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    It's still not fair to generalize. I had plenty of teachers who cared about teaching. We need so many that there will always be ones who aren't good at their job or just don't care about kids. It is definitely ironic to see an ex cop jumping in to generalize teachers. I'm not sure why we expect other professions to be made up of perfect hard working awesome people, when damn near every profession has its share of shitty people.
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    I have zero faith that the teachers union will be putting the kids first. Why start now? And they will care even less about the parents.
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    I had just gotten finished banging this chick at her place. I heard a sound from another room and asked her about it. She said it's her boyfriend on fftoday bitching about Trump to anyone who will listen. Then she said "I nicknamed him Newbie Jr, and he thinks it's a compliment. . Wanna go again?"
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    Yeah that's a shame. I hope he focking starves.
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    I play fantasy football. I found it for that purpose. Then in poking around I found the geek club.
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    This. Maybe it's my white privilege talking, but I'd say 90% of the teachers I had growing up were top notch. Same goes with the teachers that our kids had. Granted the school district was the #1 priority when my wife and I bought our house so maybe we got what we paid for.
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    How can a normal healthy man not be? IMO, the most beautiful woman to ever walk the Earf
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    When the Huddle imploded, I went to FBG first. It was a nightmare. I'd set up the Interboard Challenge that season and in year two, JetDoc wanted FFToday to participate as well so I came here to help orgainze the FFT team. Meanwhile, FBG was clearly a sh*t site so I stuck around.
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    Someone mentioned it at the monthly Klan rally.
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    “I wonder how many years daddy’s gonna get”
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    It's fine to disagree, its just not ok to cancel others because you disagree with them
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    Superman is already an illegal alien. What more do they want?
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    There he's just one more fly buzzing over the sh!t wagon. Here he's unique. And MDC is a troll (nothing wrong with that). He amuses himeslef winding you guys up.
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    Blacks are far more racist than whites. This isn’t even debatable. And to an extent it is understandable. I’ve always said I don’t blame blacks for advocating for themselves. My beef is with white liberals who are motivated by a patronizing sense of white guilt. Those idiots are insufferable.
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    africa is different than america. black americans aren't many generations removed from being forced to maintain and care for the property of others. blacks haven't really been afforded the right to own anything of real value, to build any sort of pride about ownership. aside from pandering programs to buy their votes, none of the attempts to help have any real teeth. the home loan fiasco used blacks as a reason to turn houses into lines of credit for everyone, and we have seen how that worked out. the higher education programs of today are targeted towards them, but instead were used as a way to keep people from being reported as unemployed to keep the economy from tanking worse than it is. this economy is in the toilet, and low income people are suffering from very high inflation of everyday things. they are a group (mexicans are next) that is used as reasoning for the economic elite to initiate programs that funnel money from the white middle to the white elite. democrats use them as a tool to effect socialist ideals on our country, but that's only because they beat republicans to the punch in 1964. the real war is to extract money from the working, middle class into the pockets of the 1%. it's working splendidly.
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    Reading over this thread and thinking back just solidifies that the right hasn't moved much in 6 years, but the left has moved batshit crazy more left. Defund the police, its all whitey's fault, full blown Marxism. Exhibit A of how TDS is a real phenomenon. Many people wake up in the morning and the first thing they think about is Trump. If it wasn't so sad it'd be funny. Newsflash: A POTUS can only serve 8 years, stand by your principles and don't get caught up in media driven bullshit. HTH