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    ROW ONE: Laquisha, Latifah, Shaniqua, Latoya, La'Kisha, La'Tanya, Rohandra, Bon'Quisha ROW TWO: Sha'Tanya, Mo’Nique, La’Quishria, Bonifa, Shataniana, Levondia, Bufanaquishria, Barbeesha ROW THREE: DeShawn, DeAndre, Malik, Trevon, Demetrius, Bob
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    Obviously writing about someone living in their car and using their money for trips to Bali is an effort to elevate the drama, but in terms of the drug, the article doesn’t seem to be sensationalist. I am 42 years old now, diagnosed around age 5. I’ve always stayed far enough ahead of the law to truly believe that I wasn’t at any risk of not reaching retirement age. But a few years ago things started deteriorating rapidly. In summer of 2018, my test results crossed down below a major threshold, at which point the median lifespan was 6 years. What I was feeling in terms of quality of life and rate of deterioration jived with that timeline, so I’d slowly started focusing on winding this thing down the right way. I’d heard about Trikafta much earlier, but I guess I didn’t buy into it until the FDA approved it in October and I started reading accounts on Reddit. I started taking it on December 31st. By day 3, I could undoubtedly take much deeper and fuller breaths than I’d been able to take in years. By mid January, my energy started returning. I haven’t been to the clinic yet, so I don’t know what my numbers have increased to; but I’ve managed to put on 4 lbs, I’m exercising again, and my energy is coming back. All that is to say, I’m readjusting my thinking towards getting to retirement age again, albeit with new perspective. So in summary: I vote it legit. A life saver. The drug isn’t a “cure”, as I’ll have to take it everyday for the rest of my life. But it does seem to mark the end of CF’s days as a “deadly disease”. The most apt comparison I’ve read is that this drug will turn CF into a manageable condition, akin to Diabetes. It’s a win.
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    Happy Brexit Day! The end of the EU is nigh.
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    "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means"
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    I started a GoFundMe to give sderk helicopter rides.
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    Probably is MDC's wife. Got both the right proportions physically and the right reasons to need a place to stay for the night.
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    DES MOINES, Iowa – The morning after a technical meltdown delayed the reporting of the Iowa caucus results – causing chaos in the political world -- the Iowa Democratic Party blamed the debacle on a “coding issue” in its reporting app and pledged to release the caucus results “as soon as possible.” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/iowa-dem-party-blames-caucus-fiasco-on-coding-issue-vows-to-release-results-as-soon-as-possible “Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well,” Biden also bafflingly added that “Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God’s sake!” even though that isn’t actually a part of coal mining.
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    So you went looking for it so you could watch it and b*tch about it?
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    Kobe Bryant: The first black father to leave and take his kid with him.
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    Pretty much the ones on my ignore list... donkeyjotes Hardcore troubadour NewbieJr Secret Asian Man The Observer trumpurethra
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    The first 6 months of every year, actors, musicians and artists are holding ceremonies to give themselves awards and tell us how great they are. It's tired, old and everybody is sick of these hypocritical, sermonizing a-holes.
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    The irony of this thread lmfao
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    Everyone is talkng and laughing about how dumb the Dems are. The conversation turns to oil and gas. Which leads to Germany paying Russia billions, despite accusing Trump of "colluding" with Putin. Which leads to pipeline talk, which leads to Ukraine talk. This is where the 2 Ukrainian dudes who have previously been silent pipe up about Ukraine being a great place for oil. About Ukraine loving Trump. About Ukraine being Russia's biotch and a potential target. Back to Ukraine loving Trump. THEN, they (Parnas and recorder guy) bring up the ambassador, that she hates Trump and is against positive/productive relationship between US-Ukraine. Then someone mentions Pompeo. Then you hear Trump say "we should do something about her of she isn't on the same team, get rid of her". And then the conversation moves on to another topic. Literally less than 30 seconds of an 82 minute dinner party conversation. But the MSM is trying to convince you it is a smoking gun. Heck, people here, in an impeachment thread, are talking about it being important and they are too lazy to even click a YouTube play button and listen to the conversation. Imagine how lazy the average CNN watcher is, do you think they are going to bother seeking out and listening to the actual tape? Just like Kavanaugh, Covington, Smollet, Russia, Iran, the 2A lobby event.... It is all about controlling the narrative and controlling the lazy/casual observers.
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    Tell us how you really feel...lmao
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    Irony award contestant
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    No kids except my 18 yr old daughter; we managed to survive somehow. She used to dance competitively and I've seen more dance competitions than any man should have to see in his lifetime, so we watched it somewhat critically. We (and my wife) agreed that J Lo had a more polished production, but Shakira had more raw sexiness. If you are concerned with the impact of a halftime show on your impressionable young children, perhaps you should watch it with them instead of heading to a bar.
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    I'll never understand this attitude. Sure you can find a video of some hot meth head from Kansas with daddy issues who came to LA to "act." Big whoop. There is something sexy about two hot MILFs who have made a ton of money, still defining their worth by trying to give me wood. And doing a damn fine job of it I might add. I'm pretty sure that I was one of the target audiences -- straight white middle-aged male. I sure as shiot don't want to watch Coldplay or some washed up rock band.
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    China dude - White devil we no speak the engrish prease order mask. Volty - Duhhh here's an amazon link China dude - no no no white devil we need good mask look see see look good mask 3M Volty - Ohhh you want the good stuff. Well sh1t sorry if it's not on amazon I don't know how to get it. Wait let me go ask the most retarded people on the internet. Volty - geek club I need to save 10 million people how do I get these masks? Geek Club - Here's a picture of a cat.
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    This is just a common flu and it’s killing elderly or the already sick like the flu already does in huge numbers. Calling a bogus epidemic here. Countless hypochondriacs flooding hospitals right now hoping they have it so they can feel like they are special.
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    It looks like certain posters are okay with Government officials pumping our tax dollars into shitthole countries, and funneling the money back into their own pockets through their children. These same posters believe that if someone wants this corruption investigated, that person should be silenced and removed. These same posters also plan on voting for a Presidential candidate who has vowed to steal our tax money and give it to illegals. These posters are anti-American pieces of shitt.
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    ELIte ...one of the toughest players I have ever seen. That NFC Championship game against the 49ers alone would have ended a lot QBs career.
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    30 diicks? i was really hoping your third attempt would be someone YOU already drafted
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    Definition of a racist: A conservative winning an argument with a liberal. -Thomas Sowell