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    Hanging out at the inlaws for a holloween party. My MIL said she would have pizza delivered. I said don't do that I'll go pick it up. Besides I need some beer. My FIL said he would join me. As we are leaving he ask if I had a mask. I laughed and said I don't wear masks. He was shocked. He honestly believed stores would refuse to serve me. I said C'MON MAN! So we went to a couple stores him in his magic face mask and me like a normal person. Not only did every story serve me. But everyone was polite and nobody said one word. The best part was as we are standing in line I point out every single person is wearing their mask wrong and it sure is interesting how many people are risking their lives for some pizza.
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    Of course.....Trump since this comes from CNN.... but I see this as a positive. The big tech companies are more influential than MSM right now, and are clearly tilted toward leftist ideology. They need to be fair.
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    Oooooh, a broken English email from an obviously fake address. If you fall for these, you deserve to get kicked out of the country.
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    I 100% agree with you. Let's turn it all into shite, complain about how it's too expensive and then move somewhere else. Makes NO sense to me. People hear, "Tax corporations! Tax the rich!" But really they have NO idea what that all means. CA want rent control. Well, there goes the focking housing market. They want more social services, well, there go your tax dollars. Where the FOCK do people think the money comes from? Rich people know the loopholes, write offs, and all of that. It doesn't come from them. It comes from regular old people like me...where eventually the taxes will be so high that people who get the "free" have more. I don't understand how people can't see this and continue to vote the same way.
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    Not at all. The Biden's personally putting millions of dollars in their pockets to arrange these meetings makes it corrupt. Any other federal government employee would be doing serious jail time for using their position for profit. Trump does some questionable stuff especially with the golf trips to his own resort, but what the Biden's did even tops that. It is kind of shocking what the public and the media overlooks and excuses when it is their guy.
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    We will right after Nov 3rd.
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    Eh. if I'm Trump when they ask me about being a racist I use my two minutes to talk about Hunter Biden. When they ask me about making Coronavirus worse I say no I didn't and use the rest of the two minutes to talk about Hunter/Joe Biden. Etc.....Talk about what he wants to, not the drivel they try to hammer him on. And he should point out that he wouldn't have to change the subject if the corrupt biased debate commission acted ethically. There are no rules that you have to answer the question they ask you.
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    C'mon MAN! Dont you know I don't work for you. You know the rest when the kids loved ole corn pop rubing my legs. Good morning. 6 million people died in the military and you're asking about that? C'mon Man! You don't smoke a crack pipe before an interview do yah boy? Nah because you ain't black!
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    I called you a wuss who’s intimidated and jealous of masculinity and it manifests itself in passive aggressive disrespect. . Is that easy enough for you?
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    Henry Ford - Walt Disney - Bill Gates - Steve Jobs - Milton Hershey All have gone through bankruptcies. If there was no such thing as bankruptcy, think about how many businesses and jobs and innovations wouldn't exist because people would be too scared to try to open businesses using their hard earned savings.
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    It is really pathetic. I did not personally attack anyone. Just made a point that their hatefilled rhetoic towards police is contributing to these psychos to putting bullets in the heads of police and they don't care. All they care about is they are not 'members' of BLM or Antifa (whatever that means), so they deny any culpability. They don't give a rats ass about the consequenses of their words. The left understands how Trump's words can lead to violence from the crazies on the right, but to suggest the same applies to their words is bannably offensive. The double standards and censorship we are seeing out of the left is dangerous. And it really does not matter on Joe's little playland, but when monopolistic entities such as Facebook, Youtube, Google, and Twitter engage in such political censorship it is very troubling. These companies have had government protection in creating their monopolistic platforms upon giving promises to the public about providing free and open platforms for public discussion. These companies have failed in holding up to their end of the bargain and instead have become a wing of the Democratic party and are profitizing on our privated data.
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    Yeah if you want to see "professional journalist" cry on camera. If you want to see democrats not accept the results of the elections like they didn't in 2016. If you want Hollywood and every mainstream Lib lose their sh1t night after night. If you want to see major news organizations throw away all credibility chasing anonymous sources and people familiar with Trumps thinking. If you want to see that "chit show" you Vote for Trump If you want to go back to the Obamas/Bidens/Hillary's of the world selling state secrets and handing over our money to foreign interest for a kickback without a peep from anyone while the media and libs kiss their azz you vote for biden.
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    Cuck: We have to have 4 years of investigation to see if Trump did anything wrong. Cuck: What laws did Biden break. I want to know now.
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    Hence the new exit tax plan. Want to leave the state? Fine. But we're still going to tax you for the next decade. Also, people leaving is fine. The problem is they keep voting for the same idiotic crap when they get go wherever it is they are going to get away from the idiotic crap they voted for here. I don't blame the people in places likeTexas, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona for disliking the transplants from California. They screw up every place they relocate too.
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    The media refuses to report sourced-based stories which have significant collaboration, but has no issue with speculating these are just Russian propaganda. You really can't make up just how deep the media is in the tank for Democrats.
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    I thought you were the guy that was all proud of himself because some fat checkout clerk smiled at your gas mask.
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    There are millions of Americans who don't vote, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, who will be voting for Trump this year. Meanwhile the left thinks Biden is up 20 points and celebrates uniparty cucks like Cindy McCain and Mittens Romney jumping on the Biden wagon. When Trump wins the popular vote and 450+ EV I wonder if the left will finally realize that America rejects them and their commie ways.
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    Come On Eileen. / Thread.
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    If they had bashed BLM instead of the military, they would have lost their jobs by now.
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    I'm so sick of these ignorant aholes.
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    Your post gives me an idea... A bunch of us should sign up over there. Claim to be women, transgender, non bianary, gender fluid, queer, whatever other dumbass buzzword they've come up with lately. Argue loudly that you love the game of FF, but that the word "guys" in the name is uninclusive and causes you anxiety and mental pain. I guarantee that cuck loser would change the name within a week.
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    Update: Not a great week. This past Monday I had my ~2 week swallow test, after which this $#@! Feeding tube was to be removed. Unfortunately the test showed a leak in a reconstructed area, so not only do I get to keep the tube for another 2.5 weeks, I get to wear something called a “jaw bra”. Something like this: https://images.app.goo.gl/ghFZLSMQcc6CKxdA8 Wednesday we met with the radiation oncologist. Earlier he had indicated that this “adjuvant” therapy wouldn’t be too debilitating, but this time it seemed like he was prepping me for a tough treatment. 5 days per week from mid-November through year end, lots of bad side effects looming which are hopefully mostly temporary. As a bonus, I still don’t have that prosthetic device to help me speak again (TEP). Because of the healing delay and need to start radiation (already delayed), they seem to be slow-playing me into the likelihood that it won’t even be installed until after radiation. So I’ve increased my practice of alternate communication using lip speaking and the electrolarynx (robot thing on your throat, or in my case through a tube in my mouth because my neck is still swollen). It’s not all bad; I do feel better every day, and I remind myself that they got all of the cancer, so I just need to get through the next two months and come out of it as strong as possible.