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    Twitter has never banned a BLM or a blue check account despite 40 dead, 2 billion in damage, 200 riots, and thousands of business lost. Yet the first time a riot on the right happens they ban parler from the major platforms. They even banned Straka’s Walk Away campaign which never participated in violence of any kind, but was just calling people to leave the Democrat party. Yet antifa and BLM freely use Instagram, wattsapp, etc to organize hundreds of violent events and threats to politicians. Antifa literally assaulted Ted Wheeler 2 days ago. DNC and democrats called for trump to be banned and parler to be taken down. It took less than 24 hours to comply. You have active political actors trying to get their opponents fired, muted, etc. This is called soft fascism. A wink wink that the government is not the one enforcing these attacks, just political partners elsewhere doing it. big tech bankrolled Biden big time and he has already hired several tech executives to his cabinet. Wake up you’re not this naive.
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    BS. This is up to all of us. Every nationality, religion and political stripe is at fault here. You and I are both at fault. We can't count on our "Leaders" to do it for us. Stop engaging in rhetoric like this, stop listening to and watching hopelessly biased sources of "news", start treating each other with the respect we wish to be afforded. It's that simple. And stay the fuk away from social media. Except of course for lightly trafficked FF boards. When you've got guys like Riversco that seem more likely to align with a foreign aggressor than his own countrymen because of a bunch of rhetoric and lies, that's a big problem.
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    You know, I think the civil war already is under way, only it's not happening like you thought it would. The war began when Clownzo came into power and spent four years bitterly dividing the country, emboldening the extremes, with Antifa and BLM rising up on the left and the racist hate groups such as the Proud Boys and Boogaloo forming on the right. What neither side saw coming were the moderates, independent thinkers who grew tired of the noisy extremes. They grew tired of the summer violence. They grew tired of the alt-right rhetoric and intolerance as that group moved farther and farther away from the center, clinging to infortainment sources that churned out blatantly wrong information that affirmed their beliefs. Those on the left devoured the likes of MSNBC and CNN, buying into liberal opinions rather than unbiased facts. Our Gettysburg and battle for the nation's soul came Nov. 4, when the moderates rose up and took a side, that being evicting Clownzo from the White House. Myriad battles followed as the Clownzo loyalists desperately clung to hope that somehow their boy would prevail. These battles were fought in court, with Clownzo and his loyalists suffering one staggering defeat after another at the hands of federal judges he appointed and thought were allies. The battle of political attrition continued until it became clear it was the loyalists vs. a growing army of everything to the left of themselves. Clownzo's last-gasp call of action was to whip his followers into a frenzy and display their might last Wednesday. They came by the thousands - many of them heavily armed - and descended on the Capitol, crashing into our cradle of democracy, terrorizing Congress and the vice president and briefly halting confirmation proceedings. But their efforts had the opposite effect. Congress returned to chambers and confirmed Biden as president. Conservatives Vice President Pence, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, among others, had turned their backs on Clownzo and joined his enemies in the civil war, leaving only the Seditious 16 to fight for the cause. In the wake of the Capitol insurrection, the isolation of the alt-right continued. Twitter permanently banned Clownzo. Facebook suspended him until after the inauguration. Apple, Google and Amazon pulled the plug on Parler. Big businesses announced they would not be contributing money to the seditious G.O.P. members. Now, the civil war is winding down, and the alt-righties have lost, the party they love left in tatters thanks Clownzo and his four years of jaw-dropping, self-serving actions that deeply hurt and embarrassed this country. Let this serve as a lesson to never again let a narcissistic wanna-be despot into the White House. Let the reconstruction begin!
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    I disagree with probably everyone on Parler. Echo chambers are one of the biggest reasons we have such division in this country. But I get why Trump supporters went there. Anyone that looks at this situation and is on board is a just short sighted. Just look at cancel culture combined with this and you can see where this is going. Wont be long until your current moderate views are seen as extreme. Something has to be done because 3 or 4 people shouldnt control all communications like this.
