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    Same here. I put about $7-10k per month on my Delta Amex card mostly for advertising but I am in the process of getting rid of it. I moved most of it to a VISA card and if Suntrust caves I will find a different card.
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    I'll never buy Coca Cola product again.
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    I have no idea what you are going through, I don't pretend to, and only wish jerryskids the best. With that said, my wife's best friend was diagnosed with late (I think 3) stage colon cancer that metastasized to her liver and lungs. This was six years ago. She was over tonight hanging out with us and looked better than ever, you would never know. Don't get me wrong, she's had multiple surgeries, chemo, all the things. However she is doing great, the cancer is "at bay" if you will, but modern medicine is amazing. Even if this spread to other organs you caught it way early and that is treatable. I see no reason you cannot battle this and win. You're a smart dude with a great support system. Give it hell Jerry.
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    Masters Standings Round Two 1. Lager -11 (-6,-4,-1) *4th golfer E 2. KSB -11 (-6,-4,-1) 3. Cruzer -9 (-7,-5,+3) 4. Wonder -6 (-2,-2,-2) 5. Cloaca -3 (-4,E,+1) 6. Fumble -3 (-3,E,E) 7. Alias E (-2,+1,+1) 8. Dain +8 (+2,+3,+3)
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    Whatever the hell happens with the guy (Floyd/Chauvin).... whatever the fock happens.... the thing that pisses me off the most.... which I am 100% correct about.... George Floyd was a bottom dwelling piece of throw away trash that does NOT deserve and should NOT be called a hero. Guilty/Not Guilty...this...that...the other.... can be argued, I'm sure with valid points, etc.... on both sides. ... The one thing I'm sure of ....He is NOT a hero...not to any good human anyway. A woman threatening/beating/raping drug using felon is NOT a hero. Whether Chauvin is found guilty or not guilty, he (Chauvin) should be given an award for ridding our streets of a punk as thug, good for nothing sewer rat.
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    Seems like quite a strained analogy. But I’ll play. Deshaun Watson has faced only allegations so far. To lose in a case, there’d need to be actual proof. Not a ton, the standard is pretty low (more likely than not). But some. But this isn’t about the legal case, it’s about frying Watson in the public mind. And it’s working to some extent. I bet he’ll shake it off but no question it’s a difficult time to be Deshaun. So I guess in that way it is similar, where the voter fraud claims were never meant to be proven but rather to make deranged Trump supporters believe that a conspiracy was afoot. And as always, it worked.
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    Yes that science. The science that is outdated. See science changes. We learn more, well at least some of us. Nearly everyone in middle school biology learned that if you’ve got XX chromosomes, you’re a female; if you’ve got XY, you’re a male. This tired simplification is great for teaching the importance of chromosomes but betrays the true nature of biological sex. The popular belief that your sex arises only from your chromosomal makeup is wrong. The truth is, your biological sex isn’t carved in stone, but a living system with the potential for change. Why? Because biological sex is far more complicated than XX or XY (or XXY, or just X). XX individuals could present with male gonads. XY individuals can have ovaries. How? Through a set of complex genetic signals that, in the course of a human’s development, begins with a small group of cells called the bipotential primordium and a gene called SRY. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/voices/stop-using-phony-science-to-justify-transphobia/
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    Why don't you start a new thread about it?
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    Pics? You know some of these Geeks love fat b1tches
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    Masters Standings Round 3 1. KSB -15 (-11, -4, E) 2. Lager -11 (-7, -3, -1) 3. Cruz -10 (-7, -5, +2) 4. Fumble -8 (-7, -1, E) *tie break top golfer -7 5. Wonder -8 (-6, -1, -1) 6. Cloaca -2 (-1, -1, E) 7. Alias +1 (E, E, +1) 8. Dain +13 (E, +3, +10)
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    There is no benefit to the vaccine. That is what should be debated. And while we are at it, why are the places with lockdowns and masks, I'm looking at New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, seeing bad stats from the China bioweapon still, while places like Florida that are wide open are doing great? Per capita. Oh, and the exploding stats of gum disease and mouth infections from daily mask usage. Masks kill people. And evil politicians. That require masks. Mask drop.
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    Long term effects of the covid vaccine, NOTHING. Salem witch trial jurors had a better grasp of science than people who are concerned about the long term effects of the 'covid' vaccine.
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    I’m looking at pictures of the cop with his knee directly on Floyd’s neck. Probably Photoshopped by Antifa.
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    Well, in Peenie's case, we know she starts from a conclusion and works her way back to a premise. Which is the exact opposite way she should be thinking. It's actually quite difficult to believe she's a "scientist." I'm becoming more and more convinced she just works in a lab making sure the test tubes are clean.
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    Do you have any data to back this up or are you just talking out your A$$ again?
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    Actually the reality of it is he had 3-4 times the lethal dose of fentonyl in his system and was the major cause of death. 30 seconds of a knee on his neck didnt asphyxiate him. Maybe it sped up the process but the dude was overdosing regardless.
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    The black sharpie is what convinced me. He's definitely running in 2024.
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    Terrible headline and story. You have to get to the 5th paragraph to find the nuance. How were they fleeing? Trying to run the officer over? They make it sound like the reason for the shooting was specifically the burglary. You know, good ol MSM spin. Just like "George Floyd was killed over a bad $20 bill"
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    I don’t think she’s preggers. She’s showing up on my Directv screen saver and she’s a moose.
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    Saaaaawing and a miss. After that effort you need to change your handle to Edsel.
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    No. I'm sure some can. But if they start acting like colleges and taking less talented black candidates to take the roles or spots of more talented white people, then that's a serious concern.
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    Absolutely. Lessons learned on the field will translate into their future careers as adults. People don't realize how much confidence it takes to work a stripper pole.