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    “He is out of surgery and he is cancer free. Doctor is pleased. They reconstructed with a piece of his chest. Dr is pretty sure he will eat normally. Much work ahead to learn about his new way of breathing and learning to talk, but those are details for another day. Today is a good day. Thank you all for caring ❤. “
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    Yes. also thanks for all of the thoughts. Yesterday was tough and painful but the news is great. Feeling a little better this morning but I’ll mostly lurk today I expect.
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    Nurse that washed me down today was pretty cute, 36 B or C. Feeling better every day. Which is to say, less bad. The awesome news is — pathology showed no signs of distant metastasis, it looks like it was contained.
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    VP Biden shakes down governments to get his son jobs making millions. But Trump's fart jokes are just too much for me.
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    You should reread the post I quoted considering how badly you missed the point. Your ilk called him a xenophobe for closing travel to China very early on, now claim he didn't do enough. We shut down the economy for this virus... How's that possibly not enough? PPE, ventilators, stimulus, National Guard.... All provided because of Trump's admin.. We'd be in much better shape if Democratically controlled areas like NY would have simply taken advantage of the options that Trump provided instead of forcing infected patients back into nursing homes.... I don't know if you guys are stupid or simply truly disgusting people. Take your pick, either aren't good.
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    I hope you're able to watch this.....you'll probably love it
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    Well Jerry, man. You may not remember, but about 7 years ago we talked on the phone about a leadership quiz I took. You basically told me I was leadership material and that I was underachieving. Since then I quit my job, quit my new job and found a great place to work and a big chunk of that happening was YOU; some dude I've never met, who inspired me and encouraged me to chase my dreams and get out of my toxic job. I never really told you, because it didn't really manifest itself until a few years ago, but I'm doing great where I'm at. You really influenced my choices and made a very positive change in my life buddy. I got inspiration and guts from someone I have never met. While I did the work, and chased those dreams, you gave me the guts to do it. Which is more than any single person in this world did for me. I know you have you and your family to deal with....so I don't want to monopolize your time. But if there's something I/we can do, could you please let me know? Are you coming back to Minnesota for this procedure? Is there something, that we at the Geek Club can do for you or your family during this difficult time? If not, that's cool. There's no pressure to find something to appease our guilt. But if I can do something....anything for you or your family....just name it. Chris
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    You were never voting for him if his demeanor decided it for you. Just sayin.
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    "My last dying wish is for Amy Coney Barrett to get confirmed to the Supreme Court before the election." "Actually, nevermind. I feel great."
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    Where is he? If he was just an alias I need you all to bring him back! MDC is just too nice to y'all. I like how Newbie would crush some of y'alls souls! Give Trump the smack down all day every day!
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    Quality melt. How many years was he on the apprentice? 10 years? How many years has been in the public eye? 40 years? Real estate? 50 years? A candidate and POTUS? 5+ years? The Apprentice was just one small chapter in his magnificent story. And by all accounts he has been the most productive president in 100 years, the most conservative president in 40 years, and has had an approval rating equal to or greater than Obama's for most of his first term.
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    I'd like some of what you're smoking! C'mon man, everybody knows that Don sent thugs into the "Dem" cities to start all those fires/riots to make them look bad-do you think it's just one helluva big coincidence that those fires/riots happened in Dem Mayor cities? WAY too obvious-but yes, you are brainwashed.
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    You really are a focking douche.
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    Welp, now he will get sympathy votes and score an even bigger win. Then leftist punidts will mock him for getting covid and drive Trump's approval rating up.
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    Wow, I don't know what to say. I had a tear in my eye reading this post. I do recall you scoring quite high on our equivalent of the Wonderlic which measures cognitive and problem solving speed. I won't be coming to MN for the procedure; our Mayo has one of if not the top ENT surgeons in the country, although the first, less-invasive surgery failed... good thing is he feels like he failed and he won't want to fail again. One of the benefits of doing those personality assessments is that I can quickly tell that someone like my particular surgeon is hyper-competitive. Regarding how you all can help... you've all been so helpful already. A big shout out to @DonS who has been extremely helpful and supportive throughout this, including kicking me in the butt to go see a doctor about my symptoms a few months ago.
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    Update$#@! I came home late last night, spent this day getting settled in and surfing here. Next up is a meeting with the medical oncologist on Friday, then a swallow test on Monday (after which hopefully I can eat smoothies with my mouf). The med onc discussion will include chemo and immunotherapy. I don’t expect chemo based on the pathology of the lymph nodes, but I will push the discussion because of how much those nodes grew since the last PET scan. I’ll also bring up immunotherapy, which is also probably not indicated and I will also want to discuss for the same reason. Surgery for the speech prosthetic won’t happen for 3-4 weeks. I forget if I mentioned it, but there was too much reconstruction to do it while I was in this surgery. This kinda sucks as I’m pretty much silent until then, and will need to learn to talk afterward. Should learn the radiation schedule in the next week as well.
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    Not your thing. It’s music for men.
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    President Trump's accomplishments over his first 4 years in politics are nothing short of amazing. Especially given the constant obstruction and opposition he's faced at every turn. What are Biden's accomplishments over his last 5 decades in politics that would make you want to vote for him?
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    Why are the people who least trust the media the most susceptible to Q Anon type dingbat conspiracy theories?
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    Sounds like somebody wants her azz eaten...
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    Surgery started about 3 hours ago. We will know more this evening.
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    Next you'll be saying VP Biden threatened to withhold aid from a foreign nation in order to stop a criminal investigation into a company that employed his son, and fire the investigator, and then bragged about it. Then when President Trump wanted to inquire about the investigation, the left accused him of threatening to withhold aid.