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    Protestors storm capitol during Kavanaugh hearing Rusty: Zzzzzz Police ambushed and murdered Rusty: Zzzzzz Buildings Burned Rusty: Zzzzzz Business owners attacked and murdered Rusty: Zzzzzz Business looted all over the country Rusty: Zzzzzz Trump Supporters murdered Rusty: Zzzzzz "Protestors" take over government buildings and set up autonomous zones Rusty: Zzzzzz People raped and murdered in those zones Rusty: Zzzzzz Here is where I talk about the billion from companies sent to the people doing all this. Rusty: Zzzzzz This is where I talk about some of our police and government agencies literally kneeling to these terrorists. Rusty: Zzzzzz Here is where BLM has a real terrorist who successfully bombed the capitol building on their pay roll in a high-level position. A POS who should still be rotting in jail if not for a Clinton pardon Rusty: Zzzzzz Trump Supports* enter the capital many invited in by police when they removed barricades and waved them in. Proceed to knock over some water bottles. One person is shot. A veteran Mother of three. Rusty: CLOWNZO TERRORIST THIS MUST BE STOPPED I'M SO DISGUSTED TERRIBLE DARK DAY FOR THIS COUNTRY OMG ORANGE MAN BAD ORANGE MAN BAD ORANGE MAN BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD
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    Our "president" is throwing Medals of Freedom around like they're candy (so he can suck up to athletes), but Bill Belichick says NO WAY. Good for Belichick to reject this tool and his ways. President Biden should present the same Medal to Belichick for rejecting Chump's offer.
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    Go back to FBG, nobody likes you and you bring nothing.
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    This is uncharted waters, those comparing it to a newspaper probably still write checks for pizza.
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    Social media is really sad. It amplifies the echo chamber effect and really distorts people's perceptions.
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    Barred from virtually every other platform, Trump is apparently in the middle of serious negotiations to restart Myspace. In fact, he has already quietly chosen advisors to make it so. Labeling them Myspace Force.
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    Some fringe websites are reporting that Trump invoked the Insurrection Act this evening. The rumor is the laptop taken from Pelosi's office had information detailing a coup attempt by the democrats.
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    It's going nowhere. Even Trump thinks you guys are idiots.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVZvp-Dv0gg Tour guide: And over here we have the Emancipation Hall, which honors the slaves that built this building. RaiderHaters Revenge: Frederick Douglas was BLM!!! Our cities are burning! Now it's OK to sack the Capitol! Tour guide: Casual Observer, please stop rubbing the Sacagawea statue's cans. Hardcore troubadour, please stop peeing on the State of Freedom model. Hardcore troubadour: BUT MUH ANTIFA! Tour guide: Now we enter The Crypt. Fireballer: Is this where they have hidden the eleventy million votes taken away from Trump? Tour guide: No, this is where I cornholed your mother after hours. The Crypt has statues from each of the original 13 colonies. Now let's head over to The Rotunda. Edjr: YOUR MOM IS A ROTUNDA!!! Tour guide: Very funny. Can someone please hand him his sippah cup so he'll be quiet for a while? Gutter: I feel so small in here, and my agoraphobia is red-lining. All I see are butts and crotches, crotches and butts. Tour guide: Now here's a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Peenie: I like this guy! Utilit99 - TDS is real. Tour guide: Lincoln was president of the union during the Civil War. JustinCharge: CIVIL WAR!?!?!? DID SOMEONE SAY CIVIL WAR!?!?!? I FOCKING TOLD YOU!!! Cdub100: It was a mostly peaceful protest. Tour guide: Geebus you guys are dumb. Anyway, here is the National Statuary Hall. DADBLAMMIT, DROBESKI QUIT LICKING RONALD REAGAN'S BULGE!!! Drobeski: No sidewindin' bushwackin' hornswogglin' cracker croaker is gonna rowll my bishen cutter!!! Tour guide: Sigh. This is why we can't have nice things. Hardcore troubadour: You mad, bro? Unhinged? Why so angry? TDS? Voltaire: I've already been here nineteen years and as of March or April or so last year, we took our school above ground and got it fully legalized and certified, stamps and documents, so i'll be here a while. When I was 29, I imagined a fiscal crisis brought on by rampant deficit spending. Well, we've had twenty more years of rampant deficit spending since then and the bottom hasn't fallen out, so maybe I was wrong. Right or wrong though, either way the system is proving to be way more resilient than I thought. I'd never imagined a cultural collapse though. 