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    The dirty hotties are never ending. "Thank God" says our male youth..... https://www.barstoolsports.com/boston/2018-sex-scandal-teacher-starting-lineup
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    It's only because the WR is white. Focking white privilege and racist NFL!!!! Oh he's black? Nevermind. Nothing to see here.
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    i find the hate and ignorance to reside more over here. there are people over there i actually like and have things in common with. there is no one here is actually seams 'cool'. the only reason i come here is you can push the comic envelope a little further. lets face the facts, gentlemen. you guys are douches.
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    Looks like the WR from Kaeps workout got a tryout with the Browns while Kaep still hasn’t heard anything lol https://dailysnark.com/wide-receiver-from-colin-kaepernicks-workout-got-a-tryout-with-the-browns/
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    I would definitely look for another option. Eagles or jets or possibly panthers.
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    Hunter's Arkansas baby mama was a stripper in D.C. when he met her. So it should be interesting if her lawyer supeonas his tax returns to determine child support. Think the idiot claimed that river of dirty money he got from Ukraine and China?
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    Considering Detroit is playing a third string QB, I see a lot of 3 and outs which will deplete the DET defense I wouldn’t trust ATL either, but it is a divisional game so if I had to choose I would go ATL.
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    I think Atlanta's last outing against NO was a fluke. I would definitely go with Detroit, as the Bears offense is a mess. Or search the wire for better options.
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    Yep. The Esme (sp?) chick this season is focking hot! I'd like to purge my nut contents on those t1ts.
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    Anyone else find it funny that it is in the "entertainment" section of the news?
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    Just to troll kaep, nfl films should hire the guy that filmed his workout.
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    Can you do me a favor and point out Trump's high crimes and treason that warrants impeachment? I can't find it on the previous 118 pages. Thanks.
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    If no Jones, I would go with Slayton.
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    I know it's meaningless - but I still love the tradition of watching the Lions kick off Turkey day football.
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    I like Darnald this week. I picked up Tannehill in case Wentz's hand injury is more than they are letting on. I'd start Gallup if Julio cant go OR if Lattimore is playing. At this point I think there's more going on with A. Cooper and Lockett just by watching them play last week. Neither have the separation burst last week that made them #1 WR's. Maybe they healed last week but I'm thinking there's more gamesmanship going on by NOT putting them on the injury report. That's what I'd do if I wanted these two to be a decoy...
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    Jets play the Bengals not Redskins. Might still be a good matchup, but with the Red Rifle named the stater again, I think it's prudent to downgrade them a bit. BTW, Panthers play the Redskins at home, so are an option.....but have stunk it up the last 3 weeks. Hard to trust.
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure the FCC have the rules set to Eastern Time.
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    Her personal life is applicable because it might have disqualified her from being elected.
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    True, but the holier than thou excrement from the left, and these twats in particular, sure makes it fun....