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    also, has anyone suggested flex-seal?
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    This may be my last post on this site as I may be banned after posting it, but here was the message sent to me (This was a few days ago): "Your racial comments have violated our posting guidelines. If you continue to post in this manner, your account will be removed." I never said anything racist, only negative things about race as it is in this country right now. Tell me how the democrats are not running a campaign on race. Now I can't disagree with them and talk about it here. I have commented over and over again about the black people I believe in and support. But just because I point out the truth of what is happening in Chicago and the violent racist actions against white people as well as innocent black people, I'm not welcome here anymore I guess if I continue to believe what I truly believe about what is going on in this country. Since the warning I leave personal comments out about color of people in current day America (even though much of it is what causes violent behavior in our current society), and I just say democrats in it's place. I hope that is safe here. Otherwise, MDC will be happy that another conservative voice gets cancelled like the whole left in this country wants to do with folks that don't agree with them.
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    That covid death toll is going to skyrocket.
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    LOL China isn't going to do that.
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    I never ever buy an extended warranty on anything. My thought process is the money I save will be more than the money I dish out replacing something after the manufacturer warranty expires. ETA I also believe if something is going to go wrong it will in that first year.
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    Billy Mays did and they had him killed
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    Make sure you read the fine print. I got a virus on my smart fridge from looking up porn and they said it wasn’t covered under the plan.
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    This is so stupid. Why are we getting a government report telling us the government may or may not have alien artifacts. The article quite literally says the government "believes" the government MAY have recovered something. If they actually had something, they'd just show us. Then as you get deeper, Reid says maybe they recovered stuff from unidentified objects (which doesn't mean aliens at all, could be from spy planes or satellites). This article reads like a bait-and-switch tactic a used car salesman would write. They have nothing.
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    All of the whiny biitches that are so scared of this virus (that has a 99.96% survival rate) had better wear a mask every flu season from now on. Stay consistent and true to your beliefs, even when the Chinabug is over.
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    It's like fvcking around in the the Not Fvcking Around Coalition. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?
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    I watched the ESPN cubs game yesterday (Hendricks win) (first time I tuned into ESPN in probably a couple years), just to see what it's like. And crap, I didn't care about the fans. The game cast passed in background "crowd noise". I thought that was all I needed honestly. Now, if it's playoffs, that's a little different. Also, I would miss WGN, or whoever does the Wrigley Field broadcasts these days, showing the hot chicks in the stands.
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    I have been banned from sites for making comments about the integrity of bridges. Being an engineer, I observed during the human caravan from Mexico, the people walking across small bridges, those bridges aren't designed for that kind of weigh capacity all at once to include vehicles. The moderator said it was racial and hurtful pointing out the bridges could fail . WTF? Do you have a degree in Engineering? Do you know anything about horizontal construction? Capacity of bridges? I do. Totally insane someone telling me, an Engineer with a degree that I do not know what the fvck I'm talking about..meh. And if the bridge fails? Then what. People die because people like me get silenced. Totally fcvked up. And what would be the moderators thought at that point. I screwed up, oh well. I will do better next time.
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    I don't believe it. My money's on the black women.
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    The greatest piece of classical music evah is the Hallelujah Chorus in Handel's Messiah. I couldn't even imagine hearing this like, what, 500 years ago? It would be like God himself came down to speak to you.
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    There will be an NFL season.
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    Agree. It has to be something that can entice and excite them either way. Non threatening-very sexy pansexual. Want a woman, man, both. No problem. Me love you long time either way. There has to be some hybrid the Government has in a lab for this situation. I think they tried it in the 70's with that skunk ape that escaped in the 70's in Fla. That one failed but maybe they refined this damn thing.
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    It exposes the Left and their motives. They don’t give two shats about containing the virus, or “black lives matter”. Their guiding principle - the thing that dominates every belief and every policy - is that which helps get Trump out of office.
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    Hi Gasti, Thanks for reaching out. I checked out the site (looks great) and the set-up looks good to me. So if/when you need a new guy, drop me a line and I'll be glad to join you. The Shep (Mike)
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    CDC new warning: We have a fat pieces of schit pandemic.
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    Who cares if people get it. Protect and quarantine vulnerable. For the overwhelming majority of the population its harmless. Stop being fear mongered by the fake news enemy, enemy of your family.
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    Unreal. They are true traitors, in every sense. They hate their own country.
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    I was going to make a “crisis actor” crack but I can’t do it. Best wishes to your dad - hope he makes a full speedy recovery.