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    FBG is the blue state the libtards ruined so now they have to flee to a free red state.
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    Luckily you got an Asian wife coming with you it would be hard coming back here single and realizing you really do have a small d1ck
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    Whats sad is your actually going to be my first in over 20+ years block. Come up with something new and quit living the past. It is like you just came out of a bomb shelter.
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    No I will not. People lost jobs, restaurants were closed FOREVER. Out of business. There were beaches and parks closed for the love of baby Jesus. My kids were outside playing soccer games in 90 degrees with masks on. Drug abuse, mental health issues all rose because of lockdowns. Childrens test scores, all plummeted due to lockdowns. It was over the top insane. I will never forget. Go fock yourself.
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    I would tell you that your history of posts here indicates you had no clue what "hotwife" meant, but I doubt it would seep into your alcohol-soaked brain. More importantly, this topic has given us a window into your soul, and it isn't pretty. Good luck insulting peoples' wives and kids in your ongoing pursuit to win pretend battles on the interwebs.
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    I'd tell HT and his sister to take their business elsewhere.
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    Did the elections chief work for Katie Hobbs? Wait, wut? You are blaming Nazi/racist/cancel culture on Mitch? 2010 called, it wanted you to know that you aren't there anymore and whatever is left of Biden's brain cowtows to the extreme Left.
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    It’s always been this way. In landslide elections it doesn’t matter, but in close ones (and many of them have been pretty close lately), they’ve got to wait for mail-in ballots, absentee ballots, provisional ballots, etc. It’s a bit of a process making sure every legitimate vote is counted in states with millions of people in them. Anyway, you used to know and understand all this, you’re just too focking stupid and angry now to remember
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    The one night every 2 years MSNBC will be worth watching , the Lib tears will be flowing.
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    Nah that is HT and Util/craft…. They had this year sewn up by noon on New Years’ Day…
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    I guess you're only allowed to make stupid coaching decisions if the coach you stupidly hire is black. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
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    When I was in first grade, on the school bus I heard the older kids say "boner." I didn't know what it meant but I sensed I was learning a big kid word, so I yelled "BONER!" to be one of the cool older kids. Instead they laughed and told me to STFU or I'd get them in trouble. Horseman reminds me of this little vignette from my childhood.
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    Imagine reading about four people stabbed to death and your first thought is that the media might make people like you look bad.
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    Who cares if they are brother and sister living together? Maybe they are all they have? Like many geeks here know, just because you live with someone doesn't mean they will fock you.
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    Funny how she/liberals are all about DISPROPORTIONALITY unless you want to talk about violent crime, abortion and single parent households. Spin to suit your narrative.
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    So Biden, who's spent about 25% of what the Orange Moron spent is the cause of inflation? Did Biden add $8T to the debt? No Did Biden bully the Fed to keep rates low? No Did Biden cut taxes for the rich and flood the consumer market with additional $'s? No Just lmfao at blaming Biden when he took over a steaming pile of chit from Trump. Which he's fixing piece by piece. I see this is the low IQ side of the innerwebs.
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    I will preface this by saying I don’t agree Biden’s policies are what's hurting the economy. However, inflation and the economy are a big concern, so it should have had a much more negative effect on Dems this cycle. Imagine if, instead of “CRT is the devil! Abortion is murder! MUH FRAUD! MOAR GUNZ!” ... We had all the GOP candidates talking about plans to fix the economy. You might have seen a different outcome. When the GOP is ready to dump all that stupid , they might turn things around. But I don’t see it happening quite yet. In DeSantis’ most recent speech, he said the word “Woke” about 10 times in less than a minute. I’m sure that gets all the far-right types' nipples hard, but it’s a turnoff to independents and Dems, and doesn’t say anything about how he’d help the economy.
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    You are talking about abortion, right?
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    A useless poster simply to make something about race https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/profile/204234-craftsman/
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    You 100% were picked on and given constant wedgies, you're not allowed to comment on this.
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    We've been through this but I'll repeat. There is nothing remotely resembling a guarantee that Fetterman recovers, please stop saying that. Fetterman struggles to process speech so he can't have a conversation with constituents or peers. I suppose he can say "talk at me" and have people there recording it to review later. Somehow that doesn't seem optimal to me. Sorry for the delay, it's busy being retired. See my comments above, maybe you can learn something regarding how things work in the real world.