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    I bet your dad wishes he had a son.
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    "BRILLIANT!! ...credit to someone else!! "OK, here's how I would handle the situation in Seattle. “1. Set up a perimeter around their so-called border, complete with concertina wire, armed border patrol agents, and checkpoints. At these CHECKPOINTS, post huge signs saying, "You are now entering the United States of America. Please have passports and travel papers ready". Deny them entry into the U.S. “2. CUT OFF their electricity, water, and sewer systems. Since they are autonomous, they must supply their own infrastructure. If they wish to use American infrastructure, they must pay for it -- at international rates. “3. Place TARIFFS on any goods or foodstuffs they wish to IMPORT into their autonomous zone, same as you would with any other country. “4. Cut off their access to WI-FI and CELL SERVICE. Since they are autonomous, they must establish their own corporations to provide these services. If they wish to use American internet and phone services, they must pay -- at international rates. “5. If they wish to return to the United States, they must APPLY for IMMIGRATION, just like any other foreigner would. If they sneak into the country, put them into detention centers, then deport them back to CHAZ. “6. Sit back and laugh when they start realizing the real world isn't like playing Sims in Mommy's basement.”
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    19 years as a cop and 4 years as a corrections officer. 53 years old soon. My last day is June 29th. I decided life is too short. After reading about the Atlanta police crap, I know I made the right decision.
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    Phenomenal... should be required watching by every SJW clown: Sorry if it was already posted, but I've been busy today.
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    Cinnamon Toask Krunk Apple Car Jacks Cornrow Pops Chex Yoself
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    Equating biological race with any characteristic is racism, yes. But cultural factors are a different story. Simple fact. The more black people an area has, the higher the crime rate is. Simply cannot be denied. Why are cops "occupying" black areas? The left would have you believe it is a systemic racist plot to keep the black man down. But logic would tell you cops are there because that is where the crime is. That is where the gangs are. That is where the murders happen. That is where the young black males, who make up around 4-5% of the population yet make up an exponentially higher percentage of rapes and murders are. Now, some will cry its a poverty issue. And that's valid to some small extent. But you don't see that as much in poor white communities, which exist everywhere. You don't see it as much in poor Asian communities around the world. You see it less in poor hispanic communities. So why? A racist might say it's DNA. Phrenology and all that rot. I would argue that there is indeed a systemic problem. But not the one being blamed. The systemic problem is in the black community itself. When there is no father around, when education is disdained, when violence is glorified, when it is more noble to "hustle" than to work, when it is encouraged to be disrespectful to any authority figure, when hard drugs are common and glorified, when gun toting gangbangers are tolerated and used as role models... This is what you get. Look at successful black people. The judges and doctors and such. They want nothing whatsoever to do with "the community." they knew that in order to prosper, they had to escape. They were likely vilified by their peers as a "sellout" or an "uncle Tom" the entire time they worked their way out too. These problems have to be fixed from within. I'd be more than happy to financially assist with an honest effort to do so. But we've done so over and over. Inner city schools have far more money spent per pupil then other schools. Yet they promptly fail hard. All you can really do is help those that want to escape it. Make scholarships and such available. Until that community escapes the mind trap of "everyone is against us, our plight is their fault" while they are content sitting at home smoking weed on a Tuesday while they collect a check and whatever money they can hustle, nothing will change. BLM is and will do more harm than good. So far, the main ones to suffer are black small business owners who have had their livelihoods destroyed. But the real pain will come because it feeds a false victim mentality which will project this cycle of failure out for another generation. Of course, BLM and ANTIFA aren't meant to help them. It's meant to use them. It only seems to crop up every four years when there is an election.
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    How bout now? Woman and I were talking tonight... say you had no racist inclinations at all until now...just live and let live. What are the odds... in the last few weeks you see southern italians burning businesses, attacking what seem to be random innocent white folks, burning police precincts and cars.... mobing and rioting.. looting Targets? Like.. wtf that have to do with anything? How the fock do you come out of this... not at least scared or angry at black people? You have to think moderate and conservative black.folks are face in hands right now going... omg... you mf's are bringing sh!t back 50 years...
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    Feel good about the side I've chosen, not that there was much of a choice to make.