2020 caught me totally off guard. Until the George Washington statues hit the ground, I'd presumed the Woke cancer may be a passing phase. Instead of shocking us, we all just yawned, and now it's going to be spreading since it has a proponent in the White House rather than opposition. IMO, Biden* sucks for the US and Americans but as an expat in China, he benefits me in that he can lower the tensions between the countries which make things easier. The nearby US consulate I always use was closed in response to the rise in tensions between the two countries. As I type this, I don't even know where the nearest consulate is right now. I support Trump anyway despite this because I care for the country. His trade policies really benefit the community I grew up in which was hit hard with auto plant closures while I was young and it was the USMCA when I really warmed to him. Anyway, I'm 49 and half retired and will likely be in this situation for another sixteen years. I may retire here but if I do return, I imagine I would be looking to the reddest part of a red state. Some place where the magic that makes America great hopefully still exists. I am glad that I have become so tied in here though, as the US has passed me by. We just watch it dissolve. Everyone shrugs.I'm just so blackpilled and dejected. The country is just sinking culturally. The frog is being boiled. The biggest body blow for me was seeing them get away with rigging elections. I never thought I'd see Tammany Hall-era BS in the US in my lifetime. I thought it went out the door a hundred years ago but here we are. Even, worse, one of the places it happened was in Detroit. Meanwhile the 2020 deficit is $3.3 trillion and nobody cares. In years past, I would have seethed, this year, I'm numb. it's ... meh. Whatever. Like I told Hawkeye in the post above, I'm already in the process of tuning the news out. Being in China has insulated me from most of this mess. I should take advantage of that. Tour guide: Bison Hat Dude: Hey, where are the House and Senate chambers? Tour guide: Oh, they're over this way. Tourists: HANG MIKE PENCE! HANG MIKE PENCE! MUH FRAUD! KILL ALL THE LIBERTARDS!!!! MUH ANTIFA!!!! MUH BLM!!! TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT! BURN THIS SHAT TO THE GROUND!!! Cdub100: Mostly peaceful protest. Utilit99: TDS is real. Tour guide: I'm outta here.
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    Time to get off all social media, not sure how anybody can support what is happening right now. We're following Venezuela's exact path to destruction and idiots here are cheering it on.... Unreal.
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    Let's compare them then... Both are over bullsh!t illegitimate causes... Both should be roundly denounced and crushed. Now the differences... One involves much more property damage and loss of life... One was roundly praised by politicians and media hacks, including renaming Pennsylvania Avenue and putting slogans on professional sports gear and arenas... One causes major damage, harm, and inconvenience to innocent people... The other, while still wrong and stupid, is at least targeted at a publicly owned building housing a bunch of corrupt useless focks...
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    Don't worry, HT is RP so he's still here. Or so some people say........
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    Maybe we should all have a ban buddy that we can text if we suddenly find ourselves getting the ban hammer.
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    I think Tomlin just flips a coin when he's not sure what to do.
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    Dismiss every single source of information that doesn’t reinforce your fantasies. This is a mental condition.
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    Oh bullshit. It wasn't an insurrection, you haven't posted the video where the capital police opened the focking doors to these people and if it weren't for dishonest media accounts distorting or outright fabricating events, you people would be nowhere.