becomes more valuable simply by holding it. This will hurt the housing markets and most corporate spending for companies that rely on credit to grow businesses. The problem is these economic policy decisions take several months to work there way through the system. They don't know if they are throttling back too much or too little until it is potentially too late. Will stocks fall? In the short term (next 6 months) I would say that is likely. The stock market prices in what they think rate hikes will be, but as inflation numbers come out worse and worse, the market will need to price in more and more rate hikes. This will especially hurt companies that need to borrow, but it will have an effect of dragging down the entire market. The market will continue to go down as long as inflation numbers are not showing a peak.
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    someone should have also told her to drop the fork
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    You Fockin people are disgusting. Worried about this and not a peep about a pro pedophile judge. Yeah, I’m triggered. Your soul is dead and you have turned your back on innocent children because orange man bad. Cared more about how much beer a judge drank in high school than this sick degenerate
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    Yeah my wife was doing that at the very beginning. She would come home and put her scrubs in a completely different basket and go downstairs immediately and take a shower. Not sure why she had to bring one of her male doctor coworkers with her for it but anyway that was always pretty crazy
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    The darkest day was February 5th, 2020. Nancy Pelosi, an elected official, committed insurrection in the congress by tearing up Trump's speech. An act she must be censured for and must be removed. It was an attack on a sitting president. We should commemorate this attack with statues of a snarling Pelosi and Obama, standing tall and tearing the constitution in half to emphasize what horror this was. Obama did not condemn Pelosi's act. While Trump had no direct bearing on 1/6, and Trump even told people to go home, Pelosi made a physical attack on camera. This drove divisions in the country deep. We must never forget 2/5/20.
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    I am not sure that "I" am sad specifically. The truth is sad, as are the people who make it true....
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    You should send them ALL back and try to figure out what happened in your life that made you gay enough to want to wear an Apple watch.