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    So tonight went and drank with some of my fellow teachers, one of whom is a black guy from North Carolina. He has been fervently pro BLM, and I have avoided discussing it with him at all.. A few whiskeys in, he and I ended up having it out. Discussed the whole damn race relations issue in America. And much to my surprise, we more or less agreed. I maintained that white America would be happy to spend money to help black America escape the cycle of poverty and violence. In fact we have and still do done so. But there are certain issues in the black community they prohibit success. We are tired of throwing good money after bad. He agreed by and large. He seems to think that a large part of the black fatherhood issue was deliberate to destabilize the black community and bond it forever to their political masters. By and large, he thinks exactly what I think. That this is less a race issue, and more a class issue. That the elites in media and the democratic party are driving this for their political ends. One interesting thing he said was that the black community is somewhat traumatized... He likened it to ptsd... When it comes to white people. He said he is always cognizant of it when he is around white people. That they have to raise their kids to be wary of it. I kind of get it. We are used to being the majority. Living here, I am cognizant of things like if there is trouble, a fight, or an accident, no matter how nice they may be to me usually, I will be the outsider. We ended up laughing and saying we wish we could put the whole conversation on YouTube, that it was much more productive than what you see in the media.
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    There is no law that says i can’t call a black persons a N..... but it’s frowned upon and I don’t. I don’t use the excuse there isn’t a law against it. I use respect and courtesy and don’t say it. You and your team should look into the respect and courtesy thing.
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    How bout this... Don't freak out and grab the cops tazer and try to shoot him with it. The situation got escalated all right. But not by the cops.
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    Please. 1. You are the biggest follower around. 2. Like many gym rats who guzzle supplements all day, you mistake muscles with tough. You'd have your ass whipped in a real street fight.
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    Well, I know a guy who was canceled here because of his call for violence. Didn’t change much for him except a new screen name.
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    Your opinions are idiotic, don't make sense, and are hypocritical. That's why you get grief. No one is reporting you though. HTH.
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    Conservatives can live without liberals. In fact, we would flourish even more without them dragging us down. Liberals cannot survive without Conservatives.
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    Sure. Everybody but the Always-Trumpers realize the Hunter/Ukraine thing is BS, it is a made up scandal. As explained before at the Geek Club, he went there, on orders from US State Dept., in conjunction with multiple other countries to demand that a corrupt AG be removed from office. I, and others have provided documentation of this that has been ignored by this bored. That is your answer. Tara Reade has many issues with her story, and may have issues with reality. And seriously, you are going to listen to Tara Reade, but ignore the dozens of women who have implicated Trump in sexual harassment incidents?
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    Give me GF anyday over a trolling hack like Newbs
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    This is why I choose to live around white people. Ya'll can take your melting pot and shove it up your ass.
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    Now that’s downright race ist
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    This is why I don't engage with you. I didn't ask you whether YOU think he deserves to be removed from office. You took issue with something I said. Clearly you have insight in to the other side that I'm missing. I don't think so but I'm willing to give you the opportunity to make the case for the lefties who think Trump is corrupt and should be removed from office. So go for it. Regarding all your other "points", I''ll just address one. You say he creates division. You don't think Obama did? Within weeks of taking over the Presidency one of his law professors got arrested for being a doosh to cops. Wow, a black man treating cops like crap and getting arrested. Sounds like a pattern. But I digress. Obama called the cops RACIST, which was refuted by every fact of the case. He tried to smooth things over with a "beer summit." Basically, from day one he alienated not just cops but white people. This was a trend he continued for 8 years every time there was a black person shot by a cop. Obama has a lot to do with why we are where we are today with black/white cop relations. I realize you weren't here back then but I'm pretty damn sure you never had an issue with Obama creating division. If Trump "creates" division it's simply because he's not a very good speaker and tells things like they are. If you look at his policies there should be less division. But the MSM constantly goes after him, lieing regularly, along with the left wing idiots from Hollywood like the View hosts and the late night hosts. So he can only do what he can do. And I'm no Trump supporter. But he has been unfairly maligned by the left since before he was even in office. I'm giving you the opportunity to make the other side's case since you think I unfairly characterize it. GO!
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    Congratulations. I think it is a wise choice.
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    Those same instincts that immediately felt something was sketchy about Ahmed Arbery and George Floyd. Those instincts are called racism.
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    Taking a 5 day vacation to Prescott up north, head out tomorrow. May stop in Wickenburg on the way, haven't decided. We got an AirBnB house close to the "city" which has a few restaurants and an area called "whiskey row." Lots of hiking and a few lakes; we just bought a 2-person inflatable kayak that we haven't tried to inflate yet, plan to do a trial run tonight. May be on here a little during downtime but for the most part you will have to make do without my witty repartee.
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    Oh God... If you did that, and they came here, holy sh!t. Wed all get doxxed and our lives destroyed. Except newbie. He'd probably get a cabinet position from Biden.