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    Chris Christie can't run anywhere...
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    Dude looks like a walking globe or a slimmed down version of @seafoam1
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    Leave the kids alone!
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    "Rent free" as your slow retarded liberal twin mdc would say. Liberals are so stupid.
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    I am at least willing to explore the Melania part of that equation and see if it changes my perspective. I am not onde to rush to judgment without all the facts.
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    Only one person in the entire world thinks this is worth starting a thread about.
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    I know. Guys like Justin have no cojones whatsoever. So much bullsh!t. I was going to bet him a few months ago that there wouldn’t be a nuclear war, but it seemed unfair: after all if he wins, how would I pay him?
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    It is the simple idea of "rules for thee not for me". Riots. Only ok when BLM leftists do it. Conservatives say oh what the hell lets play and "Reeeeeeeeee" is all you hear from the left. Canceling/boycotting. Left invented it basically. Right says ok lets finally play that game and "Reeeeeeeeeeee" Libs are a bunch of pansies. Take ball and go home. Only ok when they do something. Anyone else gives in and says ok this is how its gonna be? And they lose their F'ing mind. So basically the left gets to act and the right can't react. What if a bunch of rural rednecks start looting rural stores. Just dudes on Harleys going in and trashing places and looting. How much more bad press would that get than your typical day in San Fran? Would the same "leaders" downplay it? Or would they scream bloody murder? We all know the answer. Hilarious yet predictable. Gutter is delusional by the way. Why can't all 300 and some million just take the high road! Look at him take the high road here. He takes such a high road on so many issues here doesn't he? Biggest hypocrite that posts here. Bar none.
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    “Still in business” is something to aspire to now. Lol. Some really sharp finance guys up in here.
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    Athletic freak for his size. Anyone think he makes it in the NFL? I picked him up today on waivers in my dynasty league and have him on my Taxi squad. He caught 73 passes in 2021 at Old Dominion. At 6-foot-7 and 255 pounds. 1st in the vertical (40", 98th percentile), 1st in bench (23), 1st in Broad Jump (128, 96th percentile), 1st in 3-cone (6.87, 92nd percentile), 2nd in the short shuttle (4.12, 94th percentile) and 2nd in the 40-yard dash (4.55, 92nd percentile).
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    There were some other uniformed people in front of these doors that were getting smashed. They moved to the side then bolted. As soon as they did this woman then jumps into the window and gets shot. That she got shot was tragic, it was not this cop’s fault. She should not have been there, these people should not have been in the building, they should not have been smashing shet, people were yelling he has a gun. It blows my mind that people are calling him a murderer.
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    The lady who got shot was inside the building acting like a lunatic and was crawling through a window that was just busted open which she was then entering into the corridor where the lawmakers were. Your stuff about perceiving people as subhuman is cheap bullshet. You are better than that. I do think how you portray Jan 6th is so bizarre and honestly just baffling however. I am sad this poor person was so deluded that she caused this to happen. Somehow the person who caused this to occur is still a prominent figure in politics.
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    So remember when I was maybe 12 years old? At the Cooper theater downtown. I watched Star Wars with my friend john Geddes. We stood in line, the whole nine. And the Cooper was the place to see a movie at the time. The scene where Luke was hauling ass inches above the Death Star looking to drop the bomb that would defeat the whole warship/space station. 3 on one. And one of em was Darth Fricking Vader! Never saw it coming. Kaboom! "You're all clear kid!" And I'm not at all ashamed to admit that i, for the first and only time ever, stood up and cheered in the theater. And I wasn't alone. That may be the only time I ever remember being a kid. That's what movies should be. And so rarely are.
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    True Romance. “Your great great grandmother…..”
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    there’s something about Mary: Franks n beans hair gel old school initiation with the brick and rope weird science: Bar scene with fats a few good men… you can’t handle the truth die hard… Hans speaking with no accent how do you like them apples
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    I once was about twenty yards behind Christie as he gave a speech at his birthday party without his suit jacket on. His back fat was more disgusting than his gunt.
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    Yeah. He'll be an easy drop if someone else comes available and worth a pick up. I went young with my TEs having McBride and LaPorta now. Both of whom I like a lot. Figured I would take a shot here. And being athletic doesn't mean a player will be bad.