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    I had to get back on cause of this and think they are scum too. Trump was the monkey in the wrench cause he was neither of the parties. You can say he was hated cause of his mouth and some truth to that. Trump was not involved with the establishment and why he was loved and still is! Now we are back to the corrupt BS with Biden now! Yep we are back to being used again like always and great times to be a American!
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    If you need a guy to play from the trees, miss a putt or bogey a par 5 - I've got 4 pigs for sale.
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    Masters Standings Round 3 1. KSB -15 (-11, -4, E) 2. Lager -11 (-7, -3, -1) 3. Cruz -10 (-7, -5, +2) 4. Fumble -8 (-7, -1, E) *tie break top golfer -7 5. Wonder -8 (-6, -1, -1) 6. Cloaca -2 (-1, -1, E) 7. Alias +1 (E, E, +1) 8. Dain +13 (E, +3, +10)
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    Thanks everyone. I guess this is the right way to go. The guy texted me like a dozen times but when I told him cash or meet at a bank for certified check he stopped talking so it was a scam. I was instantly suspicious when he made an offer right at the asking price without even looking at it. I texted this back several hours after he quit texting. It is too bad the scumbag scammers ruined money orders for the honest people. Get a real job, right?
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    SSG Navarro, August - October 1989, Echo Company 2-10, Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.
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    tldr...but it looks like wiff is still talking about Trump. Poor guy. I sincerely hope he’s able to string together a few months of employment. I think it’d be really good for him.
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    A few days ago, the last time you pulled this crap, it was some MSM lie about Trump's lawyer recanting that was clearly bullsh*t. So, in regular Charlie Brown attempting to kick the football mode, I took an entire afternoon writing up a response pointing up how full of sh*t your story was ... but as usual you ignored my post and didn't bother to respond. And here's your next bullsh*t post. What we learned from that exercise that that you believe every lie the MSM spoonfeeds you, you like being lied to, a pig writhing around in NYTimes sh*t, and your ability to look at facts and evidence and think for yourself is non-existant. Responding twice in a week is too much. I read your headline, but recognize that it smells like as much bullsh*t as your last one. Occasionally a blind squirrel finds a nut, odds are, not everything that captivates your interest from the NTYimes is a blatant lie, but I won't be taking things seriously to debunk any time soon. Respond to my post in the Trump lawyer thread and maybe we can have a decent chat.
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    post-scarcity does not equal communism.
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    Yeah, "si si" actually occurred to me first too, but then I decided to trade down on format (doubled letters to simply doubled syllables) for additional meaning (an actual answer to the question). It was my decision and I have to live with it.
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    I hope this doesn’t jinx my sh1t. Check out fumble’s Masters thread. I put $25 down on Zalatiris on Wednesday at +10000
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    After a year of this sh1t finally someone had a problem with me not wearing a mask. At least with a enough balls to say it to my face. I walked into my local liquor store this evening sans mask of course. The owners and none of the workers wear masks either. So I'm checking out the bourbon when this old dude and his fat son walk in. They stand there for a few minutes as I'm looking. Finally I ask if I can help him with something. Here is our exchange: He says, "we need to social distance and you make me nervous" I say, "you make me nervous. What are you sick? "No" "Then why are you wearing a mask?" I say He replies with, "really?" "Yes really. I'll tell you what I'll step aside since you're so scared, so you can get your sh1t and get out of here" "Excuse me" he says "I said get your sh1t and get out of here" He points to a bottle of wild turkey rye and asks me "is this good sh1t" I said, "it's okay" So he grabs it and as he's walking away I say, "if you're so scared it sure is weird to me you'd risk your like for a bottle of wild turkey" He proceeds to tell me to "go fock myself. And wear a mask" I told him "why don't you make me" I wish I could have seen his face as he got to the register only to see the owner standing there without a mask on Anyway that's my tough guy crazy old man story. Crazy world out there people. Be safe.
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    What makes this interesting is we all have guys that have no shot at winning this tournament playing a role in our score. Our guys at the top are important, but that 3rd score can easily make or break this.
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    They need to start driving in the rain or get dome stadiums.
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    Meet at his bank, watch him withdraw the cash or get the check. Walk into the bank and cash the check then give him the keys and pink slip.
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    Bitcoin would fix this. But I'm told it doesn't have utility or value.
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    I'm seeing communism getting softly endorsed in corners of the media here in 2021. I think in another 2-3 years, they will be out in the open with this.
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    I have no idea what you are going through, I don't pretend to, and only wish jerryskids the best. With that said, my wife's best friend was diagnosed with late (I think 3) stage colon cancer that metastasized to her liver and lungs. This was six years ago. She was over tonight hanging out with us and looked better than ever, you would never know. Don't get me wrong, she's had multiple surgeries, chemo, all the things. However she is doing great, the cancer is "at bay" if you will, but modern medicine is amazing. Even if this spread to other organs you caught it way early and that is treatable. I see no reason you cannot battle this and win. You're a smart dude with a great support system. Give it hell Jerry.
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    Yep and I looked at that picture for 9 minutes and his knee never moved.
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    I like the Star Wars future too, but if Will Nguyen thinks "real communism hasn't been tried" and thinks he's the real communist, the good one with all the vision and ideals to pull it off, he should know that invariable, a true believing Stalin, tired of his bullsh*t, will come along and Trotsky his ass and drive it all into the gutter as has happened every other time. it seems to me that the better way to get there is have robots to do all the work and for humanity collect Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income... get back with me in 200 years if I'm been artificially kept alive that long and see if I think the time is right to implement that sort of thing, now that the world doesn't need ditch diggers or brain surgeons anymore.
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    oh yeah, well name another state where dog poop falls from the sky.
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    Everyone I know did doesn’t seem wrong to me