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    Some dude was parked across the street in a mini van blasting a football game, He kept screaming I need two more Focking catches from you piece of sh!t. This went on for like 20 minutes while he was spilling nachos all over himself. Think he was having some kinda fantasy football meltdown.
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    Marine accidentally kills a gigantic violent POS on the subway and it’s a national story, geek club woketards/ Pedo defenders up in arms. This? Crickets.
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    I have not read the book, but I read summaries. I am not interested in reading a book that is based on bad data. There are books written on what a sham the autopsy was. Many of the official pictures were not even pictures of JFK's head and body. They brought in someone else's brain which was completely in tact, when every doctor who saw JFK noted a large portion of the brain was missing as also evidence in the Zapruda film and the motorcycle officers who had brain matter splattered all over their clothes. So the author acknowledges the autopsy was totally incompetent if not fraudulent, but then uses material from autopsy as if it were gospel. Bizarre logic. The only people who had significant brain material over their clothing were Jackie and the two Dallas motorcycle cops following behind on JFK's limo on the driver's side, which is rock solid proof the head shot came from the front and to the right (in the general direction of the picket fense on the grassy knoll where dozens of witnesses heard gunfire and saw and smelled gunsmoke). The kill shot came from the grassy knoll area without a shawdow of a doubt. The crowd was stopped by a phoney Secret Service agent who was never identified and the SS denies any of their agents were in that area. Of course doing great detective work, the FBI made sure no one took pictured and had the limo washed down to destroy any evidence. The limo was sent to Ohio and refurbished within a week. The most important crime scene in our nation's history and the smartest police agency in history just cleans it and wipes removes all the evidence of multiple gunshots coming from different directions.
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    Fauci, then and now, is all about saving lives. Mask mandates did that: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9968482/#:~:text=State mask mandates reduced new,effects in Democratic-leaning counties. It’s probably not necessary now because the new strain of Covid appears to be less deadly. Hopefully that is the case. But if it becomes necessary to do this again, then we put our aged and those with health issues at serious risk when we don’t comply.
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    Nice to see gutter using all the buzzwords. Toxic Masculinity....liberal pansies cry of defeatism. Tribalism....rofl...
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    Well not every story has a happy ending.
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    I love the cowards thst laugh at posts. They are so dumb and do not have any clue of the facts. Just spineless buffoons.
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    Grown man reading BuzzFeed... actually pathetic. Do you have a Cosmopolitan subscription too?
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    There was this guy screaming around about not taking the flu shot, He was stomping on tomatoes and throwing heads of lettuce at people. Crazy!
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    It is rich that you mock people for "obsessing" over someone. 95% of your posts have magaturd in them multiple times. Look at your avatar. Seek out better self awareness.
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    To avoid this in the future, you really should Park in your garage. Make sure you close the door so the neighbors don't get suspicious. And make sure you leave the car running so that you can get the requisite heat or air conditioning.
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    Im a good looking guy and women come up to me and get extremely handsy in public all the time my whole life. I can understand how a guy can not see a problem with doing it to women after a lifetime of conditioning like that, especially to a women wearing a tight dress and all done up like that. It can become normal interaction in your mind.
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    Now it's illegal for Hunters to own a gun?
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    This has to be in the top 5 of most embarrassing threads created.
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    A biden thread where the TDS infected come out crying TRUMP!!!! TDS responses are so predictable.
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    Looking forward to Trump declaring an emergency and booting Bidens illegals. Let’s play.
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    The commie left will not stop until they have total control.
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    Is there anyone at this point that wouldn't happily say goodbye to Biden and Trump both? Count me in.
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    Good to see @Dozer FBG own some fools in this thread. Doing the lord's work. Also, a friendly bit of advice to you, Dozer: Hardcore Twatadour cannot and will not back up any claim he makes, and is completely impervious to facts, reason or logic. Just thought I'd save you some time.
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    Are you really this unintelligent and without any form of wit and or understanding of the art of reading and response? And then formulate an argument after you post? I was hoping you would be, but you are slow ped trying to go up a hill without any fuel. Your responses are beyond laughable. But please keep trying. One day, I doubt it though, they’ll make a seafoam movie that is a Rudy ripoff. Seafoam scores late in the fourth quarter for sympathy, pity, and a heart warming tale. My bawls have better days.
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