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    Were they in your class or do they go to another school?
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    Ok everyone you heard him. If you ignore Digby maybe he'll stop posting.
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    There are two kinds of a-holes who don’t help in a situation like this. Those that freak out, and those that act like nothings going on, no big deal. Try and get in the middle, ok?
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    Do you all remember when the Swine flu hit the United States and 12,000 Americans died and the MSM just crushed and badmouthed Obama? Yeah, me either...
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    ONE guy here went there to get banned. He's a raging alcoholic who was probably sh*tfaced at the time and wanted to have some fun. So what. That isn't a fixation. It's, what's the word you used.....oh yeah....It's entertainment. I was entertained by his antics and knowing that Joe would have a conniption fit when he saw the thread. What's also entertaining is the fact that your only reason for existing over here is to try to make fun of us for having fun with them over there. If we're pathetic for doing that so are you for your trolling.
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    Hi guys - happy to help out if desired. As posty noted, I'm the Commish for the Dugout League which has a board on this site as well. Posty was the Commish for many years, but handed the reins to me a few years back. Wonder and Ted are also managers in that league. If you want me to run the lottery for you, let me know. I can do it tonight after work (I'm in Eastern time zone). I'll screen shot and post the results.
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    Nope. Just a bunch of dudes that were also banging your fat wife between eating doughnuts.. But they are 13 so... anything female and naked is doable for them. What's your excuse?
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    I know youre a big, strong, vanity muscle guy but do the goal posts ever get heavy when youre moving them? Good thing youre just here to be a troll, because you would be in a sad state if your intent was for people to actually take your drivel seriously.
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    Open a beer? How am I even supposed to clean my glasses or open the refrigerator with these d1ck fingers?
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    I remember when they banned this guy.
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    I say proceed as we were set to. We are not going to gain any more info by waiting while ST games are not being played and as lambert said, want to make sure everyone is available.... and not that I’m a panic person but as more things get shut down people may have other concerns keeping them busy
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    They could have a show with a retard cop - Officer Down
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    We only have room for one WW in this league
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    Please speak without any mixed messaging. Do not tell us what we want to hear rather what we need to hear. Sincerely, the American People
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    That's also how I met your wife.
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    Below is from the Canadian news(I will try to mostly link non-US news sources) interviewing a supervisor of intensive care units in northern italy. Obviously his view is skewed because of the extreme issues that the hospitals are facing, however that is the point of the video. Their hospital structure is in trouble.
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    Okay found a better one. I can't stop watching this.
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    If it gets to be rough sex where I am permitted to punch them in the mouth and I can do some old fashioned slave roleplay with Maxine - Fock yeah... and you're going to pay me to do it?!?!?!
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    You check the color box since one candidate has the blood of a slave, but you also have 2 males and the base won't like that.
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    How to stop every thread from gettiing political and ending up a sewer of personal atttacks by the same 3/4 posters..
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    This wouldn't be bad https://www.businessinsider.com/forrest-fenn-fortune-hidden-rocky-mountains-2017-2
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    There is a Coronavirus (Political aka all things Trump) thread here: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/492665-they-finally-got-him/ It'd be nice to have the main one not be political. I click on this thread looking for the latest and greatest on the virus but its just political mumbo jumbo. Why not use the political corona virus thread if you want to talk Trump and Pence and yada yada?