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    In no way do I believe Trump won because of Russian interference. He won the election because he had a message that resonated with the electorate and because Hillary was an awful candidate. With that being said, Russia has interfered in our elections and will continue to do so....including in 2020. The Obama Administration was warned back in 2014 of possible interference. And again in 2016. In response, they kicked Russian envoys out of the country and imposed economic sanctions....Trump had done something similar as well. I just wish the Prez...being a man's man and all....would tell Russia to fock off. Instead he points fingers at everyone but Russia. Maybe that's just optics and things are being done behind the scenes. But as the leader of the country, it'd be nice to hear the guy stick up for Americans and denounce Russians. Hasn't happened.
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    Actions speak louder than words. President Trump has put America first with damn near everything he has done so far. Maybe stop listening to what is said about him and what he says or tweets and look more closely at the things he's done in the face of overwhelming opposition, from both sides of the aisle, since his election. He's done more with less than any President in my lifetime. I didn't give him a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination, let alone elected. I'm on record here as saying so. He's proven me wrong and I couldn't happier about it. But I'm not a partisan dooshbag, so there's that. He's been phenomenally successful for this country and that's my bottom line as far as Presidents go. Now, if he could only get a modicum of cooperation in Congress we could actually make great strides in making things better for all Americans. Unfortunately, the left are party over country and would rather see the country suffer than see President Trump succeed.
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    It's easier to pay a hitman than it is to convince people that you can run the country?
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    Trump is not a Russian agent. Tulsi is not a Russian agent. Bernie is not a Russian agent. The mainstream media IS a DNC agent. (Unless the DNC is a mainstream media agent, the only question is which one is driving this jalopy )
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    Same here. There is some please out there still using that setup because there is a fantasy blog that gives ABC picks for the week. I just can’t find the site that does it.
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    Boring? That was a focking dialed in executioner executing. It was focking glorious.
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    This shits worse than WWE. What a joke. Just box already. I hope the white dude kicks his ass. Id feel like such a maroon if I spent eighty bucks on this.
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    He should "tell Russia to fock off", and that will fix everything? I am sure Putin was up all night worrying about Bernie's strong condemnation. Aren't you the same pusseys who throw a fit every time Trump says something harsh about our enemies? (See ISIS, see Iran, see N Korea, see MS13, see cartels, see illegals, see China) And the cherry on top, while the Clintons were collecting $500k speaking fees from Putin and Obama was promising more flexibility after the election, Trump has killed hundreds of their mercs in Syria, armed Ukraine, crushed their energy influence in EU, and put heavy sanctions and tariffs on their biggest partners (Iran, China). Pull your head out of your arse.
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    Exactly. That biotch went to Congress before alerting the president. He and his cohort Miss Shelby have now been asked to provide the underlying intelligence and they and their media/congressional conspirators are losing their minds. After the previous administration's intelligence directors coordinated a false intelligence operation to spy on and remove a political opponent/sitting president the entire country should demand transparency in this matter.
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    Truth be told. All joking aside. Bernie will be running for a 2nd term at the age of 82.
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    Oh. Over there? Fock those guys.
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    Once again you are uniformed, Part of his job is to keep the president informed and it appears he passed an intelligence assessment to someone other than the President first.
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    He didn't do his job, his job was to inform the POTUS, he didn't, he chose to inform someone else and got rightly fired for it
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    Good point, she may be president... of Venezuela.
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    most here are butt hurt from being I.P. bannored. they just wish they could still post there. the place is moderated, but the I.Q. upgrade is worth it.
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    Lol. Wait, you're actually threatened because I said I could parallel park? I didn't even say I was great at it. Holy fock I'm in your head.
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    This is absolutely wrong and he should receive a fair and just punishment!!! 2 days added to his sentence seems about right.
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    Parallel parking and standard shift vehicle should both be requirements
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    The comparisons aren't as far fetched as you think. Remember when Trump invaded Canada because he wanted to expand his empire? The similarities are undeniable.
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    Fury apparently masturbates several times a day to increase his testosterone (even though it doesn’t work like that), eating poosay to strengthen his jaw muscles, and plans on spending his celebration if he wins with hookers and cocaine. Not the expensive hookers. The $30 hookers. Says you always take a shot of penicillin before focking them https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.the-sun.com/sport/boxing/419096/tyson-fury-claims-he-plans-to-binge-on-cocaine-and-30-hookers-after-wilder-fight-before-giving-himself-penicillin/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/talksport.com/sport/boxing/669217/tyson-fury-masturbating-licking-prepare-deontay-wilder/amp/ So I’m betting on him lol
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    So wait. BOTH Newbie and MDC were killed on the same day?
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    Lol. The fact that it bothers you that my posts are being liked may just be the best news I heard all week. That is the cherry on top of the obsession cake. You actually look and see a post was liked and get angry! Bwahahaha
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    I can see that. They say it is the older weak ones that are most vulnerable.