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    I'm sure this is a waste of time since you'll dismiss all of it, but if you're being honest, here goes... no one knows what he WILL do. Likely or possible, yeah, he's told us. Economy: tariffs, tax cuts for wealthy, exploding debt... Foreign relations: Give Ukraine and other European countries to Putin, abandon NATO, partner with dictators he has professed love for. Threats of war with Iran, love of nuclear war and threats to be the first to launch. Project 2025: there is a whole thread on this, but getting rid of govt employees that voted Democrat and replacing with Trumpers, removal of women's rights, abortion, IVF, contraception, Christian nationalism... Revenge: he wants to use his power to jail anyone who disagrees with him. Illegals: round up and deport 11 million people. Corruption: history of bribes with foreign nationals. Lunacy: hes an unhinged malignant narcissist and we don't know truly what he might do. Just off the top of my head.
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    that all his voters are as big of retards as you
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    This one is really simple, the Biden administration attempted to turn the US into a Banana Republic. The grown-ups had to step in and remedy the situation. Democrats only have themselves to blame and have proven time and time again that they simply can't be trusted with power. If you support the current day version of the Democrat party, you are absolutely part of the problem. You don't care about America or what it stands for. The sooner we realize this, the better.
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    On Earth 1 (the real world which exists outside of the right wing echo chamber) CNN is non-partisan and the moderators are excellent neutral journalists. Which is why the Trumpers think it’s unfair.
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    https://x.com/AshaRangappa_/status/1807788604833308949 The Court has handed Trump, if he wins this November, carte blanche to be a "dictator on day one," and the ability to use every lever of official power at his disposal for his personal ends without any recourse. This election is now a clear-cut decision between democracy and autocracy. Vote accordingly.
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    He’s doing better when he talks about policy and not about himself. He’s so much better at policy than Trump that this election shouldn’t even be close. But it is.
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    Serious question: are you special needs? This is being discussed in, I dunno, the immunity thread. I ask because if you are, I don't want to be too harsh, buddy.
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    https://x.com/kylegriffin1/status/1807789806430330924 READ: The final words in Justice Sotomayor's dissent: "Never in the history of our Republic has a President had reason to believe that he would be immune from criminal prosecution if he used the trappings of his office to violate the criminal law. Moving forward, however, all former Presidents will be cloaked in such immunity. If the occupant of that office misuses official power for personal gain, the criminal law that the rest of us must abide will not provide a backstop. "With fear for our democracy, I dissent."
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    If you hire Diaperman to run a lemonade stand, the money drawer would be empty and the lemonade all gone. And now all the world knows it. I rejoice that independent voters just tuning in to this election for the first time saw what they saw last night. I love that the Democrats have kept this Alzheimer's patient in the race, and are presenting him as the empty-headed, clueless staring-into-lala-land avatar of the Democratic Party. It's not that this contemptible fool who barely remembers how crooked he is, needed to be embarrassed as such. He's too clueless to comprehend much more than a primal desire for ice cream, the enjoyment of sniffing sweetly scented shampoo, and the need for a fresh diaper. Fock Off Democrats. You deserve this. This is YOUR choice brought on by sniffing each others' farts and unquestioningly believing your own corporate globalist media's lies. Now would be a good time to look in the mirror and reflect on where you went wrong. Somebody has been lied to by their own media sources. And I'm barely getting started. The reason I am having so much joy in watching the Democratic party implode in an internal fight over replacing Joe Biden is because the things they believe in and stand for are often times evil and twisted. Democrats are100% responsible for allowing Marxists and Hamas supporters taking over college campuses. They're 100% responsible for the open borders and the cornucopia of handouts that prioritize illegal aliens over American citizens, for the long lines as well as the high cost of providing affordable health care to low income Americans, the backlog of LEGAL immigration paperwork, the undercutting of wages for citizen workers. They're also responsible for the racial animosity caused by DEI initiatives, the replacement of moral decency with woke sexual cult indoctrination in schools, initiating legal retribution on political opponents, the inflation caused by a refusal to use cheap domestic energy, efforts to remove beloved words like "mother" from our vocabulary, removing Laura Ingalls Wilder from schools, boys competing in girls' sports, and late term abortions. The Democratic Party is one of incompetent, pervert-coddling, America-hating, race baiting, degenerate scum. The entire Democratic Party needs a complete overhaul because America needs a functional left wing party but the way this one is constituted now, deserves to be curb-stomped, urinated on, and left for dead in a ditch on the side of the road. So Democrats, enjoy your incoherent babbling empty headed candidate. And cry in the cup. I enjoy drinking your tears. Fock Off Democrats. I intend that as an insult, but in fact I am fully aware that you already greatly enjoy doing this to each other for recreational purposes. Fock off anyway.
