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    Gawwwwd dammmmm.....the libs were twist annnnnnything they can. I would think even the libs would get sick of it. But nope...they all nod their heads and begin crying foul also. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2766425-ditch-the-racially-coded-language-lamar-jackson-is-no-ones-wide-receiver?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial Also.....hmmm...sooooo...CNN is basically saying receiver is a black mans job. Gosh. I wonder who the racist really is.
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    On the bright side, thanks to discoveries aimed at extending the human lifespan, she will only live there for another thirty years.
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    Woods, Cook, Jacobs, Robinson and I don't think it's close. Laird is very risky in Miami. Slayton can easily be the guy who doesn't get big scores with Tate and Shepard back. I am not sold him Slayton automatically being a #2. He was shut out in the second half and has Eli. Best of luck. Please see mine.
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    Some of the Christmas requests from kids break my heart. The one that really got to me was a 10 year old kid wanted “cushy socks” for gym class. The social worker explained that “cushy” simply meant new unworn out socks.
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    I don't know what you're asking here. You sound like this is your first trip to the playoffs and someone took your ball... lol
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    I bet it was hard putting up those lights.
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    It’s true. Libs never practice what they preach, it’s all about the show and branding. If Bernie really believed all the stuff he said he would take a modest livable salary (maybe around 100k) and pay his staff equally, maybe around 75k. Then I would believe him and the Greta Thunbergs, but in reality they are full of shite and they make money and get votes from tards like you. Didn’t you even donate to Beto’s campaign or was that someone else? You really know how to pick winners
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    5, but man I loved when we played indoor with a 4
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    Cook, woods are must starts. Jacobs is as well if he plays, Robinson would be my fourth. If jacobs sits, it would be slayton.
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    Nah mate, we think it's a joke that fits in perfectly with this clown world. Why wouldn't a 16 y/o girl travelling the world to scream at people stealing her childhood be times person of the year? The people of Hong Kong are only fighting for their country. They will never know the struggle of reading from a script.
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    For what they were. Poison had to be up there with Motley Crue when it came to scoring puzzy
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    I'm sure I have this song ranked way low according to fellow HAIR nerds, but lets call it like it is. I like Poison. Poison played a huge part in the 80s HAIR movement. Poison is also a bubblegum pusssy band. That said, their #1 ballad deserves a spot on the countdown. 98. Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn
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    100% on this one. I lost last week's 1st round playoff game by 1 point. I started Crowder because of his 'can't miss' matchup against Miami. He gets me basically NOTHING. And now he goes and mocks me last night. FU jack@ss
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    The people in NY, Jersey, Chicago, and CA (the places full of hate crimes, hoodlums, junkies, murderers, terrorists) don't get to decide what those in ND, SD, Midwest, the rest of the country etc want. No one ever says they move to NY or CA or Chicago and says "Its a great place to raise kids". There's a reason. Liberal cities are a breeding ground for lower quality humans. So, lets not pretend that we use popular vote. Lets not pretend there isn't a reason. You focking liberal terrorist sh!tbag hoodlums don't run our country just yet. Hope that helps to clarify things. If not, there is probably plenty of reading material on the electoral college. Maybe the liberals should take a break from being the hoodlums they are, and read up a bit, huh?
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    The more I look at it, the more I am warming up to Dola as a playoff flyer. Can't run on Bucs defense, but they bleed points to WR's......giving up TD's in bunches.
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    one of my whole teams died.
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    You mean the will of the electoral college. Trump won, but let's not pretend it was the will of the people.
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    Well you know my answer since I was benching Sanders until feedback from you and weepaws. I'd play Ingram and my gut says there won't be much difference between the two (Sanders and Ingram).... maybe 4 or 5 points?
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    It really amazes me how no one is capable of anything approaching objectivity with the Pats. Fans are convinced they can do no wrong, and haters immediately assume the worst about everything they do. I am genuinely neutral about the team. I admire much of what they've accomplished, and am leery of Belichick. I would say that of their nine Super Bowls, I was probably cheering for them in roughly half (the first Giants' match-up, I was torn between wanting to see the first 19-0 season and one of the greatest upsets of all time. Also, I was cheering for the comeback against the Falcons, but once they tied it up I wanted Atlanta to pull it out). I think the original Spygate was shady AF, and I still don't really understand what they were doing and why the league seemed to be in such a hurry to put the matter to rest/cover it up. Deflategate, meanwhile, was a complete traveshamockery. I don't think the league proved that a) the balls were tampered with, b) Brady had anything to do with it, and c) the Pats gained any advantage even if it did happen. I also think the fact that Brady testified in Federal court that he had zero knowledge of any plot, exposing himself to a potential perjury charge in a case where there was no underlying crime and when he easily could have used weasel words to protect himself, argues strongly in favor of his innocence. As for the current scandal, I still have no idea what happened, and am waiting until we get more details before I make any judgment.
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    Funny. I went to his channel and found this one too. Watch at the end where he's writing in his diary. The dog has been bleeding to death from her crotch hole again and now has to wear diapers to contain the blood. The humans say she's in heat. I hope it burns.
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