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    My issue with your statement is that you were blaming them for not having any ideas for a problem they don't believe exists. Which is you blaming them for not having the same opinion as yourself. hth
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    2023 should be mental awareness year.
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    You’re dumb. Every time I see you post you post some dumbass Sh1t like this Cash is king. That’s why the democrats want to eliminate it. So they can control what you spend and how much. Refuse to take the vaccine? They’ll freeze your bank account. Don’t believe me? Let’s look back at 2020. You and others like you wanted those who refused the vaccine to be fired, to never be let out of the house, to be rounded up and put in camps, to not be able to go in stores, not be able to travel, be arrested, be denied healthcare, etc. So yes, YOU along with the rest of the focktards on the left would 100% support government being able to control citizens money. Just like you are now
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    I use cash dumbass and so do millions of Americans. What your ignorant ass seems to be ignoring is that this will be GOVERNMENT controlled. In other words, they don’t like what you’re doing? They won’t let you use your money. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. We’ve already seen them freeze accounts for political reasons like in Canada. Hopefully morons like you will get weeded out by adverse side effects from all your covid boosters
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    The first part of your rant is ridiculous. So I'll ignore it. The second part is utter buIIshit. Nobody on this bored has any issue, whatsoever, with legal immigrants. They followed the law and went through the process the right way. And, in my experience, first generation legal immigrants value their new found American citizenship far more than do today's youth. Thanks to people like you who constantly disparage those of us who have a legitimate gripe with illegals as racists or xenophobes. We have an immigration process. If you disregard it, you disrespect America. If your first action in America is to disrespect it, you can fock off back to whatever shithoIe you came from.
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    He said someone had big lips that had big lips
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    Bud Light sales down another 28% after dropping 27% in April. Total sales off more than 50%. Many bars have taken Bud Light off their taps due to the stigma. This has to be one of the most effective boycotts of all time. Not sure how the brand can ever recover from this. Maybe Spuds McKenzie needs to return.
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    Liberalism is a mental disorder.
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    I'll go to my grave saying/typing "Washington Redskins" and "Cleveland Indians." The names will eventually die out, I just don't intend to help.
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    I'm starting to understand why so many of you like Trump.
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    The expression of absolute hatred of everything normal here in the US. And go fock yourself guttershlt. Focking liberal dope.
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    I use cash all the time. Liberals once again speaking for everyone else.
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    Plenty of people use cash
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    notice the liberal roaches are scrambling to this thread to post and mock and refuse to legitimately engage in discussion on the 1239814902 threads where liberals are doing despicable things. it just helps prove they are not here for serous debate and should be ignored.
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    Do the same thing with Allah and the stadium will be blown up!
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    Not the same thing. Babies wearing I love boobies shirts is funny because breastfeeding, er I mean chest feeding. Kids wearing pride stuff is because the parents are woke and want their kids to represent guys liking sausage or women scissoring. This is dumb for the same reason it would be dumb for kids to wear shirts in support of guys wanting beefdrapes or women wanting that guy nick from bachelor party. It would be creepy just like wearing pride stuff is creepy.
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    TRUMP!!! Focking weak minded, TDS stricken liberal dopes are so stupid.
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