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    “He is out of surgery and he is cancer free. Doctor is pleased. They reconstructed with a piece of his chest. Dr is pretty sure he will eat normally. Much work ahead to learn about his new way of breathing and learning to talk, but those are details for another day. Today is a good day. Thank you all for caring ❤. “
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    Thanks all. The scan results are… good! There were 3 nodules back in early April: 11, 4, and 6mm. The 4 and 6mm are now gone, at least to the extent a CT can see it. The 11mm was classified as “stable.” Since the treatments started 6+ weeks after the previous scan, I’m thinking it had gotten larger in that time, so the current “stable” is actually a reduction in size. Regardless, the doctor was quite happy with the results, which indicate that the treatments are working. I need to keep in mind that “working” means somewhere between “managing” and “reducing” but most likely not “completely eliminating.” I’m not sure they’ll ever give me that status. And I’ll have fear every time I get a scan. But for now, I am not on the “6 months to live” list. I did have a very low white blood cell count, so they are skipping chemo this round (tomorrow) and just doing the immunotherapy. In three weeks we’ll go back to both, as it appears to be working. It’s typical to remember the bad news and forget the good, and I’ve certainly had small victories in this journey, but I think this is the first major good news I’ve gotten.
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    I see a bunch if "likes" and "ha-has" for some of the dumbest sh!t posts. Im convinced people have aliases and react to their own posts. That is all.
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    Yes. also thanks for all of the thoughts. Yesterday was tough and painful but the news is great. Feeling a little better this morning but I’ll mostly lurk today I expect.
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    Hey all, the good news is I'm out and fine. The bad news is I'm out too early, they couldn't get it all. I haven't talked directly to the doc yet but wanted to let you know I'm recuperating well, in fact I may go home tonight, tomorrow at the latest.
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    Why is it considered a negative for a person to evolve to become fully aware of social racial injustice? What is so troubling about a person choosing NOT to remain stuck in the outdated antiquated mindset of the stone ages? If you see one sided double standard BS, it should be called out regardless of race or status.
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    Nurse that washed me down today was pretty cute, 36 B or C. Feeling better every day. Which is to say, less bad. The awesome news is — pathology showed no signs of distant metastasis, it looks like it was contained.
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    Too bad you went to an all male college.
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    My friends invited this guy and his wife to their Memorial Day cookout. They were renting the place next door for the weekend. He showed up in red plaid shorts, a tucked-in red polo, red tennis shoes and a matching red belt. He might as well have showed up wearing a sign that said "I'm a doosh" I was milling around when I overheard him talking about how he can't stand the slow pace of our little town and how he's used to the fast pace of big city life. Most of us wouldn't last a week in Chicago. Our town only has one focking stop light. He only comes out here because his wife drags him. On and on. At one point, he looked at his beer and asked the host, "Jeez, don't you have anything stronger? I'm definitely gonna need something more than this." As I mingled, every conversation involved other guests telling me what an ass this guy was. When I came out of the bathroom a little later, his wife was talking to mine. My wife motioned me over, then introduced me to Janet. She was nice enough. We talked about Chicago neighborhoods, how they've changed, etc. Then, out of no where, dooshy walked up and stood next to her. Now I'm forced to deal with him. His wife said. "This is my husband Doug." He reached out to shake my hand and said, "Doug. Doug MacDougal". I instantly said, "Really?" He looked at me sideways and said, "What do you mean, REALLY?" So I said, "Why is Doug pronounced dug, but MacDougal is pronounced MacDoogal? Shouldn't your name be Dug MacDugal or maybe Doog MacDoogal?" His wife, and others snickered a little and he turned as red as his outfit.. Then he stood up tall and said, MacDougal is a Scottish name, and spouted off some rubbish about his heritage, coat of arms, etc. I pretended to listen to him and when he finished, I said. "Yeah, that's great, but it still doesn't answer my question. So he said, "Yeah, well what's YOUR name then? I told him. He had nothing, so I said. "Let me guess. Those shorts are the official MacDougl tartan plaid. The same cloth worn by your ancestors when they fought and defeated some Vikings or Anglos, ? Right? He was ready to throw a punch, so his wife grabbed his arm and led him away and back to their rental. I can doosh it out with anyone.
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    remember that thread about the chiefs afc championship when my ex wanted my son to go with boyfriend and grandpa? Yeah I might have texted her the link, only because you guys had some good feedback I felt like she needed to read. Enter record 103 into the docket today. Meh, whatever. I mean one of the bits of advice was maybe the boy could spend half the game with grandpa and then come down and sit with me the second half. And that's what happened, and for that I credit you with the idea and me not completely missing out on that spectacular win with my son. In other news, things are going really well. I was going to get on here and share because I haven't been posting much, just been busy. But I have an awesome girlfriend who is a lot cooler than my ex wife ever was. We've been dating for a couple months, and we just really click in every facet so far. Just feels like someone I would have found myself hanging out with in high school, and as I look back never probably would have said that about the ex-wife or the most recent girlfriend I had broke up with. This chick just gets me, tons of physical attraction, is cool as fock, and we bang all the time with a ton of chemistry. She has one kid she raised on her own who just graduated high school and will soon be off to college, and gets along with my kids and family extremely well. This has not been an easy path, and I haven't always taken it the best. But I do see a very good path ahead, and am quite optimistic about what the future might hold for me now. Hope you all are doing well.