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    I'll take more of this. Not bad for a DEI hire.
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    Spent $2 billion to collect $1 billion. Typical government efficiency!
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    They’re right. But Biden is also unfit. So it’s sorta irrelevant at the moment. Jesus what a sh1t show
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    Yup. Sorry to all you states that use your land to feed us and thus have a lower population. You’re just going to have to be ruled by the places we have warehoused the poor in shitty ghettos full of the poorly educated so we can have the power. It’s only fair.
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    No one forces you to post here. Go back to FB Gays where you fit in much better
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    I love how you think you're smarter or better than the uneducated minions that you stand with and parrot the same bullsh1t that you're all told. But to your credit you take it a step further. I've had many conversations with election deniers like yourself, and it always goes the same way, which is basically "show me your work" and that's where it ends since they can't. You've taken it a step further and now claim that it's impossible to show your work because the "system" won't allow it. So not only was the election rigged, but the ability to catch the rigging was also rigged. How convenient. It's a good tactic to protect yourself. If you are an engineer and possess an analytical mind, then your natural inclination is the CER method, claim evidence reasoning. You've made your claim but have no evidence so your reasoning is missing. Instead of adjusting your claim you're just saying it's impossible to get evidence lol. It's a convenient, lazy excuse. And it's not GIGO, something I understand having worked in software for 30 years. There is nothing inherently wrong with our election process, paper ballots or drop boxes. And it was never a problem until trump cried that he lost. Every recount, audit, study, analysis has shown zero evidence of fraud. Grown adults need to accept that.
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    First time meeting her. I hate her. TIA
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    I DGAF what Trump said about the 2020 election. I saw what I saw and I drew my own conclusions. Just like I did with covid and the vaxx. The anti intellectuals were the ones that did as they were told sans any facts or evidence that the "vaccine" was necessary or effective. My superior intellect told me that my immune system would do it's thing and it did. While the rest of you hid in your homes and got vaxxed again and again, I was out in the real world shaking hands and sharing air with the public. It is unpossible for you to imagine people actually thinking for themselves and making independent decisions because you simply do what you're told. You follow the herd. Sure, it makes your life easier but don't mistake that for being intelligent. It's the opposite of that.
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    There is still a big disconnect here. First off I now sadly believe that Biden is suffering from sone mental decline. This does not make him, IMO, incompetent to be President. He’s not as sharp as he was before, obviously, But I believe he’s still sharp enough. Second, I still strongly believe that you and other conservatives have been lied to by doctored videos of Biden. Both can be true at rhe same time. Your meme here claims you “knew”; that is false. You didn’t know anything and you still don’t. None of us know whether or not Biden has a bad night last night or whether he’s a doddering most of the time. We can only speculate about this. I believe that Biden has performed pretty well throughout his Presidency. Finally I see no evidence that the MSM has lied to me about this.
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    Two things everybody can agree on: 1. Dogs are awesome 2. Everyone hates Peefoam
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    Oh somebody is responsible all right. That somebody is Trump for instructing Republicans to kill Lankford’s immigration deal that would have given us border security finally. He ordered it killed so that he could use the issue in the election. It’s also quite bigoted to blame the actions of a tiny handful of bad people on millions of undocumented immigrants, the vast majority of who commit no violent crimes whatsoever. But you and your buddies keep doing this. I don’t know whether you’re just ignorant, or stupid, or hateful, or lazy, or a little of each. Whatever the reason it’s repugnant.
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    Your man tlts probably mean you only have to travel about two inches or so,.
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    I want the Supremes to be above even the appearance of impropriety and or bias. I find Justice Thomas' actions, if true, inappropirate. Every state has judicial ethics codes. there is a federal code on judicial ethics. I do not think the Supremes should be exempt from such codes. I think they ought to be an example of the epitomy of judicial ethics and temperance. They ought to instill confidence in their rulings, not allow them to be questioned on bias or self interest.