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    MAGAtard catastrophizing and fear-mongering at its finest. We're not declining, internally or externally. MAGAtards and the infotainment they love are this country's most divisive element. No one supports pedophilia except pedophiles. People dressing in drag has been around a long time. Even Rudy Giuliani has dressed in drag. I don't agree with puberty blockers and all that, but this doesn't rank among our nation's most important issues. If there weren't demand for electric cars, they wouldn't exist, but I don't have an issue easing away from fossil fuels, which will run out at some point. Enjoy your upgraded U.S. infrastructure, made possible by the $1 trillion bipartisan bill passed a little more than a year ago. Yep, he did that! The president had almost zero impact on rising gas prices, but he deserves credit for them coming down. I paid $2.57 a galloon earlier this week. Suck on that! Inflation is caused by supply and demand, not what presidents do. This is simple economics, but a deluded MAGAtard just has to blame Biden. You'd be making excuses if this happened under Clownzo. And what would make everything worse for Americans? A Russian victory in Ukraine! Idiot.
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    What is wrong with you? You legit give cultist an even worse name than they already have.
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    Troof. Speaking of Dead Space, there is a remake in the works. Edit: looks like remake is coming out end of January. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Space_(2023_video_game)
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    That is exactly what they did. There was no law which the New York Post broke concerning Hunter's laptop. It was legal protection speech which also happened to be true.
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    This article is disinformation. It says FBI agent Elvis Chan testified that he could not recall if Hunter Biden was mentioned, to which the Post says that is “a crucial inconsistency with Roth’s declaration saying the FBI specifically mentioned Hunter.” But Roth only stated it was a RUMOR that Hunter was involved, which to me indicates that Hunter was not a key piece to the warning.
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    I'll spend the rest of my life, 30 years or so, in an underground bunker playing pinochle with Justin.
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    If there is another war I’m safe cause I won’t have to go back I feel for anyone in right now. Have to deal with dumb ass leadership that is more interested in politics and liberal agendas than they are being war ready, troop morale, or even common sense. Only leaders they have left in the military are “Yes men” that only agree with the people even higher than them. They’ve ran every good leader with common sense off.
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    Biden's weakness? It's Biden who pulled NATO together to stand against Putin. Europe wasn't on board until Biden rallied them. It's astounding to me that you could even type that.
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    My VPN is down so I can't see this. But probably no. Nothing noteworthy is going on around here. While it's on my mind, I did notice that you'd indicated an interest in taking Chinese classes with my wife over the internet but always forget to respond. She is willing/interested in doing so.
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    Did they ask that person their pronouns? Why assume "male"?
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    Isn't it odd how the weakest mentally are also the biggest Russian supporters? Russia is free to bomb and invade as they please. But the country they invaded dare strike back and the world dies. Thankfully the country is and has been led by men and not cowards like estrogen Justin.
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    I know! I mean, what D'HL?
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    I'll tell ya what I'd do, 2 chicks at the same time.
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    Go out in style eating a bunch of those new Taco Cheeseburgers.
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    You can make a cheese spread and on rye bread it's really good.
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    So, nobody wants to talk about him calling for the eradication of the constitution? Jesus. It's like him and Kanye are competing for dumbest f****** person on the planet.
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    Get it on... Some like it hot...
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    Thanks the Zeke and Dak. Thank you Jesus.
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    Welp, Watson's still good at hitting Texans in the end zone...
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    In return leagues, Duvernay might be a sneaky add. Consider a cold weather D. Like many, I tend to weight my bench to backup rbs. Who’s the cuff to Sanders? Gainwell? He should be available. JaMychal Hasty another. Hilliard would have value in ppr leagues.
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