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    Well, at least you won't need browning.
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    He hasn't said anything of the sort, you brainwashed idiot.
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    It's because what you said is foolish. We're not gonna be shoving you into ovens. Cooking is wimmens work.
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    Lay off guys. You don’t have to spell great to mow great...
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    You should not be allowed to protest in masks; PERIOD.
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    How about mandatory life sentence for those using a gun in commission of a crime? If a life is lost, mandatory death penalty? Cut out the recidivism and gun violence would plummet.
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    It used to be called patriotism. I am also a proud xenophobe.
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    Same reason I put my wife down. It was best for both of us.
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    Given the historical perspective, the left has demonstrated far more elements that align to Facist Germany than the right at this point. Now, that being said, we need to keep an eye on Trump, but there is nothing he has said or done that rises to the level of evil we see from the left.
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    You're sort of right. The problem is not so much wages, as it is the fact that our entire society is set up to serve the shareholder. Raise the wages AND prevent the companies from passing that on to the consumer, and youd have something.
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    Yeah, he's probably dying for some good Chinese food
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    I’m pretty sure criticizing people for engaging in a type of behavior while engaging in the same behavior yourself is the definition of hypocrisy. Even if you’re being a hypocrite ironically.
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    They banned the pledge of allegiance in the towel heads district. I wish we’d send her back to Somalia. She also looks just like the mars attack aliens https://www.blazingcariboustudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/marsattacks-752x440.png https://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/ED-AY791_HIRSIA_GR_20190709145053.jpg
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    Might it be because you were using it as a bidet?
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    Ezekiel Elliot had 1,994 total yards to go with 16 TDs in 2016 when Dak was a rookie. Marshawn Lynch carried the ball 315 times, the most in a season in his career, during Russell Wilson's Rookie year in 2012. Lynch had 1786 total yards and 12 TDs. Jerome Bettis had 13 TDs, the most in a season of his career in Ben's 2004 rookie year and they won the Super Bowl. Barry Sanders put up huge #s with rookie qbs Rodney Peete, Scott Mitchel, and Charlie Batch.
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    If by lead you mean wipe out the middle east and put the rest of the planet on notice, yeah I'm down with that then.
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    American push to attract new, young golfers: * Tee boxes equipped w/phone chargers * 1/2 off white belts in pro shop * Complimentary kale burger after round * Tee markers are all same color, so not to offend anyone
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    I like top 4, 5-8, or last 4 this year. Any other spot is garbage
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    It's not ridiculous. I agree with you that having to do all that with your hair everyday and spending all that money has to drive you nuts after a while. Trying to conform to a ridiculous norm that goes against your personal nature isn't good for ones psyche. When you see hair salons in the hood open past midnight something is out of whack.
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    Jihad Squad vs Trump This pretty much sums up what happened. And now the left is going insane defending these women and their hate, projecting their own racist tendencies on to Trump and his supporters. Good luck with that strategy.
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    Joe Bryant is such a poooosay. I haven't been to DC since the 8th grade, but I have half a mind to be a REDSKINS fan just to offend people.
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    Better not to assume any hookers you meet at 4am are chicks.
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    The bad news is that the gators are wacked out on Meth. The good news is that the meth has caused them to lose a bunch of their teeth.
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    I will go back to my stance that the only immigrants that should be permitted into our country going forward are attractive females. Omar would not have passed the attractive test and should still be a somalian pirate.
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    Why should anyone give any ground to you? You belong to a subset of people that derive some sense of social status and approval from being "anti-racist". You've overused the word racist so that it has no real meaning, yet you continue label people racist as if you're some freedom fighter standing against the innumerable horde. Then the same people you've labeled politely tell you to fock off and you say, "Well we can't have a real conversation here".