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    Good afternoon fellas,never ever have I been so happy to visit this place. I'd like to answer each of you personally but going to keep it short and go back to resting up. I was cautious about logging on the first place as I knew there would be some hilarity here and oh does it hurt to laugh as the EMT did a number on my chest when doing CPR but the laughs I got were well worth it.I also got the shock paddles and was left a nice burn on my left side where apparently the paddle slipped but it's a great reminder that none of us get out of here alive. For those wondering I'm 58 and was at one time a very heavy drinker and smoker and the doc made sure to point out that this was a major reason in my blockage but he was surprised that I had only one and the rest were either clear or close to it,but then again it only takes one right. As for the day itself the short story version is I started the morning about 8:15 with a pot of coffee and the mrs(36C) and I were watching our home church services online when I started getting that uncomfortable feeling in my back that usually meant I had a thoracic episode coming.As usual I started doing some of physical therapy but it wasn't working.Anyhow don't know how much time passed but one of the last things I remember is sitting in front of a fan on the floor and an EMT standing over me.I remember walking to the ambulance and leaving and very shortly after that saying where are we and then everything went black.The mrs said the ambulance lights and siren went on(she was following) and away it went leaving her far behind.No ideas here the next I remember is coming to in a cold bright room with what seemed like 20 people hoovering over my nekkid body and my name being called out of a distant fog. So they put in a stint in and by 2:30 I was laying in a bed in ICU.Anyhow life as I knew it is changing to a new diet,physical therapy,various doctor appointments etc. The real kicker to all this is I was 58 had never once stayed in a hospital as a patient,never ridden in an ambulance,never had a surgery and wham I get the trifecta all in a few hours. Lastly thanks to all of you the well wishes and hilarity have done me good.As cmh posted and I'd like to repeat,none of us are promised tomorrow so please never take anything for advantage and don't ever think it can't happen to you.God loves every one of us and sent His only Son to show that love but we have to accept that in this life in order to experience eternal life with Him. This little experience has also taught me that I'm going to say I love you a whole lot more and that includes even a bunch of jokers I have an internet relationship with. Love you guys!!! God Bless!! P.S. The 2nd trip ended up being a thoracic attack but being so close to the heart attack I panicked and took the Nitro with a low blood pressure and it knocked me completely out.I got home last night and had a restful,healing night.
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    Again From Facebook Thanks everyone for the prayers, good thoughts and well wishes. I’m presently sitting in a hospital bed feeling like someone hit me in the chest with a sledgehammer. Crazy thing about my back issues is I now know for sure it mimics a heart attack and almost waited too long but thanks to God He had other plans and I now have a stint on the backside of my heart which was 100% blocked. Anyhow thanks and please remember “NO ONE IS PROMISED TOMORROW. Eternity is a long time and if you’re not certain where you’ll spend it say if a heart attack took you tonight....please ask Jesus Christ to forgive you, to take up residence within you and read the Word of God to find out all His promises for you. Love you all
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    CNN still hasn't called Trump President in 2016
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    All the teams should show up, take a knee while watching him workout, and then leave without anyone ever offering him a contract.
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    "have our board back", "stop feeding the troll"???? What board, the one that has been ruined for years by the same old ass clowns - going round and round and round and round.......day and night over the same political shiit? That board? The board where the same fixated clowns ruin damn near every thread bcoz the can't help themselves from making it about politics - that board? Deep down the ass clowns are happy, make that ecstatic, to have Newbs back They've missed him like a prisoner misses poosay - hell they're prolly still beating off to him at night when they go home... They're obsessed with him, they can't stay away. They're not feeding him anything - what their feeding is their own pathetic appetite to feel superior. to just focking argue all day.
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    VP Biden shakes down governments to get his son jobs making millions. But Trump's fart jokes are just too much for me.
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    I never cared if you were "gay" until you started shoving it in my face and the face of my children. I never cared what color you are until you started blaming my race for your problems I never cared about your politics until yiu began to condemn me for mine. I never cared where you were born until you began to erase my history and blame my ancestors for your current problems. I never cared if you were poor or well-off until you said you were discriminated against because I worked harder and got promoted. I never cared if your beliefs were different from mine until you said my beliefs were wrong Now I Care My patience and tolerance are gone. I am not alone in feeling this way...there are millions of us who do and we have had enough. Sent to me by a friend
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    No. Don't do that here. You want everything to be all nice and sweet and no one says mean stuff that's what FBG is for and you know it. Here we are free to joke around, have a little fun, call each other names etc. Do NOT try to turn this into FBG. Grow a focking pair or go cry there.
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    Your heads in the way