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    As a Gen Xer I focking hate both of them. They are the same generation just born at different times IMHO. The millennial thinks they are too important to do the b1tch work every new person in the office had to do. The boomer thinks they are too important to learn the new way to do stuff in the office. The Boomer complains to me about the millennial not doing any work and as soon as he's done the millennial comes to me and starts b1tching about the boomer not doing any work The boomer leaves early and the millennial comes in late. Trying to do a team lunch is impossible. The boomer wants the sh1t hole restaurant only boomers go to and the millennials want the trendy spot downtown only hipsters go to. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in middle management because the boomers won't retire and since they are all old white dudes HR thinks they have to hire a minority for diversification. Fock'em both
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    They will just play head games and you will end up with double vision.
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    Democrats are trying to impeach a man for wanting to investigate a crime and replace him with the guy who committed the crime.
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    I have been getting more comfortable ranging out in my kayak and covered ground this year that I just never had before in the past. I am typically fish for bass and I did catch a hog this year that was 6.5lbs and 24 inches long. But up until this year I had only caught 1 pike in all of my life. I ended up catching 32 pike this year ranging from 12 inch hammer handles to a 32, 36 and 40 incher. All from a kayak with no anchor on what ended up being 65lb braid. It was outstanding. I think that with better eqipment next year I can pull in some that are even bigger. It was just a great year. If this never happens again I am glad I at least had one year like this.
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    I've been with my wife for over 25 years, and I love her more every day. But I'd bang a chick with a sweeter ass any day too, because I'm shallow.
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    Dear Democrats We get it, you hate Trump. Guess what? That’s okay. However, you don’t have to massage the life story (in a positive way) of a focking terrorist leader and known rapist to prove it. Also, you don’t have to spin talking bad about said known terrorist and rapist as “dangerous”. My advice? Either applaud the mission or just STFU. Doing neither just tells on yourself. Kind Regards, Normal Americans
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    So what happens when you masturbate now, is it just like a dry heave?
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    Have you paid attention to the circumstances regarding his confession and the prosecution withholding exculpatory evidence. You might want to read up a bit. As a guy so concerned with justice, you would think this sham againts a "decorated military veteran" bug you a bit. They better have had good reason to fock this guy over. . No ? Or are you always selectively concerned with all issues ? Ya know like how you didnt give a fock when Obama was withholding military aid to Ukraine ? They werent vital to our national security then ? You're a phony hack combined with being a phony drama queen. You're exposed bud.nobody buys your phony concern and drama over any of this schit..best to pack up and head back to whatever safe space you headed to when trump crushed your dreams.
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    Easy. We impeach her.
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    Whats going on with Brady? The service on my yacht isn't so great. I'm going against him in my billion dollar fantasy leauge and I see he only has 3 points.
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    Both should maintain the Dating attitude. Keep yourself up, keep the sex/intimacy flowing, keep the fire stoked.
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    I would imagine. Never looked at buying one.
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    At the Geek Club, you need to be FAR more specific
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    He tried, but she moved into his neighborhood.
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    It’s been a problem for multiple Presidents of both parties for a long time. Guess who is actually to blame though? We, the people. If an elected official really tried to tackle spending it’d take tough decisions and sacrifice. America would vote them out very next election, it’s political suicide. It’s our fault.
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    Dammit, now I've gotta wear a rubber.
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    If you take an Oriental person and spin him around several times, does he become disoriented?
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    Here's a question for Tulsi: will you show us your t1ts?
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    why do you all hate america? is your goal really communism? just how retarded are you?
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    I'm consistent because I stick to the facts and truth., makes thing a hell of a lot easier than trying revise and spin the story every time the President lies about something new.
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    I’ll go with the softball... blowjobs.
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    So they didn't say.... I'm curious... How exactly is math racist? Guess there gonna teach, if tyreek sells six vials of Crack with 3 rocks per vial, how many rocks did he sling? Daquans gat has a 12 round clip. When he goes clipped, he carries 2 clips. How many caps can he bust? Lashondra has 7 kids. She gets $200 afdc per kid. How much does she collect total?
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    And, you're a natural born bandwagoneer.
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    While Trump is accomplishing almost everything he campaigned on, I can’t believe anyone on either side can question why something hasn’t gotten done when he’s been dealing with fraudulent investigations since before his inauguration. It’s simply amazing what he’s done and I can’t imagine what could have been if the Democrats didn’t lose their minds.