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    KSBJr just made the middle school soccer team as a 6th grader yesterday. Kids are resilient as hell. He still's goes out to Duke University for laser treatments on his scarring and see's an Orthopedic Surgeon for semi-annual X-rays to make sure the growth plate isn't closing as he hits his growth spurts. It did two years ago and they had to go in and res-sect the bone bridge. However so far so good all things considering. Anyway carry on.....I'm just a proud dad today.
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    I hope for your sake they came with the man.
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    I really don't care much what former presidents have to say as a rule. So .....meh That being said, Trump was absolutely among the top 2-3 presidents of our lifetime and we need him back in there to unfock everything the Democrats are doing to ruin this nation right now.
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    When exactly did you become such a kunt? I used to like you. You were tough and called things out, but now you're just pathetic.
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    Holy fock, peenie. "We love Asians, we love their food." Focking seriously? I love black people, see I have my black friend here.
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    Media hasn't said anything but he is active there. https://gab.com/REALDONALDTRUMP/
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    This would never happen if we used Old Maid’s vagina as that canal. Sorry, couldn’t resist.
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    So true, he accomplished more during that time than Obammy and Bush did in 16 years.
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    Funny how quickly "gay marriage won't effect you" transformed into lawsuits for not wanting to have a part in gay marriages.
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    Years ago at my old residence, my HOA did not like the flag I was flying either. I, being the diplomat that I am, met them in the middle. I took the flag down and painted my front door in the pattern of said flag.
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    You can dismiss most of what JustinCharge says outright.
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    HT is like a cancer. He goes into remission but he always comes creeping back.
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    You don't have to do any mental gymnastics, your racism is pretty clear...and always has been.
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    I wish I could find an unbiased news source. Asian coverage is always slanted.
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    I got it, and I don't care who gets it and who doesn't. It's a personal choice, and there are arguments both ways. This lod001 guy seems to be psychotic about it, however...
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    These are up to the minute!@ AD -29 KSB -27 Dain -19 Cruz -18 Cloaca -16 Fumble -13 Ed -8 WW Double check my math, I did these in like 2 minutes lol
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    I I’ve said it here multiple times; her bras tend to be 32D. Now, people hear “D” and think large, but on a 32 frame, they are more medium, but still a nice handful. Also I’m not quite ready to find her a new guy, I plan on fighting whatever comes at me.
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    It's a camp. And yes a hotel can be the site of a camp. Yes I'm talking about the focking employees and the people who falsely tested positive. The problem with people like you is you can't think one step ahead. The holocaust didn't just happen right away. It was done step by step. Little by little a person's dignity and life was taken away. Two weeks to flatten the curve Stay home and don't see your family No entry into a place of business unless you wear a mask. If the business doesn't enforce the rule the government will come down on it with their full weight. Test positive and we send you to a camp Don't get vaccinated the government strips you of the right to move about freely National registry (star of david) Don't get your kids vaccinated the government takes them away. Disagree with the party and you're an extremist. You and your family get packed up and go on a little train ride. You know, for everyone's safety. Government tyranny doesn't happen overnight it happens little by little and with the cooperation of people... just... like... You...
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    Speaking of "choosing not to see," I laugh at comments like "in person fraud is quite rare." To expand the logic, "we don't have any way to detect if there is in-person voting fraud because we don't require ID, but we don't see any fraud$#@!" Which leads us to... ... as I've said before, republicans lost because Covid enabled democrats to ram through unregulated mail-in voting. At a minimum, this enabled all of Herby's lazy comrades to vote for free stuff! But, it is also quite possible that it enabled significant ballot harvesting, which is virtually impossible to prove.
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    See this is where you dummies lose me. If a serial killer kills prostitutes. 6 black 2 white. Know what people thought? He had a vendetta against prostitutes. But now...this would change. The 2 white prostitutes would be ignored and the narrative from the horrible media would be he had a thing against black women. It has to be about race now. Even if it isn't true because you simple minded morons eat that up with a spoon and click and click and click.
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    If only your dad would have played catch with you every once in a while.
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    I think it is the funniest show ever. Can not even pick a favorite scene there were so many. Favorite episode is probably Denise Handicapped where he finds out that everyone is nice to him for dating a woman in a wheelchair. So many funny things happen in that episode.
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    "MEDIC MEDIC MEDIC MEDIC MEDIC MEDIC MEDIC !!!!!!!!!" They seriously actually have people they call medics at all these planned riots. I can see them planning it all. "Ok, so here's the plan. You two jump onto the hood of cop car while the rest of us cause other trouble by breaking windows, throwing rocks, and hurting anyone in site, and other shlt. And if the cop car drives off with you on it, I will chase said cop car on foot and scream MEDIC 7 times. That will be the signal that I need you crusty, to chase after the cop car and when dogfarts falls off and gets run over, attend to his wounds with this bag of dirty towels and this old bottle of water. Got it?'' "Yeah, but what's MDCuck gonna do?? "He needs to feed the or there will be consequences for all of us." "So true. Understood."