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    My trainer is a 20 y/o non-binary kid named Opal. They weigh like 100 pounds tops but they are really strong!
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    Hit a little too close to home I imagine.
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    Shouldn't something like that be caged and studied by professionals to try & prevent it from happening in the future ?
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    My daughter got accepted to her first college tonight. It's her #3 choice, so we got that.
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    You vomit a lot of crap, but you never make a point. You are the most worthless POS on this forum.
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    HT and Craftsman reported the thread to Mike because no one was saying that they liked them...
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    Expect nothing less from our resident groomer. Keep up your lame defenses, you pedophile-loving pervert.
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    So Lemon is one of those so called centrists that defend all things left like the ladies here
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    He supposedly had info on Iran and China’s defense systems that would expose how we get our intelligence and/or compromise the people involved. So the "nuclear” tag is probably in reference to them as opposed to ours. Of course this is all info provided by "people familiar with the matter" that will be obviously dismissed as nothing. I guess we’ll have to see how/what the special counsel reveals. It would make more sense as to why they raided his home, though, vs them doing it over more trivial stuff.
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    If anyone actually paid attention and didn’t have their fingers in their ears shouting “I can’t hear you" like the obnoxious toddlers that they are. They could see that if you connect the dots it would quite literally be a smoking gun. You don’t do all the things that Trump did after the election and in the order that he did them if you are not trying to retain power by any means. We are lucky that there were enough reasonable people that wouldn’t do what he wanted or that managed to talk him out of some of the more desperate attempts. The culmination was a violent attack on the capital by people who were expecting him to declare martial law. We have Mark Milley to thank for that not happening. Merrick Garland has now appointed a special counsel who will have the impossible choice of prosecuting a former President at the risk of civil unrest because a good portion of Trump’s followers see him as some God like figure who can do no wrong, despite piles of proof. I equally invite the republicans to investigate Hunter & Joe Biden. It’s more than fair if they feel they have something there.
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    Reality has been sooo confused by why I bolded this one particular sentence, I went back and quoted all of the relevant posts leading up to me using bold. Then I went back and bolded the individual sections of THOSE quotes so as to make it even easier for him to understand why I emphasized that one quote. Then in the simplest way possible I explained the entire thing one more time. I feel like it's my duty to let everyone know that reality is still stupid, I am unable to explain context to him. It appears that that the lights are on, but nobody is home. I won't report back anymore on this because it's already wasted enough of my time.
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    This line of Honcho's article was sooo important to him that he went out of his way to bold it. He wanted to make sure none of us missed the quote. I even double checked the article to make sure the text wasn't copied as bolded already, sure enough, not bolded in the article. So please understand how important this was to Honcho... I feel like it's my duty to let everyone know, the app is still up, I am able to open Twitter. It appears that the lights are still on. I'll report back in a few days, stay tuned.
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    Small town Florida and everything surrounding this move. in two weeks.
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    Honestly? no they don't make us smarter but as an objective outsider I have always thought Mooney's posts were at the very least coherent. I don't agree with many of his thoughts but his posts are readable. More of an agree to disagree sentiment I have toward him. Justin makes way too many posts where I wonder if he has a mental illness.
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    If he did I bet they would be less upset than your virtue signaling azz. You are absolutely obsessed with MAGA. Lol. You are becoming my favorite poster now that Husky seems to have left.
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    As opposed to being old and obsessed with random libs getting OWNED!! ZOMG! on Twitter like a teenager? SO much better use of your time. Keep fighting the good fight!
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    You really need to get over being picked on as a kid. JFC you're a twink.
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    Dominos is by far the best of the national chains
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    Well, it's not like Trump lives at an exclusive resort that is Members only that screens people from coming in. Nor is he protected by one of the world's greatest security services who vet every single body that comes within a hundred feet of him. Nor does he have a staff that gets paid to do the same thing. So yeah, some random dude just randomly sits down next to the presumptive GOP nominee and former president? Yeah, happens all the time.
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    Liberals don't believe their precious overlords would be complicit in such a plot Rage for the Machine is the new mantra
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    I wish everyone here positive heartfelt energy.
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    That is my gut. Instantly. I am also stoned. I ate a bunch of gummies.