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    How are they gonna have a Little Mermaid who can't swim?
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    Your heads in the way
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    It’s possible they gave a writer the rundown of the movie and described Ariel as a GINGER and that writer happened to be dyslexic.
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    "There was a little girl that sucked and focked her way to the top, and that little girl was me."
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    I think the amazing part is a peenie thread from 2014 that's still around
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    I wonder if Nike is aware that the 13% they are targeting steal more shoes than they purchase....
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    free health care for illegals and they all support it... fock off all
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    His only graduation for the rest of his life and he blew it.
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    This is what upsets me the most about my culture: the crime. Those are able bodied men that have no reason on this earth to steal, especially something as frivolous as luxury goods. I could cry a thousand tears over this. Those men are likely to go to jail for this or some other crime to become completely useless to society, a drain. If men like this would use their energy on getting an education or working a job, we'd have very little wage earning differences. People wouldn't be afraid to live next to us or socialize with us or hire us. So many of us are living life the best we can while others could care a less about themselves or how they look to others. Wisconsin? Geez, no matter where we go...
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    My town hasn’t got KFC yet so I drove a half hour this morning to have one for breakfast. I ended up ordering the Cheetos Lovers box which also includes Cheetos Popcorn Nuggets, Mac and cheese and potato wedges with a fountain beverage. I chose Mountain Dew. Ordering the sandwich with extra mayo turned out to be a good idea. The Cheetos gave it a great crunch but it was so salty / cheesy that I got an additional side of mayo to break up the flavor and final put the Mac and cheese and potato wedges right on the sandwich too. The sandwich was terrific but very sloppy. By the time I finished I had Cheetos dust and bits of Mac and cheese all down the front of my shirt and smeared all over my face. I felt very ashamed of myself and sat there sobbing for a few minutes before I noticed a group of teenage girls watching me and laughing. One of them took my picture with her iPhone before they left.
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    I'll wait for wiff, newbie and MDC to respond then divide their outrage by a factor of four.
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    I gotta go with either Night Shift or Mr. Mom.
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    I don’t remember the little mermaid story. Does her boyfriend knock her up and then go to prison? If so, sounds like the right move by Disney.
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    Newbs windmilling like the retard on the schoolyard hoping to land a shot. Same ol meathead.
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    Arizona canceling all financial incentives they were going to give Nike to build a plant there.
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    9 inches? We talking after a swim?
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    Women's soccer is gotten better now that it's gone coed.
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    Trump has to be laughing his ass off with this bumbling idiot clown show.
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    Too bad there were no little Zimmerman's in that class.
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    How's that? It's a Fockin soccer game. A woman's soccer game at that. It's OUR (all of us) national anthem, being played in a foreign land. I'm not rooting against the navy or the 82nd airborne or cops. I'm rooting against a misinformed pink haired idiot. And I'm not bringing my politics where it doesn't belong. Protest on your time, selfish child.
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