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    I see a bunch if "likes" and "ha-has" for some of the dumbest sh!t posts. Im convinced people have aliases and react to their own posts. That is all.
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    Too bad you went to an all male college.
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    All the teams should show up, take a knee while watching him workout, and then leave without anyone ever offering him a contract.
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    I bet your dad wishes he had a son.
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    This morning my daughter said that at her church, year after year, they struggle to get people to volunteer to teach children's classes for Sunday school. When she was in college she struggled to get people to volunteer to tutor kids in after school programs. She said people feel good to protest for one event but won't give their time to really help kids in need. I agree. As for the looting...it makes me just want to hide in shame. It's really hard to always want to come out and vigorously defend the death of people who are innocent and died at the hands of police (let alone support of a person with a criminal record) only to have looters completely ruin the message of wanting to be treated with dignity by the police. I also sort of feel a bit manipulated by the media always sending the subtle message that things haven't changed for blacks and that this country is so horrible and racist, when I know there is great change and acceptance. It's sad that these things still happen and thank goodness for the cameras everywhere. We can all agree that this person died unnecessarily and it should spark a change in police training or punishment. I feel so sorry for the local businesses that had nothing to do with the incident that were destroyed and the looters who don't realize that they are exactly why many people fear us.
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    No. Don't do that here. You want everything to be all nice and sweet and no one says mean stuff that's what FBG is for and you know it. Here we are free to joke around, have a little fun, call each other names etc. Do NOT try to turn this into FBG. Grow a focking pair or go cry there.
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    Pelosi impeached trump for withholding aide to Ukraine Pelosi withholds aide to Americans...
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    Were they in your class or do they go to another school?
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    Honey, do you mind switching spots with your sister?
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    Phenomenal... should be required watching by every SJW clown: Sorry if it was already posted, but I've been busy today.
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    All you focking homos on Facebook is what's wrong with this country. Grow up.
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    I would have lost a bet.
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    Ok everyone you heard him. If you ignore Digby maybe he'll stop posting.
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    ROW ONE: Laquisha, Latifah, Shaniqua, Latoya, La'Kisha, La'Tanya, Rohandra, Bon'Quisha ROW TWO: Sha'Tanya, Mo’Nique, La’Quishria, Bonifa, Shataniana, Levondia, Bufanaquishria, Barbeesha ROW THREE: DeShawn, DeAndre, Malik, Trevon, Demetrius, Bob
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    Ahhh the good old days when Obama was president back on 5/2/2011: Agreed, but I'm still glad that fvcker is dead. Shut the fvck up, hippie. But he's mad at Trump because he killed a very bad guy?:
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    I was watching the local news this morning while I got ready for work and a Nissan commercial came on. The usual BS about it being "the holiday season for buying a new car." They showed 3 different couples exiting the Nissan dealership and happily going to their new car parked outside. Each couple had their own scene in the ad. All 3 couples were inter-racial couples. Of course alternating between black guy - white woman, black woman - white man. No other couples were shown. And of course all 3 couples were dressed like/looked like they graduated from Yale about 5 yrs ago and now their start up company is about to launch its IPO. And they could go run a marathon tomorrow. Even the one couple with a baby, who was black of course. I really don't care who you marry or what color. But it just struck me as "Nissan, you are trying waaaaay too hard to be woke". Alll 3 couples, i.e. 100%, are inter-racial? If you are going to do that at least have 1 couple where the white woman weighs about 320lbs, has bad tatoos, and is smoking a Marlboro. And the black guy is skinny and trying to hit on the woman at the customer service counter.
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    As a Gen Xer I focking hate both of them. They are the same generation just born at different times IMHO. The millennial thinks they are too important to do the b1tch work every new person in the office had to do. The boomer thinks they are too important to learn the new way to do stuff in the office. The Boomer complains to me about the millennial not doing any work and as soon as he's done the millennial comes to me and starts b1tching about the boomer not doing any work The boomer leaves early and the millennial comes in late. Trying to do a team lunch is impossible. The boomer wants the sh1t hole restaurant only boomers go to and the millennials want the trendy spot downtown only hipsters go to. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in middle management because the boomers won't retire and since they are all old white dudes HR thinks they have to hire a minority for diversification. Fock'em both
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    I'm in Atlanta and it's mostly young black people. It's so sad because I lived in the aftermath of rioting. Good stores leave, businesses that employ people leave and employed people leave. What's left is concentrated poverty that no one wants to be around and instead of police brutality you get no police at all and a city overrun by criminals (Newark NJ). I truly understand the frustration and hopelessness but this behavior only reinforces all the stereotypes and fears people have against us. I want change too but we need to be legally and politically organized to change how we are policed. Simultaneity, we need to be honest about the troubles in our homes and in our culture. If we battled both these things we'd be an even more awesome people. I'm really depressed over this...