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    Too bad you went to an all male college.
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    My friends invited this guy and his wife to their Memorial Day cookout. They were renting the place next door for the weekend. He showed up in red plaid shorts, a tucked-in red polo, red tennis shoes and a matching red belt. He might as well have showed up wearing a sign that said "I'm a doosh" I was milling around when I overheard him talking about how he can't stand the slow pace of our little town and how he's used to the fast pace of big city life. Most of us wouldn't last a week in Chicago. Our town only has one focking stop light. He only comes out here because his wife drags him. On and on. At one point, he looked at his beer and asked the host, "Jeez, don't you have anything stronger? I'm definitely gonna need something more than this." As I mingled, every conversation involved other guests telling me what an ass this guy was. When I came out of the bathroom a little later, his wife was talking to mine. My wife motioned me over, then introduced me to Janet. She was nice enough. We talked about Chicago neighborhoods, how they've changed, etc. Then, out of no where, dooshy walked up and stood next to her. Now I'm forced to deal with him. His wife said. "This is my husband Doug." He reached out to shake my hand and said, "Doug. Doug MacDougal". I instantly said, "Really?" He looked at me sideways and said, "What do you mean, REALLY?" So I said, "Why is Doug pronounced dug, but MacDougal is pronounced MacDoogal? Shouldn't your name be Dug MacDugal or maybe Doog MacDoogal?" His wife, and others snickered a little and he turned as red as his outfit.. Then he stood up tall and said, MacDougal is a Scottish name, and spouted off some rubbish about his heritage, coat of arms, etc. I pretended to listen to him and when he finished, I said. "Yeah, that's great, but it still doesn't answer my question. So he said, "Yeah, well what's YOUR name then? I told him. He had nothing, so I said. "Let me guess. Those shorts are the official MacDougl tartan plaid. The same cloth worn by your ancestors when they fought and defeated some Vikings or Anglos, ? Right? He was ready to throw a punch, so his wife grabbed his arm and led him away and back to their rental. I can doosh it out with anyone.
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    All the teams should show up, take a knee while watching him workout, and then leave without anyone ever offering him a contract.
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    "have our board back", "stop feeding the troll"???? What board, the one that has been ruined for years by the same old ass clowns - going round and round and round and round.......day and night over the same political shiit? That board? The board where the same fixated clowns ruin damn near every thread bcoz the can't help themselves from making it about politics - that board? Deep down the ass clowns are happy, make that ecstatic, to have Newbs back They've missed him like a prisoner misses poosay - hell they're prolly still beating off to him at night when they go home... They're obsessed with him, they can't stay away. They're not feeding him anything - what their feeding is their own pathetic appetite to feel superior. to just focking argue all day.
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    Good morning dad and boy. I'm repairing my web again. Would you like to watch? I really enjoy spending time together each morning, it's as if in a small way you are becoming a part of my family and I yours. Wait, what's that? It's a focking wasp! Help! Ahhhh!!! You're seriously just gonna sit there and watch? You sick focks!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!
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    Your heads in the way
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    It’s possible they gave a writer the rundown of the movie and described Ariel as a GINGER and that writer happened to be dyslexic.
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    I was watching the local news this morning while I got ready for work and a Nissan commercial came on. The usual BS about it being "the holiday season for buying a new car." They showed 3 different couples exiting the Nissan dealership and happily going to their new car parked outside. Each couple had their own scene in the ad. All 3 couples were inter-racial couples. Of course alternating between black guy - white woman, black woman - white man. No other couples were shown. And of course all 3 couples were dressed like/looked like they graduated from Yale about 5 yrs ago and now their start up company is about to launch its IPO. And they could go run a marathon tomorrow. Even the one couple with a baby, who was black of course. I really don't care who you marry or what color. But it just struck me as "Nissan, you are trying waaaaay too hard to be woke". Alll 3 couples, i.e. 100%, are inter-racial? If you are going to do that at least have 1 couple where the white woman weighs about 320lbs, has bad tatoos, and is smoking a Marlboro. And the black guy is skinny and trying to hit on the woman at the customer service counter.
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    As a Gen Xer I focking hate both of them. They are the same generation just born at different times IMHO. The millennial thinks they are too important to do the b1tch work every new person in the office had to do. The boomer thinks they are too important to learn the new way to do stuff in the office. The Boomer complains to me about the millennial not doing any work and as soon as he's done the millennial comes to me and starts b1tching about the boomer not doing any work The boomer leaves early and the millennial comes in late. Trying to do a team lunch is impossible. The boomer wants the sh1t hole restaurant only boomers go to and the millennials want the trendy spot downtown only hipsters go to. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in middle management because the boomers won't retire and since they are all old white dudes HR thinks they have to hire a minority for diversification. Fock'em both
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    No because as Republicans often remind us a company should be able to conduct business any way they like and if there’s a gap in the market a new company will fill that void. ConTube and Twatter should be around any day now to help poor Mitch.
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    So carpooling is against the law now?
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    Pete Buttgig followed this up by stating if he is elected everyone gets AIDS
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    Well, on the bright side, you clearly didn't lose your typing mittens.
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    This. Besides Keith Urban, how many butch lesbians can Australia have, anyway?
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    The Democrats don't get to biitch about the cost of anything, since they want to give free housing, healthcare, and tuition to illegals.