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    Are disgusting pigs. How anyone could defend what she’s pulling at this time is unbelievable. You truly are a cuck if you are. Those corksuckers with the insider trading was some real low life shite. But this evil bich is outdoing them.
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    Do I have this correct? When China flu started spreading across the globe -Democrats were busy trying to impeach the president for crimes committed by Joe Bidden and his son. When Trump stopped flights from China -Democrats said that was racist and it would raise tensions between our two countries. Trump and the pandemic team hold a press conference -Democrats lied about the pandemic team being fired -Democrats cried about the color of people's skin and that it wasn't diverse enough. Trump stop flights from the EU because they didn't take the virus seriously. -Democrats said Trump was being racist and abandoning our allies. Trump tries to assure the public and prevent panic -Democrats and their media propaganda say he's not taking the virus seriously China tries to deflect responsibility and Trump rightfully keeps the spotlight on them -Democrats say it's racist and won't someone think of the poor-poor Chinese?
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    You mean in January when he shut down the borders before any other country? Couldn’t be that he was trying to take care of things and still try to keep people from panicking
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    Don't even try to argue with him about this.
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    They're not incompetent so they're testing everyone and isolating people that have it. The common theme among countries that get it under control fast is the test early, often, and efficiently. We still have our heads up our asses.
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    No shiot. Planned Parenthood had to shutdown, so far the virus has saved more lives than it's taken.
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    They are killing themselves because they can't get the life saving d1ck removal surgery due to the hospitals being overwhelmed with real problems.
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    That's what I figured, I think we're done here. If anything though and, I know you have an online persona to protect but, I'm gonna assume that secretly you'll stop falling for media edits and watch the whole thing in it's entirety. It will keep you from looking like such a focking idiot going forward. So, that's a positive even if you won't admit it.
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    Instead of making a new thread I'll post here in the original. I wanna say thanks to the geeks for being on top of this early. This thread was January 21 and got our attention pretty early in the process. No place else I visit online was talking about this and seeing it for what it was and could be. Because of this group I had almost 2 months to financially prepare and also have 30 n95 masks between my brother and I. My mom owns a little general store and has a lot of health issues. If stuff gets bad and she needs to use those masks you guy may have very well saved her life. You guys were on top of this from the jump and have given us a chance to be ready. Well done
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    OMG I seriously have to explain my point.. Ok here goes. The President of the United States makes decisions based on information provided to him. Everyone's favorite Doctor had it wrong in early March. So he was almost certainly giving false or inaccurate information to the president, who then made decisions or reported information to the public based on that. To blame him for not reacting fast enough is ludicrous. The information he was given was inaccurate, because no one really knew what this was or what it was going to turn out to be. Its laughable to me that people honestly and truly believe Trump should have been reacting to this back in February, when every single doctor was telling EVERYONE it was no big deal. Some of you just put wayyyyy too much faith in our elected officials. They are not crystal ball readers, they are not heroes.
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    California's Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom praised President Donald Trump on Monday for supporting his state as it assisted with the repatriation of passengers from the coronavirus-infected Grand Princess cruise ship. Trump and his administration have faced criticism for their response to the coronavirus. But Newsom, who declared a state of emergency in California last Wednesday, shared positive remarks about the way the president had responded and supported the West Coast state as it allowed the Grand Princess, which had 21 infected passengers aboard, to dock in Oakland. "We had a private conversation, but he said, 'We're gonna do the right thing' and 'You have my support, all of our support, logistically and otherwise,'" Newsom told reporters at a Monday news conference. "He said everything I could have hoped for," the governor asserted. "And we had a very long conversation and every single thing he said, they followed through on," he noted.
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    I think Trump could have done more, sooner. If a moron like me can garner enough information from twitter during the month of January, then our President should be able to see what's coming even sooner. I moved out of the stock market on Jan 27th. I started buying extra groceries the same week. It didn't have to be a rocket surgeon to see what was coming.
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    Yes, because Trump should have known 3 years ago that we would need 500,000 respirators 3 years into the future. He should have been all over Doc Brown.
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    Watch the daily briefings and decide for yourself. Dont watch twitter clips or cut and paste jobs by the media to decide for you.
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    How do you interact in society when you can't tell somebody is blatantly being facetious? That is an honest question. I dont care that he said it because I expect nothing less but if you can't see something that as a dig I wonder how much goes over your head daily
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    Governors and mayors are making the decision piecemeal because there’s no direction or leadership at the federal level.
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    I was relieved that when I filled out the census yesterday the only options were male/female. I'm sure some purple haired freaks screamed at the sky when they saw that.
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    it just shows that no matter what, the world was great 2 months ago, we had nothing but fake things to stress and worry over. It was so good people had to create outrage
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    oops, you're bad. Hang up and listen. Did you know when Trump started doing that? Late January 2020? But what else was happening then? Ohyeah, his intelligence agencies were telling him about the impending virus threat that he blew off. But he knew enough to cover his ass after years of allowing Chinese anchor babies. Read the dates Porto. It's pretty simple. I hope you hang up and listen. LOL
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    Exactly why, libtards like Rachel Maddow and others want the networks to stop showing the briefings. More people actually watch it and not have it spoon fed after it’s been hacked up by their media overlords. But they still have duped morons like MDC they can count on to lap it up.
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    Good afternoon and a big Fock you, you fockin chink govt. motherfockers. Die, every fockin one of you except any hot looking chink chicks.
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    I posted this video in the doomsday thread showing the couple of minutes prior to President Trump lashing out at the reporter.Everything else I've seen is only focusing on the President calling out the reporter not what led up to it.
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    "If they're lootin', I'm shootin'".