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    Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Marry, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill
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    I don't recall the videos of citizens and celebrities saying "fock obama" or any of the death wish stuff these sore losers are always on about. But yeah, go ahead and try to equalize in your fairy tale head.
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    FBG appears to be missing one of their idiots.
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    Obama was too busy sending pallets of cash to the middle east and all of our uranium to russia and working back room deals to spy on Trump and build up false documentation about Trump's dealing with russia. He was a very busy hussein.
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    Not a fancy built in job, but 5 individual components lined up on the patio. Weber Grill, Blackstone Griddle, Smoke Hollow Smoker, Bayou Classic Deep Fryer, Permasteel Rolling Patio Cooler. The deep fryer can be used to boil stuff too. The Weber and the Blackstone both have side shelves that can be used to prep. Since COVID, I’ve been cooking at home even more than usual. No reason to stop now.
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    Redskins is the only one that should stay. Fock em
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    Trump signs an order (finally) stopping foreigners from coming here on h1-b visas taking hundreds of thousands of jobs from American college graduates and Biden says he will undo it as soon as he gets in office. Biden said those people built this county. The visas have been around since 1998. And these stupid tweets are what libtards want to talk about. These are not serious people.
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    Could you imagine writing that article with a straight face, these people are focking shameless. It's like those focking idiots claiming protests haven't contributed to rising covid cases. These people are pure human filth.
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    It should be no surprise on this board that I’m a conservative. Outside my close friends and immediate family, nobody knows my political beliefs. It’s not worth the risk as conservatism has been branded negatively. On the opposite side, liberals feel empowered and want to tell anyone who will listen what their political beliefs are. I am not alone, not by a long shot. I’m more conservative and more of a Trump supporter today than ever. And Joe Biden is who he’s facing? Laugh out FOCKING loud. How embarrassing for democrats.
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    Shut up ya focking comic book loser cuck.
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    I have been in the championship game 6 of the last 7 years in my 12 team auction league. I drink liberally during the draft and love it.
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    Don't tune into any news platform that gives a shlt about the black liberal platform.
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    After a long winter this year I'm glad to finally have a few summer months. Funny how it's been working that way for over 100's of years. Consistently. You can plan your vacations around it.
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    I wouldn't be a part of any club that would have me as a member. Or Jews.
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    Those two really need to take some lessons on how to use their guns. She's got no clue.
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    joined a local public course first time in my life this year. 1875 full membership. Best greens around. Locked up 7am Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season and play at least 3 times during the week. Have already gotten my moneys worth easily. Plus they keep our handicaps and have all kinds of member tourneys every weekend. Good times, will be renewing.
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    It is hard to argue with the notion that Trump can be his own worst enemy. The thing is that people judge him on his policies not what he says or tweets. If they did not he never would have been elected or even won the nomination. I just hope people remember that in November and reelect him.
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    See, to me it's not even a question of racism. It's a question of stupidity. how f****** stupid do you have to be as president of the United States especially given these times to do that? Jesus, 99% of the job is judgment. And this f***** has worse judgment than a psychotic 5 year old.
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    You should check the passenger seat for a burn mark, Ed.
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    So far a typical No big deal that our soldiers have bounties on their heads from Russia. Also like I said, this would be topic numero uno if this was Obama.
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    To be fair Don could claim ignorance on most topics.
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    Not good to see a Pres claim ignorance on this. If this was Obama it would be the top thread on here with people losing their minds
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    Thats the thing. They don't need you to believe it. First off, they got paid for you viewing it, belief or not. Secondly, you read something often enough, it becomes true. At least for most people. They don't report news... They produce content to advance the agenda.
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