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    Hey all, the good news is I'm out and fine. The bad news is I'm out too early, they couldn't get it all. I haven't talked directly to the doc yet but wanted to let you know I'm recuperating well, in fact I may go home tonight, tomorrow at the latest.
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    How anyone can vote Dem is just a mothafukin mystery to me.
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    I never cared if you were "gay" until you started shoving it in my face and the face of my children. I never cared what color you are until you started blaming my race for your problems I never cared about your politics until yiu began to condemn me for mine. I never cared where you were born until you began to erase my history and blame my ancestors for your current problems. I never cared if you were poor or well-off until you said you were discriminated against because I worked harder and got promoted. I never cared if your beliefs were different from mine until you said my beliefs were wrong Now I Care My patience and tolerance are gone. I am not alone in feeling this way...there are millions of us who do and we have had enough. Sent to me by a friend
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    You're disrespecting our anthem in our own country. How disgraceful is that? What a no self-awareness having asshoIe.
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    I bet your dad wishes he had a son.
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    This morning my daughter said that at her church, year after year, they struggle to get people to volunteer to teach children's classes for Sunday school. When she was in college she struggled to get people to volunteer to tutor kids in after school programs. She said people feel good to protest for one event but won't give their time to really help kids in need. I agree. As for the looting...it makes me just want to hide in shame. It's really hard to always want to come out and vigorously defend the death of people who are innocent and died at the hands of police (let alone support of a person with a criminal record) only to have looters completely ruin the message of wanting to be treated with dignity by the police. I also sort of feel a bit manipulated by the media always sending the subtle message that things haven't changed for blacks and that this country is so horrible and racist, when I know there is great change and acceptance. It's sad that these things still happen and thank goodness for the cameras everywhere. We can all agree that this person died unnecessarily and it should spark a change in police training or punishment. I feel so sorry for the local businesses that had nothing to do with the incident that were destroyed and the looters who don't realize that they are exactly why many people fear us.
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    No. Don't do that here. You want everything to be all nice and sweet and no one says mean stuff that's what FBG is for and you know it. Here we are free to joke around, have a little fun, call each other names etc. Do NOT try to turn this into FBG. Grow a focking pair or go cry there.
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    Didn’t look so sleepy at the convention speech. Or the last couple primary debates. And I expect he’ll come out forceful in debates with Trump, may mop the floor with him just like he basically destroyed Paul Ryan’s political career in 2012.
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    Dear Reggie Cannon, Slurp my butthole. Fuck Off. Drown in a puddle of AIDS. Sincerely, Voltaire - FFToday Geek Club
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    Oh, I thought you meant 5 top became coaches player because not player 5 became coaches top.
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    "BRILLIANT!! ...credit to someone else!! "OK, here's how I would handle the situation in Seattle. “1. Set up a perimeter around their so-called border, complete with concertina wire, armed border patrol agents, and checkpoints. At these CHECKPOINTS, post huge signs saying, "You are now entering the United States of America. Please have passports and travel papers ready". Deny them entry into the U.S. “2. CUT OFF their electricity, water, and sewer systems. Since they are autonomous, they must supply their own infrastructure. If they wish to use American infrastructure, they must pay for it -- at international rates. “3. Place TARIFFS on any goods or foodstuffs they wish to IMPORT into their autonomous zone, same as you would with any other country. “4. Cut off their access to WI-FI and CELL SERVICE. Since they are autonomous, they must establish their own corporations to provide these services. If they wish to use American internet and phone services, they must pay -- at international rates. “5. If they wish to return to the United States, they must APPLY for IMMIGRATION, just like any other foreigner would. If they sneak into the country, put them into detention centers, then deport them back to CHAZ. “6. Sit back and laugh when they start realizing the real world isn't like playing Sims in Mommy's basement.”
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    It would be funny if another team was sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police and their car was painted as a cop car and it just tailed Bubba the entire race.
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    Or it’s the neighborhood bar that slowly replaced the attractive waitresses and cool sports memorabilia over time. Then you realize there’s a rainbow flag sticker on the door, some obscure soccer league is on all the screens, the staff looks like the Village People and the jukebox plays Coldplay. When you drive by you look to see if it ever went back to normal.
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    The people of Portland spoke last election, and that's who they wanted as Mayor. They deserve EVERY ounce of misery they voted for. We need to prevent them from moving instead.
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    When you're a minor who wasn't supposed to have a gun, but the guy you killed was a pedophile. "Penalties offset, 1st Down!"
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    Braindead, with a woman ready to take over. But enough about the Democrats, what's this about North Korea?
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    The Democrats want to cheat in the election by spamming the country with ballots. They want to give special funding to the USPS to grease the wheels, so they called off their recess to do it. They couldn't be bothered to stay in session to work on a stimulus package for us citizens, but they'll drop everything to rig the election.
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    19 years as a cop and 4 years as a corrections officer. 53 years old soon. My last day is June 29th. I decided life is too short. After reading about the Atlanta police crap, I know I made the right decision.
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    Phenomenal... should be required watching by every SJW clown: Sorry if it was already posted, but I've been busy today.
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    All you focking homos on Facebook is what's wrong with this country. Grow up.
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    This is a fair analogy. Except it’s not that we aren’t over her. It’s that she turned herself into a crack wh0re and we can’t turn away from the train wreck.