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    You've chosen to ignore content by seafoam1. Options
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    At 3 am Saturday morning you quoted yourself from 2 am Saturday morning. That’s got to be a record in loserdom.
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    It’s not my job to show you anything. If you disagree with the judge’s decision on this matter, then it’s up to you to quote where the judge got it wrong. Then I’ll respond to you. But how about this: you already are going to owe me $500 because you made a sucker’s bet that Biden won’t be the Democratic nominee. How about another $500 bet that the Trump will lose his appeal on this decision?
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    You don’t hurt me with this stuff, Brahma. It just makes you look like an immature jerk and an awful person. Sad for you.
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    I really struggle with which aliases you guys come up with to try to reinvent yourself to not be a loser, but then post the exact same stuff you did before. Anyway…carry on
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    Oh bullshit. Your style is to demand links and proof, then you reject those links, and claim your links are superior. You refuse to listen to any opinion that doesn't come with a link from your sources. Go ##### yourself. You're a fat blowhard that takes advantage of illegal mexicans with a fat drunk driving wife. No one here gives a your need for attention.
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    One Second After Novel by William R. Forstchen
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    Good morning. I read a pretty good opinion piece in the Washington Post this morning about Kamala Harris: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2024/02/22/kamala-harris-asset-campaign/ Jennifer Rubin is an excellent writer. And she’s right; Kamala is being seriously underrated. In the end her ability to mobilize younger voters will help Biden win the election.
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    Jesus would be ashamed of your behavior here. Just know that next time you walk into His house.
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    You legit can't be this stupid...oh wait, you are this stupid. Trump gets tons more money from both Russian and China than any other president. Not as much as his uneducated, dolt deplorables give him of course. But we're talking about people with the intellect of special needs children when we mention the cult.
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    In addition to being the Worst Poster of All Time, you also have locked up the title of Biggest Board Spammer, annoyingly creating multiple threads to draw attention to your childish self instead of sticking to a topic's original thread. You're as useless as t!ts on a chicken, but your MAGAturd butt buddies lap it up. Bock bock!
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    Biden actually has shlt to do other than campaign and fight indictments. If you can watch some of the posted videos here and still complain about Biden's cognitive issues while ignoring Trump’s, well I guess you're just showing what we already know. You're a total hack.
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    I chizzed on your mom at a KFC bathroom once. (obligatory Mom post)
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    Nobody cares because nobody was ever in danger of criminal charges. The real idiot is the one that needed Trump to clarify it for you. Let that marinate.
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    Where is my opinion posted, Corky? Are you all dumb sh!t libs from FB Gays retarded like you and dozer?
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    Going alone sucks, who are you supposed to finger?
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    Yes. Ran into Pee Wee Herman. He was a jerkoff.
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    “You found photos of the thugs” from random twitter accounts, not actual news organizations, right? Legitimate news organizations didn’t post them because they didn’t have confirmation those were actually the suspects. Same thing that happened with Rittenhouse, whose name wasn’t shared by news organizations until he was charged. But it was easier for random twitter accounts to find him because he was giving interviews. And most of the photos I’ve seen since the names have been released are of Mays (even before his mugshot was released), including the tweet you posted. I’ve only seen one grainy photo claiming to be Miller.
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    You've got such a simplistic Leftist mind, I view you as somewhat special needs. As such, it's hard to hate you too much.