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    I love this country. I am honestly afraid that Donald Trump may want to impose a dictatorship if he wins, an end to our free system of government. Sometimes I tell myself I’m crazy for thinking this and sometimes I believe it to be true. I always figured that we had checks and balances that would prevent such a thing but I’m no longer sure. We appear to be stumbling into a very bad time ahead.
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    Hey Tim. A judge in Illinois just removed Trump from the primary ballot there. How many states is that now? But it's Trump that's trying to turn this country in to a dictatorship????? https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2024/02/28/trump-illinois-ballot-ruling/
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    Exactly. And the cognitive test that Trump bragged about passing is being given five words and then repeating them back.
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    Why should anyone care about the amount Mahomes wife leaves in tips? Seriously?
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    That sh!t got me in a world class barfight over 20 years ago. Don't remember leaving the bar after. Woke up in my buddies front yard under a cargo blanket when my wife found me
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    Oh, OK, only part of the time... also, if only we had four years of experience under Trump's dictatorial regime to realize that, other than mean tweets and making Euros mad for pointing out their being second-handers in NATO, that's not going to happen. But feel free to put VOA on repeat and cuddle into your safe space.
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    Yeah, no signs of mental issues in this post.
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    As I wrote I only fear it part of the time. But the concern is real. He doesn’t appear to have any respect whatsoever for our democratic institutions. And yet people want to vote for him anyhow.
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    Other than the horrifying lack of diversity....................mesmerizing
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    Donald Trump gets away with it again. By taking up his spurious claim of immunity, the Supreme Court has given him de facto immunity. There will not be a January 6 trial until after the election- and if Trump wins there will be no January 6 trial at all. There will also be no classified document trial before the election and no Georgia trial before the election. This means the only trial before the election will be the New York hush money case which is pretty meaningless. This is a game that Trump has played and won. There will be no repercussions for anything Trump has done- unless he loses the election- and maybe not even then.
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    From the Twitters: DaDakota on X: "@Dawn2Light The bill was OPPOSED by the VA as it used CUTS from the VA to pay for it......misleading post." / X (twitter.com) The bill was OPPOSED by the VA as it used CUTS from the VA to pay for it......misleading post.
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    Biden is an evil pedophile. Just as bad as Obama, or most of them for that matter.
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    Hershel was a vet and removed a bullet out of Carl.
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    Congrats. Don't forget to take profits at some point. Not now but in the coming months.
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    Good thing you explained the meaning of the term "butterface", or we would've been completely lost.
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    The tipping bullies strike again, shaming people into giving them money. It is time to end tipping in the USA!
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    It’s hilarious, but not surprising, that you don’t see that the following 2 statements are both true: 1) The shots were very effective at preventing deaths particularly in 2021 when many had not yet been infected, and have not driven excess deaths 2) Natural immunity works which almost everyone has by now, and the first 2 shots have also shown durable protection against death so boosters don’t have the same benefit the first 2 (or 3 for old people) shots did
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    So apparently Chesbro tried to cover up a fake Twitter account where he laid out the fake electors scheme. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mollybohannon/2024/02/26/trump-ally-kenneth-chesebro-hid-private-social-media-account-from-investigators-report-says/?sh=1348a9e15c5c
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    Pimpadouche Googling Tranny Porn
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    There is no climate crisis, only liberals (the higher ups), needing new revenue streams to make sure their portfolio's can grow to match the inflation rate increases that they're creating.
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    You cant be this dumb. What a troll.
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    The environment doesn't need saving, clown.
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    Hey Man, Wakefield was involved in the Jimmy Fund. It helps people with cancer. I think we’re all good with that, regardless of politics. It’s not approved. Just right. You’re reaching here.
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    when schilling dies, this focking honcho will not call his work with protecting gun rights as humanitarian work, but he will call hen wakefield did as charity work. hes sneaking politics into the backdoor of the deat of a focking athlete. id punch honcho i the mouth if he was standing here.